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If You Pre-ordered the Note 3 Through Verizon, Were You Able to Keep Unlimited Once It Arrived?

samsung galaxy note 3

Two weeks ago, a “software glitch” in a Verizon system kicked off a weekend full of upgrades for many of you. The glitch was allowing (or at least showing) that upgrades were being processed with unlimited data still intact, something Verizon had killed off long ago. Once the weekend had finished, though, Big Red patched up your path to upgrading with unlimited data, but did issue a statement to us suggesting that they would honor all upgrades processed over the weekend. They would also allow those who upgraded to keep unlimited data.

Most of you were able to keep those upgrades and unlimited data as online orders arrived at your homes a couple of days later. But what about those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 3 and are just now receiving devices? 

We’ve heard from a dozen or so DL readers who seem to be having issues (not all but enough to grab our attention). Galaxy Note 3 orders are arriving, but details in their shipments reference 2GB $30 plans rather than the unlimited data packages they were hoping to keep. Upon activating, they are indeed seeing their accounts change over to tiered data plans. Some have had success switching everything back by calling in to Verizon customer service reps, even escalating to supervisors, while others are hitting dead ends.

We are pretty sure that customer service reps were supposed to receive an email that detailed the situation and how to deal with customers who called in asking to have their data plans switched back over to unlimited. At least three readers have confirmed this after talking with reps who were actually in the know. They were successful in keeping unlimited data, even after a temporary switch to tiered. I don’t want to suggest continuing to call back into Verizon’s customer service department until you get the right rep, but some have had to.

We’ve begun conversations with Verizon to see how we can get you all taken care of, but wanted to start this post to gather all of you who seem to have been bumped onto a tiered data plan. In the comments, please let us know if you have been switched over to tiered and have had no luck getting your unlimited data back. Also, if you were moved to a tiered plan and then managed to get it switched back to unlimited, feel free to provide help in the comments. Let’s see if we can’t help each other as a community, while we work with Verizon to get this all figured out.

  • Matt

    I upgraded on sep 29 and didn’t get my phone till October 18 and my phone wouldn’t activate. I had to call in to get it activated, was told I couldn’t keep unlimited data. I explained that I have screen shots and print outs stating that I was able to keep unlimited data. She tried and couldn’t and said I had to pick a data plan. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told the same thing and reexplained that I had all the evidence about me keeping unlimited data and boom he gave it to me as soon as I mentioned having print outs and screen shots.

  • Ramana

    Received my iphone 5s, tried upgrading and lo- moved to 2GB. On the phone with CS and they have no clue about this.

    • Ramana

      Best I could get was 6 GB max plan. Will try again tomorrow I guess.

      • Sundeep S

        Try chatting with them online. that’s helped some customers.

      • Sundeep S

        BTW, did you activate the new sim? or just used your old sim in your 5S?

      • Ramana

        Alright, Unlimited back

        Used the new sim pre installed. As people have said below do not bother with chat or customer service and call the internet order customer service directly. They are the only ones who seem to know whats going on.


        • Sundeep S

          Cool. I got my 5S shipped today. I used my sim from iPhone 5 and the unlimited never went away!

        • bluefolder

          As Ramana said, call this internet order customer service number: 1-866-338-7390

          I first called the 877 number that was listed in the Verizon setup guide that came in the box with the iPhone 5s I ordered for my wife. Lots of time on hold while they tried to activate it several different ways, checking IMEI and ICCID numbers. Guy finally says that its an issue with upgrade and the unlimited plan, and after I email him screen shots and confirmation email showing unlimited, he still says it can’t be done. Offers the 6GB plan (she only uses like 1GB, but it’s the principle of the thing…). I say I’ll have to talk to her and hang up. So nothing for over an hour on the phone.

          Then I called the 866 number above. Talk to a woman who checks on the ICCID, says after a couple minutes it was something to do with the system having the wrong SIM card info, tells me to turn off phone, turn it on again, and boom, within a minute the phone is activated and she never says anything about changing the data plan. Online account now reflects iPhone5s on that line and still has unlimited data. Took 10 minutes and no fuss.

  • Sundeep S

    My iPhone 5S 32 GB has been shipped. I will receive it on Wednesday. I’ll keep posted!

  • Name

    Like many others pre-order arrived but I notice receipt said tiered 2GB so BEFORE I activated I initiated a chat with a support rep to find out if when I do activate it will switch. After giving me the company line about being switched because of upgrading I explained the situation and after a brief pause she offered to wait while I activated (with my old sim by the way) to switch it back to unlimited if necessary which she had to do. I still have my unlimited. I get the feeling they are playing dumb in hopes that some will just let the switch happen. Even if they just get a few that’s a few less off of unlimited. They are probably hoping it will be harder to send back the phone once it is in your hands even if you were losing unlimited.

  • madroix

    Kept mine. No issues.

  • thegreatdubbinski

    I pre-ordered the note 3. My email confirmation had my unlimited data still on. I received my phone and the receipt in the packaging said I was on the tiered 2GB. I self activated through the instructions on the box and then logged into my account online to confirm they had changed my plan…and they did. I called verizon and told the rep the whole story of the glitch and how my email confirmation said I could keep my unlimited and they needed to change it back. The rep told me she didn’t have an option to change it back and said they have other plans to offer…I cut her off and said I wasn’t interested in any new plans I would only accept my unlimited back and if she wasn’t able to do that then I would need to speak to a supervisor. She said okay and asked me to hold. I was on hold for about a minute when the same rep returned to the line and said she was able to switch me back to unlimited and that she’d stay on the line while I logged in from home to confirm. I did. It’s back. Unlimited!!!!!

  • samthomas86

    Both my line and my wife’s line were switched to 2GB plans when we activated our phones – Droid Mini and Note 3. Called in after activating both and with minimal effort had unlimited back on both. I was shocked how easy it was since everything else with VZW is such a pain in the a**. I will say this, I went into a store to pick up a case and as usual they told me to call in to have the issue resolved since stores cant do much of anything other than sell you a phone or a plan.

  • Ray

    I got my GN3 on the 10th and they changed my unlimited to the Max 6bg after activation, I spoke to Megan a supervisor and she was very nasty, she said I couldn’t keep my unlimited data because I was using the EDGE plan and I was month to month without a contract. I told her I had pre order my phone on the 26 of September and the system allowed me to keep my unlimited data plan. Well I was told by Megan that she was giving the option to return the phone and then I wouldn’t loose my unlimited data, then she said well since you are on month to month, you could do what ever you need to do and hanged up on me.
    Next day I called and I asked for a supervisor and she immediately apologized and restored my unlimited data.

  • cashx3r0

    off topic, but since vzw wouldn’t price match their own internet coupon, best buy price matched and kept me on unlimited data (dumb phone trick), even though they swore it wouldn’t work. I thought the vzw employees were on commission, but they treat everyone like garbage

  • tabsaz

    Question for anyone who knows – I’m honestly finding the phone a bit too unwieldy after a couple days of carrying it around now. I love the screen and stuff but it just might be that it’s too big for the way I use it.

    Will I run into issues with the unlimited if I try to exchange it for something else? I spent a good part of the day on Thursday getting them to reinstate my unlimited and I have a feeling if I return it and have to get a new SIM again etc that they’re gonna switch it to tiered again and I may not be able to get out of it this time.

    • Sporttster

      Kinda wondering the same here. I’m having audio issues with mine. The sound goes up and down and at times crackles when using the audio jack. Think it may be either it doesn’t like the Google play music app or it may be due to the adapt sound settings or my choice, the stupid volume limiter that drops the sound down when I put it up. Something’s not right and I’m on the verge of saying screw this and sending it back. Didn’t have a lick of probs with my Razr Maxx using the same setup so something isn’t right here.

      • tabsaz

        Update – I was able to successfully exchange today via #611 and I have a receipt showing the new phone (a 64GB 5S) with unlimited data still intact. The guy on the phone assured me it would not switch me to tiered data. If it does I assume I can just do the same thing I did when the Note 3 came.

  • Jay F

    I was told by a vzw manager after she switched my account back to unlimited that if my account or anyone else’s who had their plan switched back to unlimited from tiered gets audited, it will be changed back to tiered. Something to keep in mind.

    • tabsaz

      Then they have to let you out of your contract if they do that – you never signed a contract with tiered data shown on it.

  • iCSpEEdRaCeR

    I got kicked when I activated my Note3 (had to use the new SIM, my old one was too big). Was with online support while doing it and the lady tried to fix it, but her fix request was denied. I went online again to chat and the dude said supervisor’s had to sign off on it for it to be approved. I didn’t want to wait and tried calling 1-866-338-7390 for internet order support. 15 mins wait&talk; my account is back on unlimited and the phone is useful again. Verizon should fix their support team to be like the internet order support people. Super fast, knows how to get stuff done.

  • Louis Staffieri

    I was able to keep my unlimited data I called Verizon before I open the box and a rep walked me through the activation process once that was all done he made sure my unlimited data was still intact on my plan.

  • Liontamer

    Iwas able to keep my unlimited data. Didn’t activate the new SIM, just used the old one.

  • Dredger

    I got the GN3 during the “glitch” and it arrived on 10 Oct. I used it non-stop for that day and the next before I got a message saying I had reached 75% of my prorated data for the month (my cycle begins on day 12 of each month). I called verizon, explained that I upgraded to the GN3 but got to keep my unlimited data. The rep said that was odd because they haven’t had unlimited in quite a long time but he would check. After about a minute on hold he came back and said I did have unlimited and would manually switch it back. He informed me I was one of the people that ordered the phone during their short “promotion”. Later I got an email detailing the change to my account ad well as an automated call detailing the same info. Now I am back on unlimited with only a 5 minute phone call.

    • Such

      Did you activate the new sim or use your old one?

      • Dredger

        I used the new simple that was already in the GN3.

  • Sax

    I pre order the note 3 and still have my unlimited plan. Loving this phone thanks for the glitch Verizon.

  • Crackerjack06

    I bought my note3 outright and had trouble getting it to activate. when I called I was told my new phone was not compatible with my old plan and I needed to upgrade. They of course tried to push me into a tiered plan, but after a little talking I ended up switching from a 550 min family share plan (one smart phone, one feature phone) to 700 min share everything plan and keeping my unlimited data. what a pain…

  • slow88lx

    Swaped in old SIM and kept unlimited. I ordered on the “Holy Weekend”.

  • David Molina

    I got to keep my unlimited data, and I love the phone. NOTE 3 PHABLET ALL DAY.

  • SeanPlunk

    I called 611 yesterday and didn’t have much luck. The representative was trying but didn’t know what to do.

    I did a chat session with a representative today and she helped me activate the device and retain unlimited data. She was very patient and made sure everything went okay. Once I was satisfied my data was intact, I asked the representative about the VERIZON30 discount and she transferred me to another rep.

    The rep explained she couldn’t do anything about the discount since it wasn’t an internal Verizon code and since it was a pre-order. I asked her to escalate to a supervisor and she said she would and then the chat was abruptly ended.

    At that point I read on the slick deals thread about a dedicated phone number for online orders – 1-866-338-7390. I called the number and asked first about my unlimited data situation. The representative knew all about the glitch immediately and confirmed I still had unlimited data. I then asked her about the VERIZON30 code and she offered to take care of that as well. She sent the request to the treasury department and said I would get a credit on my next bill for $90.

    For anyone that needs to take care of this, I suggest skipping everything else and calling the number referenced above. The representative seemed better informed and was able to take care of everything with ease.

    Good luck!

    • SeanPlunk

      The representative kept her word, the $90 credit was processed this morning 🙂

    • drose0

      Which phone did you get? I wasn’t able to use the coupon when I ordered mine so I’m just curious if I’d be able to get anywhere retroactively.

      • SeanPlunk

        I got a Note 3. I encourage you to call the number and give it a shot. It took about 5 minutes max and the representative was very helpful.

    • b_to_the_randon

      Thank you for posting this. I called firstly to verify that I still had unlimited (I just swapped SIM cards, worked great) and they confirmed that I did. But then I went ahead and asked about the VERIZON30 promo and now I’ve been given a $90 bill credit. Thanks again!

      • SeanPlunk

        Awesome, glad it worked out for you!

  • Marco De Paulis

    Mine switched to tiered, called Verizon a few hours ago to have it switched back. The rep had no idea about the glitch and had to look into it. Shorty after he found a document for employees to honor the glitch within the 2/3 day range it took place

  • Justin Fosco

    Mine kept unlimited. Just used the sim from my note 2.

  • Jonbo298

    The new sim card they pre-installed wouldn’t activate (even though the receipt said 2gb and my first call dealt with an absolute witch). Popped in sim card from my Note 2 and unlimited did not go away.

  • Woooooo

    When I got the note 3 it came with a paper that said 2gb tiered plan. So I called them and the lady had no clue then she passed me to her supervisor who did not help at all and was being a dick. So I hung up then called back 30 minutes later and got a very nice lady named Debbie who was very helpful and she told me that yes they were honoring the glitch and that if I put in an order I would be able to keep unlimited. So she got her manager to approve it and bam! I kept my unlimited wooooooooo!

  • s0uth

    When people activated with the new sim they got kicked down to a tiered data plan. And if you just threw in your old Sim which still had unlimited you wouldnt have had to go through the hassle of callIing cs.

    And for everyone that wasn’t able to get their unlimited back. You just have to hassle them. As I did with the coupon code. I called like 5-6 times you just have to get the right CSR.

    • Sporttster

      Not true. The receipt that came with my phone said 2gb for $30 on it before I even activated anything. It was in their system already.

      • s0uth

        Yea. Mine did too. I believe the Sim card that it comes with have the 2gb plan on them. That’s what I believe. Makes sense to me.

  • Pdewet

    I was also able to keep my unlimited data. My phone arrived Thursday afternoon. When I opened it, it had a pre-installed sim card in the phone. I removed it and put the sim card from my Note 2 in. After activation I signed into Verizon just to make sure and my unlimited data was still in tact. Not sure if me switching sims had anything to do with it but it worked so that’s all I care about. I am so glad it worked and I didn’t have to go fight and argue with them about it. Yay…long live unlimited data

  • There’s a huge thread on XDA on this.

    It all has to do with whether or not the user uses their existing 4G SIM card or the new one included in the Note3 order.

    I swapped in my old SIM from my Note2 and kept Unlimited with no problem. It’s been 24 hours, and I’m keeping a close eye on it.

    Users that activated with the new SIM did get moved to 2gb, but reports on XDA are that a call to customer service gets back to Unlimited pretty easily.

    I’m still amazed by this whole glitch process… I have an AWESOME new phone with unlimited all thanks to DL and you guys staying on top of this. Thanks!!! Oh, and the Note3 is Awesome!!