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Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” Shows Up in Nexus 7 Screenshot Gallery – Shows New Easter Egg, Clock App, App Drawer, and More?

android 4.4 kitkat kit kat

In an apparent leak out of ZDnet, we may have new Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” screenshots to study for the rest of the day. The leak shows an older build of Kit Kat running on a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet, along with a variety of screenshots from different areas inside the new build of our favorite mobile OS compared to Android 4.3. We have a look at the Easter Egg, more icons in the app drawer, the slightly tweaked Clock app, Settings menu, and the new Downloads app. There is a lot to take in, so we’ll continue to update this post as we have more.

In the first screenshot, you are looking at the Android 4.4 Easter Egg, though it still says “ANDROID KEYLIMEPIE.” According to this leak, you get to this the same way you do other Easter Eggs, by pressing multiple times on the Android version. What’s a little odd, is that we are seeing the Kit Kat-style Android logo, but yet the version of the OS still says “KeyLimePie.” I’d imagine Google is going to wait until the very last minute or a release build to change that over. All other signs at this point show that we are ready for Kit Kat. In earlier builds of Android 4.4, we saw a giant K with a slice of key lime pie in the background, so again, it seems like we are getting much closer to a release.

Once you are there, a long-press on the Android logo takes you deeper into the Easter Egg, which shows a moving mosaic of previous Android versions. It’s ugly, yet still somehow pretty and fun. Cupcake, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, and Jelly Bean logos are all present.

Update: A couple of readers have noted that there is a message of “swipe down from the top to exit full-screen mode” on the Easter Egg page. It’s tough to tell if that’s a system wide full-screen mode or just something that relates to viewing the mosaic in the Easter Egg.

android 4.4 kitkat kit kat

Here we have a look at the old app drawer in 4.3 vs. the new app drawer in 4.4. The biggest change we are seeing is an introduction of new icons. We have rounded icons for the Google, Google Settings, Settings and Voice Search apps, all of which were square in 4.3. Nothing else has really changed, but QuickOffice does appear to be a part of the stock experience in 4.4, plus you have G+ photos there as well. In a recent leak from last week, we saw the removal of Gallery, however, it’s still present in this build.

One thing to note, is the fact that this screenshot still shows “Apps” and “Widgets” at the top of the app drawer, yet we saw both gone in the latest leak of 4.4 running on a Nexus 5. The app drawer also isn’t transparent like the other leak. At this point, the leak from last week appears to be the newest build of Kit Kat to date and again, this is an older one.

android 4.4 kitkat kit kat

Here is a look at how the Clock app has changed, including the removal of the half-bold-half-thing Roboto style of text. They also took the Alarm button and moved it up top next to the timer and stopwatch icons.

android 4.4 kitkat kit katandroid 4.4 kitkat kit katandroid 4.4 kitkat kit kat

In the Settings screen, we’re seeing global Print settings, along with the previously leaked Tap & pay menu and a Home section. It’s looking more and more like 4.4 is going to build mobile payment systems into the OS, for Nexus devices if nothing else.

But what is “Home”? Is there an area to configure your home screen setup more intensely? Is this a part of the new rumored Google Experience Launcher?

android 4.4 kitkat kit katandroid 4.4 kitkat kit katandroid 4.4 kitkat kit kat

In this last screenshot comparison, you can see the current Downloads app compared to the overhauled Downloads app for Android 4.4. Talk about a nice change. Rather than the pop-up black and blue menu that offered little, we have a full-blown app that takes on the recent Android design change to grey, along with an action overflow button.

android 4.4 kitkat kit kat

Unfortunately, no pictures of Google Now integration or the home screen were included.

Anything else standing out?

Via:  ZDnet

Cheers open1your1eyes0h!

  • Fads

    Why did they remove the half bold thing! I loved that part because it differentiated stock android with its competitors. Bah!

  • Shawn T

    When is it going to be unveiled! 4.4 I cannot wait any longer for you!

  • Kyle Cordiano

    It kind of looks the same. What happened to the tweaks found on the Nexus 5.

  • Overlysensored

    SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!! as your mother yells, where are you!

  • Anthony

    does anyone else here think key lime pie and kit kat are 2 different releases?…the mosaic tile thing has both kit kat and key lime pie… maybe is planning something

    • fauxshizzl

      Maybe KitKat for phones and KLP for Glass? I honestly don’t think they will use both, but that’s about the best I could come up with if they did.

  • fauxshizzl

    I have pretty much made my peace with the fact I am buying a Nexus 5 as soon as it is available now that my Verizon contract is done. At this point when they do the announcement I am hoping way more for info about a Nexus watch or a firm release date on Glass.

    • nvitone23

      T-Mobile or AT&T?

      • fauxshizzl

        I haven’t made a firm decision yet, I will have to take a closer look at both their prepaid services before I make a final decision. If I can get LTE from one and not the other that will pretty much seal the deal. Anyone else here care to chime in from their experience with either or both carrier prepaid? Price, reliability, etc..

        • nvitone23

          I’m not on either but I’d recommend T-Mobile as long as you have the coverage everywhere you travel

          • fauxshizzl

            That was my plan so far. Coverage is the biggest factor for me. I had them about 4 years back and it wasn’t good. But a lot has changed in that time. Best part about prepaid is I can test it out for a month and move on if it doesn’t meet my needs.

          • nvitone23

            Yes, very true. I’m glad you realize that a lot has changed even within just the past year for T-Mobile and they are very underrated. I want them to have great success because they are really making some great changes to the wireless industry.

          • JMonkeYJ

            another nice thing about TMo is that they don’t currently throttle MVNOs, unlike ATT. of course, as with all things MVNO, this could change at the drop of the hat. so far i’ve been very happy with TMo thru NET10.

  • iDavey

    This just doesn’t feel legit.

    I’ll be happy when Google finally announces it so this can be done with.

  • Rotkaeqpchen

    Android will loose credibility with this commercial product promotion… At least I wouldn’t buy any Windows 7 – Snickers Edition. Don’t know about you crazy Americans though…

    • iDavey

      Seeing as nobody will really care or even see the name Kit Kat when they update their phone…I doubt it will hurt Google that much.

    • fauxshizzl

      If they “loose” anything I am sure they will get it tightened back up quickly.

    • Sweetie

      I’d imagine winning a phone/some gift card to buy apps because you bought an android-themed kit-kat will go over well with the masses.
      Maybe the chocolate is too sweet for you.

  • grumpyfuzz

    Am I the only one that thinks the settings icon looks horrible?

    • Steve B

      Nope, it looks terrible. Like something Samsung designed.

  • nvitone23



      • nvitone23

        no, thats only for motorola phones…what im saying is that the icon on the kitkat was changed to look like the same icon meaning that it may be coming to all phones on kitkat now

        • joejoe5709

          Supposedly the Snapdragon 800 does the same thing as Moto’s X8 dedicated cores (and Apple…) except built in and you still get a true quad core device. So anything with X8 or an S800 should be able to perform Touchless Control without hurting battery life too much. I am convinced that Google will have something like Touchless Control either built into Android (hardware permitting or a simple on/off toggle) or available on Google Play for anyone who wishes to use it.

        • A Google Core app will be made by Google, maybe similar to this. This app setting is for the Moto phones and shares the mic icon. It is far from “Confirmed”.

  • Guest


  • a.d.AM

    The makes me think that what we are looking at in 4.4 is just some minor system tweeks and additional settings. The Google Experience Launcher will be a separate app that skins Android 4.4 and makes it all Googley as opposed just out of the box 4.4. But what do i know.

  • Chase J

    Just seen this the first picture on the left the nav bar icons are a holo blue and the one on the right is white ??

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      You been on vacation? 🙂

      There’s a million posts about that as well as transparency in the status bar, etc.
      Some of it is actually interesting, so search away.

      • Chase J

        I know about the transparency and stuff I read and seen perty much every 4.4 leak there is and I know a lot of ppl is commented on it but what I’m saying y is one nav bar buttons blue and the other one white??

        • Steve B

          I assume you’re talking about the nav bar keys in the easter egg picture?

          It’s not blue, it just looks blue because those pictures where probably taken with a Galaxy Nexus. There’s a bluish hue in both easter egg pictures.

  • br_hermon

    So some of you already pointed out the “Home” setting in the settings screen. So there’s that. But…

    Notice the bottom action bar in the last screen shot of the Clock app. Below 6:10. Notice how there’s a globe icon surrounded by transparent white? And the Menu overflow button is raised too. Now I didn’t necessarily buy into this previous “leak’ http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/09/21/these-probably-arent-photos-of-android-4-4-kitkat-heres-why/

    But take a look at the dialer screen shot. Circle in the middle, larger bottom action bar. Could there be any similarity here??? Could there be some validity to this new Dialer / bottom action bar design after all?

    I’m somewhat playing devil’s advocate here because I don’t really even believe this possible theory to be true but it is food for thought…

  • feztheforeigner

    That’s a stupid looking settings icon.

    • jbdan

      It does look out of place I’d say

    • br_hermon

      Not to mention that the size difference between Google and Google Settings is driving me nuts too. Sloppy!

    • rhoadster91

      it looks Xperia-like. A step back from Holo, apparently.

  • Ali


    only reason im happy abut hangouts and SMS being integrated it’ll save me from grabbing my nexus off my charger every 5 seconds while im just at home chillin

    • MightyText

      • ali

        but i want it to be stock and have google do it for me also lol

        • Of course, but its been working just fine until till this happens

        • artsr2002

          Google Voice.


    I said it on a previous post. They need a full screen option. something like a swipe up from bottom. Please God let this happen for games and whatnot so I can use my full screen

    • JRUIV

      I up voted myself because I want this feature so bad

      • jbdan

        lol didn’t know you could

        • JRUIV

          you can, but it doesn’t stick when I refresh

          • turdbogls

            i gave you an upvote just for the hell of it…..actually, i agree. they should implement this. not sure swipe gestures are the best idea though.

    • Inquizitor

      I really don’t see the big deal, most games go fullscreen but just keep the nav bar there. If you really hate it, then get a phone without virtual buttons (which is most of them).

      • JRUIV


        • Inquizitor

          Then stop being such a damn baby. You do realize that games currently play in 1080p on the new N7 (assuming that’s what you have, as do I) even with the nav bar up? It’s seriously 1920×120 pixels (not a typo, I mean the nav bar is only 120 pixels high). If you weren’t so demanding and combative, maybe people would respect you more. Or at least your suggestions.

          The point is, Google has their own philosophy and there are other options available. You have to weight the pros and cons and decide which is best for you. That’s called being an adult.

          • JRUIV

            I’ll admit my response had a bad tone, but you are being rather insulting and talking as if you know what people think of me. I’m aware of the pixel arrangement. I was just expressing a feature I desire in the next update. Is that being an adult? Don’t lecture me.

          • JRUIV

            I’ll admit my response had a bad tone, but you are being rather insulting and talking as if you know what people think of me. I’m aware of the pixel arrangement. I was just expressing a feature I desire in the next update. Is that being an adult? Don’t lecture me.

          • JRUIV

            I’ll admit my response had a bad tone, but you are being rather insulting and talking as if you know what people think of me. I’m aware of the pixel arrangement. I was just expressing a feature I desire in the next update. Is that being an adult? Don’t lecture me.

  • heat361

    There is also a new home menu in the settings.

  • Ben Murphy

    All these leaked screenshots showing different features…I’m not sure what to believe anymore…lol

    • jbdan

      I think that is exactly what they want 😀

  • ⓂMarikel Lika

    Anybody else see the “Home” section in the settings app? More customization? 😀

  • heat361

    Whats with the swipe down to exit full screen on the easter egg that seems new.

  • Milind Shah

    ugly? i like that mosaic style easter egg!

  • Charlie Val

    They finally changed the Voice Search icon, hopefully when Kit Kat launches, people will know the difference between Voice Search and Google Now.

    When you ask questions, THAT’S NOT GOOGLE NOW!

  • nebula

    Am I seeing it right on the screenshot with the easteregg, that android 4.4 has now a fullscreen mode?

    • I’m thinking just for the Easter Egg.

  • This is the one thing that kinda sucks about the Internet. Leaks happen so fast. I’ve seen so much of KitKat now, I almost feel like it’s yesterday’s news. Bring on Android 5.0/Lindor Truffle! 😉

  • jbdan

    N5 leak day wow I’ve missed a lot this morning! Bring it on Google lets see the official release please

  • gbenj

    Just hit me…maybe “Tap & Pay” we keep seeing everywhere is Bump integration. Possibly building on the ‘Send money through Gmail/google wallet that theyve had for a little while.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    This has to be an extremely old build. What happened to the transparent nav icons and app drawer?

  • cjohn4043

    Finally, they got rid of the bold clock thing. That thing was ugly.

  • Chase J

    Maybe this is a earlier build since the app draw isn’t transparent and the icons look nuttin like the other leaked photos! Anyone else see the home icon in setting menu maybe some launcher settings 😉

    • Gotta be earlier.

      • Chase J

        Ya has to be just seen that the nav bar isn’t transparent this is probably a build that was before the other leaks photos showing the transparent app draw nav bar and icons

    • tyguy829

      or it’s just not running the google experience launcher

      • Chase J

        Could be cuz the other leaks show a launcher icon in the app draw named gel “Google experience Launcher”

        • MikeCiggy

          Just realizing this but if they have separated the GEL from the OS they will be able to update this through the play store also. Awesome!

          • Chase J

            I think they will bring it to the play store so that old phones could have the android 4.4 feel and the pure Google experience that u see on nexus devices!

  • jmsbwmn

    I LOLed at the app drawer pics. “Look! It’s exactly the same!” 🙂

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    Please PLEASE have the option to move the softkeys to the left.

  • joejoe5709

    Awwww… I know they weren’t popular but I was one of the few that enjoyed the half bolded clocks. Especially compared to iOS7, it’s a little variety in an otherwise boring font. Oh well…

    Pretty cool stuff! Between the last couple day’s leaks of the N5 and this leak, we’re getting a pretty good idea what’s going on here! 🙂

  • Joshua Bailey

    Like all of the most recent leaks other than the Italian site, these are obviously older builds of 4.4. Gallery app is still in the app drawer, nontransparent navbar/app drawer. Pretty confident that the TuttoAndroid site’s leaks weren’t faked, but we will see.

    • I just think TuttoAndroid had the newest build we’ve seen.

      • ⓂMarikel Lika

        Are you seeing that Home section in the settings screenshot? I wonder what that’s for.

      • Joshua Bailey

        Yea, that’s what I was alluding to. Tutto had the most recent build.

  • teleclimber

    Argh, At first I didn’t like the bold/non-bold clock fonts, then I got used to them, now I really like them.

    And now they get rid of them???

    • zurginator

      I always liked it… Sad day.

  • NealJ777

    I would really like it if “Set a timer for 5 minutes” would actually set a timer instead of setting an alarm for five minutes into the future.

    • jscofi

      this times a bazillion. jeeese

    • tyguy829

      YES. Especially if you only want 1 minute or something and the clock is about to change, the alarm goes off 5 seconds later. so annoying

    • Chris-BoT

      Lol…Yes. I thought I was the only one!

  • Chase J

    Ya wtf happen to the app draw and y did he not take any shots of the home screen wtf??

  • JBartcaps

    I’m hungry for some reason

  • Pierito

    So Hungry right now….cant quite put my finger on why.

  • Joey Sandoval

    How is the app drawer different exactly?

  • yahyoh

    Cool so Google become the New Apple 🙁

    4.0 , 4.1 , 4.2 , 4.3 , 4.4 all look the same :/

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      notice how all the verisions you mentioned start with a 4.?
      that may have something to do with it.

    • joejoe5709

      Yup. All 4.x. You’re going to have to wait until at least 5.0 for a major change. Apple didn’t change anything from 2007 to 2013. Android has been based off ICS since 2011. Cool your jets, bucko.

    • jmsbwmn

      So your point is they found a design that works, and they aren’t attempting to fix a “problem” that doesn’t really exist? Gotcha! 😉

    • zurginator

      Yeah – and it’s better for us in the long run. If Google pulls another 4.0 anytime soon, developers will flip. Want to know why Apple has so many more devs on their site? Because their design guidelines rarely change. Even iOS 7 didn’t change the guidelines that much, it’s just a flat version of the same.

  • Drew_VA

    Will we find out tomorrow? 24 hours from when the rumors said the announcement would happen and there’s been nothing said by Google. There’s been enough leaked already they need to go ahead and make it official.

  • Tom Luley

    Please Lord have there be an updated Hangouts to include SMS…

    • ASV505

      Why? What’s the advantage of that? Serious question.

      • MichaelFranz

        think of imessage on iOS and how it is all integrated. Makes things unified, cleaner, somewhat simpler, and will not force, but might make you want to use other fucntionality not normally used (i.e. video calls)

      • Chris


        • ASV505

          Yes down vote me because I don’t ever use hangouts. No one I know uses it.. Hence the question.

          • PSU_DI

            You would use hangouts is if it was the default messaging app wouldn’t you? If they remove “messages” correct? This is a win win, anyone who only uses text messages still get an updated UI and nicer interface to send messages, and they are also exposed to free messaging to any android phone. Hangouts having MMS/SMS support will/is a big deal.

          • ASV505

            I don’t care either way. I’m not announcing my disapproval of the idea I was asking why people wanted it so I could have a better idea

          • sirmeili

            ” and they are also exposed to free messaging to any android phone.”

            Actually, they are exposed to free messaging to any phone that is using Hangouts as well as the web interface in G+ and Gmail (As well as the extension). This is the biggest difference between iMessage and Hangouts. Hangouts is attempting to be platform agnostic (at least between Android, iOS and Desktop/Web)

          • PSU_DI

            Thanks sirmeili for elaborating this point. Your absolutely correct about this.

          • Justin

            How will this effect those of us who use Google Voice for all of our texting?

          • PSU_DI

            Justin, I’m pretty sure Google said specificilly that Google Voice integration to hangouts was planned, so I’d say it’s coming… if it’s not included already included when SMS/MMS comes to hangouts.

          • Justin

            Awesome, thanks. Its hard to keep up with Android innovation.

          • Inquizitor

            They did make a vague promise, but it almost certainly won’t come with the initial SMS integration and I’ll be pleasantly shocked if it ever does come. Google Voice is a forgotten stepchild, and they just wish we’d all stop using it too.

          • Inquizitor

            Unless they really dislike the interface, think the conversation management is half-baked at best, and really dislike almost everything about the hangouts user experience.

          • Chris

            Actually I didn’t down vote and just to show no hard feelings I’ll give you an upvote 🙂

          • ASV505

            That wasn’t directed towards you since I don’t care enough to check. Oh no my votes!

      • Tom Luley

        I, like others, cannot stand the stock messaging app. 3rd party SMS apps are usually loaded with ads or bog down quick. Some say pay to make the ads go away, but I shouldnt have to pay to get a decent messaging app. The new Hangouts is fast and most of my contacts use Hangouts anyway, just to be able to message EVERYONE from in there would be a huge plus.

        • MichaelFranz

          as much as i hate to say it, i wish they have emoji support. i know its typically an iOS thing, but i hated when i would get them sent and coudlnt see them.

          and FYI if you need a good 3rd party messaging app i recommend 8sms. Its basically CM10.1 sms but in app form from the market. Very nice, no bog or nothing.

        • malcmilli

          I have no qualms with the stock message app, it works just fine… i do however have a problem with this downgraded google talk app known as hangouts. I’ll be fine with integration if they are improving hangouts, but as it is right now, i hate the hangouts app.

          • Inquizitor

            It’s terrible. I used talk for im and google voice for texting. But now I can never tell when someone’s online, so what the hell is the point of using hangouts when I can just text them or use Facebook, where I KNOW whether they’re active.

          • zurginator

            That’s what the green icon beside their name is for?

      • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

        I can reply from my computer. everything is 1 thing. iOS has it down pat.

    • lucky

      Hangouts is a stupid name for a messaging app. The new version (in Android 4.4) will include SMS. They are replacing the current messaging app with it. However, I think they should’ve kept the “Messaging” name.

      • turdbogls

        messaging inmplies text/sms/mms. something the hangouts app isn’t limited to. i think eventually they might do the VOIP option though the app on top of video calling. the naming makes sense if you think about it.

      • PolarBear

        I don’t think “messaging” will work because…. [Messaging similar to iMessage = Apple will sue] [Google Message or Google+ Message or G+ message or anything that comes with the word “MESSAGE” = Apple will sue] [If we try with Google Play Messaging maybe but Apple might sue]… So maybe that’s why Google is avoiding any name with a word near to “message”.

        • Woodhouse

          That’s like saying that a Picasa-integrated gallery app called Photos would be infringing on iPhoto… It is the name of an industry standard. I don’t see Apple suing everyone who uses the word “phone” to describe their device because it’s “too similar” to iPhone.

        • tyguy829

          apple can’t copyright the name message. that’s too ridiculous, even for them.

          • PolarBear

            So you are saying that “Squares and Rounded Corners” or “App Store” isn’t ridiculous, right?

        • alex drum

          Say Apple did sue! That doesn’t mean they instantly win. Let them sue, let them fail. Android already uses the word “Messaging” for their messaging service (SMS/MMS). By your logic wouldn’t Apple already sued? Go on your phone, go in your app drawer, and tell me what your text message app is called.

          • PolarBear

            If Apple begin to receive strong competition against them, then they have the money to play litigation. For example: If any new name that looks more attractive than Hangouts comes and it gives iMessage a run for Apple’s money. And at the same time it have a name with words something like “Messaging” or “Message”, then those words or similar words might be a good excuse for Apple to sue. If something gives Apple a run for their money, they will attack until they get their monopoly…

          • alex drum

            what? first of all I have an email of what you posted originally, dont know why you revised it but you took out most of it and now your comment makes no sense, its a fragment. Anyway! you are changing your whole argument! you were just talking about the name in your post and thats it. again I will say, android already has a messaging app, apple cant copyright/trademark the word message. they could copyright the color, font, size, ect but not the word. you need to look up criteria one must meet to achieve a copyright/TM. The word is not unique to the company, they didn’t come up with it, change it, or anything. If you genuinely think the word “message” is the creative property of apple, or you think that they would be bold enough to say it is, you truly are a fool. Hell we could call it “A-message” and we would be fine. You really dont understand what a trademark/copyright can include. I can’t go out and TM the word “Camera” and sue everyone who uses that word.

      • DingDong

        They should have gone with “Babel” officially…

      • Mike ‘Merlin’ Patterson

        They should have just stuck with GTalk. Or called it GVideo. Or come up with a new term. Hangouts though is far too generic and you just can’t say it in regular conversation.

        “Hey want to Hangout later?” – meaning with Google
        “Hey want to hang out later?” – meaning in person

        Oh, hey. These sound similar. Can anyone tell the difference? NO.
        And that is a problem

        • DRaY

          I like the Hangout app, actually all of my friends use it (iOS and Androids versions)and say quite often to them, “Hit me up on Hangouts” and they know exactly what I mean. It’s not so bad once you get used to it. For some reason no one would know what Gtalk was when I asked friends to use it before.

        • DLife

          Sadly this was happening before Android KitKat

          • Dlife

            And an image hopefully this time.

      • Razma

        I was in favor of them calling it Babel. Then again I’m a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan

    • TheDrunkenClam

      I hate when one comment launches a huge pointless discussion/argument, takes over the comments, and thus detracts from what could potentially be an opportunity for people to point out some good things pertaining to the article .

      • Joey Funk

        thats what the minimize button is for.

  • MichaelFranz

    I like the White style icons. I mean its nice to make a change since for th elongest time out GB green was in our heads, now the ICS blue is still there, the White is a nice change and more streamlined/minimal feeling

    • jscofi

      please give us options to change!

      • zephiK

        Its called custom roms :p

        • jscofi

          “just root it”-answer to everything

          • Elliot Kotis

            Zombie apocolypse? jsut root your android, it will turn into an android and kill them all.

      • MichaelFranz

        while i agree having some theme options in the OS would be nice, i doubt we will see it. I always imagine having android incorporate some of these outstanding rom features into there baseline code even if it is as simple as battery % style, color, etc etc

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Yeah I like it. I hope it doesn’t interfere with white wallpapers. Oh and Google just announce the phone already. I swear everything but hangouts/SMS is missing. And make for Verizon too please 🙂

      • Shaun O’Toole

        Give up the Verizon dream, people. Have you ALREADY forgotten that Big Dumb Red F’D UP a Tablet just 2 months ago? You really think they’ll handle a from-google device that’s gonna be unlocked?

        BTW, I’ve gotta go to work on a Unicorn now…

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Calm down dude. I know it’s unlikely it’ll come to Verizon. You act like it’s a sin for me to want it on Verizon.

          • Shaun O’Toole

            It’s not personal against you or a sin. I’m still enjoying my freedom after being paroled from RED’s prison after 2 years back in September. I just think they’re a totalitarian carrier. Their approval process will be their undoing someday in the not too distant future

          • turdbogls

            I seriously doubt that. the average user only cares about coverage and download speeds. they dont care if their phone gets updated now or a month or 2 from now. as long as it works, and they can make calls/send texts/and facebook, they are happy.

            big red is the enemy to all of us android enthusiests, but we are hardly the majority.

            if anything, their degrading speeds are going to be their downfall. i cannot pull anything higher than 6mbps down here in orlando. even at the airport with full bars I only got 8mbps down. horrible.

      • Larizard

        They’re gonna wait after the iPad event to announce the next Nexus and KitKat.

  • Chris

    the US logo is so much better

    • br_hermon

      Just FYI, that’s the Hershey version of packaging. They struck up the deal with Nestle.

      • Both Nestle and Hershey

        • br_hermon

          Yeah, Hershey is licensed to sell & distribute Kit Kat in the U.S. So I suppose, yes, the deal is with both.

      • br_hermon

        I can’t understand why anyone would vote this down??? (Unless it’s as if to say I was wrong about the deal being with Nestle)

  • Dale

    What happened to the transparent app drawer? That was sooo much better!

    • Korey Page

      Good question. So many different builds are out that we have an idea to what to expect but don’t at the same time.

    • Jeff Miller

      It was only transparent on the homescreen, not in app or settings

      • PSU_DI

        In an earlier leak last week, 4.4 was shown to have a transparent app drawer. I find it odd that this seems to be a more current but and it’s back to being black. I’ve noticed other odd things in these photos, such as G+ Photos, that was renamed in a previous leaked build/image & the Gallery icon was removed, not so much in these photos.

      • Seth Merritt

        App drawer. Not notification bar or nav buttons. I believe Kellen said this is an older build.