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Motorola Hosting Cyber Monday Deal, Grab an Off Contract Moto X for Just $349

moto x yellow

If shopping online is more of your thing rather than standing in lines on Black Friday, Motorola announced that they will host a special Cyber Monday deal for those who look to pick up the company’s 2013 flagship device, the Moto X

Motorola is selling all Moto X phones for $150 off, bringing the grand total to $349 for a 16GB model or $399 for 32GB. The deal includes Moto X devices bought off of MotoMaker, as well as Developer Edition units.

$349 for the Moto X is an absolute steal – we just wish the wood backs were ready by then. Picking one up?

Via: +Motorola
Cheers Brad!
  • Dave F

    I am currently a verizon customer; but don’t want to extend my contract. I want to buy a moto x to use on verizon, then change to another carrier in a year or so. What type of off-contract moto X do I need to buy? Developer edition? CDMA? GSM? I just don’t know.

  • Phil Hyde

    Website is working fine for me, but no sale price on Moto X.

  • kash521

    Moto’s site is getting slammed. Giving me an internal server error.

    • ssl48

      Yep, same message I’m getting.

  • mattybeee

    Moto’s site is down – can’t handle the traffic and the sale hasn’t even started yet. Fantastic.

    • ssl48

      Yes, it’s quite annoying that the site is already down prior to the sale even starting!

  • Josh Rabinowitz

    load balancing fail

  • A.Miller

    Are we talking midnight Eastern Standard Time?

  • buton

    This is a great deal…if you sign up for finance 12 months for a developer edition is 33 dollars a month…. i will just not go out one friday night to dinner every month with my wife… for year jajaj…

  • xiaomei
  • kash521

    I think I just might get the X and sell my S4!

  • HarvesterX

    Call me crazy but I’ve used both the X and G2 (granted, the G2 longer), and I’d happily pay the extra $100,or whatever it is now off contract price for the G2. Price HAS to be the deciding factor here because I can listen to this and that all day long but as a developer (now for mobile devices), there differences between the two are huge. Then again since the future of LG is stupidly up I’m the air concerning them continuing to develop phones, then this is a great buy here if you are looking to upgrade. Suggesting this to anyone who’s used to development though isnt a good idea. Say, anyone coming from a Galaxy Nexus. Grab the G2 not this. Anyone else not worried about letting the potential of their phone fly….then this deal CANNOT be beat

  • chris_johns

    ugh…i really dont have 400 to waste on a new phone…but this might be to good to pass up….now only questino is dev edition or moto maker…god i hate moto why the F wouldnt they just make dev edition a motomaker option so i dont have to pick a stupid blackwhite phone when i wanna make my own…honestly though theres like no dev support for this phone which has been holding me back and w.e support there is its mostly for non dev edition…only thing dev edition has is a working twrp

    • guest

      Once you get the phone you will understand why they’re is no dev supports with roms Its perfect phone no need to tinker with it

  • Hothfox

    UGH. I’m going to have to take advantage of this. I tried out AT&T and the Nexus 5, but Verizon definitely has their coverage beat everywhere I have to be. Speed goes to AT&T, but if I can’t even get signal in some places, that’s kind of pointless.

  • fitzgerald52

    what’s the return policy? I just got the Moto X DE for VZW less than 2 weeks ago…I’d like to see if I can get some money back

    • Hothfox

      I just spoke with a rep (for different reasons) and their return window is 14 days after you receive the device.

  • Pat Leck

    I am never sure about these new phones, I guess I will have to try it out myself.


  • mcdonsco

    Strange…I dont need this, I already have a droid maxx, arguably a better phone, yet for some reason at this price I want to buy it…wtf?