Themer Suspended From Google Play Due to Copyright Concern of Apple’s, in Limbo on Return (Updated)

This morning, we received word that Themer, the popular automated Android theming app from MyColorScreen, had been removed from Google Play. We reached out to MyColorScreen to see if we could get word on a potential reason for the removal, along with any sort of timeline for a return. Here is what their team had to say.

On the night of February 2, the Themer app was pulled from Google Play due to a copyright concern regarding their “Seven” theme. Who had the concern? Apple Inc. Apple claimed that several icons in the “Seven” themed infringed upon their copyrights, so the theme was immediately removed from Themer after being pulled from Google Play. For those not familiar with Seven, it does indeed resemble the look of Apple’s new iOS7.  (more…)

Themer Beta Updated With Stability Fixes, More Themes Added

If the Plain Jane Android homescreen isn’t your taste, then we are sure you have already downloaded and tried out Themer from MyColorScreen. If you have not, it’s a simple launcher replacement app that automatically gives your phone an entirely new look and feel. If you don’t feel like spending countless hours constantly changing your homescreen’s appearance, then it will be perfect for you.  (more…)

MyColorScreen’s Themer Hits Google Play, Here is a Full Tour

mycolorscreen themer android

MyColorScreen’s Themer is now available on Google Play for those of you interested in the design sharing site’s take on an automated theme application. As of now, it’s still in closed beta, meaning you have to sign-up to receive a code that can unlock the app’s capabilities. It’s also free, so you may as well download and sign-up to get your name on the list. Thankfully, we received a code this morning and have since filmed an entire tour of the app and its features. You’ll find all of the details, including that video below.  (more…)

Themer App by MyColorScreen to Transform Your Homescreen With One Click


If you are not familiar with MyColorScreen, it is a site dedicated to the customization of smartphones. Users post pictures of their custom homescreens, then post links to how fellow users can achieve the same look. The MyColorScreen team is currently developing an application called Themer, an app that will allow users to change up their homescreens with the press of a single button. It will customize your widgets, icons, backgrounds and more.  (more…)

Unofficial MyColorScreen Beta App Brings the Most Beautiful Home Screens to Your Mobile Device

mycolorscreen app

We have long been fans of MyColorScreen, a website dedicated to showcasing the most beautiful home screens on the planet from mobile devices. It’s this very site that has given us added inspiration throughout the years to hold our “Show off your home screens!” days. Members of the Android community continue to prove time and time again that they are some of the more creative we have ever come across. Unfortunately for those of who visit the screen sharing site quite often from mobile devices, the experience is less than stellar. It’s a visual-heavy website that doesn’t necessarily load and display content on a mobile device the way it was meant to on a big screen or computer. We have often wondered if a mobile app would ever arrive, to help fill our addiction to pretty things. Sure enough, one has.  (more…)

MyColorScreen Receives Makeover, the Best Homescreen Site Just Got Prettier

Homescreen obsessed enthusiasts probably already know about this site, but for those that don’t, we wanted to make sure you became aware. A site called MyColorScreen was created months ago, focusing on beautiful homescreens, the apps and themes that make them up, and building a community around it all. It’s not an app, but there is a mobile version of the site that acts almost like an app. It’s simply a place to share the beautiful works of art that you have constructed on your phone’s screen.

Today, they launched version 2.0 of the site, turning into one of the most beautiful web properties you will visit. The homescreen and device page backgrounds pull from your theme, the app-adding engines work better than ever, and you can take it all to the social-sphere with new sharing tools.

If you needed a spot to find inspiration for our next “Show Off Your Homescreens Day!” post, this would be the place to look.

Via:  MyColorScreen