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Facebook Intros Redesigned Messenger to Android Users, Looks Like a Mash of Kit Kat and iOS 7 (Updated)


This morning, Facebook is pushing out a newly-designed Messenger app to select Android users, one that is chock-full of butter and improvements. You will notice a new look, one that strongly reminds us of iOS 7 and a few of the leaked Kit Kat screenshots we have seen; we like the way it looks so far. 

The app also received a few new ways to reach your friends faster. When you see the blue Messenger badge by a friend’s picture, that means they are on Messenger and can be reached instantly. In addition, you can also text your friends if they are not signed into Messenger, but just make sure to have your own phone number confirmed so they can text you back through the app.

To top it off, an entirely new menu system has been set in place. There are now three columns that the app functions around. There is the contacts column, where you find all of your friends to chat with, including the ones synced on your device, there is your recent messages column, and a Settings column where you handle all of your enabled or disabled settings such as location sharing. You can swipe through each column, which is actually a pretty nifty user experience.

And of course, Chat Heads is still there.

Facebook has been recently investing a lot of time into its Android offerings, and we say it is about time.

Update:  If you want to sideload the app before it rolls out to everyone, you can download it here. You may have to uninstall your current version, though. (via)

Via: Facebook

  • Riley

    None for the facebook app?

  • WMG

    how do you set chatheads to send/receive text messages now with this new update?? can’t find anything in help.

  • MrDivaNYC

    OK Google!…BBM me: 7B725FA9

  • nimishsdll

    G+ is really great if you are interested in photography.

  • Dakota Wooster

    This would be better if it was inverted. That white would be horrible when you just wake up.

  • Danny Dodge

    is it true that this takes away the SMS integration setting?

  • Nevets

    I think the new FB Messenger UI won’t look bad, once dev’s invert it and make it blacked out.

  • MK17

    I read “Google+ Intros” instead of “Facebook Intros”. Defnitely had a sour look on my face.

  • jmsbwmn

    I definitely see the iOS 7 influence, and I think we can conclude that the majority of their active mobile users are using Apple devices. While I have no problem with this, this is only fuel to the fire that is Apple hatred. Luckily, I don’t use Facebook Messenger, but if I did, the iOS 7 design elements would irritate me, not because they are from Apple, but because it would be a stark contrast when compared to the UI for the rest of my phone. I really hope they don’t carry this styling over into the main Facebook app.

    Typed on my MacBook Pro. 😉

  • rutgersjaffo

    RE: Chalk “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  • Daistaar

    Is that the HTC One mini in the images?

  • Kieron Quinn

    Note to self: Holo fix this mess

    • Chris

      Where in Google’s guidelines does it say developers must use holo?

      • Kieron Quinn

        Where in my comment did I say that they must use holo?

  • Ian Case

    Did they fix MMS? On the 3 phones I’ve tried, you can receive MMS but not attach a photo. They CLAIM it works, but on a Galaxy S3, Nexus 4 and a Moto X, I don’t get a + sign to send MMS.

  • HowEasy
    • Steven Berger

      Installed the apk from your link…unfortunately it looks exactly like iOS7, but it seems to run soooo much quicker and smoother than the previous versions

      • Steven Berger

        OHHHH i see the idea now is to have someone’s phone number tied to there FB account that way you can find them via phone number but in the end you are just sending them a FB message as opposed to a text message

    • Phil Hyde

      I installed this last night, and sometime this morning it disappeared from my phone. It’s back to the old UI. Could Facebook have removed the apk? I didn’t notice any Messenger update.

    • Rob Fetterhoff

      That doesn’t work anymore just so you know.

  • Joshua Bailey

    MY EYES!!!

  • YEMan0443

    Why do we need another message service? Just use Hangouts!

    • Chris

      1. This was around BEFORE hangouts.
      2. Choice. Android is about choice right kid?

  • MichaelFranz


  • Daniel

    i had the update then i went back to the play store to check for hangouts and messenger updated again….to the old version lol YAY it was nice while it lasted for 30 minutes

  • Is that an HTC One without the logo in the middle? trademark issues, you think?

    • deskjob

      Looks like the HTC One mini with the white border

  • CHRIS42060

    Does anyone else find the chat head very annoying or is it just me? It seems like when I am having a conversation via FB messenger I cannot put the chat head in a place that is not in the way of something else.

    • Anhstein

      You can drag it down to hide it. Or disable it altogether. It’s cool to have options.

      • CHRIS42060

        I do have the disable, but it was just a general question as to whether or not I am in the minority here.

        • Anhstein

          My bad. I think it’s useful when I want to reply to messages without leaving my current app. But after that it does get in the way a little bit. Then again, flick down and it’s gone.

    • Chris

      its great to be able to still chat with people even when leaving the app. might work better on tablets though. but mmmmm choice is a good thing. don’t like it. don’t use it! simple.

  • Droid Ronin

    Glad that they improved FB messenger. It’s the only component of FB that I use.

  • Tim Martin

    From one Tim to another… It’s “chock full”… Nobody wants anything full of chalk. It gets EVERYWHERE!

  • cmonnats23

    Get sued by ALL The companies!

  • Gustavo

    They could change the UI of the facebook app too. This one looks kinda good.

  • I like the look, but I rarely use facebook messanger for anything.

  • Matt Lang

    that’s just all kinds of awful

  • Mayoo

    Meanwhile, Google+ announced they are awesome.

    • aBabyPenguin

      If only my friends would make the switch :/ I really like what G+ is doing but it isn’t much use if everyone I know is on FB. I’m not sure what I can do to convince them.

      • Mayoo

        Your situation is not uncommon. I think this is the main reason why Facebook still lives. It’s not because they are great, it’s because too much people still uses it.

        • Eric

          too many*

          • Mayoo

            nice catch, corrected!

          • Jimmie T

            *use it

          • Mayoo

            Corrected also. God I’m awful.

      • I actually found that my solution to this was in G+ communities. I have one friend on G+ and they don’t post much so I joined communities filled with people with similar interest and now I use G+ more that anything else.

        • aBabyPenguin

          nice! I’ll check it out

        • jmsbwmn

          None of my personal friends use G+. Many of them have profiles, but none are active. Luckily, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a tech enthusiast, and there are many of us on G+. I second the above wholeheartedly.

      • Chris


    • Mae0000

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      haven’t tried this, I work 2 shifts, a pair of hours within the day and a
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      therefore i buy longer with my youngsters. Heres wherever I

  • Is just me or does this UI look kinda…. goofy? It’s not even the Facebook blue color.

    • Possibly signs of a major Facebook style revamp? Not that I use Facebook much anymore

  • Shane Redman

    or MS Office 2013….yuck