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MyColorScreen’s Themer Hits Google Play, Here is a Full Tour

mycolorscreen themer android

MyColorScreen’s Themer is now available on Google Play for those of you interested in the design sharing site’s take on an automated theme application. As of now, it’s still in closed beta, meaning you have to sign-up to receive a code that can unlock the app’s capabilities. It’s also free, so you may as well download and sign-up to get your name on the list. Thankfully, we received a code this morning and have since filmed an entire tour of the app and its features. You’ll find all of the details, including that video below.Β 

Before we begin, you should probably understand what Themer is, which is a third party launcher that can quickly download and apply themes to your phone in a matter of seconds. In a way, it’s similar to what we saw with Buzz Launcher in that it has a store of sorts, which you download and apply themes from. So Themer won’t wipe out your Nova Launcher setup – it will instead run as a completely separate launcher.

The themes can be marked as a “favorite,” previewed, and applied with a couple of simple taps. Each will need to be downloaded upon first application, but they are then stored in a “Downloaded” section in case you want to go back them later. There aren’t a ton of themes at this time, but remember that this is a beta. We’d be surprised if there weren’t new themes added quite regularly.

The app really is incredibly simple to use, but it also delivers immediate results that I think you’ll appreciate.Β For those who love advanced settings, it has an area in Settings for you as well. You can tweak grids, add or remove docks, hide notification bars, and move things around until you are completely satisfied.

Again, you can grab the app today from Google Play, but you’ll have to sign-up and hope that an unlock code arrives shortly.

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  • shieru

    wait 138,598

  • Anthony Cardenas

    Does anybody have a link or name of the wallpaper he has in the beginning?

  • nochansey

    “There are 74,451 in front of you” I’m still waiting. :<

    • David

      140,000+. I waited too long. :/

  • Darrin W. Crenshaw

    Signed up for it weeks ago and it is awesome. There’s not much to choose from but that’s a given. It’s super smooth. I doubt it’ll give Nova or Apex a run for their money but regardless – the concept is amazing.

  • brad kou

    I can only switch to two different themes. Im running Pacman Rom on my Nexus 4. Any ideas what is happening?

  • John Jompa Johansson

    119,191 ahead of me. Just a few hundreds for two hours. πŸ™ Could this take a year? lol

  • jmsbwmn


    • Aceplanet

      Thats how i was yesterday. i still dont have a code. Now it just tells me … on that page, and on the website it says my code has been sent but i have nothing.

  • N. K

    For 10h ago I had 108,638 ppl in front of me. Now I have 107,484.
    They send like 115 invites per hour. So I calculated and it will take me about 38 days until I get my code πŸ™

    • ryan f

      It’s been quicker then that . I was at 104k yesterday around this time and now am at 82k.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Got my code not to long ago, very cool app

  • david

    Got my code today, This is actually pretty brilliant!
    I didnt expect it to be as great as it seems to be so far. wow. Very nice!
    Works great

  • nmaxfield

    got my code this afternoon and themes aren’t loading at all on my nexus 4 πŸ™

    • bibbyboi

      Same here. Anyone know why?

      • nmaxfield

        figured it out, has something to do with resolutions. in my case, i’m running aokp rom and my navigation bar is at 36dp. if you reset it to the default, everything loads. seems like a really dumb bug to me, but i’m sure it’ll get fixed in future releases. in the meantime, if i want to check out some themes, i just set the navbar height back to default.

  • Rex

    VIsual themes that can be changed on the fly? Yay, welcome to Symbian circa 2002!

  • Guy Pierce

    98,621 In front of me.

    • Guy Pierce

      Just received my code!

  • Str8Rippin

    90,000 and some change in front…

  • Shantanu Hem Kabadi

    where’s the freakin code :

  • Geekdad

    I got my code last night. The themes are limited. Only about a dozen to choose from.