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S-OFF Method Released for Verizon’s HTC One

verizon htc one

Verizon’s HTC One now has S-OFF thanks to XDA members beaups and jduck. The method, called Rumrunner S-OFF, was released this morning and is available for both Windows and Linux users. Since Verizon and HTC shut down the HTCDev bootloader unlock party that One owners were participating in on launch day, this is quite exciting. This also should satisfy the massive multi-thousand bounty that was accruing by the day. 

With S-OFF, owners of the HTC One on Verizon should be able to fully enjoy their phones the way all Android phones were meant to be enjoyed. Having S-OFF allows for flashing of ROMs, recovery, and any other unsigned code that works with the phone.

The full instructions can be found at the link below, most of which look very automated once you have met all of the pre-requisites. Just make sure you have the correct file, which is determined by the software that your HTC One is currently running. If you took the most recent update, you’ll have a separate file from those who have held out in hopes of S-OFF.

Via:  XDA

  • texashorns88

    Figures that I finally got a new phone a couple weeks ago and went with the DNA (was rocking a T-Bolt still) mainly because of the lock-down on the HTC One that seemed like would take longer to achieve and I refused to have a phone I couldn’t achieve S-Off with. What to do now?

    Granted, the DNA seems like the best phone ever made coming from 2 1/2 years of the T-Bolt, so I may hang tight for a while, but not super thrilled with the seemingly limited number of ROMS available for the DNA. I figured there would be a bigger dev following for it (only has nightlies for CM).

  • Mrpicolas

    Woot and that’s what I did this morning.. S off and rooted..

  • Charles Novak

    Thank you for bringing s-off to this device! It is much appreciated! But when I boot into recovery it’s there but I can’t see it. Anybody know a fix? I’ve tried flashing through Rom manager and goo im and it can’t find recoveries for my device.

  • jluketwo

    Totally works. S-off and unlocked with cwtr and root

  • Wyveryx

    Gotta say that after the s-off went public there was an explosion of ROM’s and dev work for this….It’s pure awesome sauce. It’s like the heady days of the OG again for me 🙂

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I was expecting this when I got my blue One. This is am added bonus. Thanks XDA

  • umbrellacorp

    Googling what S-Off means… newb to that term.

    • themiddaysun

      It’s in the article….” Having S-OFF allows for flashing of ROMs, recovery, and any other unsigned code that works with the phone.”

      • umbrellacorp

        Thanks. I don’t know what S-OFF means, though. Like where the term comes from.

        • nicotinic

          Security… Off. Kinda like Face-Off without the invasive surgery.

          • umbrellacorp


  • Daistaar

    The better question here is how do you pronounce beaups name?! Is it B-Ups or is it Bopes?! Soooo Curious!!!!!

    • beaups

      bopes 😛

  • jnt

    The timing of this was impeccable – just traded back to a One this weekend…

  • Stephen Gutierrez

    Now that this is S-OFF it’s looking very tempting. I’ve always enjoyed HTC’s build quality, but with the Nexus 5 right around the corner I have no idea what to upgrade to!

    • Daistaar

      Feel like we need the AT&T guy with a bunch of kids to debate whether 5 is better than 1.

    • Robertjm

      Unfortunately, everything seems to be pointing towards the Nexus 5 NOT coming to Verizon in it’s first release. At least, the FCC filing doesn’t show the proper LTE band for VZW.

      I was all set to wait. But, with that being the case, I’m debating between an unlocked HTC One and a Moto X Developer Edition.

      I swear that phone shopping is worse than car shopping!! 😉

  • alex Thomson

    Who ever promised to pay up better. Otherwise, it’ll get us in the long run.

  • mustbepbs

    Beaups is the man. He helped me when I was having trouble getting S-OFF on my DNA. He literally did it for me. Props, bro.

  • CHRIS42060

    At least this doesn’t require the “wire trick” like the HTC Rezound did to achieve S-OFF.

    • mustbepbs

      The Xperia Play was a nightmare too after Verizon patched the exploit. You had to hit two points with a wire while someone else did a bunch of other stuff on the computer. It was insane and $25.

      • Daistaar

        You think that’s bad? You need Reggie Bush to hold the Xperia Z underwater while you do ADB to get S-Off.

    • Stephen Cox

      Ugh, I had to do the wire trick twice this weekend (on two different handsets), but its worth it for sure.

    • Black Roger

      I wish every phone had a wire trick that was fun! Still have that crappy phone (work phone) 🙁

  • John

    Good job…very good job.

    Now 4.3 is going to be delay so that VZW can find a way to lock it all down again.
    To that I say, to hell with VZW update. I can put Dev Edition on this thing…the updated 4.3 Dev Edition.

    • Skittlez

      or GPE 🙂

      • aQuickBit

        Maybe some of us want to keep Sense

        *cue shudders*

    • michael arazan

      Now that you can put stock android on an HTC one, I think it just jumped to first place on my next device list.

  • samosa king

    I hope this works on the International HTC One with Android 4.3 later on in the future. 🙂

    • Demiroquai

      It does not. If you try it you will own an Aluminum Brick.

  • wary_overlord

    Now we need to wait for the file to be uploaded since the host keeps deleting the files somehow…

  • npompei

    Hold them down, they will rise up. These big wig assholes will never learn. GREAT JOB XDA!!!!!