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Verizon Breaks Silence on Nexus 7 LTE Activations, Waiting for Google to Update Device to Android 4.4

verizon nexus 7 lte

Verizon released a statement this afternoon, which concerns all Nexus 7 LTE hopefuls looking to grab the device on Big Red’s network. Since its launch, the device has been compatible with the 4G LTE network, but Verizon has been reluctant on activating the device to its network, stating that a 4-6 week certification process was holding everything up.

Now with the 4-6 week time frame well past us, Verizon states that a “systems issue” that required Google and ASUS’ immediate attention has been the source of the hold up. With Google’s release of Kit Kat, the company apparently decided to suspend the certification process, and instead wait until Kit Kat was pushed to the Nexus 7, which will then be resubmitted for certification. 

During the certification process for the Nexus 7, Google, Asus and Verizon uncovered a systems issue that required Google and Asus to undertake additional work with the Jelly Bean OS running on the device.  Since Google was about to launch its new Kit Kat OS, rather than undertake this work, Google and Asus asked Verizon to suspend its certification process until Google’s new OS was available on the Nexus 7.

Google stated at the launch of Kit Kat that we can expect other Nexus devices to receive the update after a few weeks, so it could be quite some time before you see Verizon activating the new Nexus 7 on its network.

Typical, right?

Via: Android Police

  • PeckLawFirm PA

    Is this a sign of things to come Verizon? When the best new products on the market remains unsupported by one of the largest bandwidth providers in the country? As you know…many of us…your paying customers, expect that you would have our best interests at heart..that you would welcome new technology to use the public spectrum you’ve licensed from all of US…subject, of course, to license agreements as well as the rules of the FCC and an infrastructure to prevent Antitrust like behavior.

    Today it’s Google’s new devices you’ve pretending don’t exist…what device(s) will you and the others you’ve conspired with elect to keep from us tomorrow? Hopefully your pals at the NSA don’t cut you loose if some Senate Committee begins looking into possible anti-competitive behavior, breach of public trust, and conflicts of interest between the retail store and the bandwidth provider. Certainly, any enterprising politician might decide to take up a cause like this once they see a little more outrage from paying customers being denied the use of one device maker’s products on the public spectrum…and if not now…what about when the new Nexus 10 2 comes out in a few months..or the products from some other manufacturer that offers better technology that you decide to squelch? How’d that work out for the I phone by the way…lolz….doubling down on bad decision making can’t be your last word on this?

    So…just so you know…I, like many others, have been a loyal supporter of Verizon for many years, but in my opinion, these apparent bumbles in policy and lack of good sense has long term implications for your company as well as your private and institutional investors. As a bandwidth provider, if you and your board don’t see the writing on the wall…A public discussion concerning your stewardship of this privilege may soon be hard to avoid.

    Good luck with that~~~

  • coolsilver

    Yup T-Mobile to stay on my N7.

  • Stone Cold

    Straight from AP: Ellipsis’ specs: 1280×800 LCD screen, 1.2Ghz quad-core processor of unknown origin, 8GB of storage plus an SD card slot, 1GB of RAM, a 4000mAh battery, 3.2MP rear camera, and a relatively unskinned Android 4.2.

  • Haroon Dar

    Already trying to sell their crap

  • ckeegan

    Cool, now where is the Nexus 10?

  • markgbe

    lol verizon, soooo dumb.

  • Ryan Stewart

    Seeing as how there is no issue putting a sim in and using it this smells like some organic bull.

  • d-rock

    They don’t want it on the network. Verizon is FLIPPING out that an unapproved device might make it’s way on their network. They are such control freaks. Even with SIM cards, they have found a way to be closed off to freedom of choice.

    AT&T is not a great company, but their network coverage is on par with Verizon, they prices are the same (if not a little lower) and they don’t care what device you put on their network. They are more than willing to help you activate an unlocked device.

  • Steve B

    I still blame Verizon. F Verizon, you’re in my rear view mirror now. Being free from their shackles feels even better than I had imagined.

  • schoat333

    I’m willing to bet that the system issue is Verizon bloat app won’t work on it.

  • Tyree Mcgrone

    The reason that Verizon won’t listen to us, because we’re small fish in a big pond . Only a small percentage of Verizon customers are phone geeks.

  • Nexus N Me

    After the Holiday’s I plan on leaving Verizon for Sprint I think the initial move will be painful but down the road I think Sprint will be able to match Verizon.

  • randpost

    I left Verizon a month ago for T-mobile and Nexus devices. If I was still a VZ customer, I would be annoyed with the Nexus 7 fiasco. Thank God i’m not.

  • melhiore

    I don’t get something here. Everyone is actually spitting at Verizon however you still buying from them??

    • Ian

      Their network is beyond compare. For coverage sake, some of us have only Verizon as a viable option and so we complain when we can.

  • AmazonOffer
    • Nathaniel Webb

      take your spam copypasta and go away.

  • I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact that VZ is selling their own branded 7inch tablet lol.

  • DanWazz

    They use this certification process excuse constantly, but when they finally push the update, it is usually pretty awful. (i.e. The original Incredible Gingerbread OTA)

  • bitpimpin

    The funny thing is that this is the first time Verizon has ever even acknowledged a brand new version of Android… Usually the latest version of Android is not even in their vocabulary

    • Mike Hilal

      Because they intend on taking over the OTAs for it….bet you a dollar I’m right

      • bitpimpin

        yeah it’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out…

      • Ian

        I’ll take that bet.

  • Mike Hilal

    Read: Verizon will be baking it’s own version of KitKat to push OTA

  • Jack3D

    That’s fine, Verizon.

    Keep giving me reasons to keep using that T-mo SIM that came with my N7…

  • Tom
  • David Rodriguez

    More reasons I feel ashamed at being a Verizon customer. They take their sweet time adding bloatware, delaying devices, and just not being very consumer friendly.

  • Franz

    All lies.

  • Esteban_Colberto

    Verizon: “Wait….we meant the Nexus 20 and Android 10.2 ZigZag…..yes….that’s what we meant.”

  • Joseph A. Yager

    Updated message from Google/Asus: “We have no idea what Verizon is talking about.”

  • Vermin_Cain

    Phones and tablets manufacturers should just stop f*cking with Verizon.

  • Adrynalyne

    Systems issue found: no vz navigator installed.

    • Gnex

      That’s ridiculous, they’re obviously talking about Backup Assistant Plus.

    • Mike Hilal

      Both of you are wrong. It needs Mobile Hotspot. Because all your tether are belong to us.

  • Scott Wood

    Got my N5 and left the pain & fail that is the Verizon Network!

  • chris125

    More like they want time for their garbage ellipsis tablet or whatever it is called to be sold before they allow the superior and cheaper nexus 7 on their network.

  • enigmaco

    From what I read about 4.4 having stronger block against root on it, verizon is just waiting to lock it down tight.

  • Corey Hedberg

    I pasted their statement into Google Translate and this is what I got … “The Nexus 7 running Jelly Bean works fine on our network we just need some time to try and sell our new craplet to unsuspecting consumers. Please check back with us in 4-6 months … that’s months, not weeks.”

    • Mike Hilal

      More like, we need time to remake a version of 4.4 and bloat it up a little (and lock out tether too, just in case) before we can sell it. Psh, we cant have you using a device as it was intended. Come on!

  • Zack Kolev

    Really, Google asked you suspend the cert process?! Nice Try VZ, it works just fine with 4.3 on every other carrier. It’s news like this (several times a week) that make me glad I left VZ.

    Maybe they just want you to buy their newly announce 7-inch POS tablet. If that think made it past cert, so can the BEST 7-inch tablet.

  • NorCalGuy

    Until they (Verizon) personally sell the new nexus 7 they really won’t give 2 s***s about it they don’t make a dollar off them but the iPad or galaxy tabs that they sell are ready for their network right away.

    • M3D1T8R

      But for people who aren’t on unlimited data, Verizon is still making money off LTE use.

      • NorCalGuy

        Actually its the opposite if you have unlimited you are required to get a sperate data plan. If you are already tiered then you just have to pay fee to have a tablet on your plan. I was more refering to the majority of people who buy the tablet on contract from Vz and stuck for two years,as opposed to buying one and bringing it inandbeing able to leave when ever.

  • tech247

    The FCC really needs to investigate Verizon for these shenanigans. This is not what they agreed to do when bidding for those LTE licenses….

    • Adrynalyne

      Someone needs to file a complaint.

      I don’t have the LTE version so, it doesn’t really apply to me.

  • Russell Bridges

    good job verizon. Delaying the Nexus 7 LTE in order to launch your own BS 7″ tablet on the 7th. I can’t image any DL readers sticking around with VZW after your contract expires on gnex mid december. I think/hope I represent a large amount of DL readers in that we got into the Android game with the OG Droid (eclair, which was for all intents and purposes a nexus device before big red caught on) as the android OS gained steam and then upgraded to the gnex and now are dropping VZW for their BS or you could get a phone with the VZW logo on the home button and put a VZW logo tatooed on your forehead…..

  • gorkon

    To that I say BS.

  • trophynuts

    people act surprised. Haven’t we already seen that the words Nexus and Verizon don’t mix?

  • Justen DeBowles

    Lol, this Verizon hate is hilarious. Sounds like a fair reason there…

    But then again this is an android site. Apple, Samsung, and Verizon are apparently the devil now. -__-

  • starnovsky

    I’m confused, why Verizon is using every measure to stop Nexus 7 from using it’s network?
    It’s not like it will be using it for free… Verizon should be all over it.

    • Mike Hilal

      They cant control what you do with the device (well, the average joe…anyone with half a brain can root), so they dont want you to have it. IE, they know from the Gnex that tether can be had for free and they dont like it. Im not sure why, as they could make more money selling larger data plans.

    • Nathaniel Webb

      It’s an act of hostility. Logical business sense has nothing to do with it.

  • Dave

    Wow…it’s crazy Verizon doesn’t roll out their updates the same day as the OS source is released, right?

  • Destroythanet

    Does activating a SIM on an old LTE phone like a T-bolt, trimming it, then popping it in a Nexus 7 do the trick?

    • uncagedchipmunk

      It sure does 🙂

  • DJ SPY

    I don’t understand why Nexus devices have to wait “weeks” to get the system update. Heck, Apple rolled out iOS7 before the iPhone 5s launched.

  • nexus

    So the truth finally comes out. They wont allow it until they have sold enough of their own tablet, the Ellipsis (name means “falling short” haha). They know their tablet is weak and no one would buy it when compared against the N7. Some might argue the N7 is more money, but aside from the MUCH BETTER specs, it also has free data- just remember to order the N7 with the T-Mobile sim. It will still work on vzw but you get 2gb data free from tmob the first month, then 200mb free per month FOR LIFE! This Ellipsis tablet should be free with contract. This is also probably the same reason why the tab 3 7.0 isnt on their network…

  • J2000pro

    Everyone affected by this needs to file a complaint with the FCC. They aren’t permitted to restict access like this as part of their agreement for the 4g spectrum. They have been fined before and if the complaints keep coming it may limit this behavior in the future.

  • Kane

    Nothing will ever change until they get investigated

    • Christopher Moore

      Too late for that as I’m dropping their a$$es come December 15. Should be another week and a few days until I have time to play with my Nexus 5. Screw Verizon!!!
      I’m afraid that the only way Verizon will listen is to dump them but not everyone is complaining.

      • Android Spy 007

        I don’t think they care losing you as they were the only company with most new post paid customers than any other carrier. I wonder why so much bitching but vzw still have 107 million customers :/

        • Christopher Moore

          Exactly! The only option is to leave because Verizon won’t do anything if you continue to bitch and moan. Verizon has no interest in offering a $350 Nexus device that’s unlocked. And those petitions to have bootloaders unlocked is a joke. Their answer to that is to buy a play edition phone which no one can afford. Great service but not great policy. And those 107 million customers could care less.

    • Stone Cold

      Nothing will change the FCC will just roll over.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    I hear “not until our POS self-branded tablet is released so we can sucker in all the dopes that use our network to buy one before a lower-priced, higher yet still low quality device is released”…

  • gokusimpson

    Good thing T-Mobile is giving away free data

  • Chris Schmucker

    Theres no way they’ll allow the Nexus 7 to go on sale before their new abomination of a tablet.

  • AbbyZFresh

    The best coverage out of all carriers yet have the worst time management with updates and customer service and too controlling.

    • grumpyfuzz

      AT&T’s LTE network is “supposed” to be complete by the end of summer 2014, but we will see as it approaches.

  • Danrarbc

    Verizon and waiting on a system update always seem to go together.

  • Trevor

    This just makes me happier to have started a prepaid plan with AT&T. Most likely done with VZW come the middle of December. It’s been fun VZW, but not that fun.

    • pookietookie

      Yeah you and me both. Nexus 5 is in my hand. Contract with Verizon is over Dec 15. Seeya! Off to AT&T monthly.

    • blarz

      Same exact boat. Once my GNex contract runs out with VZW in December, I’m outta there. Loving the GoPhone plan on AT&T so far.

    • James

      Has anyone tried porting their Verizon number over to go phone? I went in today with my new nexus 5 & the customer rep told me they can’t port numbers to go phone, only contract lines. My contract ends Monday with Verizon so I’m going to call AT&T support and try anyway

      • Scott Wood

        Port it to Google Voice and forward Google Voice to your phone.

      • Disqus Login Failure

        This is not correct. Find a different rep. I just did it myself. They probably make more on a contract line, which is why they are steering you in that direction.

    • WCM3

      Crazy..my contract is up mid December as well. Picked up a Nexus 5 and currently trying it on t-mobiles $30 plan.

      • Defenestratus

        A lot of us on here got a galaxy nexus in December two years ago. Boy did we learn our mistake. I went ahead and got a note 3 on T-Mobile back in September and I’m just waiting until December 8 to walk into the Verizon store and angrily cancel my account.

        • ArrowCool

          I’m in the same boat as you guys. I am currently running my N5 on T-Mo pre-paid plan. Even though my G-Nex has a month left with VZW, I bid them adieu.

      • Trevor

        It’s all of us GNex folk who have been under contract since the release date. Can’t wait to use another Nexus phone full time!

  • Darrin W. Crenshaw

    This makes me not miss Big Red at all.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    F*Off Verizon. I’m not even reading their damn statement. I’ll just get back my my sexy N5 now with At&t go phone (expecting that ETF bill sometime soon)….I really couldn’t stand them anymore. Basic things like this shouldn’t even be an issue, but they make it an issue.

    • Boblank84

      Just got Nexus 5 Yesterday and am using it on Straight Talk with att sim. seems to get good / fast service so far. Curious what made you go with att go phone vs straight talk. i was looking at that but seemed to be 15 more a month w/ the same service. im guessing i overlooked something, really new to the whole pre paid thing and am just curious.

      • ERIFNOMI

        I’ve heard some pretty awful stories about Straight Talk throttling after very little data usage.

        • Boblank84

          even before the 2.5 gb which is what they state in their TOS? I guess that is the nice thing about pre paid. Easy to move on to the next if it is poor service.

          • ERIFNOMI

            Yeah, I’ve heard there is also a really tiny daily limit.

          • Boblank84

            i used about 150mb yesterday and was as fast as my vzw lte speed was, i guess ill see how it goes this month. thanks for the info.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I just want a company I can actually get customer service with. 2 things I hear about straight talk is horrible customer service and the issue with throttling pretty much when they “feel like you’re over using data” even if you’re no where close to the 2.5GB. I just don’t want to deal with the nonsense.

        • Boblank84

          yeah i hear ya, if that happens ill check out go or aio. thanks for the reply.

      • AxemRed

        Straight talk changed my friend’s phone number one time. I guess it’s in their disclaimer that they can do that.

        • ScoobySnack

          Fortunately there is Google Voice! Limits the effects and risks of changing phone numbers, whether it’s your choice or carrier’s decision.

    • I have a Google Play Galaxy S4 and a Nexus 7 LTE on an AT&T MobileShare plan and couldn’t be happier.

      • Nw_adventure

        Quick question on AT&T LTE – Will Nexus 5 with AT&T sim hook up to their LTE network without issue ?

        • BAM1789

          Have you used an ATT LTE phone before? There’s actually a write up about this on DL from a day or so ago. If you don’t get LTE, you need to just give ATT an LTE phone imei and then you’ll be good.

          • AT&T now has Nexus 5 IMEI numbers in their database. You can give them the IMEI of your own phone and LTE will work fine.

          • BAM1789

            Well cool! Thanks for the info! Mine is out for delivery right now! I’m hoping for no troubles!

          • You shouldn’t have any trouble. AT&T should see it as an LGD820. If you have any problems, just call back and get a different rep, or ask to talk to tier 2 customer service. Or if you have a corporate store close to you, that’d be your best bet. Just go in there and they’ll help you. I had the same concerns when I got my GPE Galaxy S4 and my N7 LTE. I called AT&T, gave them the IMEIs and there was no issue. Everything provisioned for LTE and all is well.

          • Nw_adventure

            Yes – Currently on Att’s LTE network with a GS3- Just didn’t know if the LTE side of the Nexus 5 would connect without some kind of tweak –

  • NyReynolds

    then after it’s updated to 4.4, they’ll then say they’re waiting on something else. why do i get the feeling that someone else already said the same thing……

  • W. Paul Schenck

    Maybe with their 7″ Verizon Elipsis that competes directly with the Nexus 7 LTE they figured it would be better to get a little jump on the competition? Not a move that would be nice for consumers, but it would make business sense.

  • zwade

    Feels weird to see that Verizon is waiting on a software update for the latest version of Android. They fail to realize the delay will be short-lived since Google isn’t like them in regards to the length of the update process.

  • flosserelli

    In other words, it will be at least another 4-6 weeks after 4.4 is pushed before Verizon certifies it. I have never observed another corporation so desperate to piss on its customers.

    • TylerChappell

      But you gotta love the irony that Verizon are the ones now bitching about waiting for an update!

      • Tyler


        • acras

          What pain is Verizon feeling? None! IF they ever comply with the FCC regulation they are violating, it will be well after the new Verizon crap tablet comes out so Verizon can take more of your money on a device that will only work on Verizon.

      • Russell Bridges

        Please educate yourself 🙂

        • TylerChappell

          On what? Do elaborate.

      • d-rock

        You think they are ‘waiting’ on an update? They love nothing more than to have this scenario. They do NOT want the Nexus 7 on their network. 1) it’s open and unrestricted (Big Big Red no nos) and 2) they can’t lock you into a contract over it.

        I’d be willing to bet they came out with that new tablet for the sole purpose of providing an alternative to the Nexus 7. My guess, they don’t plan on approving it.

        • Frettfreak


          And i am SURE all the sales reps will be telling their customers that their tablet “out performs” or is “better” than the nexus anyway. A BOLD face lie, that WILL hurt the android ecosystem.

          • d-rock

            That and they will offer a very lucrative trade in offer for the N7!

    • Tam

      Another 4-6 weeks sounds about right. I know this from experience as a Verizon employee.

    • Christopher Moore

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon locks down the LTE N7 bootloader in kitkat. I see those Verizon-pricks pulling that crap easily.

      • Paul Hansen

        They could only do that if you purchased the device from VZW… Which would be foolish if they ever did offer it.

      • Nathaniel Webb

        Except you buy it from the Play Store.

    • palomosan

      Then they’ll say that they need to wait for Android 4.5 Lemon Meringue Pie.

      • Braden Abbott

        Exactly. They will put their best eyes on it to find any possible excuse not to certify it until the end of time.

      • Andy Stetson

        nah, it’ll be 5.0, Quaker Oatmeal!

    • michael arazan

      Then Verizon will ask Google to remove the payment option from KitKat OS, and it will likely never see approval on Verizon

      • Wyatt Neal

        Assuming you’re talking about Wallet, Google’s already moved Wallet to be a playstore only thing so you don’t need the “secure element” … sadly it now only works online and my vending machines are in a deep dark hole of no cell service (even for VZW).

    • “Meanwhile, you can get the new 10″ tablet with a 7″ screen designed for world’s most reliable network, complete with logos and inferior hardware for the same price. You’re welcome!”


  • kixofmyg0t

    This is total crap.

  • androidkin

    Yeah “system issue”! Is the issue it’s not being sold by verizon and available unlocked from Google Play?

    • Adam Truelove

      And it doesn’t have Verizon’s logo on it.

      • Robert Boluyt

        Needs to have at least three, front, back, and on the chip or speaker grille.

      • chris125

        Or verizon’s bloat added to it

      • michael arazan

        And Verizon is going to charge a one time activation and sim charge of $50 for only the Nexus 7 so they can make some money off of it.

        Had Google sold it through Verizon and allowed Verizon to tack on their $100 middleman surcharge, it would have been approved already.

  • C-Law

    I cannot understand this. Why can’t just one person who works at Verizon or Google just let it slip in the comments of a blog what the truth is? 😉

    • Ryan B

      Because Verizon employees don’t know anything.

      • C-Law

        Corporate or engineering, not retail. I just mean someone that knows at the company

        • acras

          Lol his statement still applies

          • C-Law

            You’re saying Fran Shammo doesn’t know why vzw is doing this?

          • Stone Cold

            You asked the wrong question. It should be why doesn’t Fran Shammo care about the lack of updates or support for anything Nexus related. Short answer I’m to busy making money off 107 million customers.

          • acras

            You think he’s going to “let it slip” in a blog about anything? What is his title, Executive VP and CFO and he’s going to just drop in on DL to make a comment about the truth of why they can violate FCC regulations at will , possibly several other laws because they are delaying the “certification” of the N7 until sometime after they release their tablet? I’d love to see him come in here and say ” we can do all this because we pay hundreds of million dollars to lobbyists and in kickbacks , because one of those payed lobbyists is going to be the next Chairman of the FCC. Because we know that most of our customers will stay with us because it’s too much effort to change providers even when there IS an alternative in their area , and the others because they “have no choice”.
            Anyone high enough up the ladder to know anything isn’t going to come on any blog to reveal secrets , Shammo can get CNN ,Fox , BBC , and any other newsgroup to come to a press conference if he says ” I’m going to come clean about everything we do” .

  • Buur

    How can it be this hard to certify a tablet? So happy I left them. Well guess I am technically still not gone. Waiting to sell off this unlimited contract.

    • kashtrey

      I’m sure the conflict of interest of offering your own 7″ android tablet plays a factor here for Verizon. “You could get the new Verizon Ellipsis tablet now or what an indeterminate amount of time for that Nexus 7!”

      • jlsushman

        Or just simply get a n7 and tether it to your unlimited Verizon device. Easy, peezy. I’m guessing most of you don’t have unlimited. Hahaha (not a put down…I’m just very happy to have it)

        • C-Law

          Pretty sure the majority on this site have Verizon unlimited. And adding hahaha after your last sentence is indeed coming off as an insult regardless of the fact that u immediately deny it.
          This issue shouldn’t exist is the whole point. You should be able to simply buy a Verizon sim and an lte data plan and use an n7. Verizon is not supposed to be able to control the devices people can use on their LTE network

          • jlsushman

            Someone is a mark


    oh boy…

    • Eh

      I never understand these comments on sites that are focused on smartphone and other fairly expensive times .

      • ToddAwesome

        Google the word Sarcasm.

      • JRUIV

        You’re right, I was in a bad mood when I came across this article and that’s what came out… :

        • maratu

          Feel better! 😀

    • acras

      Such an edgy statement . Maybe we should all get rid of all our first world crap to gain perspective , you first.

    • starnovsky

      Obviously. Because in third word you can just get insert a SIM in your device and start using it on any network.