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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Available October 4 at AT&T

Galaxy Note3_002_front with pen_Jet Black

AT&T announced this morning that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear will go on sale both online and in stores on October 4. Previously, AT&T had only confirmed that they would carry each device, while also opening pre-orders. Now we have a firm date, which is this Friday.

The Galaxy Note 3 will be available at $299 on new 2-year contract or $35 with AT&T Next. The Galaxy Gear is a flat $299.

We have already unboxed the Galaxy Note 3 and also whipped through 30+ tips and tricks for the device, both must-watches if you plan to pick one up this weekend.

  • ohhh note 3, of course… uh uh note 3….

  • 10/10wtf?!?!?

    know whats funny . as usual VERIZON had to be the step child odd man out with NO release info. Instead we get a ” Will ship by 10/10 ” ……….. WTF is it with these people . i just talked to 3 different people at verizon they all said it was samung to blame cause they couldn’t promise verizon a proper shipment date. i call SHENANIGANS !!!!!!!

    • Tim242

      At least it’s not a month late like last year. I had to sell them at Sprint every day, and had to painfully wait a whole month to get my own on Verizon.

  • TheWenger

    Is it just me, or does the bottom of that S-Pen look like a condom?

    • Anon

      It’s just you

  • Alex Boro

    I was at the AT&T coorprate retail store at the Bridgewater Mall in NJ and they had one in stock yesterday. I didn’t buy it but I played around with one.

  • Justin W

    Anyone know when the US unlocked version will be available officially?

    • Android Spy 007

      when note 4 is coming ?out

    • kmalbe

      AT&T telephone customer service rep told me if I chose to but the note 3 “off contract” ($749, I think?) it would be unlocked.

      • Justin W

        It’ll still have AT&T bloatware on it though (which I want to avoid). I’m looking for an untouched version of the Note III that I can take to any carrier without having to worry about carrier-ridden bloatware pre-loaded (chances are high that I won’t be rooting/ROMming the device, which is why that’s important to me). Samsung’s live chat told me “When it’s available, our website will be updated”. Great, as if that was any indication.

  • Droidzilla

    Tempting as I need a new, off contract phone for T-Mobile/AT&T, but I think I’ll wait for the Nexus 5. I’m sure you all were on pins and needles waiting to hear what I was planning on doing, so you’re welcome.

  • commancheninja


    Note 3 kills the Iphone 5s