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Soak Test Camera Update for Verizon Moto X Rolling Out to Testers (Updated)


When it comes to software updates for the mobile devices on their network, Verizon might just be the slowest moving company on the planet. It was almost a month ago to the day that we first heard about Motorola rolling out an update to the Moto X that would address some of the issues that the camera was having. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular have already pushed the update, but those in Motorola’s Feedback Network on Verizon might have a surprise waiting for them when they turn on their phone this morning. 

The main focus of this update (build 139.15.1) is to dramatically improve the camera that so many people had been complaining about since the phone’s launch. We have tested the new software against the old and it is a very welcome improvement so far. One interesting thing to note; soak testers were required to check that they would be ok with losing root if they wanted to take part in this test. We are getting reports that after the update goes through, root access is still available. It does not look like Moto has patched the exploit that apps like MotoRoot use (read update below).

Update:  We took the update and were able to keep root throughout (it apparently does patch previous root exploits though, so if you lose it, you are out of luck), but others are reporting boot loops and loss of root. I think it depends on which root method you used. Looking for clarification. Until I can get it from Eric, you may want to hold off. -K

Update 2:  Eric kept root through the update by using MotoRoot 1.1, the original root method which has since been updated and changed. If you used PwnMyMoto, your results could certainly vary and likely won’t leave you with root. We aren’t exactly hearing good things, so be careful. -K

The update also enhances Touchless Control, improves the Moto Migrate experience, betters call voice quality (fixes choppy audio), and fixes a bunch of bugs.

Here is the full changelog:

moto x update verizon

Unless there is any major hiccups with this update, we could be seeing this update rolling out as the final software anywhere within the next week or so.

Cheers A, P, E, N, D, M, J, and T!

  • Ross Newhouse

    They need to make it so google now doesn’t open when trying to answer a phone call. Am I the only one with this problem?

  • Jeremy Wray


    This is the method to update if you are rooted with pwnmymoto, it worked for me without issue.

  • Sorry guys! Been in class half the day. My apologies for getting the answer back so late.

  • Derek Augustine

    I got put in some update hell, I got prompted to install the update as shown above, but now my phone is just continuously boot looping after it gets to the home screen and usable it show “Powering down” and reboots.

    • Derek Augustine

      Was able to stop the bootloops buying doing `adb reboot bootloader` and `fastboot clear cache`. Still haven’t successfully flashed the update, though. Used PwnMyMoto to root.

      • CaptainMolo

        Thanks Derek, saved my phone! Although i had to use “erase” instead of “clear for the command. Good advice!

        • Derek Augustine

          Ah yes, good catch, the correct command is “erase”, thanks for pointing that out, I’ve edited it above. Glad I could help out!

  • Doug

    Got my update unexpectedly, guess I made it in to the soak test.

  • master94

    Doesnt break root, could Google be allowing roots without telling VZW? WIN

  • DJ SPY

    Does it fix the incompatibility problem with Square Card Reader?

  • aDROIDfreeworld

    Got it a few hours ago. It improves call quality on both ends, and does help the camera just a touch.

  • Update downloaded on a friend’s phone. Call quality seems improved also.

  • jonnyrazr

    What about the new Maxx?

  • Louis

    Come on DROID Line update!!!

  • Mark

    Update for the camera is still very underwhelming. The focus is worse and I still have banding. Meh.

    • David Verba

      Well, at least the banding issue just isn’t my phone. Are you going to send it in?

      • Mark

        I’m not sure. It does it mostly under fluorescent lighting, I’m going to take outdoor images and see if that happens. I thought that it most likely was a software issue since I had it before the update, but the fact that it’s happening post-update scares me. Are you going to do that?

        • David Verba

          Come to think of it, you’re right. It only happens under fluorescent lighting. I’m going to do to a side by side experiment with my GF’s Moto X – if mine does it and hers doesn’t, I’ll send mine in. She has the call quality issue and the Driving Assistant staying on far to long after she’s done driving – update better fix those issues or her’s is going back too. I also have the rattling during hapatic/vibration feedback going on. Seems like the GNex all over again, I think we went through 5-6 total – (screen, call, speaker, microphone issues)

  • schoat333

    Now that you posted this, the real update will break root.

  • gregba

    I just want a 32gb option by Black Friday

  • Morbid138

    No Nexus, no care.

  • EdubE24

    Is anyone buying this phone? I’ve yet to see one out in the public. Maybe everyone is waiting on the next Nexus and praying somehow Verizon gets invited to the party!

    • Walter Partlo

      I have 2 coworkers with them

      • ddevito

        I have one, my wife has one – and I have 5 relatives and 3 friends that have it – all but one on Verizon.

        • EdubE24

          Maybe Columbus isn’t that into them. Cool phones though!

    • Matt Upton

      It’s kind of silly to assume that nobody is buying a certain phone. Get out of this tech bubble to breathe once in awhile and you’ll find that most of the population searches for their next phone for 2 weeks max and likely hasn’t heard of the Nexus 5 yet.

    • sr_erick

      I have one, switched from a Note 2. I was going to get a Note 3 but am tired of all the silly Samsung stuff. Still might upgrade to a larger screen in time, but right now I am seriously enjoying this Moto X. It works beautifully and the battery life is solid.

  • Gibbs

    Got the update this morning. We’ll see how much better it is

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Ugh, Verizon. Why to do they have to take longer than anyone else to do these things.

  • teevirus

    Wonder if Droid HD/ HD Maxx users can expect an update to anything anytime soon. I tried too late to root my phone. The boot loader is locked tighter than a [insert graphic yet humorous image]

    • jaydotelloh

      The bootloader on VZW moto X is locked as well. Unless I’m wrong, the moto X and the droid line can STILL be rooted, but there is no recovery/safestrap/bootstrap developed for them yet. I only hope that the Moto X receives some dev love, which bleeds over to the droid line.

      • Ian Case

        Moto X has safestrap. Not sure about the Droids.

        • jaydotelloh

          Even the VZW Moto X?

          • athom07

            Yes, even the VZW Moto X.

          • Ian Case

            Yes, even the VZW Moto X. I have a VZW Moto X and had safestrap installed.

      • moelsen8

        i think this update, even though you can keep root through it, closes one of the exploits used to get root and so for the moment the phone is unrootable on this ota.

  • Moto X Update

    Update: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hj2eq60rrqn8al3/Blur_Version.139.10.53.ghost_verizon.Verizon.en.US.zip

    1. Download the file from above and drop it on your phone’s internal storage.

    2. To install, power your phone off.

    3. Hold Volume Down and Up, then Power to boot to the boot menu.

    4. Volume Down once to highlight “Recovery,” Volume Up once to select it.

    5. Once Android with exclamation mark appears, press Volume Up and Power at the same time.

    6. From recovery, Volume Down to “apply update from sdcard,” Power to select it.

    7. Choose the file you downloaded previously.

    8. The update should begin. Enjoy.

    • moelsen8

      rooted users beware – i don’t think you have the stock recovery to boot to (which could cause bootloops). can anyone confirm the process if rooted?

      • Larry Wei

        I can confirm that it doesn’t work with a custom recovery (TWRP). If you’re stuck you can clear the cache and it’ll force an error in the update.

        • moelsen8

          what about just plain old rooted – if you used pwnmymoto you no longer have any recovery.

          • Kevin B

            Doesn’t work I am part of the soak test, and I got a stuck bootlooping with root (pwnmymoto) and stock recovery.

          • Cody Revels

            I’m in the soak test (first time to join) but how do you get your phone to pull the update?

          • jparker78

            There’s no guarantee you will get it even if you’re part of the MFN.

          • Kevin B

            It was pushed to my phone overnight. Normal check for update method won’t work.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            If you used PwnMyMoto, you must at the very least flash the stock recovery.img and do a full factory reset (WILL CLEAR YOUR INTERNAL STORAGE!!!). You will still have root after the reset. After that, it should install normally.

          • MichaelFranz

            i believe doing this will still give root but loses R/W ability. And as long as the patch does fix the exploit for root it should be good.

            I would be safe and just give it a day or 2 for the devs to get their hand on it.

          • Tom Baptist

            How do you “flash the stock recovery.img”?

      • Joel S.

        I actually am getting bootloops and was stupid enough to click install. How do I resolve this?

    • Jason Navarro

      This is version 139.10.53 – the one moto x verizon shipped with. The update should be 139.15.1, right?

      • Moto X Update

        Motorola names update files with the version you need to be on to update.

    • RedXander

      Only problem with this for users that used JCase’s PWNMYMOTO is that your “Recovery” image is used to boot without write protection.

    • Weber

      10. Profit!

    • Jeremy Wray

      It keeps failing for me once it gets to set_perm: some changes failed and then it says installation aborted

      • Jeremy Wray

        Correction, says failed there but rebooted and apps updated and version is showing 139.15.1 so apparently it did work.

    • collin ferreira

      Did it, my phone is running stock, everything seems good except I notices my touches controls app is no where to be found in the app drawer. But it still works when I use the “OK Google now” phrase. Interesting.

      • David Verba

        There is no touch-less control app. At least I don’t have it on my Moto X…..

      • neo1738

        David is right, touchless controls is under the settings as a header of it’s own. Assist is an app though.

        • TechVoid

          Agreed, have this issue even prior to the update…and we wait. Hurry this up, Verizon!

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    • TechVoid

      Seems dangerous to trust such commentary when it’s arriving anyway, right? Either way, loved this phone. Excited for the update. We just reviewed the ATT and Verizon models: http://techvoid.com/2013/10/22/moto-x-is-the-sexiest-android/

  • Tristan

    Actually, a month later than t-mobile & ATT isn’t all that bad for Verzion. At least compared to how they did updating the GNex…

  • jparker78

    I’m ready for a manual download link.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      ^yup. Not that I’m in a hurry to run outside and take pictures, but my voice cutting out is a serious problem. Sometimes I don’t pick up the phone because I’m not willing to repeat myself x amount of times.

  • tyguy829

    I know we keep root, but If I have xposed installed with some modules running and some bloatware frozen, will I be am I safe to update?

    • Greg Morgan

      You’ll have to put it back to stock. The update checks to make sure all the apps and framework are there. So unfreeze the bloat and hopefully you made a back up of the xposed stuff.

      • tyguy829

        ok, thanks. I also modified the vzwentitlementservice.apk to bypass the tethering check. Will this either cause a problem with the update/will i still be able to tether afterwards?

        • Greg Morgan

          That I’m not sure, I’ve never done that. But try the update, if it fails, then that’s most likely the reason. lol If you have root, you should be able to use other tethering methods out there.

          • tyguy829

            OK, so I somehow got stuck in some weird bootloop-type thing. So when I clicked install update, the phone rebooted, which wasn’t too surprising. But then it booted up again (don’t think the update was applied) and as soon as it boots to the lockscreen, it comes up with the standard android “Shutting Down” popup, then reboots and repeats. help? this is so weird

          • moelsen8

            did you restore the stock recovery to take the update? the root method replaces the recovery image with the boot image. haven’t done this myself yet but i think that’s what i understand needs to happen – someone please correct me if i’m wrong.

          • tyguy829

            oh shoot. completely forgot about that. wow i feel dumb. so if I restore the stock recovery from fastboot, I won’t be able to put the PwnMyMoto back right? So will I lose system write protection then? I feel like such a n00b again. I’ve never had a locked phone before…

          • moelsen8

            no idea, i just kept all that in mind until i get to the point you’re at, so i didn’t accidentally take any updates.

          • tyguy829

            so if I don’t want to take the update then and restore the stock recovery from fastboot, is the only way to get out of this bootloop a full wipe?

          • moelsen8

            sorry man no idea. can you get it powered down completely? i’d then try to boot to the bootloader and see if i can power it up normally from there or something. someone above mentioned wiping the cache but not sure how else to do that without a recovery.

            go to xda, i’m sure there are tons of people in the same boat from all the other carriers’ ota updates. this happened to them too.

          • tyguy829

            That’s alright. I tried booting into the “recovery” from the bootloader to get to system write mode but it still restarted. might have to go dust off RSD. And with no custom recovery I can’t even make a nandroid. Damn I miss my Gnex 🙁

          • Greg Morgan

            And this is why I only buy phones with an unlocked bootloader. 🙂

          • tyguy829

            I know. First time I’ve regretted getting the moto x. This locked stuff sucks

          • moelsen8

            you should be able to go to the bootloader and flash the recovery img from there, right? then before you boot up again, clear your cache so the update doesn’t take. then run the root exploit again to get back to where you were.

            nevermind – once you hit recovery it’ll update. damn that sucks.

          • tyguy829

            oh good call. I’ll try that. thanks a ton for your help

          • moelsen8

            no, no, don’t try that. i edited my post. you’d probably lose root and then not be able to get it back. use the shell commands the larry dude said above.

          • ARP

            Any luck with this? I’m in the same situation.

          • tyguy829

            yeah i had to use rsd to flash back to 100% stock. Wipes EVERYTHING. Then i re-rooted with MotoRoot (not PwnMyMoto) and then updated and everything was fine. Instructions here. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2446515

          • Larry Wei

            Clear your cache, then try booting up again

          • tyguy829

            how do I clear my cache if I don’t have a recovery? (PwnMyMoto replaced it with a boot image to allow system write)

          • Larry Wei

            Can you boot into bootloader, plug into computer, then go to terminal and type:

            adb shell
            recovery –wipe_cache

          • tyguy829

            Thanks for the help. I can’t run adb from the bootloader. It says device not found. Just to confirm, I tried it on my nexus 7, which is unlocked and everything, and still can’t get adb shell from the bootloader.

          • moelsen8

            you download the moto drivers? – motorola device manager i believe they call it.

          • Greg Morgan

            you might need to reinstall the adb files or make sure you have the correct drivers.

          • Greg Morgan

            Also, i’m pretty sure that ADB commands are run in android and you must run fastboot commands in bootloader.

          • tyguy829

            right. my moto x shows up if i run fastboot devices, but i can’t run adb commands from the bootloader. adb does work from within android though. I was able to adb reboot bootloader quickly before the phone restarted itself

          • tyguy829

            @larrywei:disqus any other ideas?

          • Greg Morgan

            if you have the ability to RSD, that might be your best option.

  • Weber

    I’m honestly not noticing any changes besides the camera, really. I guess I need to make a phone call to check that out. People always tell me I’m cutting out. I tell them not to call if it bothers them so much.

    • Jeralmac

      Same here. Only thing I’ve noticed so far is the camera launches and runs faster.

      • Weber

        Was Slo-Mo camera there before? I just noticed that for the first time. I’m not a big picture taker.

        • Robert Macri

          it was there already.

          • Weber

            Well, I’ll be…

        • Jeralmac

          I’m pretty sure it was there before, yes.

  • moelsen8

    so does that mean this keeps root through the update, or that after the update you can still root using existing methods?

    • Keeps root through the update.

      • Rahshaka

        Did you have to return to stock recovery first?

        • tyguy829

          Yeah….soooo i had pwnmymoto on mine and i tried to take the update and now my phone keeps constantly restarting (not exactly a bootloop because it gets to the lockscreen). You definitely need to get stock recovery back

        • Always had a stock recovery, didn’t install anything else.

      • thatoneguy

        did you use motoroot or pwnmymoto?

        • I used MotoRoot 1.1. That’s the one still on my device.

  • world_wide_wes

    Yay. Do we need to use rootkeeper or can I just update?

    • I updated without Rootkeeper and it is still showing root.

      • world_wide_wes

        Thanks! My device still says up to date so hopefully I get it soon.

        • world_wide_wes

          Oh durrr I’m not part of the soak test I’ll just keep waiting

          • Sean

            How long do updates take for the rest of us, once the soak test starts?

          • Robert Macri

            Should be within a week as long as no big issues arrive from this supposed soak test.

      • tyguy829

        did you have PwnMyMoto though or just standard root?

        • Fozzybare

          he isnt answering the most important question!!!

        • Sorry, been in class all day. MotoRoot 1.1 is what I used.

          • tyguy829

            oh alright. I had PwnMyMoto and updated, but forgot it replaced my recovery with a boot image to allow system write. So it bootlooped….and i had to use rsd to flash back to stock. First time i’ve missed my Gnex 🙁

  • jaydotelloh

    Wonder how long until the MAXX gets this. That will be a real test of how close together these two phones will receive updates.

    • Anon

      The Ultra and the MAXX. After all, the Ultra and the MAXX should really get joint updates; the MAXX’s only significant differences (storage, battery, wireless charging) shouldn’t make software updates any different.

      • jaydotelloh

        Right, that’s what i’m saying. I see no reason WHY the MAXX and Ultra shouldn’t get this update very soon, unless Moto is focusing more on the X than the Droid lines, which would be a shame. I can’t imagine Verizon would want the X to “better” than their precious Droid line.

        • Anon

          If you haven’t, sign up to be part of the Moto Feedback Network, which makes you eligible for the soak tests. Make sure if you were part of the network once to update for your newer phone.

          I agree with you completely, but Verizon works in mysterious ways sometimes.

          • jaydotelloh

            Good call, I’m patiently awaiting the Fedex guy to deliver my MAXX.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          The Mini/Ultra/Maxx will likely be a week or two behind this update. It sounds stupid, but it does take a bit to get those extra features (Droid branding, Command Center widget, DroidZap) baked in and functioning 100%. Even if the software made it to Verizon’s testers only a few days after the Moto X update, they will still likely lag behind somewhat.

  • Konstantine

    Does this also apply to the Droid Maxx/Ultra line as well?

    • Robert Macri

      Not yet.