This Wallpaper Pack is Hot: Frame

Google’s Wallpapers app is pretty great and all, but there are still other options out there that will get you the home screen of your dreams. Frame is an app I would recommend for really clean and high-res, beautiful imagery.

The app pulls a curated list of wallpapers from Unsplash, a site that provides high-resolution photos for free to do with as you please. Each day, Frame offers a “Photo of the Day,” shows you the popular wallpapers of the moment, and lists out a bunch that are featured. Most of the pictures tend to highlight nature or buildings, but overall there is a good mix that should satisfy anyone.  (more…)

3 Android Apps Worth Downloading: GIPHY CAM, Google’s Wallpapers, and Battlefield Companion

There’s been a number of exciting app releases in the past months, so it’s time we take a moment and highlight a few that we find ourselves using quite a bit. If you already using the soon-to-be-mentioned apps, you’re a rockstar. If you don’t use these apps, maybe you should, if you think they would benefit you.

In an attempt to diversify the post a bit, we’ll be highlighting an app for the social media loving people, gaming folks, as well as any Android user who wants to spruce up their home screen. If for some odd reason you don’t fall into one of these categories, better luck next time.

Let’s get to it.  (more…)