Video: Buzz Launcher Brings the Best Custom Android Home Screens to Your Device

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A new launcher has arrived on Android that is certainly worth a few minutes of your time, that is, assuming you take your home screen setups seriously. It’s called Buzz Launcher Beta, and it wants your home screen setup to be as beautiful as those you see on MyColorScreen or reddit, however, it wants you to get there without all the work normally required. With this launcher, you no longer have to scour various forums or websites to find what you are looking for. A custom look is only a couple of taps away. 

Buzz Launcher takes the best home screen setups from around the web (uploaded by users) and tosses them all into a storefront of sorts. From this store, you can download entire setups (including icon packs and arrangements), read about the inspiration behind the setup from the creator, and see what other tips or comments fellow users have to offer. You’ll even find a list of apps needed to completely re-create a look. But don’t worry, once you find a “homepack” and load it onto your device, Buzz Launcher tells you which items need to be downloaded or tweaked, and then gives you direct links to their locations (usually in Google Play).

So when you find a pack and download it, the entire home screen you previewed through the store is now on your device in the exact same setup. If you are missing items, it takes no time at all to find them and update the setup to be as it was pictured. Brilliant, right?

Buzz Launcher also allows you to create a profile, so that you can keep track of all of the “homepacks” you download or upload, share with friends, etc.

The app is still in “beta,” but the potential here is enormous for those who can’t seem to stop customizing their Android device. Taking that a step further, though, an app like this will allow even novice Android users a chance to turn their device into a customized beauty.

Play Links:  Buzz Launcher | Buzz Custom Widget



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