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Contest: We Have Five $25 Google Play Gift Cards to Give Away!

google play gift cards

Since it’s a Wednesday (not that there is any real significance there), we thought you’d enjoy a chance to walk away with a $25 Google Play gift card. It has been over a month since we last hooked you guys up with straight Google Play cash, and that my friends, is far too long for you to have to wait. We have five in house that will go to five awesome members of the DL community. 

As always, we’ve got a simple contest format thanks to the fine internet contest tool known as Rafflecopter. There are four ways to enter, but you don’t necessarily have to do all of them. Pick and choose, do one, do them all, it’s completely up to you. The more items you complete, the more chances you have to win.

Oh, and U.S. entries only. These are U.S. Google Play cards that are country-locked, as far as we know. Ready?



We have five (5) $25 Google Play gift cards to hand out to five winners.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll choose our winners randomly tomorrow morning at 10AM Pacific.

  • JoshGroff

    Still no winners. 🙁

  • Dan Letsch

    What is up with not announcing winners. This is 2 in a row that I know of. Do you even have google play cards, or are you just trolling all of us?

  • Pedro Alvizu

    No winners again? like the previous contest :/

  • TheGiftCardCentre UK

    we don’t have google play gift cards yet at thegiftcardcentre.co.uk but hopefully soon!

  • Waiting for the winner announcement so that I can delete this from my Pocket list.

  • bholt6

    Cutting it close

  • 5 a.m.

    I would like to apply it to the next Nexus device

  • Spaniard85

    Movie purchases or rentals. I really want to test out the digital waters that el Googs has to offer.

  • mistergrub

    Games, apps and icon pakcs

  • Carlos M

    I would spend it on games, books and movies

  • Ramont Wattie

    Games, Icon packs, movies, O My lol

  • gstarrawrr


  • Johnny

    easy buy more games!!!

  • Brennan Griffin

    I don’t know yet

  • Travis Faulkner

    Asphalt 8, Radar Scope, several others

  • Thomas Kefalas

    Simpsons Tapped out Stuff! Go 49ers! 🙂

  • Shane Spencer

    Awesome apps to help me manage the 21 workers I am in charge of! Also, for helping me with my sound mixing.