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Monday Poll: What New Feature has You Most Excited for the Nexus 5?

nexus 5 official

There is no denying that people are excited for the Nexus 5. We recently ran a poll asking what the bigger deal was – the Nexus 5, Kit Kat, Google’s reported smartwatch, a new Nexus 10, or something else? The Nexus 5 led the poll by a long shot, so now we want to know exactly why that is. What makes the Nexus 5 so special?

This Nexus device, as I put it in last week’s Droid Life Show, is the first Nexus phone since the Nexus One that really competes against all of the other top tier devices on the market in terms of specs. None of these specs are completely official, but thanks to many leaks and reports we have done, we can pretty much assume that the Nexus 5 will feature a 1080p display, a Snapdragon 800 processor, finally have 4G LTE connectivity, a hopefully-improved camera sensor with possible OIS technology, and of course feature Google’s latest Android OS installment, Android 4.4 “Kit Kat.”

All of these things should add up to one serious Android experience.

Tell us down below what has you most excited for the Nexus 5. If it’s something other than what is listed in the poll, tell us in the comments section.

What new feature has you most excited for the Nexus 5?

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  • Tran Nguyen

    Nexus 4 didn’t have 4G LTE that’s big mistake that Google did. Android 4.4 KitKat and 4G LTE Those are Google should have even you don’t care or worry . Only the Snapdragon 800 processor that you need to care about because it is newest processor. Therefore, this feature I fell more excited. Don’t be excited about improved camera experience because Google and Motorola had not been beat opponents before. 1080p display! If Google don’t want to waist their money.

  • Joshua Bailey

    Wonder what the hold up is with the Nexus 5 announcement.

  • Jamesc7393

    how about a camera worth using ! especially that atrocious $.99 sorry excuse for a front facing camera that is on my N4

  • SDouglas47

    I was very satisfied with the Nexus 4…….EXCEPT the glass back, which cracked after 6 months. (Not spontaneous crackage, I dropped it) I also like my N7, and would buy the 5 just for the case design.

    Unfortunately, my wife’s favorite dog dislocated her hip, now our vet has enough of our money to buy TWO Nexus 5s,

    And I will wait till next October, when maybe Google will lower the price of the 5 like they did the 4.

    • SDouglas47

      In the meantime, I will have to be happy with whatever improvements KitKat can make in my Nexus 4.

  • A nu start

    How about, low price!

  • Montalbert_Scott

    all of the above?

  • matt_helm

    Sorry, no microSD, no interest at all. OK, well maybe if it had 256GB flash.

  • duckmanbill

    Something else: coming to verizon! (wishful thinking)

  • Kishan

    Where is the choice “All above”?

  • Tyler Kevin Powell

    how about availability???? I am beginning to think I am dreaming and that this is not coming.