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Quick Look: Official Nexus Wireless Charger for Nexus 5, 7, and 4

Did you pick up the official Nexus Wireless Charger that went on sale through Google Play yesterday? I can imagine that the $49.99 price tag made some of you hesitate on pulling on the trigger, so as always, we picked one (or two) up to give it a quick spin and share our thoughts. For those not familiar, the Nexus Wireless Charger (NWC) is officially supported by the Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2013), and Nexus 4, since each has wireless charging built-in. With that said, I would be surprised if this charger didn’t work with other wireless charging-capable devices like the new DROID line. Unfortunately, we don’t have those in house any longer, so we won’t be able to test.

In terms of wireless charging, the NWC seems to work really well with our Nexus 5. It sports a glass-like top that is a fingerprint magnet, soft-touch sides, and a super sticky bottom that helps it adhere to your desk. This is a charger that most definitely will not slip around once you give it a firm press. There appear to be magnets built in to help your phone latch onto it as well, we just found it a bit tricky to find the sweet spot to get it to actually charge anything.

Nexus wireless charger

Other than that, it’s a wireless charger. It doesn’t do anything else but wirelessly charge your phone should it support wireless charging. Google did throw in a premium “Nexus” branded charger, though, if that’s something that gets you going. It also carries a significant amount of weight that makes it feel premium and sturdy in hand. Overall, it’s a solid little wireless charger that runs $49.99.

Nexus wireless charger



  • Hi there. I’m directing this question to anyone at droid-life (or anyone else brave enough to try it). Have you tried using both the wireless charger and (micro) USB charger to charge a Nexus device at the same time? 🙂 Would it only take one charging source? Would it take both? If both, does this mean that your device would charge twice as fast? Or would it break your device? Thanks.

  • Kshitij

    does wireless charger come with Nexus 5 purchase box

    • John O’Connor

      No it does not come with anything other than a charger, charging cable and if purchased at a carrier a Sim card

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  • Brolingo

    The Nexus 7 is where it’s at. Wireless just means even better.

  • George

    Hey Kellen, you going to get the new Nexus 7 Folio case? love to see a review on that, looking to get a new case

  • Golgoy

    Same principle as an electronic toothbrush charger

  • Valerie Rub

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  • Kyle George Blehh’Bleich

    i have the Google nexus 5 coming in the mail tomorrow ..cant wait to get a wireless charger for it

  • Still have my orb 🙂

  • holger

    What happens when the device is fully charged? Does the charger switch off or does it keep up the 100% until it is taken off?

  • My Nexus charger isn’t working with my Nexus 5, not sure what’s up. With the charger cord it comes with it doesn’t show a red notification on the charger itself, but if I plug it into my Nexus 5’s charging cord it shows a notification light on the charger itself. I put the Nexus 5 on it, tried tons of different positions and nothing happens, no charging.

  • John O’Connor

    just an FYI, this charger will not work with any slightly thicker cases. I just purchased one with a kickstand and it is not strong enough to charge through the case unfortunately

  • Wireless Efficiency

    Similar to the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2013) the new Nexus 5 is also featuring wireless charging. Yes, it’s based on WPC Qi standard which is the same as QiBox

  • Cdclark

    Now I know this works with the Nexus 7 (13) but what about the 2012?

    • bluebanzai

      2012 doesn’t have inductive charging.

  • Mike

    Out of utter curiosity. . . What would happen (aka: would this work?) if you placed 2 nexus phones on top of the new Nexus wireless charger.

    Would it charge both, would it pick one device out and charge it, would it not charge either?

    • John O’Connor

      Only one will fit on the charger.

  • bluebanzai

    Well, I got mine today. I can confirm that this does NOT work with the Droid Maxx. I am very familiar with where the inductive charging coil is located about 1/3 the way down on the device and the Nexus Wireless Charger (2013) does NOT start charging the device.

    Very disappointed and not sure why this isn’t working. I have used the Nokia charging “plate”, the Nokia Fatboy, the TYLT VU, the crappy generic Verizon BEEPpad (which is made by LG), the Ghost100 DROID branded pad and even the old crappy Duracell dual charger and all of them worked. The Nexus does NOT. It doesn’t. WHY?!.

    To add insult to injury: the magnets activate the car mode. Even if you click the checkbox to not see it, yep, still activates it.

    This is on the new 12.15.15 build, full stock, no root.

  • MKader17

    What was up with setting it down at an angle and finding the “Sweet spot”? It obviously snapped right into place when you set it down the logical way with the flip cover case.

    • Tyler Ford

      I have the charger a week now. That was just a “pretty” expression that the phone doesn’t start to charge. So you have to find the sweet spot. The charger is on every other aspect great. Especially the ac cable! My old lg wireless charger had no magnets and still I didn’t have to search for the sweet spot!

  • Zack Podany

    I do believe it’s a Qi standards charger so any phone that supports the Qi standard should work with any Qi charger.

    • bluebanzai

      No, not the new DROIDS

    • NexusMan

      I always check reviews before buying a wireless charger because often times different qi chargers have different degrees of success for different devices. The tylt even lists on it’s site, officially supported devices, just as this one does.

  • monkey god

    What’s the point of having a charger that has a glass like top and with a base so much smaller than the phone itself? Won’t a glass top potentially scratch phones that have a glossy plastic back or phones that have a glass back like the Nexus 4?

    • veeman

      It’s not like there are jagged pieces of glass sticking out of the charger. It’s a flat smooth piece of glass. I highly doubt that it will scratch anything.

    • NexusMan

      The Nexus 4 should have never had a glass back in the 1st place…that’s the device where the glass back matters (in the wrong way). This charger will charge the Nexus 4, but because of it’s glass back, it does NOT stick to the charger, and slides around, just like it did on any other glass surface.

  • z

    a quick look should be a minute 2 max


    Will it charge other Qi-capable devices?

    • b00sted

      would like to know this as well

    • jscofi

      of course it will. qi is a standard

      • bluebanzai

        Except with the new Droids

    • brkshr

      Yes it will, but I’m hearing that the N5 & N7(13) are the only devices with the appropriate magnets in them, so they ‘snap’ into position perfectly.

  • dk1golf

    I’m confused. Why not simply attach the device to the micro USB?

    • JoshGroff

      Easier if you have to use your phone to just pick it up off the wireless charger and less wear around the charging port I guess.

  • Ray Gray

    I just ordered this lugulake wireless charger that doubles as a 6000mah power bank which means you can actually charge your device without it being plugged into anything and like someone else mentioned would love to see a review of some of the top wireless chargers.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E58BO4E/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AOHIKKIFQW3GG

  • Brian Wolfman

    Had went with the tylt charger and don’t understand why others don’t go that route. Its upright and there is no sweet spot because it can only be in one spot.

    • Rand Paul 2016

      Does the Tylt charger work with the G2? Thanks

      • Brian Wolfman

        That’s what I have and it works flawlessly. But AFAIK…the G2 will work with any wireless charger (fyi…Verizon G2 is the only one with wireless charging)

      • overclock

        There’s a thread over on XDA that discusses a bunch of wireless chargers. I just picked up the Nokia DT-900 for $18 bucks each from AT&T. Add 3 to your cart to maximize the discount. It works great and charges real fast. There’s plastic holders on ebay for $11 for the Nokia as well. I might try it out just for giggles.


    • th0r

      I just ordered one from t mobile for 49.00 with discount code ACCOFFER18.

      Seemed like too good of a deal to pass up.

      • kongo

        You beat me to the punch (I think my comment is awaiting moderation or something). I ordered 3 of them with the same offer on TMobile’s site for mine and my wife’s G2 (and one for the office). Most places are selling for $70. Amazon is high at $90-$100

  • brkshr

    I love mine! It’s well worth the money.

    • Jeff Helget

      oh man, this is the confirmation I’ve been waiting to hear. I ordered one of these the moment it was available, and was hoping the magnets would be nice and strong, as I plan on using it as a car dock. Excellent news.

      • brkshr

        I’m going to buy another one & mount them vertically on my wall. I’ll probably sink them into some wood and make it look like a nice frame.

        A car dock sounds like a great idea though! Any idea on how your going to mount the charger?

        • Jeff Helget

          There’s a good surface on my dashboard to mount it on. I’ll figure out exactly how I’m going to mount it once I get my hands on it. Also, I’ll have to do a bit of testing to see if the magnets can withstand some bumps so that the phone won’t just drop off after hitting a big bump in the road. If I have to, I’ll probably use ShapeLock plastic to give it enough support not to fall off.

          • Phil

            I want to do this too, but that charger gives me pause. I wonder if a standard USB cable input would provide it enough power for in car use…

          • MKader17

            On my Gnex I was able to use force ac charge and it was plenty able to keep up. Just need to see if it will do AC charge in the car or USB. either way the wireless charger shouldn’t really affect it.

          • John O’Connor

            It does not unfortunately. Tested yesterday

          • Phil

            How much power was the USB port you had it plugged into supplying? I’m wondering if a 2 amp car charger would work.

          • brkshr

            Cool! The N5 definitely holds up to some shaking while vertical.

    • MKader17

      Can you shake it while vertical without it falling? I did the wireless charging mod on my GNex and it was able to hold to the palm pre pucks even when running over curbs and such

      • brkshr

        The N5 I can shake pretty good when vertical and it holds fine. The N7(13), won’t hold with very much shaking.

        • MKader17

          Thanks for making my choosing of the Moto X or Nexus 5 harder.

      • Jeff Helget

        did you, uh… run over curbs… pretty often then?

        • MKader17

          Just needed a quick way to test 😉

  • George264

    I don’t understand why they made it glossy/hard rather than soft touch/matte. Maybe it’s just me but I hate putting my devices on a hard surface and with a charger I would usually lightly toss it on. A matte surface would be softer and would have that hard clunk or scratching feel.
    Personal preference maybe, but I’d have a hard time putting my N4 on this.

  • AbbyZFresh

    No kit kat.

  • Metal_Link

    I want this for Xmas, please.

    • Valerie Rub

      How much you want to pay for Xmas. I have 3 different type models.

  • rthvk

    Kellen’s back in business! 😀

    Would love to see a “favorite wireless chargers” post by the way, if any of you have some time.

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