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Contest: We Have Five $25 Google Play Gift Cards to Give Away!

google play gift cards

Since it’s a Wednesday (not that there is any real significance there), we thought you’d enjoy a chance to walk away with a $25 Google Play gift card. It has been over a month since we last hooked you guys up with straight Google Play cash, and that my friends, is far too long for you to have to wait. We have five in house that will go to five awesome members of the DL community. 

As always, we’ve got a simple contest format thanks to the fine internet contest tool known as Rafflecopter. There are four ways to enter, but you don’t necessarily have to do all of them. Pick and choose, do one, do them all, it’s completely up to you. The more items you complete, the more chances you have to win.

Oh, and U.S. entries only. These are U.S. Google Play cards that are country-locked, as far as we know. Ready?



We have five (5) $25 Google Play gift cards to hand out to five winners.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll choose our winners randomly tomorrow morning at 10AM Pacific.

  • JoshGroff

    Still no winners. 🙁

  • Dan Letsch

    What is up with not announcing winners. This is 2 in a row that I know of. Do you even have google play cards, or are you just trolling all of us?

  • Pedro Alvizu

    No winners again? like the previous contest :/

  • TheGiftCardCentre UK

    we don’t have google play gift cards yet at thegiftcardcentre.co.uk but hopefully soon!

  • Waiting for the winner announcement so that I can delete this from my Pocket list.

  • bholt6

    Cutting it close

  • 5 a.m.

    I would like to apply it to the next Nexus device

  • Spaniard85

    Movie purchases or rentals. I really want to test out the digital waters that el Googs has to offer.

  • mistergrub

    Games, apps and icon pakcs

  • Carlos M

    I would spend it on games, books and movies

  • Ramont Wattie

    Games, Icon packs, movies, O My lol

  • gstarrawrr


  • Johnny

    easy buy more games!!!

  • Brennan Griffin

    I don’t know yet

  • Travis Faulkner

    Asphalt 8, Radar Scope, several others

  • Thomas Kefalas

    Simpsons Tapped out Stuff! Go 49ers! 🙂

  • Shane Spencer

    Awesome apps to help me manage the 21 workers I am in charge of! Also, for helping me with my sound mixing.

  • Bill Slowey

    i can use some new games

  • Brad Wall

    I would spend mine on games that are usually more than I would want to pay normally… for instance: Machinarium. Tiny Thief, and Plex… heck , there are a ton of apps on my wish list.

  • NeilGeorge

    Games and Books

  • Tyler Sanders

    Definitely a few games and books

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Apps and games, mostly games.

  • kerrigjl

    foxfi premium

  • Stacy


  • syraphill

    Would love to get a few new apps.

  • Hung

    I would use the Google Play gift card for games.

  • jstwondrng

    I’d purchase books and music!

  • Randy Sloan

    Final Fantasy V is on sale. 🙂

  • John Collard

    NFC tools

  • Seth Dyer

    A couple of movies come to mind.

  • jafunk

    buy a few apps and some icon packs.

  • Jucef Martinez

    Can’t wait! I could use some new music & movies!

  • JMac726

    Any games recommended by DL!

  • David Simmons

    New Nexus 7

  • Riz Virani

    need more appsssssss

  • FargoJoe

    I would round out my GTA collection!!

  • Launcher

  • emoney

    what i have in my play wish list is granny smith, tiny thief and the book “the circle”

  • Andrew Knighton

    in app purchases!

  • Quint

    I need more music and apps…. And my wallet is too light!

  • Agustin Villar

    Games, icon packs and something else 😀

  • Bill

    I’d support some of my favorite free apps by buying the donate version.

  • ahaltcj

    I would pay the stupid high prices SquareEnix demands for their games.

  • JD Blosser

    Some music and maybe last season of the walking dead

  • TimTheK

    Gimme tha loot! I need about 20 new songs to listen to!

  • ElecEngineer

    I would use this gift card for high end games, and a HD movie, and maybe a magazine for my new LG G2.

  • Keyan X

    I have a few themes that I haven’t bought yet, as well as a book I need to get. The rest of the card (~$10) will be saved for future apps.

  • Jared Shorter

    I would either buy some music or some sweet Games like the new Angry Birds.

  • CeraVW

    I would give it to a coworker who loves to play an RPG, and spends a lot of $ on it!

  • Phillip Bee

    some launchers and icons and games

  • Jaime Kerr

    I would use it towards the Nexus 5 🙂

  • Matthew Gimbl

    I’d be able to purchase everything on my wishlist finally!

  • Greg Robinson

    But a game or two and a movie.

  • Munchys

    I would get a couple games for the kids, and than get me some awesome icon’s. Maybe buy premium access to certain apps. Not sure exactly what I would buy with $25 as that is a good chunk of change for apps!

  • Josh Martin

    I would spend the $25 on launchers and icon packs!!! 😀 Hellooooo customizations!

  • Matthew Pfeil

    Definitely Icon Packs.

  • Jon S

    A gift card would go nicely with a new nexus 7 purchase:-)

  • Ben Graczyk

    I would use the gift card towards my new Nexus 5.

  • Kree Terry

    Icon packs, games, and “pro” license for some of my favorite free apps.

  • bathroom guy


  • djab

    I’d probably buy some games. Not sure which ones right now. Any suggestions?

  • Minecraft Man

    games games and lots of games

  • Nick V

    A couple of movies, and an app or two

  • RoboRobP


  • Shaun Zitzmann

    I would spend it on indie games cause they deserve my money and my respect.

  • dhfalck64

    Comment…I’d like to win!

  • Shawn Kiefer

    Games and movies for my daughter.

  • Shannon DeWitt

    I need some new TV shows… pronto

  • Anon

    I need the plex player for my google tv.

  • Jordan Dewey

    Still would love to try out those pricey games, just not pay $7-$15 for them. This would def help make that decision!

  • Borislav

    Great contest! I could use the card to get myself some useful productivity apps which are somewhat pricey.

  • Steven Hall

    Movies, games, all for the kids of course.

  • Eric Hauser

    I’d love to whittle down my wishlist a little bit

  • sh0ebox

    nova launcher prime, swiftkey, and other functionality apps

  • Rob

    Buy movies

  • Lewis Erbe

    A mixture of icon packs and apps.

  • Jerry Chen

    I would buy Plants vs zombies 2 and Nova prime

  • Dharm Patel

    Ill get some apps with this

  • geeky1

    I would buy games! I never buy anything but productivity apps, and this time I would buy games!

  • jseah114

    I would probably pass this on to my son. He goes through these cards like water.

  • Sparktweek

    “OMG! I would buy the latest albums from Gaga, Katy Perry and BRITNEY!!! ”

    …said no one that ever reads Droid Life…EVER.

  • Captain Spaulding[2100+ posts]

    I’d buy educational apps for my daughters.

  • mistersikee

    Breaking bad season :/

  • UndergroundWire

    Dang, I buy every app that comes across my way that is useful so I would just buy so I would buy Game of Thrones Episodes with it.

  • michael arazan

    I need more books, I don’t read enough. Just finished Einstein’s Essay in Humanism and Anthony Bourdain’s Cooking Confidential

  • Stanley

    Show de bola

  • Randy

    Google Play.

  • James


  • Stew560

    Candy Crush Powerups!

  • Debadatta Bose

    Well well, since no debit cards work in India and I’ve been wanting to buy SwiftKey, I’d fulfil my wish first and then go on to Tapatalk and stuff. 🙂

  • Guest

    Bleh. 😛

  • Sami Dawood

    Some games

  • ken

    eh, id buy more apps! 🙂

  • Jonathan Oh

    games games and games

  • Bcram11

    Just imagine the possibilities!!

  • dwelling

    I need a new Nex7. $25 would certainly help in that regard.

  • jes knows

    i would use it to buy some more apps lol

  • Andrew Keller

    I’m just going to blow it on micro transactions 🙁

  • Julian Coronado

    At least 2 good movies! Or a movie and some music! 😀 Possible a book?

  • Chris

    I would buy lots of apps and games and save the rest for when I need it!

  • senor_heisenberg

    I’d buy as many apps and games on my wishlist as possible.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • boredomkills

    i’d spend it on tasker and some good premium games

  • Movie and games

  • Nick D

    I would spend it on some new games.

  • Brian L

    Games and icons

  • Nicholas Heck

    I’d buy Final Fantasy V! Although, VI would be the better choice….

  • Byron Brekenfeld

    I’d buy all those apps on my wishlist. :-/

  • Kevin Faaborg

    i think i would try it on some of the brand new apps that have been talked about lately since normally i don’t have the extra money to throw behind well made apps.

  • Jai Cabigan

    I’ll buy the pro version of all the apps I’m using! 🙂

  • Vernon


  • Brian Tehan

    maybe a movie

  • William Flato


  • Dorian Brooks

    I WANTS!!!!!

  • Hoffman

    Apps. I have Google Play All Access so I don’t need to buy music.

  • androidaw

    Music, apps, and games.

  • Juan

    I’d give it to my wife so she could buy all the music and books she’s been looking at.

  • aaron

    nexus 5, when it’s real anyway.

  • aaron

    Blog post comment.

  • samthomas86

    I have no idea what I would buy… I am sure apps and such will catch my eye that I will use it for.

  • Merwyn Monteiro

    Would love to fill my new Nexus 7 with goodies.

  • Fernando Figueroa

    I’d buy a premium launcher and a music app, samsung’s stock sucks!

  • Mike DePetres

    games ohhh the games to be had

  • Need a new book or a nexus 7 cover.

  • Barath Vedantham

    I would spend on music, icon packs, paid version of apps, etc. Really want Nova Launcher Prime, Helium Backup Premium, XDA Premium, Tapatalk Pro, etc. I also want to support the developers who work hard to produce content for us.

  • Holly B

    There’s a Japanese language app I really want to get 🙂

  • Zachary Gabet

    I want to buy new games!

  • Tyler

    Buy a couple root apps along with some apps for school stuff like note taking.

  • Chris Ghubril


  • miri

    I’d either buy a couple comics I’m curious about or Seasons 1 & 2 of Luther (BBC). I’ve already watched them on Netflix and bought Season 3, but it’s a great show and it’d be nice to have the complete collection.

  • TeamNexus

    Hope I win, I’d buy some songs and maybe an app!

  • Abbie Rosario

    Spend it on music.

  • Edward DeGuia

    Games… to make the work day go faster.

  • Alex Blair

    More icon packs and such for phone customization

  • Joe

    I haven’t played a lot of games on my phone recently. So I would probably use the $25 for some productivity apps. Well, or I could rent 4-5 movies. That’s a good idea too!

  • Travis Young

    Probably buy the 3 new Eminem songs and CM theme chooser themes to support the Devs.

  • Kristian Sandoval

    Icon packs and useful, but expensive apps!

  • Mark Culton

    I would buy some Amazing Spiderman comics!

  • Alexander H

    Some icons and sonic

  • jgrizz13

    I would buy Denny Strigl’s book. And keep an eye on cool new games with the leftover.

  • Robert Valentin

    Time to add to the music collection.

  • 66pens


  • Icehunter

    Tasker and an emulator and whatever else catches my eye 🙂

  • Steve Hendricks

    Because Google Play!

  • Kevin Liebler

    I need me some Google Play moolah after my Nexus 7 credit is all gone! I could always use a couple of new games…

  • StargateNH

    Nova Launcher, Doggcatcher.

  • Martin


  • dsilva1217

    Could buy me certain 24 dollar speech app for my toddler….

  • Juan Ochoa

    I’d probably buy DynamicNotifications Pro, some games and some Pro Calculator because I’m majoring on Computer Engineering

  • DanPatrickFlores


  • Michael veli

    games lol

  • monsterenergy22

    Buy some new games to keep my busy on my work flights!

  • Zookmechanic

    music music and more music

  • Abel Sanchez

    I’ll use it to buy my boy a couple of games.

  • Sammy Miner


  • Matt

    Greenify Donation Version…I really want to limit Facebook Messenger. And some albums.

  • Christopher Heuer

    I will probably buy some games, nothing on the wishlist now but you never know!

  • sandra

    Ebooks. Can’t wait to get my new tablet.

  • DAsh

    more games!

  • Noah Davila

    Id love to use this for some non premium games and maybe those pesky expensive launchers

  • Sharifa McMahon

    MCPE, maybe a final fantasy game

  • Books and music.

  • J.Lynn

    a couple albums on Google Play Music, a season of one of my favorite shows or of my kid’s favorite ones…some in-game app purchases of some of the games I have currently

  • Brandon Shaw

    One $25 Google Play Gift Card to go please!

  • garrett


  • Mike Ranucci


  • Hitagi


  • bbabtrust

    I’d buy my kids the games they bug me.

  • Richard Abramas

    Games, lots and lots of games for the Droid Maxx I’ll be getting in a month

  • Trevor Vass

    Games, games, games!!!

  • Manjot Singh

    buy games

  • Mr. Wiggles

    Icon packs (I’m a junkie)

  • Mark Schiller

    A kick ass game. Never have played one on any of my phones.

  • SteveG12543

    I would get the premium version of Android Tuner, the donation version of Greenify, and the premium version of the LagFix (the FStrim app).

  • BikerBob1789

    some books.

  • Maxwell Morrow

    Probably music. I could use some more yuck or vaccines or something… 🙂

  • Gpaine

    Want da money.

  • Jeff Testolin

    Probably a movie or two and then Google Music!

  • elyssa doom


  • Eric Farrr

    Somehow apply this to the Miley Cyrus foundation, in which this charity tries to make Miley Cyrus revert back to her old self.

  • C.N.

    Eminem’s new album, “MMLP2”. Looking forward to it!

  • Chris Morris

    More Get Fuzzy

  • Jay

    games and icon packs

  • Ivan92116

    buying some music

  • John Simonelli

    Buying some needed Icons

  • bartclantrash

    Chromecast down payment

  • mgamerz

    It said there was 1337 comments when I loaded the page. Interesting. I’d spend the $25 possibly for some NARR8 points, or a couple of small games. I haven’t been able to throw money at devs for a while 🙁

  • Amar Shergill

    Need some apps

  • Adam Smith

    Probably icon packs. Can I put it towards my All Access subscription? I maxed out my credit card one month on the day that Google charged it for the subscription. All Access stopped working for an hour and a half until I switched payment methods and I almost had a heart attack.

  • CasperTFG

    Root required apps.

  • Ruvim

    icon packs ftw!

  • pharmdy

    Games galore!

  • kidbudi

    I need more games I’m a mobile gaming addict so this will help me fund my addiction!

  • Nick

    i will spend it on some stuff and some things

  • brad6570

    Wooooo I can’t wait!

  • Thaddeus Brown

    probably go into appearance apps. Just bought the note 3 I need to update.

  • Alex Kumar

    This would be awesome. Really.

  • punchin pelican

    icon packs and maybe a good book or two

  • Alvin Lee

    I would buy all the necessary productivity tools to get my phone at it’s best.

  • Josh Oberg

    i’d get the new eminem CD and a movie

  • Jeff

    Apps– I have a long wishlist!

  • SickPndulm

    Either games ormoney off the tablet ive always wanted

  • Travis Harrison

    Games, and productive apps

  • anezarati


  • jrbmed08

    I’d get one of the Final Fantasy game remakes.

  • Drunk Gobbler

    Gift for my girlfriend who I just got Chrome Cast for

  • Mikey Styles

    I really have a horrible set of games & I also other need some other functional apps. Plus I could also buy a few things for thw Misses as well for her bday she’d sure like. Love these lil contests, thnx guys

  • Alejandro

    Google play gift card give away, sweet.

  • zenionxd

    apps 😀

  • Pat B.

    probably some movies/tv shows

  • Danny

    I would buy apps

  • Chris


  • chowhoundb

    I’d get some new games

  • Ralph jamili

    i’ll buy apps or anything. lol

  • Will Turner

    I could really use one to clear out some items on my wishlist!

  • skylog


  • Bruce Wayne

    i’d buy aladin game

  • Rushil Perera

    icon packs and games

  • Cannondale


  • Andrew O’Connor


  • postal32

    games of course!

  • Jdon285

    I would buy some silly app that I would never use my own money on! :o)

  • dontneedtoknow

    I wanna win!

  • Rob Haltmeier

    new icon packs

  • Just_me

    Stuff costs money?

  • Jorge Alvarez

    More apps and music lol

  • B C

    I’d buy more Play books!

  • Save it for Baldur’s Gate (if it ever comes out!)

  • Matthew Mascarenas

    more icon packs and movies

  • Jin

    Chrono Trigger!

  • chnsawalex

    Movies for my long flight

  • Tyler Morrow

    Games, and maybe wishlist apps i have

  • CompCrash

    Probably get FF3 or FF4 and Action Launcher.

  • Dominique Ovalle

    Omg I need 😉

  • Benjy Bell

    Definitely use it to buy the new Nexus!!

  • The Dude

    Oh yeah!

  • brian m.

    productivity apps.

  • Fromthesticks

    I’d probably pick up a a final fantasy game.. that’ll use most of it

  • Bryan


  • froggfan09


  • ChuckDz3

    icon packs and uccw widgets… I have an addiction.

  • Tazmez


  • Malcolm Love

    Games, games, and more games.

  • Buying ridiculous priced apps.

  • BeejRich


  • john lynch

    I’d buy a Chromecast.

  • dude

    win win win

  • Christopher Sass

    Need to pay for pro versions to support developers! Too poor!!

  • zachjen

    I would buy movies

  • brandon

    Final Fantasy 4

  • Cody Hickman

    To try more launchers, and icon packs 😀

  • Lorenzo Rey Camejo

    Root apps!

  • T_Dizzle

    I need some G cash!

  • KRS_Won

    To buy a season of Game of Thrones or a couple of movies

  • Maulik

    I would love some google play credit !

  • Justin

    Icon packs, and books on how to handle this crazy thing called pregnancy in which I love every minute of :]

  • that app, i can’t remember the name of it now, but i want it

  • violator702

    Music music, I need music!

  • Jonathan Aguilar

    Lemme get

  • Joseph

    Buy some movies

  • Sean Archer


  • Courtney Renee

    there are a few apps that i want! i hope to get them!

  • ryan f

    I’d spend it all on Icon packs knowing me

  • micah kling

    Games games games

  • Rorix

    i would buy all of the icon packs i could with $25

  • Aaron

    Not sure yet

  • Trying.

  • melhaz4

    Making my S3 fancy

  • David Causey

    Always worth a shot, right?

  • Grandchild David

    I would spend it on games and paid productivity apps. 😀

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    FFIV, icon packs, food network in the kitchen

  • Movies and Music!

  • Andrew Briare

    Games, games, games! I gotta use my Moga controller

  • CapnShiner

    I think I would buy Nova Launcher and maybe some media (music/movies/TV shows).

  • n11

    I’m Entering.

  • Antoine M.

    free stuff is always fun

  • George Colyer

    I would most likely use it towards movie rentals or movie purchases

  • spark

    I’ll use it towards nexus 5!

  • androidkin

    Riptide GP2, Asphalt 8, Agent, Star Trek Into the Darkness, RIPD, PACIFIC RIM, and After Earth

  • Rafa

    Buy movies and games!

  • Christopher A Lazarski

    new calendar app and some music

  • Justin Gable

    Going to clear out my wishlist!

  • David Lopez

    Man on what I wouldn’t spend this!! It will be gone in minutes!!

  • Buy a lot of games

  • Andre Guedes

    Books 🙂

  • Shawn Phelps

    Probably buy some random apps / music

  • maxkobi

    get a card > spend it on everything Droid-Life recommends… hello themes haha

  • Rechie

    Maybe some Final Fantasy games that are pretty expensive.

  • Kevin Gallagher

    Free things, Eeeeeeeer!

  • Errol Willoughby

    I’m not sure what I’d buy with it… Music, games, or movies?

  • ih8legal

    I’d by Klyph Pro And MX player Pro

  • Chris T

    I would buy a few movies

  • Jimmy Baez

    I wouldn’t spend all of the $25, but I really want to buy Tasker and a few icon packs. Woo!

  • The only way I would spend would be to buy the most recent great apps and games to make reviews!

  • abitm1

    Icon packs & games. Lots of the first 🙂

  • djsuddenstop

    Too many apps to list…tasker, photo editor pro, a lot of music. Yup… I’d spend it quick.

  • scott shelton

    i would buy games that i normally wouldnt, because they would be free

  • Andrey T


  • Sapko82


  • Tareck

    gotta love droid life

  • VanshGandhi

    I would finally try out SwiftKey

  • Charfahl

    I’d spend it by buying apps that I have wanted but just can’t afford

  • Eduardo Diaz


  • Anthony DeFrancesco

    i’d buy some games

  • Jim Tardiff

    On a Nexus 5 for starters

  • Aceplanet

    I would love to use this for icon packs.

  • willie

    I would live this for my wife 🙂

  • Anouar Sarout

    i would like to buy some editing apps and also some games and the Tools apps too

  • yanger


  • tim brown

    launcher themes

  • Jared Stamper

    I could really use one of these to purchase some of the apps I have on my wishlist.

  • Busko

    I can use it towards my purchase of a chromebook 11 or some cool apps that I have on my wishlist.

  • MrSonicBoom

    PVZ2 Addons 😀

  • slyde56

    put it towards a new nexus 5!

  • stephen shavers

    I would buy some new music. Need to update the collection.

  • I would rent some movies for the Chromecast. Maybe an album or two. Definitely some quality apps for sure.

  • sergio garduno

    Games of the week and maybe some apps here and there, definenatly saving up for Modern Combat 5 though

  • Jonathan Hamilton

    I would probably get some games, root apps, and music.

  • CorkyRogers

    hoarding it for the nexus 5.

  • reneMAC

    witty comment!

  • Tony Stark


  • Jason Maze

    Books and productivity apps

  • Devin

    I’ll take 5 (jk)

  • Sam Fehling

    Definitely icon packs!!

  • Zepplin76

    I would buy some of the apps of the week that i wish listed

  • jefftphillips

    Games, Plenty of games

  • Adam Collins

    Carefully, that’s how. 🙂

  • Melied


  • Gershwin Cross

    I would buy a nova launcher, a few games and some music

  • NolBi-Wan

    DS Emulator!

  • Eric Geders

    Books and games.

  • Andrey T


  • GJV

    I would buy 1/26th of a GPE HTC One. Nah, I’d just spend it on bikini girl apps.

  • Rafa Sandoval

    Games, A book, customization apps.

  • Moeyknight

    games and icon packs

  • Clayton Burnett


  • xTweaKy

    I’d buy the new Lady Gaga single and Tasker!

  • dapbmonkey4u

    Icon packs, wallpaper app, and games

  • giovanny

    I would purchase games on it

  • zephiK

    Root apps, themes / icon packs

  • doctortits

    I’d load my nexus 10 up with some books!

  • RXG9

    Asphalt 8 & donate to some developers whose app’s I use.

  • Apps, themes, and games for my Nexus 4 and 7.

  • jgfan1972

    I would buy the SMART remote app for my GTAB 2 7.0 because the peel app doesnt work… 🙂

  • Bob G

    More games!

  • Zach Deneris

    I’d upgrade all the crappy “lite” apps

  • ferdeenand

    I like your page a lot guys!

  • Richard III

    icon packs for my gs3

  • Jackie Chen

    Bunch of icon packs and maybe a game.

  • MafiaMM


  • Behi

    I’m in

  • Pieper

    I would buy tasker!

  • Lisa

    More live wallpaper 😀

  • Aaron Esham

    It would go towards a chromecast.

  • Brian

    I shall win.

  • Emmanuel Duarte

    Getting productivity apps!

  • Rocco

    A few games, Helium, Swiftkey Tablet, and Tasker

  • bweN

    buy play store suff, duhhh!!!

  • j0nfer

    icon packs!
    utility apps like tasker

  • Alex

    I would buy a whole bunch of icon packs!

  • Pedro

    Please give my card to someone more deserving.

    – Per Sarge

  • I’d buy me a quality of podcast app to listen to droid-life even more. I’d also buy Slide Messaging PRO.

  • Brad L.

    Games and apps.

  • Matthew Fura

    This will be going towards a shiny new Nexus 5 so I can finally leave VZW and tell them what to do with their “shite” phone plan.

  • Metal_Link

    Apps and maybe a couple of albums.

  • Trevor Clement

    Not even a week on my new Note 3, I need some good apps!

  • Rasheem Fields

    Games, and other apps I probably wouldn’t buy otherwise.

  • Jacob

    Apps! Many Apps!

  • Guest

    I never win anything, but what the hell. Nothing wrong with trying.

  • Michael Lozano

    Probably apps like Wolfram Alpha to help me in school.

  • jrop

    A few Owl City albums.

  • Derek L.

    Probably a bunch of apps I don’t need. :p

  • lss

    I try to support the devs (and avoid ads)

  • Steve C

    Yes please.

  • synplex


  • FelisLachesis

    More Pinball Arcade!

  • NexusPhan


  • Tenny Idowu

    I can use some of that….

  • Dave Molina

    I would get paid version of apps that I love and pick up some music too.

  • Briant Person

    id love to support devs and actually buy apps 😀

  • jisaac16

    Probably would spend it on PAD

  • Ma Lor

    $25 worth of Buddy Rush points for me

  • bbug2k

    would be nice to get pro versions of some of the free stuff I have

  • world_wide_wes

    Movies and I’d finally upgrade my slingplayer to the tablet versionø

  • Ryan O.


  • David

    If I won, I’d probably buy some new music or buy my parents SwiftKey for their new phones.

  • laheelahee

    ooh more useful than a nexus sleeve! (unless you have a nexus tablet)

  • Ryan

    Icon packs!

  • spearman792

    I would support the devs of my favorite apps by getting their paid versions instead of free versions

  • Jerry C.


  • Craig

    I’m ready

  • Greg

    DL makes it rain! Thx

  • sapiens

    Very cool price

  • MspatRN


  • Davros

    Some new music would be nice.

  • Jeff718


  • Blasmonk

    I’d use it on some big-ticket productivity apps.

  • Conner

    I would buy a racing game or maybe Terraria. I have free time that needs wasted!

  • Ed

    I would buy a few games and music. Maybe a movie also.

  • Adam Intinarelli

    Definitely would spend it on some games I never considered buying before!!

  • Games games and more games!

  • pdye

    Great contest. 😀

  • Naveris

    few games

  • T.K.

    stuff off wishlist

  • Spend on more expensive apps i might be weary about spending on normally.

  • blockhead___

    I would buy all the premium and ad free versions of the apps im using!

  • Darius Burgess

    Music 🙂

  • carluverdrm2004

    Games that I’ve had on my wishlist but have been too cheap (what an Android user) to actually spend a dollar or two on….

  • zapote21

    Spend it on movies

  • obsidianfirefly

    An IR remote app and maybe a pro version of a launcher

  • traumadog

    Here’s a shot…! Would love to update a few utilities to the pro versions.

  • FunkyMonkey88

    Games, Games, Games for my HTC One!

  • Ryan Laursen

    Games for the kids.

  • Brandon M

    $25 towards a Nexus 5? YES!

  • yoderra000

    icon packs and zooper widget pro

  • Tim Buchanan


  • chdir

    I would buy Plants vs Zombies 2 (eventually) and buy a few useful tools for me to use at work (games)

  • hollerwt


  • Josh Imig


  • Alex Im

    Tasker for one

  • Josh

    icon packs and titanium backup pro

  • Jo Po

    Saving the 25$ for all the unlocks when PVZ2 FINALLY comes out!

  • Joe Cross

    Definitely would use this for all the awesome UCCW homescreens and icons we’ve all been seeing and drooling over lately

  • Mayoo

    I would spend it all on movies and games I have in my whishlist for a while.

  • Ezra Farber

    Definitely would spend it on music! I’ve recently decided I’m old enough to start paying for the music I listen to, so this would be a great way to get the albums I have my eye on!

  • Karl

    I would pick up breach and clear and music!

  • jennieeee

    More games 🙂

  • Cowtsetung

    Lots of games!

  • deskjob

    Get some rooted apps!!

  • MrCrusha

    I would get some of those expensive games!

  • Paul Christopher

    I would spend the $25 for games/apps for my new note 3. Possibly Tasker too

  • Kevin Kintner

    I would spend it on new productivity software that I have been wanting.

  • ScottyByrd

    Id spend it on buying music and more apps to use on my phone and tablet

  • Tien Pham


  • cpkidwell

    Get some free new apps!

  • Edwin M

    I would probably buy some music for my son’s Nexus 7 or maybe use it towards a Chromecast!

  • DemoManMLS

    There’s some CM10 themes I’d love to buy along with Plume and a few other apps. Therefore winning this would be amazing! Thanks Droid Life you are amazing!

  • movalpolos


  • DaveG1968

    I have a bunch of pay apps in my wishlist that I would buy. Either that, or save it towards a Nexus 5. 😉

  • Aaron Offenberger

    i need to buy some apps/songs so please let it be meeeee

  • Kal5el

    Games, music, productivity apps.

  • erikbirk

    it’d be apps for a year

  • Peter Iles

    Games and games and games….

  • Buy some movies or something…

  • jbegs

    I would look into some apps for my tablet that my kids (3 1/2 and 18 mos) could enjoy!

  • Alex T

    Would love to win one!

  • Justian Lindsay

    I would like to purchase an album or two from Google Play Music!

  • Jonathan Browder

    Productivity software

  • villian1998


  • Booyabobby

    Must have more apps!

  • IcerC

    I have lots of icon packing to catch up to Kellex!

  • Jack

    definitely towards a new Nexus

  • cmiram

    Towards a Nexus 7 for school!

  • Bill Greene

    Music, music and more music.

  • kashtrey

    Probably in app purchases for clash of clans. I’m addicted.

  • jmohamed

    Buy all the apps I’ve never considered buying… 😀

  • Frank

    Light Flow.

  • Jason

    Probably to purchase full versions of some productivity apps I use (for calendar, tasks, etc.), and the left-over towards a Nexus 7. 🙂

  • loklo

    Could really use some new icons to spruce up my phone 🙂 Thanks DroidLife.

  • chrisg


  • DanThompson87

    FoxFi, Ttorrent, Icon Packs

  • Shaun

    This would be awesome for new games!

  • David Peterson

    Games, utilities

  • Omar


  • alladam

    Nexus 5 budget;)

  • Mike


  • CrewF24

    definitely use it for a Nexus 5

  • MasterEthan


  • NYAvsFan

    Probably on games! I’m an addict. I admit it.

  • kilbasar

    I would like to buy games. All the games. Also finally pay for Biz Calendar Pro.

  • Mike

    some valuable root apps!

  • Sherri W

    Just switched to the Note 3 from the iphone for my notary business. S pen is great for signings. The Note 3 is a great over all phone. Great change for me. Thanks DL.

  • Jaxon Wright

    probably a bunch of stuff related to Tasker

  • Sean Bello

    Kell Kell Kell. .. what day is it? I know you hear me.
    I’d use it on Sliding Messaging Pro, Plex Media Server, among other things.. . woo WOO!

  • Matt

    $25.. could be useful towards some apps for a future Nex10 since my Nex7 got stolen. weak.

  • grumpyfuzz

    Games and icon packs

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I’m thinking it has been a while since I’ve used chromecast to push a new movie to my entertainment system! So…. that’s what I’d do if I won!

  • Michael slampak

    Games and icon packs! maybe a sweet launcher

  • Miguel

    cant wait for nexus 5.. haha

  • Brandon Jiang


  • Al Briggs

    I desperately need to upgrade my phone with a new launchers, widgets and games. This would do nicely!

  • Trevor

    launchers and games

  • zwieblekopf


  • huffimus_prime

    I’d buy a TV season and maybe some apps I’ve been wanting. Possibly even a book.

  • Norsedakotan

    Songs… apps… shows… movies… what WOULDN’T I spend it on??

  • David

    Some new apps coming my way!

  • jra716

    Books! Would like to try reading through an entire book on my Nexus 7.

  • Brandon

    I would use it toward apps

  • Jeffrey Laird

    music and movies in the play store

  • Christine Ziegler

    Music. I never buy music.

  • Kory Knopp


  • Jesse Lear

    Games and Icon packs please? 🙂

  • TinyTech L.E.

    I would reorder my chromecast, since UPS-USPS “delievered” it!

  • wyandt

    Would be great to buy more apps for my new Note 3. Great review of the Note 3 DL.

  • mArt Mooney

    I’d definitely buy some of my all-time favorite albums. Thanks in advance!

  • Gregory Hartt

    I’d love to splurge and buy a game 🙂

  • Mr E

    buy more games!!!

  • Stephen De La Rosa

    Movies to stream on my Chromecast.

  • Sai Naram

    Definitely towards the excellent paid apps on google play. Would be good to support those hard working developers 🙂

  • MJ

    Mostly on apps…

  • Danny Wahlquist

    Thanks for all the great info!

  • RCantwell

    Movies for the road!

  • Prashant

    games or textbooks for college

  • jdomann

    Either Games, IAP’s, or icon packs 😮

  • PaladinBladeX

    Start reacquiring the Final Fantasy back catalog on Android!

  • Nathan

    Right. Yes. Ok.

  • J.B.

    Addicted to Marvel’s WOH card game. That’s where I’ll be spending it.

  • thelolotov

    Rent textbooks next semester.

  • Dan Letsch

    I wonder if they will actually give them out this time, last time, they never announced winners.
    There is always something I could buy from the Play store.

  • Neal Horowitz

    Probably games. I still have a bit of credit I haven’t spent, though–just find good apps and buy them as they come along!

  • dannyyang524

    buy all the apps!

  • Pete Townill

    Probably use it for a few months of Evernote Premium…

  • Jon Brashear

    Tasker and Pebble Tasker

  • Jason Hansen

    Need some new games, maybe a book.

  • David Belyea

    Will be used towards Nexus 5 or Gem or Glass or I don’t know, so many possibilities.

  • SkylaC90

    Music and probably apps or a season of my one of my favorite shows like NCIS or The Big Bang Theory.

  • dawn m. armfield

    As soon as I get my Nexus 5, this will be used for so many new apps!

  • dan.c

    chromecast or more music!

  • Never enough games from Google Play!

  • KleenDroid

    Clash of Clans gems!

    I will rule the world!

  • corgimas

    finally get the paid version of angry birds 😉

  • k0nane

    Premium/donate versions of some apps would be nice.

  • Julio

    I would get Tasker, since I plan on buying some NFC tags to set up, and Root Explorer, since Amazon’s once free version lags behind in updates. And probably a magazine subscription.

  • Anant Shinde

    Apps and Games

  • jd623

    Perhaps some new widgets, live wallpapers, or even paid apps to support developers! Also, this is comment #1000! 🙂

  • Martin Pena

    I would use the giftcard to buy some movies.

  • mowserx


  • drewbie_al

    I’d buy some accessories for my Nexus 7… Oh, wait, I can’t.

  • ramifications

    I have no paid games so it would be nice to have a couple! I’d also buy some new music as my music collection is sorely lacking! Thanks DL

  • Michael Quinlan

    With $25 of Google Play credit I would save $25 on a new Nexus device!

  • Matthew Durst


  • Just_Some_Nobody


  • Bert Larson

    I would give them to my kids

  • Chris

    Clear out my wishlist of apps.

  • ChrisCorp

    I would use it to buy a new music

  • Kidqwik

    On Apps n Music!

  • KevinR

    Buy some apps and games… maybe some icon packs as well.

  • Jason Bittner

    free apps…. oooo

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Probably a few educational apps for my niece to use on the Nexus 7.

  • scotty137


  • Simpsons Tapped out Premium Donuts! Add me if you play: KiriusKris

  • Aaron

    Moar apps

  • droidrazredge

    I would get Titanium Backup PRO, FoxFi, Cerebus for myself. Angry Birds Star Wars, NOVA Launcher, and customer icon themes for my girlfriend and some movies for my mom.

  • Ryan

    I’d use $25 to get stuff off my Wish List that I’ve been telling myself I’d get for a pretty long while, but never did.

  • Sky

    I would for sure buy some more apps maybe even a new icon pack or a movie!

  • David Rhiley


  • avinyc

    Books and apps of course:)

  • Tim Austin

    I NEED new nexus 5

  • larry

    I really enjoy your site. you are always giving away things and have a great show

  • Humberto

    Will be buying some apps for work and stuff!

  • jaredgreenwald

    custom icons & packs

  • Booyah


  • Stretch44

    Towards a new Nexus 7 for my wife!

  • Tweekex

    Icons, hands down.

  • KanishkSingh

    Utility apps plus some of the pricey productivity apps on my phone and tablet.

  • Andy Stetson

    DigiCal+, music, tv shows

  • Zack Stewart

    I have a pretty extensive wishlist these days and am incredibly impatient playing Clash of Clans… so between the two I could drain a 25er pretty quick. lol

  • Dillon Brown

    Probably a book and a couple apps

  • @area0052

    Now that I have a chromecast this will be spent on movies!

  • Josh J

    I would definitely put it toward a Nexus 7

  • RhinoShock

    Definitely buy some games and some books.

  • Erik B

    Use it towards finally getting a nexus 7.

  • Rich Eakin

    I’d buy a few games, and a book or two

  • Mukul Modi

    Get some awesome apps, maybe the occasional game

  • Blaine Magee

    Give me a little more reason to get a Nexus 7

  • i have been on a playstore shopping spree this will help

  • Stephen

    Probably just some apps I don’t need

  • Mike Hilal

    free money!…kinda!

  • azholio

    I’ll buy more astronomy apps!

  • Tim Swann

    I can always use some free cash 🙂

  • Ryan

    What does this have to do with the Nexus 5???

  • ArrowCool

    I’ve been really digging the movies from Play. Probably would buy a new one.

  • mcc32

    couple games

  • Robert

    First I would buy a Weather Radar App, as I will soon be training with the National Weather Service to become a part-time storm chaser. Then, I will use the rest to buy a Final Fantasy game. I love the Final Fantasy series, ever since Final Fantasy II for the SNES many years ago!!

  • LowCalGH

    I would end up getting games. I would try to save it for some cool app and then after spending a buck or two there it would be gone. BUT totally worth it…

  • will


  • DennisHeffernan

    Movies and books, probably…maybe a little music.

  • gtdtm

    I’d pick up a few games.

  • SubMatrix

    more games!

  • benjamin Kilar

    Whatever I feel like! … but probably games, after Franco Kernel…

  • Roguevette

    I would use the $25 to purchase some apps.

  • Bald_Sasquach

    I need to support these devs I’ve been mooching off :}

  • gintoddic

    buy some sweet games

  • Chris

    Icon packs, maybe some games, utilities to make my life easier.

  • Allen

    Games, always games

  • Jonathan Hutchins

    I think i would use this to buys some of the new show that came out on the play store

  • Menger40

    Sounds like $25 off a Nexus 5 to me.

    • carluverdrm2004

      Read above comments. 🙁

      • Menger40

        Sad day. In that case, I’d probably just blow it on games.

  • Ritzie

    Probably buy games

  • Rosalie-Ann Massé

    In the Simpsons Tapped Out game! Some premium content i would love to have!

  • Michael Forte

    Definitely games.

  • bwinger79

    Apps, apps, and more apps….Oh…and maybe a movie or some Breaking Bad episodes.

  • Marcus

    Apps & Games are always nice

  • Jeremy Beasley

    Could always use it for a movie or two!

  • Evan Arsenault


  • Faruq Pradhan

    more apps!

  • Mohammad Umer Alam

    premium launchers

  • Swaprava Sharma

    Lots and lots of books and games……..

  • Rory Harnisch

    I’d buy games and movies.

  • Ben

    books! whoohooohohohoooohoo

  • Jason serrano


  • Eric

    Could always use a new game or some new music to workout to.

  • Peter Michel

    games, games and more games

  • John Waldorf

    I would probably use mine towards another Chromecast; even with the limited support, I really enjoy using it.

  • I’d clean out my Play Store Wishlist!

  • Kevin Hannigan

    Final Fantasy 5

  • Dre Fay

    BATMAN Arkham City Lockdown; Kevin Hart- Let Me Explain; and Marvel Comics probably the INFINITY series!

  • Roffle

    icon packs and maybe a game or two

  • Matt

    Pick me!

  • Kevin

    either $25 dollars towards a chromecast or games

  • Subscription renewals, TV show seasons, or maybe even some icons or apps

  • landon

    Icon packs, cm themes and some launchers!

  • jonathon johnston

    Going to buy a new game, just not sure what yet.

  • storm33x

    I would spend it on apps to make my New Galaxy Note 3 that much better

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    Books! Lots and lots of books!

  • Jason Stanton

    I’d spend it on apps!

  • Joel


  • Patrick Calderaz

    I would most likely spend 25 on renting several movies.

  • guitarshredder87

    I would use it towards getting chromecast. Also, tomorrow is my birthday and it would cool to win this on my b-day. Technically, the winnings of this contest would go to an unofficial present from Droid-Life.

  • Jared

    loads and loads of icon packs to keep my S3 alive and kickin! plants vs zombies 2 of course! some root tools!

  • Armus

    Educational software for my child

  • humidity

    I’d save it for Final Fantasy VI later this year!!!

  • Ben Modica


  • youssef jbili

    icon packs , and games

  • Games 🙂

  • ninjawarren

    I’d get FFVI when it comes out and pick up a few icon packs.

  • disqus_0QOzDILuK2

    Google music

  • Rob Delaney

    FInally get one or two of the Final Fantasy Games for my new Nexus 7

  • Tim

    i would spend it on sweet rooted apps and icons

  • Alix8821

    $25 would an amazing gift for my friend who I got to ditch iPhone for Android, & buy my GS3, so i could get Note 3

  • Nemo Eht

    I want to get some new games for my nexus 7!

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    buy all the apps I can’t afford but refuse to pirate…just use free alternatives!

  • xtrandrix

    need them please!

  • ScottM

    Hmmmm, $25 at the GPS? Apps, maybe icon packs, maybe some tunes too.

  • Dan

    give to my grandson for use on his nexus 7

  • Michael OBrien

    buy lots and lots of music…

  • Vince Klein

    Oh there are so many things to buy…It’s going to be hard to choose

  • Flyinion
  • ckruppy

    A few games and a few automation apps

  • Legobricke

    must buy stuff

  • wheineman

    I hope Google announces something good to apply this towards soon!

  • $25 in the Play Store would be spent on music and a couple of icon packs.

  • Fozzybare

    i would totally buy some new icon packs

  • S.

    TiBu Pro, icon packs, a few games here and there.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • JNex

    Hero academy teams. And maybe chrono trigger

  • Steven Coleman


  • Robert Kuhlman

    I would love to spend it on some apps I’ve been waiting to purchase and some books from playbooks.

  • jess

    apps, apps and MORE APPS! : )

  • Ian Case

    Buy Pacific Rim to watch with my wife.

  • Bradley Ruiz

    ill get a lot of the games that are on my whislist 🙂

  • raynaran

    for nexus 5

  • martyhalpern

    There are a few rather costly apps/games that I would like to partake in: Kairo, Machinarium, Uplink, Carbon Premium, and PhatPad — that should just about clear out the $25!

  • David

    Utility apps and games! Possibly music.

  • Carl

    I’d probably buy a movie, or maybe put some it towards a Chromecast.

  • Jordan Thompson

    I would def but a movie and some games for my new MOTO X 🙂

  • fillyo75

    Nexus 7 discount

  • BlynkOfAnEye

    Games and icons fsho


    Some games, I think.

  • inzandity

    Actually as silly as this sounds, I would use it consolidate all of my paid apps to one account. I’m most of the way there, but haven’t wanted to shell out the cash (again) for a couple of the more expensive apps twice (like Tasker or Smart Remote)

  • ビッググリーン

    Games or use to buy nexus 10

  • Helloworld

    Games and icon packs

  • Chris Vander Maas

    Too many Final fantasy games, not enough money!

  • Andy Johnson

    I would get some music on Google Music!

  • Dustin

    Probably blow it on drugs…

  • Josh Kruse

    Games. Starting with that typography game.

  • Josh Fox

    Im hooked on simpsons tapped out and I need DONUTS! 🙂

  • Maxim∑

    icon packs also!

  • Michael


  • cjb3ck

    I would buy some pinball arcade tables!

  • Roddy Neff


  • kehsjp


  • notthats

    Get everything on my wishlist

  • JoshuaNewsome

    I see many in-app purchases in my future should I win…

  • Seth Arrazola

    $25 in the Play store would all go to gaming!!

  • Respen

    Honestly, I’d probably just hoard it until I find something I want.

  • Ashmedie

    I would games, I have my eyes on Sonic All Star Racing

  • TomStieger

    Buy some games.

  • scotty

    I’d blow it on games/apps

  • Ben Klene

    I would be reimbursed for all the money I end up spending on home screens from you guys!

  • jksong83

    The latest and greatest apps and games

  • William Peterson

    Probably a movie or two and some apps

  • iceburgh

    Zombie, Run for some fitness and some games.

  • Jonathan Hall

    Games and any decent toddler apps I could find

  • i could use 25

  • tomleskin

    I haven’t won yet with the KitKat bars, even though my girlfriend bought me 17 of them. I’d love some Google Play money 🙂

  • Manny Wilson

    Moar music!

  • Ryan Christopher

    nox 😛

  • Larry Franks

    apps for my note 10.1

  • Oh, the games, and apps I would own! Elder Sign is just begging for me to buy it!

  • Daniel J

    I’d use it to buy a few useful utility apps, and maybe a book or two.

  • Liem


  • Hockeypuck55

    I will use this for in game purchases!

  • tyguy829

    definitely icon packs and some new uccw skins from kellen’s posts

  • deadpenguins

    Productivity apps that I desperately need!

  • JMonkeYJ

    On GAMES!!!

  • Geno T

    Candy Crush

  • vonny571

    Icon packs. Maybe a game, or a movie.

  • Quyen

    I like tater tots!

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Apps to test my new G2.

  • BrianG

    I would buy games and more icon packs

  • bmstew

    Saving up for Final Fantasy VI!

  • Christopher Lee

    I’d use the 25.00 for productivity and education apps. Maybe even a book or two…

  • John McG

    Apps, of course!!

  • Ryan Gullett

    Chromecast ! and apps

  • bionicwaffle

    A $25 Google Play card would be great! I might buy a game or two for me and a game or two for my daughters. Who knows, maybe it would go towards a Nexus 7. Thank you!

  • T4rd

    Gems in Clash of Clans! =D

  • TheWenger


  • @bleakneonblack

    Most likely some books! Perhaps some choice apps as well.

  • W. Paul Schenck

    I could use the $25 for my Google Music subscription, but it would be more fun to help some developers and buy some new games.

  • Eric Peterson

    Icon Packs and UCCW themes. I have most of the ones you’ve posted in a wishlist on the Play Store

  • Kehin Faux

    more apps

  • JT


  • mtaylor924

    games, productivity

  • Steve

    I WOULD NOT SPEND IT UNTIL I KNEW WHAT I SHOULD SPEND IT ON. Never mind I’ll use it to buy the next Iron & Wine album whenever that is going to come out.

  • David Caccavo

    DL is the absolute best. looking fwd to some more Nexus 5 info. is it sad that i am still holding out hope for a VZ version?

  • fiendishfork

    definitely spend the money on books or maybe the new season of the walking dead

  • Ben Brown


  • Christopher Grayson

    I’ll take it!

  • Neil Anderson

    I would buy action launcher and a few donuts on Simpson’s Tapped Out. I am not sure what I would do with the left over. Maybe some music.

  • TravisHannon

    Lets do it!

  • pbolton70

    I could use a 25 injection. with the kids wanting all kinds of stuff on the play store

  • shaun

    nova launcher

  • Kilgore Trout

    Upgrade some of my free apps to full apps!!!

  • Evan

    Games mainly. I’m not too sure which ones yet ; perhaps some of the Kairosoft ones.

  • dlh92

    I’d put it towards a new Nexus 7!

  • Mr ilheis

    Looking for some new games and production apps

  • Rob Wisz


  • CB

    random purchases.

  • fedemancebo

    on the be programs!

  • Dustin Kear

    I’d buy some books for my Nexus 7

  • Lokee77

    games and music

  • Joaquín Tuduri


  • ankit199

    On Google Play Store for Book and Apps

  • JasonWhite

    Games and a few functionality apps I’ve been looking at!

  • Christopher Heidt

    First, I would get Action Launcher, then I would some of my favorite free apps to the paid versions to support the devs (and unlock bonus content). If there is anything left over, I would search for any apps that I cant normally afford bit would like to try out (like the Final Fantasy games!).

  • PurNrG

    I’d probably spend part of it and invest the rest so I can maintain my Play Store habit on the interest alone!

  • krazyace35

    I could definitely use one of these

  • Vincenzo Costantino

    On Google Play Store for Book and Apps

  • Anthony Puleo

    Apps apps apps!

  • YinzerRob

    nova and all the cool icon packs i am too cheap to buy at the moment…

  • David Correia

    Breaking bad, Dexter, Game of Thornes seasons!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Martin

    I would buy some great educational games for my daughter.

  • Dennis Payne

    Cool game’s.

  • Matt Ellefson

    Buy some more games

  • Mitch Fultz


  • Edward Manson


  • WCM3

    Put it towards my Nexus 5 🙂

  • JoeDirt2217

    Games, apps, and a book or two.

  • Augustin

    I could use that to buy some premium apps and magazines.

  • decidedtochangename

    I could use some movies I don’t really need.

  • Joseph A. Yager

    Games n such

  • Michael Thom

    Apps, obvi.

  • santanasdsu

    I would spend on icon packs and customizing apps

  • Andrew

    comment for $25

  • Jpx

    Music and some Final Fantasy game for my new Nexus 7

  • Justin Costa

    MUSIC!!!! 🙂

  • Dave Hernandez

    Apps, movies, shows

  • Jordan


  • Drew


  • Caleb Cross


  • I have a few apps in my wishlist. This will really help me buy those finally.

  • Aaron Swan

    I would purchase must have apps I have acquired by other means

  • marcmance

    probably a couple games.

  • KCCO

    My kid has been begging for Spider man game from the play store.. There is $6.99 of it.. then whatever else they want..

  • Scotty Braun

    I’ll buy some games coming up in the future! Maybe some google music all access

  • Charles

    There are definitely a few apps I’d like to pick up if I snagged one of these. Helium Premium comes to mind. Maybe a movie as well?

  • Zac Audette

    I would get a couple Icon packs (:

  • Tron_67

    I need new games!! Some books, too…

  • mike

    i would buy another chromecast!

  • Samuel Victor

    i want celtx app

  • freddywaswrong

    photoshop touch

  • Paul

    I never buy games, sooooooo probably games.

  • SewWhat


  • Mark Bailey

    fantasy V

  • skillz360

    I’d spend it all on Apex Icon packs of course!

  • grumpypants

    nova launcher icons, games, and finally buy beautiful widgets

  • AnthonyMoya

    I would download a movie and some music.

  • Alex Feinland

    Some new apps, maybe an icon pack.

  • VBM

    I like contests… I never win but…

  • Lance Mason

    $25 would go towards my new Nexus 7. Gotta have one!!

  • Chris Batson

    Tablet Games!

  • mrvizziato

    Seriously, this could come really in handy! There’s a lot of apps that this would help me buy! Good luck to everyone!

  • Ashish Raj

    I would spend the $25 on games specific to tablet..

  • Josep Reis

    i would spend it on nova launcher and icons

  • Music and apps

  • napes22

    Games, maybe a TV show or 2.

  • Rafael G

    Icon packs and apps

  • Nicholas Chivattoni

    Save it to use tward the NEXUS 5!

  • Tony Byatt

    Check out some games…

  • Chad Baker

    Will I ever win one of these contests? We will see…… Hopefully use it towards the nexus 5 when it comes out.

  • Pete

    I’m thinking games, and a few useful apps.. 🙂

  • Travis Knight

    Icon packs, games, and music.

  • Chad Baker

    Will I ever win one of these contests? We will see……

  • Michael Withers

    That $25 would start my Nexus 5 fund, or a few games. Am still waiting for PvsZ2

  • David Blachowicz

    I would put the $$ towards a new Nexus 7

  • Erin

    Thanks for the giveaway, I could always use some more games!

  • Prime7

    Puzzle & Dragons, probably.

  • Pierito

    Icon packs baby!!!! All about dem icon packs!!

  • Eric Kyle

    Music or movie rentals.

  • AllPurposeRadio

    The world is my oyster but most likely impulse game & icon pack purchases 🙂

  • Will Brown


  • I’d spend those $25 supporting developers that deserve it, like finally buying Action Launcher, Paranoid Android’s apps and definitely staying away from stupid IAP.

  • Themanhere10

    Games. I tend not to buy many cause i dont want to pay.

  • Justin Tierney

    I would buy apps games movies and in app purchases, because Google blocks my credit card for any apps over .99 for the weirdest reason!

  • Jim Davis

    I’d like some tablet apps for my 2013 Nexus 7!

  • Michael Ouellette


  • niccuany

    I want this to get some sweet games to show off the power of my S4!

  • Nathan Bunn

    Ah Id finally be able to but Nova, some Icon packs, and a few other things

  • JessieC

    I would get movies and music

  • andAndy. n

    Ring tones! Lol

  • NeilOMalley

    Would use this on tools to try and be atleast a little bit more productive.

  • proparham

    my phone isnt good enough for games so …

  • R Poux

    Looking to gets some utilities for my phone upgrading to some pro versions.I NEED IT

  • rphillipps16

    More games!

  • Joe Zollinger

    Some music and maybe a movie 🙂

  • Stephen Riss

    Maybe use it towards a Chromecast.

  • hamblindave

    I would buy ALL THE APPS!

  • Yes please.

  • foglock

    I need more games….

  • evltwn

    towards another chromecast.

  • Adam92Wilkins

    Drastic, and probably gta vice city. Then save some for future Butterscotch Shenanigan releases

  • Tiago Gageiro


  • dscott1027

    Anything to customize

  • Jesse

    Games & Movies for my son 😀

    #also something for myself of course#

  • Javier Irizarry

    I would spend it on all the things i would never pay for out of my pocket.

  • I would probably buy more books!

  • Teddy Rhoads

    Oh the music I could buy with this.

  • Greg


  • mh0520


  • Matthew Rose

    I’d spend it on love..I heard Money can’t buy me Love…but maybe Play Gift Cards can?

  • Saul

    Icon packs, apps! 😀

  • needa

    i got $20 for free from the moto x. why not another $25 from droid-life?

  • i want to buy the GTA V sound track

  • inklenotrump

    baby’s on fire!

  • Andy L. Chasar

    $25 would be a good start to put towards a Nexus 7 tablet. That’s what I have my eye on!

  • DJ

    Icon Packs, Comics, Worthy Apps

  • So many icon packs. PICK ME.

  • Vampyr3

    Woot Woot! Pick Me! Pick Me 🙂 I’d pick up a few games I’ve been looking at getting!

  • Tucker Nebel

    Nexus 5……..

  • Patrick Maher


  • 1bad69z28

    Waiting for the Nexus 5 Baby!!!!!!

  • nosedive94

    apps on apps

  • ankur

    I would spend this amount to get some apps on my wishlist and get some books.

  • Michelle Schick

    New Apps that I’ve been wanting

  • Javier Castillejos

    I could always use an extra $25 for more games 😀

  • Zack Walker

    Probably on games and some sweet Zooper skins…

  • Akilig

    All 25.00 on in app coinage! Ballin’

  • Carlos Rodríguez

    Apps, and probably one game. But mostly apps.

  • gdaysoccer

    Apps that I’ve been eying for a while

  • AeySimp

    Over priced mobile games

  • Jeff Lange

    Put it towards a nexus 5!

  • Mrhug3

    Yes indeed.

  • Kevin Chun


  • Brendon Maldonado

    Television season passes.

  • David M Gordon

    I want one of those gift cards!!!!!

  • yoshio_221

    UCCW widgets!

  • Lori

    Candy Crush boosts.

  • Marcel Jeannin II

    Nexus 5

  • br_hermon

    i’d use the $ to buy some apps I’ve been eyeing to see how well they work.

  • Alex

    new media, movies and music!

  • Timothy Mclaughlin

    Buy books

  • hyperbeatser

    play on play on play

  • michael bourgoin


  • Kill-lt

    Movies and music.

  • David Webb


  • Shahr

    Use it for e-books!

  • Jerry

    I would get some games and/or icon packs I’ve had my eye on for a while.

  • jm

    I would use it to support developers by buying icon packs you guys feature!

  • Curtis

    I would use it to start a contest of my own and give away one (1) $25 Google Play card!

  • Terry West

    Please be so kind as to select me!!

  • Daniel Malick

    I just got a new Galaxy Note 3! Could I use $25 to fill it with awesome stuff? Damn right! Cha-ching =) We’re talking media here. Music, maybe some movies. Couple of high-end games.

  • tjubb

    Magazines and books!

  • Jonathan Svor

    I would put it towards the Nexus 5 or 10

  • Matthew Majeika

    Tasker and Icon Packs

  • Green

    Games, music. I would have fun shopping.

  • Mike Cantalupo

    I’d buy some kids apps (games, books, etc.)

  • If I can I’d use it towards Google Music All Access, I’d keep it going for a few more months, or wait ’til the Nexus 5.

  • David Imel


  • kgill7

    NEXUS 5 😀

  • Minh Nguyen

    Icon packs for my Nova Prime Launcher. (:

  • casytsm

    New Asphalt Game

  • saundersadam

    I would buy some of the awesome new games that I generally can’t afford 🙂

  • George Messiha

    Good Luck to all..

  • Shawn Maloney

    Feed Candy Crush addiction

  • Songs and some new Movies!

  • derrickmcc21

    Humble Bundle and an expensive game/app or 2.

  • Howard Marlow

    yes please

  • JoeTi

    Movies to stream to my chromecast or Revue.

  • tmorgan147

    Me Please 🙂

  • Jam Master Jim

    Ticket to ride.. or a new nexus…

  • Raymond Dionne

    new nexus 7

  • Tyler Spurgeon


  • JPfingsten

    Icons, no question about it.

  • John May

    Need some games badly.

  • Bethlyn184

    Games, games, games… Anything to keep the kids happy.

  • Jason Geiger

    Games, icon packs, maybe a book.

  • Adrian Sciutto

    Prob spend it on my magazine subscriptions (The Week and Popular Science)

  • Buenos

    apps & more apps!

  • athorax

    Need to use it to buy some root apps to support our devs

  • christine

    I would spend it on the rest of Rick riordans the last olympian books and some recent movies i havent seen like Iron man 3

  • Ross

    Games, Action Launcher pro.

  • Ryan

    Apps, games are too much of a distraction,,,lol

  • Jason Stuhmer

    You guys have gotten me addicted to icon packs and UCCW skins, so the least you can do is help fund my addiction.

  • Corey Turoff

    Pro upgrades on a number of apps and likely a couple movie rentals

  • jamil

    Buy more books for my ebook hording wife 🙂

  • Brett Seybert

    Here’s hoping.

  • Jason Whiting


  • Michael Schnider

    Icon packs prolly a movie and some music! !!!!

  • Jem

    Games for my Nexus 7 that I’ve been eyeing for a while


    Pro app versions

  • Will P


  • Doug Jones


  • Ankur Rakshit

    I would spend the $25 buying all the pro versions of all the Android Launchers and write a blogger.com post after reviewing each one of them! Also, buy the FIFA 2014 game 🙂

  • Jon James

    Use towards a Nexus 5, if that’s possible. Otherwise music, movies, or apps.

  • roz

    movies or games most likely

  • topherct


  • Zaid Williams

    Games, music and books.

  • Andrew Dreissig

    games, games, games….!!!!

  • erikiksaz


  • Murph

    On a new Nexus 7.. thanks!

  • Kendal Kline

    I would try out some new movies or tv shows to watch… or maybe some apps… or music… so many choices…

  • Jason

    Music and apps

  • MrMLK

    I would buy all the stuff on my Watchlist.

  • geedee82


  • Dave

    nothing better than straight google cash homie

  • ehenry818

    Get more Apps for the kids 🙂

  • Mario Silva

    Music and more music.

  • Tom Kiley

    I’d rent a few movies through Google Play, and stream them over Chromecast.

  • JeffPodwats


  • engemasa

    I’d love me some Google Play Credits! I’ve got some gamin’ to catch up on.

  • Tirrell Cotton

    Books (as soon as Song of Fire and Ice #6 is out), music, and apps

  • JeffPodwats

    Games for the kids on the table

  • Brian Sprague

    Apps I am too cheap to pay for myself

  • sambbong

    Download expensive games like the Final Fantasy series.

  • Jamie


  • Alexa White

    Movies or music. Maybe even a book or magazine.

  • Corey Foltman

    pro unlocks, cerberus cause i missed the free day

  • basd

    Games, need more games!

  • Kyle Bailey

    Games, games, games

  • T S


  • Sakita

    Id probably get a few paid versions of some of the free apps im using.


  • Jimeong Lee

    I’d just leave it in there to admire the $25 I just won.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Possibly icon packs, or save them for Plants v Zombies 2

  • acejavelin

    Games… Or music… Or whatever tickles my fancy at the moment.

  • Jay

    Productivity apps, the Note3 has so much potential!

  • Nayners

    Tasker for the wife!

  • Nick Saulino

    I would buy some games, and maybe even Root Explorer finally. lol

  • cloud36426

    Theme my phone out.

  • Steve Lenhert

    I would buy music and some games.

  • dethrow100

    I would totally buy Movies, that would be the only way I would do it (if I got the money for free)

  • DeAnna Sowder

    Either game(s) or a movie

  • tryptech

    Icon packs on icon packs

  • Dave

    I need Nova premium baby!

  • unAWARE

    Games, movies, maybe some LWP’s…

  • Dan Lopez

    Free games? Boom!!

  • Shirtless_Peja

    Few free months of All Access Music

  • Chase

    I would buy some movies

  • 2C

    Hmmm… I’d probably spend it on some for Dummies programming books.

  • Jimas

    Save it for the N5!

    • Nayners

      Just so you, and others know. You can’t use giftcards for device purchases in the play store. I learned this the hard way. http://goo.gl/Rtoh8h

      • Jimas

        Thanks for the heads up on that!

  • Jason Blomgren

    I would get a
    couple apps I have been wanting.

  • Prasanna Rajan

    I would use the credit for Nexus 5!

  • Jess Gibson

    I have a couple games I’ve Wishlisted waiting for sales. I wouldn’t wait for a sale.

  • Damon Hart

    i want one

  • EdsonDJ

    I’d probably use it on those premium-priced games.

  • Rommel Marquez


  • Start making some headway on my app wishlist!

  • EMcTx

    Icon packs, movies.

  • HighBar

    ah yes. I’ll take one

  • Tony

    I’d get Titanium Backup Pro, Zen Pinball Star Wars tables, and some music.

  • stunna27

    let me winn!!

  • Ben Fisher

    books…sounds weird, but true…books

  • Cesa

    Wooooo apps!

  • Jacob Zacharia

    I’d use it on theming and some games!

  • Mark Suthard

    So many things I could use it for…

  • Brian Getchel

    Got a bunch of games on the wish list I’d like to get

  • torgelfi

    graphic novels & games!

  • Brian Walker

    Probably a few games, then update to paid version of free apps I’ve been using. Gotta support those devs!

  • John Lee

    Probably a new magazine subscription or book for my N7.

  • Apocalypticaly


  • hldc1

    On apps I need.

  • Rob

    Games and Movies!!!

  • ryan

    i’d spend it on apps.

  • Sebastian Carrozzo

    Games… GAMES… GAMESSSSS!!!

  • K1cks

    icon packs and games! 🙂

  • Tyler Bartos

    I’m feeling lucky!

  • Jimmy Mares

    Books.. yep books

  • AK

    clear out the wish list

  • Michael Persico


  • duke69111

    I would buy tasker and the a few games or movies.

  • Frank Drewniak

    Games for my Nexus 7

  • Frank Messner

    I would use this card on all the things in the store i’m too cheap to buy! 🙂

  • EvanTheGamer

    Uhh….I’d buy….GAMES?! Yes, indeed.

  • Joel Liu


  • Sean Betschman

    Would use for a month or 2 of play music and some apps.

  • gamaliel hood

    I would use them for rooted apps as soon as I get my “nexus 5”

  • Probably launchers and icon packs..

  • rader023

    I need this

  • Max Pilat

    I’m a new Android user switched from my iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S4 in June and I’m going to be upgrading to the Nexus 5 when it releases on the Play Store. I’d use the Google play credit for icon packs, launchers, games etc. I want to explore all android has to offer. I hope you pick me. <3

  • Stephan Miljkovic

    Games and Themes for my Nexus 7 🙂

  • Theresa Delp

    yes please! I’d love to win one. 😉

  • Jmarroquin

    Movie nights

  • Brent

    Game it up!

  • Daniel Russell

    All the movies in the world!

  • Bradon Says

    I look forward to investing these gift card responsibly.

  • markswoods

    I’ll put it towards a Nexus 7.

  • Will Carter

    Yay free stuff

  • @CaliforniaJag

    I’d use it to buy all the apps I have sitting in my Wish List that I don’t want to spend my own cash on

  • Josh Clarence

    I would buy icon packs, some games and maybe a movie!

  • Ryuuie

    I’d buy Broken Sword II, probably pick up ComicRack Pro, and MX Player Pro. :3 Save the rest because tons of awesome sales happen all the time.

  • stush0104

    I would like to buy a few games I’ve been thinking about buying.

  • D Smith

    Security app + game

  • Celsius

    So.Many.Icon.Packs…..sign me up

  • Mark Schleupner

    Utilities, Utilities, Utilities!!

  • Kiên

    Buy SwiftKey and games yeah!

  • yes i did commented

  • imnotmikal

    $25 would help for the Google Play Textbooks I need for school. (The GP Books are so much cheaper than physical books!!)

  • Jerry Huster

    I’d get a ton of cool apps!

  • Kelvin Camilo


  • DanSan

    all the awesome icon packs and UCCW items u guys post!

  • Phillies3429

    Games and some new music!

  • Sean ➫

    More green gems for Clash of Clans!!!

  • vinnyc

    I would use it toward the purchase of a Nexus 5.

  • RBI411

    My guess would be more movies to beef up the Chromecast a bit.

  • irtechneo

    Would love some google play gift cards for some movie purchases for chromecast

  • Jeff

    I could def use some more apps for the new note 3 that is coming

  • Jeff Badger

    Movies, Music, and Apps.

  • Brad Marsh

    Would love to get some games, music,and utility apps .

  • Matt

    would love to put this toward a nexus 5

  • Eldorath

    I’m thinking some games, and some apps 🙂

  • Petru Nechita

    fancy apps 😀

  • Raven

    I would buy some of the apps and games sitting around on my Wish List.

  • Brandon Judy

    New games I dont need of course

  • Jeff Miller

    Now that I have Chromecast, this will come in real handy for renting movies….!!!

  • Ty

    Games. So many games, or just the final Fantasy games.

  • Fredy Nativi

    I would buy some root apps like titanium backup and some music.

  • robertlwalters

    Icon packs and games!

  • B J Books

    I need new games

  • Brandon Yip

    Buy Nova and clocworkmod pls

  • NexusFan


  • Michael C.

    games and icon packs!

  • Ben McDonald

    I got a wishlist full of apps I want to buy!

  • Fritz Davis

    Never hurts to have free credit for trying new apps!

  • Chris Doerman

    I’d buy as many new Pinball Arcade tables as $25 will get me!

  • Rosilianny Martinez Moran


  • Kevin Bonaventura

    $25 closer to getting a Nexus 5 (fingers crossed)

  • butterhasbeenspread

    I would definitely use it for productivity apps and games.

  • tribhuvan

    hope i am that random winner 🙂

  • Matthew Divack


  • Ben Smith

    Yes sir!

  • Rushi Patel

    With my 25 dollars i would buy different launchers and the NBA game

  • Simion Bean


  • Zachary Wood

    I love droid life!!!

  • Tony Kros

    I’ll clear out my wishlist! 😉

  • TB

    purchase movies and/or TV series to use with Chromecast.

  • ten2o3


  • Kevin B

    movies and games

  • Tyson Wald

    ditch apple for good and use my play store credit on android

  • Jonathan Williams

    Some games and movies to justify getting a nexus 7

  • I would definitely buy a great launcher (maybe Nova) and an awesome icon pack (I love Seven – Icon Pack), as well as Instapaper (loved the new UI), Wolfram Alpha and an ios 7 theme for the messaging app I use. Some Aviary effects would be great, too.

    Can’t wait to spend $25 to some great apps out there.

  • Adam

    Buy some sweet games for my Nexus 7

  • Gnote user

    So many cool apps out there. Would spend most of it in a couple of days

  • jddunkley

    I would get a bunch of movies 🙂

  • Taylor Blackley

    I would actually get some ad free stuff!

  • Daniel Garcia

    More Heros in Kingdom Rush Frontiers

  • MrCapcomDS

    I would buy some games for my kids

  • Jeralmac

    I would use it to buy the book “How to enter a contest and actually win!”

  • Rich Steele

    pick me!

  • Marshall P.

    I’d buy 2 Kenny Loggins albums. Trade the rest for bitcoins.

  • Rohan Lal

    I can finally buy apps on Google Play…if I win

  • LoganLopez

    Papa needs to support some game devs!

  • Caleb Durant

    I would buy all the apps I have been wanting to try out!

  • Bobby N

    Swiftkey and music

  • Arun01

    Count me in!

  • kckadow

    Movies for Thanksgiving Trip!

  • dave w

    Hope to use toward New Nexus 10.

  • Shane

    buy an album or 2, the rest on games

  • CW Larson

    So many games!

  • Nevets

    Icon packs, Games, maybe some more Music!

  • Robert Macri

    I wants the moneys!

  • Victor Gomez

    Looking to clean up my wishlist if I win 🙂

  • TeeTinz

    Apps, launchers, and shows!!!

  • Ben Leonard

    on some icon packs and ir remote!!!

  • chiefted

    Woohoo was number 100 on the Google Plus 1 Link. Would so use the card for more icon packs, maybe a movie/tv show

  • Marc Romero


  • Youngfella

    My response is currently furloughed and no funds planning can be performed until the government reopens. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • NYCHitman1

    icon packs and games!!

  • Chris Hilbert

    Wish I could use this on a Nexus 5…can’t believe Google doesn’t allow it.

  • Jason Brown

    transfer my amazon faotd apps to the play store.

  • jo_stv

    Some Google play movies please….

  • Miiiiike

    Coookiiieess! Wait, I mean…

  • Austin Ochoa

    Icon packs for days.

  • coffeechip

    some media

  • Sergiu T.

    i will buy apps from my wishlist 🙂

  • Ninja


  • Kevd

    Thanks for another generous contest!

    • Kevd

      Oh, I forgot, I’d finally snag the last season of Breaking Bad.

  • Greg T

    Buy some everyday useful apps, maybe a few movies try out my Chromcast

  • Michael Ramirez

    I wanna buy some new music. Like the new Katy Perry and Lady Gaga

  • Mohd Azrai

    Will spend it on games and some productive apps

  • Darius De La Cruz

    Trying one of your contest for the 239249239274th time….

  • Joshua Patrick


  • VicMatson

    I need more game in my life!

  • Shreyas Sood

    A comment!

  • Matthew Finco

    Books and movies this time.

  • Derek Ng

    I would love to support my developers 🙂

  • CommanderZim

    I would use it for a couple apps I’ve been wanting to buy.

  • Hesedguy

    Music and games

  • Dc

    I would probably buy a few movies and/or shows to stream to my Chromecast.

  • Silver Veloz

    Probably an accessory to my new Moto X (when Motomaker is available on Verizon) Another reason to like Wednesdays. A giveaway and Droid Life show. Thanks.

  • diehardbattery

    buy some cool apps

  • Damien Luna

    If I got one I may actually use it to donate to developers and purchase their paid apps.

  • DranyamTrebor

    I thought they stopped making these ?

  • asd


  • sturmrider

    Maybe Netflix or a few apps who knows.

  • Matt Hanes


  • tomn1ce

    Send me some goodies….

  • GotSka81

    I’m most recently addicted to icon packs, but I’ve also got my eye on the premium edition of “Rom Installer”.

  • ynksbsbll2

    There are a few paid apps I’d love to own, but am just too cheap to go ahead and drop the money on

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    All the games are to be mine.

  • Dalilah

    Games for my little one 🙂

  • Brady

    Sign me up!

  • Sara DeMay

    would love this!

  • vvtim

    I’d probably spend it on booze.

    Wait, I can’t get booze? Probably trying out random emulators.

  • Adam

    Always more icon packs to buy, as long as Aviate eventually supports them…

  • Little G

    My new note 3 needs a few games

  • Lani Fleming

    I would buy my grand-daughter games and maybe some movies, books or magazine subscriptions

  • Lucas Johnson

    I would buy several games that I have been holding off on.

  • Chuck Ehrlich

    Games and movies

  • JoshGroff

    Games/music all the way.

  • DKowalsky2

    Money would definitely take up the next 3-4 months of “UCCW Clocks and Icons” posts.

  • Manthas

    Maybe a game or two, but probably mostly comics through the Comixology app. Those comics look so beautiful on the Nexus 10 screen!

  • Billy Schlotter

    Not sure at the moment, but defiantly will be put to good use!

  • Steve S

    I think it’s about time I get one of those fancy schmancy Final Fantasies, which square is impressively keeping the price up on.

  • Roy Harrigan

    Koolaid is refreshing!

  • fritzo2162

    Can you use Google Play cards to buy Google Play cars?

  • Wes Thomson

    Always looking for some new games to try.

  • Ryan Ball

    Games, DS Emulator, Icon Packs

  • Max

    Games, games, a few time-saving apps, and games.

  • FrancoMacagno

    All those games..!

  • New apps for the N5 that just showed up on my porch!

  • Johannes

    I’d honor the best apps available and buy their premium versions

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Maybe towards a 2013 Nexus 7

  • Mathew Colburn

    Games, movies, music, gplay all access… pretty much everything google!

  • Kishna Woo-Hare

    I would download music and games!

  • makivelli

    Definitely high end games that my next phone will actually be able to run effectively!

  • Rocky Calabrese

    Games! Nova Prime.

  • Aaron Birnbaum

    Upgrade my apps!

  • Nicole

    Launchers, games, anything for my phone.

  • Robert Rascon

    this would be nice

  • SDWolf

    Pick me

  • Evan

    i could use that!

  • Chad Wilson

    I need a new Nexus tablet!

  • Garret Godfrey


  • Phil Hyde

    Love me some Google Play!

  • bydavidrosen

    Games Games Games!

  • asten77

    Probably pick up some favorite movies to have digital copies for on the road! Or, yeah, a Nexus 5 🙂

  • Matt

    money first, then I’ll think about it!

  • Lucas Rains

    I would buy books because I am smart.

  • Rob Houston

    More games for my kids!

  • Scott Friedemann

    The cheapskate would buy things!

  • RTrain

    I’d love to buy google play snacks, but I’d settle for some google play apps.

  • Kingdom Rush heroes and cutting down on my wishlist

  • David

    I’d spend it wisely!

    I’d get some new apps.

  • I am new to android so I’d like to buy some of the most popular apps and other things to fully make my phone my own.

  • BuckNut23

    Has to be games. Maybe a book though… Maybe I’ll finally win one of these……

  • Adam Buchwitz

    I’d spend it on Games!

  • taylor

    vidja games

  • antdwg67

    Music and games

  • BillJude56

    Apps, starting with Tasker.

  • valjean615

    I would buy a book or two and some apps.

  • Dann Goff

    Love all of the give aways you do for sure. But more importantly I love all of the information that you share. I rely on your articles for up to date product information on the newest products on the market. If I won I’d give this as a Christmas gift. 🙂

  • Chris

    Games definitely games!

  • d_isigny

    Full versions of trial/free apps I’ve tried.

  • Fatalfenix08

    Definitely want this to purchase games, uccw widgets and icon packs that you guys post about!

  • right here!

  • Walter Partlo


  • Camilo Martinez

    I’d either blow it all on icon packs and UCCW skins or Final Fantasy games.

  • Steven Then

    I would buy tasker and all the additional plug-ins.

  • Ryan Weller

    Definitely looking to buy some ebooks if I win this!

  • Butters619

    Themes and icon packs for sure.

  • Stevie Thunder

    Like this blog comment and leave your email and i will give you an Aviate invite code:)

  • Tony Balboa

    Think I’d use mine towards some movies.

  • Dave Whyte

    I would buy all the icon packs and themes I can to keep Android looking a little different each day.

  • hjr9890


  • Stud Muffler

    Some apps and maybe new Nexus.

  • Gage

    Add free versions of apps

  • Chuck Churches

    Awesome apps!

  • John Twain

    Support developers by buying their apps

  • Eric Soriano

    Kids apps so I can move my kids from the ipad to an android tablet!

  • Justin Koch

    buy apps

  • awesomemuffin7

    I’d probably put it towards a nexus 7. need a smaller tablet, my tf700 is too cumbersome

  • Kyle


  • sogajeffrey


  • Sonic_44

    I would support KovDev and buy ALL his Icon packs!!

  • Aaron Lasley

    New apps & games

  • PhilD41

    why not!

  • Goodies.

  • Justin_Herrick

    Winner winner Google Play dinner!

  • ArbieSnot

    Sweet… kids could always use more games (after they finish their homework, of course!)

  • Chris Sawyer

    Launcher, games, anything.

  • Ryan Dickie

    Apps. Tasty, tasty apps…

  • Andrew Chiu

    nova pro and other premium keys!

  • schex13

    Let’s see… I’d take the $25 along with the unspent credit from last year’s Nexus 7 to make buying the Nexus 5 a bit less painful.

  • Stevie Knudstrup

    Free apps!

  • mike dunham

    I would buy more movies and games

  • dantespeak

    Music and Games… nah who am i kidding, games all the way!

  • mbagasao

    Icon Packs and Music!!

  • kubukoz

    I would buy some games or an ebook.

  • Patrick Kemper

    I would spend the $25 Google Play money on Man of Steel when it’s released!!

  • Captain_Doug

    I would buy the full versions of all the apps I have downloaded. NO MORE ADS!

  • Ian Smith

    Verizon sucks. Games. Apps.

  • Gumballhead1775

    Kit Kat

  • Tarik Dobbs

    buy myself a nexus 4 bumper (if possible)

  • Raviteja

    Buy some launchers,games,music players

  • Jeromeh

    Nexus 7

  • Jeremy Forney

    pick me!

  • Nextus

    Movie rentals!

  • breadable

    I’ll use that $25 to buy every game Tim recommends, since I already do

  • Never won a raffle of any kind

  • SpoorthyVemula


  • Will Wells

    $25 goes a long way on Google Play! (Maybe I should patent that phrase)

  • muffnman

    Premium versions of apps I already love. Support dem devs!

  • cashclay

    Games and music!

  • @1MPitts


  • Gabriel Hart

    Hmm. Nexus 5 or a Nexus tablet… decisions, decisions…

  • matt

    to those that want to use it for hardware purchases I don’t think you can, I couldn’t use mine when i bought my n7 (2013).

    But there are a few apps I’d pick up that I’ve had my eyes on for a few weeks

  • Inquizitor

    I’d buy everything on my wishlist.

  • Sibertyger

    Probably get an ebook and some music. And a game, always need games.

  • Pratik Amin

    Buy apps.

  • AndrewScottRox

    I’m holding out my winning potential for a phone or tablet during the holidays. One day……

  • valapsp

    root apps!

  • Andrew

    I’d probably use it to buy a bunch of games.

  • nickjk

    I’d buy DSub!

  • Zach

    Games and probably a couple launchers pro editions

  • Sciaid

    Yeah goodies!

  • Gerardo Montano

    Movie and apps

  • Ahowe125

    In game purchases for the Simpsons Tapped Out, I just started playing and could use some donuts.

  • I’d rent movies to watch with lovely ladies.

  • Josh White

    I would buy games for my kid:)

  • Derrick James

    Productivity apps

  • gchahinian

    If i cant put it towards a nexus 5, it’s going towards games for my nexus 7 😀

  • Matt Upton


  • One An9ry N00b

    Id spend it on some new games!!!

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I would spend the credit on mainly icon packs and games.

  • Bruce

    More than likely apps, but if it can go towards a Nexus 5, SWEET!

  • Trooper311

    Games and Icon Packs!

  • strikeir13

    Everything on my wishlist!

  • OnlyNexus

    Nexus 5!

  • John

    Getting my nails to look as good as yours.

  • Rahul

    I will finally stop looking for beta releases and buy first hand apps instead.

  • Bob Evans

    Halloween time…Horror Movies!!

  • pball_inuyasha

    this would be nice to get those apps i want but don’t quite need.

  • droidify

    Nexus 5 credit please

  • Reginald Jefferson

    Well there is a podcast app that I’ve been looking at….

  • Jeff C

    i would buy music legally for the first time in years

  • Glenn

    Hopefully I can win one of these and get some new apps for my Nexus 5 whenever I finally get it.

  • Ian


  • muddy46

    Use towards the Nexus 5

  • Dustin Carney

    Buy nova, and a few fun games, maybe a movie!

  • I would buy apps and music.

  • Daniel Alva

    I would buy the “amazing governers” of ours a game that will keep them entertained so that maybe they won’t shut down the government next time they have an argument..

  • Dallas Milem

    I need this to get a couple of pay apps for my new Nexus 7 lte

  • pezjono

    Would probably use it towards the purchase of ROM Installer.

  • chlevor

    All those games I couldn’t afford to buy.

  • smokes70

    I’d pick up a movie or two! Still haven’t seen Man of Steel….

  • Brian P.

    I’d purchase a few apps that I would love to have on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3… awesome device btw!!!

  • I would buy all the cool apps I’ve been too cheap to spend money on so far

  • Devin Miller

    I’d buy some movies for my son to watch in the car

  • tai yeung

    there is couple apps i llooking to try…

  • picaso86

    I would like to get this gift card to buy my Nexus 5 🙂

    • Ian

      I don’t believe they let you use Play gift cards on devices.

      • picaso86

        Thats a fail!

  • soothsayer

    Buying buckethead songs. And probably tasker, I keep getting yelled at for not turning my ringer back on after work.

  • Tyrian

    in app purchases

  • Henry Conant

    Music Music and more Music, I needs da Google Bucks for it!

  • Trevor Blain

    Every little bit counts!

  • Patrick Kahoun

    time to get more games!

  • Jeff Juett

    The hard part will be deciding what to buy.

  • wade_county

    icon packs

    • marybalk325

      my parents in-law recently got red Audi A3 Wagon from only workin part time on a home computer. look at this website http://www.works77.com

    • Josh Shaw


  • Sweetvabreeze

    apps and books

  • Kyle Todoulakis

    i would like one

  • Lou M


  • Josh Linn

    games I am sure

  • moelsen8

    gimme gimme! could use some games and educational apps for my son.

  • Nathan Hargrave

    more games!!!

  • Kassidy Klink

    I’d buy 2 movies.

  • John Rosengreen

    Games and unlocks

  • tonythepony

    I would use it to purchase music!

  • Thomas Peltier

    I need this for more builders in Clash of Clans

  • Pat Toal

    nice…a chance for free money

  • 5uck3rpunch


  • Larry Johnson

    More Apps!

  • poeddroiduser

    Buy a Nexus 5 or 10!

  • badjedi

    need some more music

  • Pedro Alvizu

    definitely will buy games and some music!

  • Jeremiah Taylor

    i would buy some games for my lil man

  • Irwin Bautista

    a bit of everything.

  • MatthewDiluzio

    On all the GTA games… BOOH YAh!

  • Dustin Wen

    Need new games!

  • mustbepbs

    Music! Oh and games.

  • xzombiex66


  • dacrabman


  • Ryan

    I would buy productivity apps

  • Kerry Knopp

    make my game collection ad-free

  • wynalazca

    I’d buy me some more Final Fantasy.

  • Mark Faustino

    I’ll probably get some albums if I won. *pretty pretty please, pick me!*

  • The Nerdfather

    I’d spend it on some indie dev games to support the small guys.

  • Phil Austin

    more apps!

  • toddyskates

    can i has a win

  • JD

    I hope I win

  • Ulysses Aguilar

    I would buy some games or utilities with that $25!!

  • Justin Latham

    I would get me some games for my new phone that I am gonna get on FRIDAY!!!!!

  • Meltdown07

    With this gift card I would pick up one of the Final Fantasy games!

  • Lee Dixon

    Angry Birds SW2!! and maybe a security program.

  • Justin W

    Probably for some movies/TV shows… I hear GoT is on the Play Store and I’ve heard a lot about it, so I’m pretty sure that’d be where most, if not all, of it would go 🙂

  • Richard W. King

    Kiddie books and games for my son

  • Mike

    Buy some much needed apps!

  • Eric

    Some super cool Apps that I wouldnt otherwise buy!! 😀

  • Ahmed Dada

    have plenty of uses for this! Google ftw

  • david allen stevens

    Seeing as I just returned my iPhone 5s for a Note 3 I need to fill this phone up with Apps and Music!!!

  • johnediii

    I need to win because I just found out my wife is pregnant so there goes my disposable income for apps and movies.

  • Edson Sanchez

    I’d buy songs or books!


    Need some apps for this new nexus 7

  • BloodiedWraith

    I would finally pick up Final Fantasy V.

  • DK


  • Dan Maldonado

    Buy a couple albums! #oldschool

  • Matt

    Nexus 5!!

  • roswellraygun

    I would spend it on some new games

  • adub

    I just had to turn off Play Music on my son’s N7… we have to cut back across the board. One of these would help me turn it back on for him for a while.

  • brad0383

    I have a trip coming up next week. I could use some new games!


    I’d spend it on games of course

  • asianrage

    I never win, but I’m hoping this time will be the one. Yay!!!! for optimism!

  • craig savage

    I would get some games and would use it for Angry Birds GO!!

  • Octotron


  • Erik Cho

    Lots of things that I could think of I can do with this!

  • Joe Mihalich

    My son would use it for cards in his transformers legends app. Or Perhaps i would use it on a Nexus 10.

  • morpheus282

    My daughter has been bugging me for some music and I really don’t want to spend my own cash to buy those titles. How about hooking a brother up, eh?

  • MikeCiggy


  • Trevor Hicken

    I would buy some apps that otherwise wouldn’t spend my money on.

  • JohnBergman

    Games for sure. Been wanting a good excuse to drop $5 on Grand Theft Auto III.

  • Michel Zeigler

    I need these to fuel my impulse buying of games that I won’t finish

  • Marcellus111

    Apps! (starting with Tasker)

  • Tony Le


  • KingTroll

    I’m still really pissed about these contests. Not everyone uses social media websites!

  • ssjnimma

    feed the beast!

  • Higher_Ground

    Oh… maybe time to check out some apps, or as others have suggested, some new icon packs.

  • Tyler Mansfield

    Games and icon packs!

  • Adam Barrett

    I would get more paid games, about $25 worth! Or if Google comes around I will use it toward the order of my Nexus 5!

  • hodgewdm

    I would buy my kids some more games!

  • Harold Anteau

    I would use the money to purchase a couple songs and apps I have had my eye on.

  • SkullOne

    Nexus 5 or some games probably Square-Enix ones.

  • Jigsaw hc

    Movies and games 🙂

  • I would put it towards buying a season pass for Walking Dead season 4.

  • QuantumFlux42

    I would spend half on a few games and the other half on some productivity apps like stop motion and other camera tools.

  • Brian Aldape

    I would buy apps and books

  • housry23

    Games and music. Usually I end up buying Tetris Blitz crap lol!

  • Tony Reed

    Bingo! Hook me uuuuuuupppppppp! Yahoo!

  • yummy

    Nexus Five

  • Rick Peters

    Games! and some usefull other apps ofcourse 🙂

  • Mike C.

    I would buy stuff. $25 worth of stuff.

  • SnkBitten

    Movies….Chromecast on my TV but needing more than Netflix 🙂

  • JD


  • Matthew Hoffman

    Movies for plane rides

  • Geo

    Edit: You can use it towards the Nexus 5? If so that.

  • Stephen Cheng

    On apps and games

  • aculbreth

    There are a couple albums I would buy, and probably buy a couple gospel albums for my Mom as an early Christmas gift lol

  • Kyle Miller


  • Carlos Lopez

    I want one!

  • SDotNYC

    I <3 u DL

  • David Shon

    apps and games, possibly music

  • dnwtn

    Movies, I missed out on a few new releases

  • Fitsbach Interactive

    I’d definetly use it on Hardware!

  • lembowski

    Watching movies on Thanksgiving flight back home!

  • cns2007

    I’d give it to my son for his tablet. He’s a big fan of Android now.

  • Brian Ruden


  • Radgatt

    I would spend that money on a couple of games and apps that have premium versions to get rid of ads.

    Radgatt aka Rashad

  • Jimmy Leang


  • immaage

    Buy a bunch of games!

  • Jason13L

    Games.. and porn. Mostly games.

  • Nexus 5 fund!

  • CPGumby

    I would probably put it towards the cost of the official Nexus 7 case that I didn’t win in the last contest.

  • Arnol Lopez

    Apps and games, maybe offset Nexus 5.

  • Devin

    Music and apps

  • cvgordo

    get premium versions of some apps like nova, etc.

  • Jaime Salame

    I would spend it in movies, movies, movies!!!!

  • Victor Stuber


  • rome

    can’t wait to win

  • Charlie Cianciolo

    I would buy some books or movies about technology education so I can better myself as a tech ed teacher!

  • Mitchell Toland Jr.

    I would purchase a few apps such as Tasker, to really take my Android experience to the next level, and of course buy a couple movies and albums.

  • Stnkycheezman

    trying to come back from a surface rt purchase the wife made

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    There are a couple of games that I have my eye on as well as a couple of utility apps.

  • Edward Smith


  • bb

    Probably some games and some music… or to use it as a discount for a nexus 5… ohh wait we are supposed to be taking our minds off of 4.4

  • Dlang123

    Think I would use it towards a nexus 7

  • Bruce Willke

    Definitely applying toward the Nexus 5

  • Alan Cohen


  • Arie Hoogendoorn


  • Gordon Higelmire

    Definitely would use this to clear out my wish list…icon packs, games and some pricier utilities I’ve been wanting for ages.

  • Timothy Sternig

    icon setes

  • Blue Sun

    Icons packs.

  • Adam

    Definitely could use some new music – new Trivium album!

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’d love me some freebies

  • chris125

    Rent a few movies and buy some games for on long trips

  • skillz_ca

    I will put it toward the purchase of a nexus 5

  • Dlang123

    Hump DAY!!!!

  • descalera181

    Rent Movies

  • arthur2142

    I’m in desperate need of $25 Google Play cash… I just filed Bankruptcy and some exempt spending cash would rock right about now!

  • PC PIMPin

    Games for my children.

  • Craig

    I need to stock up on bucks in Jurassic Park builder!

  • faganm24

    On apps that I’m curious about purchasing or maybe a movie or music?

  • Javier Herrera

    games, music

  • TJWaterskier

    Yet another Chromecast 🙂

  • marcel bauer

    very cool, got my fingers crossed

  • John Giao

    I would probably get my wife those fancy Google Nexus 7 cases.

  • Jorge L

    oh wait, nvm.

  • eugene


  • Fred

    Games games games

  • I would use the $25 to upgrade from ad-supported to full versions of my favorite apps.

  • Brady KEITH


  • OreoMan

    I’d rent some movies for the family.

  • sabrekane

    I need some music!

  • Mahercs

    Apps, what else?

  • iamevie

    Music, music, music!

  • boardindude

    Prob would spend it on some games or apps.

  • Jondan Rothfus

    I’m saving for a Nexus 7 (2013) after my 2012 model’s screen broke. $25 is a nice bump in the funds for such an awesome tablet!

  • Mark


  • jasonlee1

    prob save it for pricey games i want

  • Brennan Huber


  • Court Jeffrey

    Buy some books and apps!

  • Jerrod Schultz

    Buys useful apps

  • Kevin Djoffon

    On Movies I think

  • zoobey

    Probably buy some music or one of them there expensive Office suites.

  • Joseph Ferguson

    ill take one!

  • Matt Lang

    apps and music

  • garbagedick

    indie apps, gotta support the lil guy

  • Shane Redman

    I want to buy a scary movie for Halloween!!!! and take advantage of the Will Smith sale lol

  • Travis Erickson

    Buy all the music

  • zurginator

    Need moar homescreens.

  • Rick Wilson

    I would buy an album or 2 on Google Music and if any remaining buy couple of apps that I have been waiting.

  • engwalker

    I’d spend it on a few games I’ve been eyeing, and keeping up with icons and theme posts from here.

  • jessem1323

    I’d use them to buy some games I’ve been eyeing for my Nexus 7 2013.

  • amaudys Aquino


  • utes_86

    Breaking Bad Season 5!

  • evan brown

    I would definitely put it towards the new nexus to get off VZW

  • Droid Hook

    My 3yr old loves games on the Nexus 7 so $25 would be awesome!

  • Shockey62

    I would buy games and icon packs!

  • nvitone23

    icon packs and movies!

  • Tyler Lawhon

    I can think of a few things I’d do with this.

  • scruffykid

    Would try out more Nova launcher themes. Might actually rent a movie as well

  • Josh Conner

    Would love to buy some movies with the $25!

  • mp

    Gimme a break! I want icon packs!

  • Eric

    Not exactly sure what I would buy, probably games.

  • ChucklesMcNasty


  • Patrick Chapman

    I would buy the endless mode on the game Dots.

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    I would buy one movie for the kids (give me an excuse to pick up a chrome cast) and then probably buy (or put $$ towards) one of the Final Fantasy games released recently. Go back to my childhood…..

  • matt0715

    Probably on games!

  • Ron

    Icon Packs!!

  • Graham Oxborrow

    buying some awesome apps

  • Joshu

    Movies! Like Dude Where’s My Car?

  • elemeno

    Probably games and movies.

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    i would buy a lot of music and apps! 🙂 mostly games

  • jofficus44

    Comixology Shopping Spree =)

  • Richard Colon

    I will spend it on games and themes

  • Mordy Festinger


  • TheOtherJames

    Sure, I’ll take one…

  • vwbeetlvr

    On Flippin sweet apps

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Set me up please! I would use it to get some awesome apps now that I have root!

  • Pet E. Bone

    I have some books that I am interested in so a gift card would come in handy.

  • Premium versions of free apps.

  • crazyg0od33

    Movies and TV shows for my upcoming trip to Montreal

  • Jefferi

    I would spend $25 on Marvel War of Heroes, LOL

  • James VanDieren

    Can always use more google play content. 😀

  • Anthony Zulueta

    I would buy movies & games.

  • litobirdy


  • Nicholas Fowler

    I’d love $25 on Google play – lots of apps and games to get!

  • A winner is me

  • Nex__

    Definitely Games, and if possible towards a Nexus 5!

    • Butters619

      Can’t use Google Play GCs towards hardware.

      • decidedtochangename

        I know someone who asked for Play GCs for holidays thinking he was going to buy half a Nexus 10 with them. He was sad when he found out it was not so.
        True Story.

        • meijin3

          Happened to me last year.

        • SkylaC90

          hold up, Don’t the Play GC money go into your wallet balance thus allowing you to buy all items for the PlayStore including hardware like a chrome book????

          • thelolotov

            Nope, it’s specifically for apps/books/music/movies/tv, I believe.

          • SkylaC90

            awe man, that really sux

        • Butters619


  • George Rudgers

    A little bit of everything…

  • Eric


  • Guest

    Set me up please!

  • HashTagHell

    Anyone could use one of these. Mines would most likely be spent on children’s games.

  • Miles


  • Frank Urbanski

    I’d spend it on the games/apps that cost money that I have been eyeing up.

  • toddersv

    icon packs, zooper widgets

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Also need more games and font/UCCW packs!

  • Dale

    Google Play Music FTW!

  • 3M4NU31

    I would definitely buy music and some more books!

  • epps720

    Movies and TV shows for my kid so I can cast it to my TV and keep them entertained while we’re out

  • Buur

    Apps I wouldn’t otherwise buy because I have no problem spending $3 on a 5 hour energy but somehow can’t bring myself to buy a $5 app.

  • Kirsty Lawer

    I would buy DigiCal+ and some Final Fantasy games!!

  • Kar Bar

    This would be awesome thanks DroidLife
    I’d buy apps….I love apps!

  • Matt

    some productivity apps

  • Dominic Powell

    I desperately need these so I can keep some kids quiet on a 9 hour road trip.

  • Jwrivera


  • Bobby Kim

    Support the Devs!

  • I wanna buy FL Studio on google play

  • Droidzilla

    Google Music, maybe a movie or two for my Chromecast.

  • Michael Teague

    I’d likely spend it on app versions of board games.

  • Philip Pongvarin

    buying games!! =]

  • TheDave1022


  • KenBarnum

    Movies for my kids, games!

  • I’d totally use it to nab the overpriced SquareEnix collection.

  • zarxic

    I’ll probably get some games I’ve been putting off getting, that or unlocking some stuff in games.

  • Alex Goings


  • Ben Johnson

    Can always use some playstore credit! I need that new Chromebook!

  • Kevin Esser

    Movies! 😀

  • i want to try out new games!

  • mfr118

    I’d spend the $25 on the new Pearl Jam, Alter Bridge, and Paul McCartney albums.

  • Joshua Bailey

    Gimme gimme 🙂

  • Nelly547

    Games, games and more games

  • IDLE0095

    Yes love give aways

  • Boss As Hell

    Icon packs and some FF games.

  • Buy all the apps!

  • Tommy Thompson

    Things and stuff.

  • Warwick

    Need more icon packs! 😀



  • Rob Stemen

    I’d probably get Movies & TV Shows. Start using my Chromecast to its fullest potential.

  • AlphaNoble

    Support the devs of the free versions of apps I have been using by purchasing the full paid versions.

  • Joshua Rewerts

    Either books, movies, or rentals

  • atlouiedog

    games and pro unlocks for a couple of free apps that I use

  • David Sunshine