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HTC One Developer and Unlocked U.S. Editions Receiving Android 4.3 Update

htc one 4.3 update

HTC told announcement a couple of days ago that we should see an Android 4.3 update for the HTC One Developer Edition before the end of the week. That update is now rolling out to both the Developer Edition and Unlocked variant of the phone here in the U.S. as build 3.22.1540.1. As you can see in the image above, my unlocked version is a part of the rollout. 

The update jumps the device from Android 4.1.2 to Android 4.3, which means it receives all of the goodies introduced in Android 4.2, like quick toggles in the notification bar. But the bigger deal here is likely what HTC has done with Sense 5 enhancements, which range from new Highlights options to swiping up on Home to access Google Now. We’ll be diving in as soon as this install finishes up and will report back on our findings.

Who doesn’t love a 7AM update?

  • Markus

    Hi i have the international unlocked version and i haven’t gotten the update as yet why is this? Any help would be great

    • Dina

      I found the same problem. how can we should to do?

  • Alonso Martinez

    Well I got my international HTC one and got the update yesterday which is pretty cool compared what I had, the problem is I don’t get 4g with T-Mobile where I used to with nexus 4, bought another HTC one T-Mobile brand and it didn’t get any updates and now get 4/3g signal but OS is boring good, only good think is battery last longer.

  • JLS_Indy

    Received 4.3 on my unlocked US 32 GB model. Clean install. Like all the new features.

  • Steve Swall

    I feel bad for all Rezound owners…they still on Gingerbread?

  • SemahjLam

    now come to tmobile so i can get wifi calling and sms/mms back

  • Spammerbam

    Sorry, kinda new at this. Will sim-unlocking your HTC One bypass the carrier and get the update directly from HTC?

  • Flat_Stanley

    Looks like they beat the Moto X

  • trixnkix637

    Is the developer edition available on VZW?

  • yummy

    Furizon fauxNexus

    Dont know how to compile,
    so thanks devs

  • Justin W

    Got mine today! Installing now 🙂

    • PhoenixPath

      Yep. go tired of waiting and converted my T-Mobile HTC One to Dev Edition (Used the instructions on XDA and the Brighstar 1.29.1504.3 RUU).

      The conversion process is scary as hell…and I am not exaggerating. At at least two points I thought I had just broken my $580 device beyond repair.

      Well, finally got it done, updated to .16, .17 and the 4.3 update is downloading as I type.

      Whew…and Yay!

      • Reginald Jefferson

        Wow the conversion process is that complicated huh. Is there a similar process for the Verizon version?

  • reyalP

    Little late! 4.4 is about to drop. HTC=fail!

    • BreakingVZW

      Yeah it’s totally HTC’s fault. It has nothing to do with carriers or anything. The only handsets running 4.3 are the Nexus line and dev edition/unlocked phones. Once 4.4 launches the carrier sets won’t see that for a long time either. Again, not OEM’s fault.

      • reyalP

        HTC has to make it compatible with Sense. That takes time.

        • bholt6

          HTC must be holding up all the other brands too. Damn them.

  • Detonation

    Hopefully this means a port to the DNA soon. The current Sense 5 Roms work great.

  • OrganicChemist

    For the Developer Edition of the phone, who pushes the update, the Carrier or HTC?

    • BreakingVZW

      HTC. If it was Verizon the dev edition wouldn’t see the update for at least 945 more days.

      • aQuickBit

        Such a modest estimate. I think you forgot to add a zero to the end of that number 😛

      • OrganicChemist

        Does Vzw have an HTC One Developer Edition Variant?

    • Oli72

      The carrier.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I keep seeing the rollout or leaks prior but I’m not seeing screens or hearing about new features. What’s Different?

  • Ian

    Coming from 4.1.2? The Verizon version must have shipped updated then cause mine is running 4.2.2.

    • Yeah, Verizon version shipped with 4.2.2. Unlocked and Dev editions got the shaft on 4.2.

  • cizzlen

    Unrelated, but has anyone else been getting bursts of T-Mobile 4G LTE around the Milwaukee area?

  • Edwin M

    I still don’t trust any HTC phones on Verizon.

    • inzandity

      I am still sore from the Tbolt

      • Edwin M

        I am from the Rezound. I switched to a Razr M, but at least I know what I’m getting there. Not the lies HTC made about updates involving the Rezound.

        • hkklife

          I made the fatal mistake of recommending to 5-6 friends, relatives and coworkers the TBolt, Inc2, Rezound and DNA over the past 2.5 years. Never again!! Hopefully its not too late to save the DNA but in general I am quite dismayed with HTC’s track record for support & updates. And yes, I got burned by an EVO View tablet as well!

          • Edwin M

            I would probably say the Inc2 was probably the last good phone they had. The Rezound would have been awesome if they had paid attention to it. I cringed when my mother told me she bought the Inc4g. She seems to not care so I guess it’s ok with her but I tried to get her to return it, lol.

          • smokedupdroid

            I just upgraded from the Inc2 (that i had rooted) and I absolutely loved it. The only reason I decided to upgrade to the One was to get better hardware and boy is it better! Loving my new One even more than I loved my Inc2, which I sold to a coworker for her teenage daughter, and so far shes enjoying it. So I have nothing bad to say about HTC and I really like the products that I’ve had from them. Although a coworker had a Tbolt and he had bad experiences with it. So I understand where people are coming from on that.

          • aQuickBit

            Nothing wrong with the DInc4g. My younger sister never had a smartphone before and didn’t care to because most phones to her were huge (tiny hands). I found one on eBay and was like “just give it a shot, you may like it… if not I only spent $90 bucks on it and I’ll resell it” (was in pristine condition BTW). 8 months later she is in love with it. Perfect size, it’s stable and had more than enough features for her. It was that or the RAZR M which I couldn’t get cheap enough. I just got her a NFC SIM card because I knew I’d be Isis compatible. Yes it’s terrible compared to my rooted GNex with Google wallet but she thought it was amazing that she could pay for college groceries by tapping her phone. I keep asking her if she plans on using her upgrade in a few months and she told me that she doesn’t want to give it up until it falls apart.

            Long story short, it ended up being the perfect phone for my sis and got her to live Android (she now thinks her best friends iPhone is too plain because the lack of weather and twitter widgets).

          • Reginald Jefferson

            It’s good to hear that somebody loves one of the older HTC phones. I think the DInc4g got pushed to the wayside. Had little fanfare for it’s release. It just kinda faded out of memory. I ended buying a used RAZR M on Ebay a few months back. Didn’t really think of the DInc4g. I should have just for the developer support but it slipped my mind.

          • M3D1T8R

            The DNA is excellent. As long as the coming update doesn’t break FoxFi…

          • Reginald Jefferson

            I know how you feel. I got burned by the Inc2, puts me in the same boat as the TBolt owners since we got lumped together when it came to updates.

  • Shadowstare

    Mark this date, 9/26/13. How many days will it take for Verizon to push the exact same update on their HTC One’s? The clock starts today.

    • BreakingVZW

      we’ll get our 4.3 update 9/26/2019. Bc Verizon hates all of us.

  • KoTiell

    Whoa developer versions can escape the grasp of Verizon?

    • Ben

      no because none of the dev editions work on vzw for the HTC One.

    • NexusPhan

      Nope. Not even the Galaxy Nexus can do that.

  • John Galt

    Verizon? Galaxy Nex………. oh f*ck it. It’s never going to happen.

    • avinyc

      The binaries are up for 4.3, it is going to happen despite the delay. If you are impatient, compile them yourself or install one of the roms.

      • John Galt

        Oh, Shiny’s already running. The data drops and handoff issues are driving me nuts though, which is why a verizon update would be Fan-Fucking-Tastic. To get the proprietary files, you know?

        • avinyc

          Yes, those radios are definitely annoying to wait for. I’m hoping the update drops within a month.

    • KleenDroid

      I know Verizon didn’t pay it a lot of attention but I am surprised. But then again being it is a Nexus I doubt there are many that have not installed it themselves.

    • epps720

      So happy I got rid of the Verizon GNex. Verizon really is the worst

      • John Galt

        What’d you switch to? I’m on the verge of terminating my contract early because I can’t handle their network anymore. It’s way to overloaded in my metro area.

        • epps720

          I actually went the unlocked route and got the HTC One which I use w/Net10. I just ordered a new Sim today to take advantage of the LTE speeds. Only issue I’ve had is if I try to stream music while driving it doesn’t work as well as it did w/Verizon. Full price of the phone was hard to swallow but considering I’m saving about $30 a month, that more than pays for the phone.

    • Pavel Araque

      how i see verizon once i bought my HTC one

      • Reginald Jefferson

        So…Verizon is in league with the Decepticons…

        • Adam Crawford

          That is Ultron I believe

    • Alonso Martinez

      I cancel my Verizon at 14 months and had to pay 120 cancellation fee which seems a lot but worth it. You can go to pageplus same towers better deal, there is air voice wireless if you live Midwest, northeast areas, or if you get good coverage with tmobile go with monthly 4g. I pay $30 amonth 5gb, I can watch some hulu+ and Netflix and my data will not be cutdown to 1.5 like net10 does or worst cutoff your service. My friend had thatone “unlimited” now 1gb a month. $45 plus tax go with airvoice wireless then $40 no tax in cali.