This Icon Pack is Hot: Magme

Need some icon freshness in your life? Take a look at Magme, an icon pack with a softness to it that also happens to be on sale right now for just $0.99.

Magme features over 1,100 icons, including a whole bunch of alternatives should you not like the default color or styling. There are drawer and folder icons galore, a decent selection of 3K wallpapers (perfect for that G6 or Galaxy S8 in your life), a full dashboard of all icon pack happenings, support with almost any major launcher, and regular updates (it got one just yesterday). (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Pix It

As someone who is always trolling Google Play for the next “hot” icon pack, I have found one that I would like to share, catered to anyone friendly towards the new icon look you find on Pixel devices. Called Pix It, the overall feel is very circular, but there are exceptions where a portion of the icon will cross over the circular border. This design is what drew me into the pack.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Simpax

Here is an icon pack that is not only incredibly hot, it’s also different than anything you have probably used to date. It’s called Simpax, and I highly recommend this as your next home screen customization.

Simpax, which stands for “Simplicity Maximized,” made its debut within the past week from designer sikebo, who you may know from other popular icon packs we have featured, including Materialistik, Retrorika, and Immaterialis. It certainly is simple or minimalistic, but it still manages to have a very unique style or attitude of its own. This isn’t just another minimal pack and it most definitely isn’t a standard Material look either.  (more…)

Galaxy Note 7 Themes Will Support Custom Icon Packs

If you watched today’s DL Show, we briefly touched on this exciting news, being the support of custom third-party icon packs on the Galaxy Note 7. Typically, to use custom icon packs, you would need to use a third-party launcher that supported them. On the Note 7, however, themes you download and use on the device will have support for them, bringing more customization options to owners.  (more…)

This (Free) Icon Pack is Hot: Saturate

Funny you mention it, Felix, because I just so happened to spend some time this weekend looking for a new icon pack to give me a fresh home setup. So, yeah, we have a new icon pack that is indeed hot and worth a look, if anything because it’s free. Mmmm free.

Today’s icon pack is called Saturate. I don’t know why, since the listing says that there are “strong splashes of color” in some places, yet then “desaturated” in others, but we’ll go with it, because it’s nice.

The pack features almost 1,500 icons with 150+ matching wallpapers, icons to support Marshmallow’s settings shortcuts, dynamic calendars, a matching clock widget, all sorts of icon alternatives, and built-in launcher support for your favorites. Did I mention you get all of that for free? Yep. Sure, there are ads, but we’re talking about all of those goodies for free.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Glim

It’s a new year full of new phones, which means you need new hotness in your life. Trust me on this. To piggy back on the Nova Launcher Prime sale going on, I want to introduce you to Glim. I saw a few comments on the Nova sale post asking which icon pack I was using, so here you go.

Glim is a great take on flat icons, but still delivers a colorful punch and unique twist to app icons. The pack, which costs $2.79 on Google Play, features 2,500+ icons to choose from, with tons of alternative colors for those who have a certain theme in mind. The pack features dynamic Calendar support, a “smart” icon request tool, as well as cloud-based wallpapers that support Muzei.  (more…)

Galaxy S7 Gets Rounder Icons, Icon Masking for Your Non-Samsung Apps

We’re still pouring over all things Samsung Galaxy S7 at the moment, since our hands-on time won’t come until tomorrow, but we found something that icon enthusiasts may appreciate in the latest version of Samsung’s TouchWiz. Not only has Samsung rounded off all of the icons for its stock apps (they are calling the shape “squircle”), they are also icon masking the rest of your apps to help match their appearances.  (more…)