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Wireless Charging Accessories for Galaxy Note 3 to Include S View Cover and S Charger Kit

Galaxy Note 3

Previously, we wrote up a few of Samsung’s upcoming accessories for the Galaxy Note 3, including a Mini Purse and even some more avant-garde products from fashion designers. Today we are looking at a few of the wireless charging accessories that Samsung is launching alongside the Galaxy Note 3, which were posted on Samsung’s website recently. 

From what is posted on the site, the Note 3 will have a very healthy lineup of accessories, including an extra battery kit, S Charger Cover, S View Cover for wireless charging, an S Charger Kit, plus a Desktop Dock. None of the details for the products are quite known yet, but at least we now know what they will look like. No word on pricing, either.

One thing everyone can give Samsung credit for is its new-found embrace of pushing out plenty of accessories for their flagship devices.

Galaxy Note 3

Via: Samsung

Cheers Matt!

  • Paul

    I have one the RAVPower Qi wireless charger. It works great and instantly convenient.

  • NachoKingP

    When the hell is the S View Wireless coming out?!?! They’ve said NOTHING about a release!

  • XSI Wireless

    wireless charging is a big challenge – you add all the extra weight .

  • Fabela

    So if I buy a wireless charging s view cover for my note 3 I need the s charging kit?

    • Justin Williams

      No, you’d need any Qi charger pad. I’d get the Samsung cover, then get the Nokia DT-900 at Amazon for about $30. I picked up a couple of these and they charge faster than USB 2.0 and work really nice with every device I’ve placed on them.

      • M4nUn1t3d 20-18-3

        So, I’ll need the S-View Cover with Wireless Charging?

  • Justin Williams

    You morons will argue about the anything….its a step up in technology (maybe we should go back to lead batteries, iron stoves, and steam trains..they worked just fine in their time), and it will be expensive and limited in function for a while. If you want it; then spend the money and accept the shortcomings. If you don’t mind cables or money is too much of an issue; then don’t buy it and use your USB jack. As far as it being included in the phone; Id rather have the option than have been forced to pay for it in the form of compromises elsewhere in the phone or in the end-unit price tag. (and don’t use the Lumia line as an example; them phones have ALLOT of compramises in it to include inductive charging)

  • Samantha

    I just refund it, because of internet speed & fake leather, slow loading font style option, font won’t support all font application it says uninstall,, drain battery so fast,, large icon!
    It just destroyed my dream, My Galaxy note 1 is more faster & neater. Even it has problem with with auto brightness, it doesn’t change the brightness when it supposed to be lighter..

    • Kellic

      Sorry Sam. You are full of it. I’ve had my GN3 for 2 days now and its fast as hell. First day I got 10:33 hours and the battery was still at 64% and that was with battery save mode OFF.

      • Samantha

        Seriously? But why my GN3 internet speed worked so slow? I was waiting long time to buy it 🙁 but it’s disappointed me, I showed them how internet is working, even I got error with some websites that this website is not available… What do you think? Should I buy it once again?

        • fallacies

          absolutely. Samsung is known for poor Quality Control… you probably just got a bad unit… your next one should be fine… unless you have ATT or something, their network is unreliable unless youre in nyc

          • Samantha S

            Hi, thanks for the help,,, I bought it last night & it seems work better than my old one.

  • Tommy Kavounidis

    They better make a Samsung galaxy s4 wireless charging view cover.

  • Versonymous

    People still charge their phones? I thought everyone had figured out that for what any wireless charging solution costs, you still have to leave your phone on the device until it is charged. For a fraction of the price you can buy more spare batteries and universal battery chargers than you know what to do with. Battery dead? Swap it! I haven’t charged my phone in over a year. Only down time is the time it takes to take the battery out, put a charged one in, and boot.
    Now if they could wirelessly charge it IN MY POCKET, they would need only to shut their mouths and take my currency.

    • Yaroslav Buzko

      Yeah, except you still have to remember to charge all those extra batteries, and also after 98323987 battery swap cycles your back cover is going to just fall off.

      • Mister_Medler

        You dont have to get a ton of extra batteries and you can just switch them its rather convenient

      • Versonymous

        Definitely a valid point, but after the 95124854 swaps, the phone is about a year old and you can get a replacement back for $1 in ebay. Might even be able to get a cool bedazzled one or one with pink unicorns or something!

        Having one charger was a challenge as well, but once I had one at work and home and 3 spare batteries, it just pretty much takes care of itself. Total cost for all was $20!

    • Mister_Medler

      Same here I feel free and untethered using a spare battery that sits on the charger until needed

      • Phillip Ramirez

        keeping a battery on charge all the time kills them.

    • erwinanciano

      I don’t believe it. There’s actually an idiot who changes his batteries every time his phone runs out. You sir have won an Internet.

      • Versonymous

        Yeah it is such an idiotic thing to do that you can find a charger and 2 or 3 replacement batteries being sold together for any phone on the market that has a removable battery. It is SOOOO idiotic that many carriers in the world actually PROVIDE the second battery and charger IN THE BOX with the new phone. If you want to see an idiot, look for someone who makes ignorant comments on a solution he has clearly never tried and thus has no intelligent input to provide to the conversation. I hope someone gives you your own internet soon so you can go troll there.

        • erwinanciano

          Changing batteries is as inconvenient as hell.

          If you really must have spare power on the road, a battery pack is a much more elegant solution, and will charge your phone multiple times as well. No fussing with the battery cover, which can easily wear down from doing this daily, no need for an extra charger and no netted to much around with your battery rotation charging at night.

          Carriers still do this? Lol talk about stone age. Samsung hasn’t included extra batteries with their phones since the WiMo days. Just because carriers are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s smart. Carriers are there to make money, not do what’s good for you.

          • Versonymous

            OMG, you win, you have convinced me. I should totally throw away my batteries and chargers for a more ‘elegant’ solution.

            Silly me, I should carry the equivalent of 3 batteries AND the charger around with me ALL THE TIME. Why would I carry only the fully charged batteries WHILE my spares are charging? I need to eliminate my option to grab 1, 2, or 3 batteries depending on my plans. Too much efficiency and minimalist approach here.


            I should definitely carry a 7500 mAh battery pack that weighs TWICE what my 3 batteries do. It would be much better to do it your way and have to charge the battery pack then charge my phone FROM the battery pack and then I get to recharge the battery pack too, YAY! My method where I just pop in fully charged batteries and always have batteries charging makes no sense. I never get that incredibly convenient period of time where I am waiting for my phone to charge.

            What I do now is just unprecedented huh? I mean they don’t do it that way with professional cameras, power tools, and pretty much every other battery powered device that needs maximum up-time… oh wait, they do…

            You say dumb things and in trying to remove your foot from your mouth you are just saying dumber things.

            You must own a phone that does not have a removable battery to even mention a battery pack or be the troll I pegged you for to begin with.

            Respond how you will. If anyone ever reads this on a 2 week old post, you have more than shown you do not speak from a place of knowing or experience I have made my valid points.

            Enjoy the last word, Troll.

          • Phillip Ramirez

            it comes down to what you like better. i carry a couple batt packs that charges more then just my phone. it takes standard 18650 batts so i have consolidated it all to just those including my flashlights. i have a 4 port charger that also acts as a usb pack. in total i have 10kaH of charge. it charges at a 2amp rate so its a quick charge. thats just me though. doesnt make my way better. just i have more flexability

  • rutgersjaffo

    Wireless Charging = Overrated

    • Mike Hilal

      s..l..o..w too

      • rutgersjaffo

        ^ This. I’m sorry but it just isn’t that hard to plug in a phone. And I have never once had any issues with cords fraying or anything like that. And yes, it is waaaaaaaay slower than standard charging. It’s a gimmick, really. I mean if you want to keep a wireless charger on your desk all day and set the phone on it that would work, I guess. Of course so too would spending less on a second battery than you do on a wireless charger. Unless of course you are cursed with a phone incapable of allowing you to swap batteries, in which case I guess we’re back to wireless charging being somewhat useful but still horribly over-priced.

        • Detonation

          Slower yes, but when I have all night it doesn’t matter. So much easier to just set the phone down and have it charge, versus having to plug something in which usually requires 2 hands.

          • Mike Hilal

            A dock can be used one handed

        • JX

          The real issue is the ware and abuse the charging port goes through in its life cycle. I just replaced the micro usb port on my note I because it wouldn’t charge if you didn’t plug it in at just the right angle. I agree wireless charging is still very slow, but if you drop it on the charge before bed, no issues. I also agree it is BS that sammy doesn’t build this feature into the phone. Just another way to get $50 to $100 bucks from me.

        • Yaroslav Buzko

          What are you talking about? Wireless charging is the most wanted feature ever. Plugging in the stupid tiny USB cable is a pain (takes me forever when I’m going to bed, since my lights are off by that time), the USB port gets all scratched up and works unreliably.

          Swapping batteries is a joke of an alternative because a) it shuts down your phone, and b) introduces mechanical wear on your phone’s back cover.

          Bottom line, I will easily pay $100 extra for something that actually enhances my experience, unlike the software bloat and useless gimmicks (stylus, flash… come on, putting flash on a cell phone camera is like polishing a turd).

          • rutgersjaffo

            Dude, the fact that you consider having to plug something in as being “a pain” pretty much had me checked out at that point. Here’s some free advice: PLUG IN THE PHONE BEFORE YOU TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. That’s pretty much the epitome of #firstworldproblems, lol. Bottom line, it’s just not that big of a deal. Also, flash is kind of essential to taking quality photographs. Just sayin. As to swapping batteries being a joke because it shuts down my phone…really, dude? Having your phone shut down for a total of like 75 seconds is that big of a deal? Wow…

          • Yaroslav Buzko

            1) It is indeed a pain because of the shitty-ass tiny unreliable microUSB jack. Plugging in old iPhones (pre-Lightning) was not a problem, plus you could use a stand-up dock (good luck with that on microUSB).

            2) Dude, of COURSE all of this is first world problems. Duh! Doesn’t owning a smartphone that costs as much as 3 years worth of food in Africa place you into “first world” by definition? Of course I’m not gonna die if I have to plug in my phone; that said, there is substantial value (convenience) in not having to.

          • Yaroslav Buzko

            Oh, and using “quality photographs” and “cell phone camera” in the same paragraph made me crack up.

          • rutgersjaffo

            Clearly you suck at taking pics in general. I get great results with my Note 2 and did the same with my X2. Just sayin.

          • fallacies

            wireless charging is the way, bro. just give up… i’m sure i’m not the only one who hates picking up my phone and the cord is either tugging, giving resistance, touching my forearm or just in my view, lol… let me pick my phone up, do what I need to real quick and put it back down. done, clean, neat. I can put a pad in my cubby in my car right next to my cup-holder, where I keep my phone all the time, and not have to worry about turning on the carlight to fit the usb in the phone… 2 or three wireless pads and you’ll never look twice… office, dresser and car…. the point you’re missing is why fumble with the phone when we don’t have to? you’re upset because we want to explore not having to deal with it? you should go back to flip phones on 1G data speeds… because what’s the difference of a couple minutes? who needs all those apps? they can just read a newspaper right? LOL

          • rutgersjaffo

            I think you may have ventured into arguendo ad absurdum here, but still I see your points.

          • thtechnologist

            If you don’t mind it being ridiculously slow, then it is for you. I’d rather the battery charge ins faster fashion.

          • fallacies

            it’s not really a big deal, the theory for most of us is we will be charging a lot more of the day anyway, since we won’t feel burdened by dealing with cables. if you’re charging all day, why does it need to charge quickly? you’ll just likely need 2 or 3 charging pads instead of 1… there are plenty of cheaper, 2ndary qi pads you can get via amazon or ebay

          • Alex Hutchins

            I know it’s off topic, but I actually bought the phone because of the stylus. You say that it is a gimmick, but I wanted a stylus to take notes in my classes, not have to pull out paper just to do some quick math, and my sister uses it for quick sketches. Of course, I didn’t get the phone for the software; as soon as Cyanogenmod is released, I’m putting that on the phone.

            To stay on topic, I don’t think it’s worth $100 just for wireless charging. It only cost Samsung $240 to make the phone, and they are selling it for $700. C’mon Samsung, you can afford to put wireless charging in at the factory.

          • fallacies

            flash is amazing… they need to hurry the f up, stop playing, and add flash to the front camera too… let me be able to video chat without needing to turn on my lights… still might be dim, but at least they’ll be able to see me for the most part

        • Phillip Ramirez

          over priced yes. slow, yes. but slow is always better then fast when it comes to charging. this is why our batteries fail so quickly. that and keep it on the charger. but hey if you want to fast charge use a 2amp charger when you need to.

    • Brian Wolfman

      have to admit, i kinda like it next to my bed. Easy to just pop it on and charge it. I get calls throughout the night, so at 3 am I can pick it up, check a text and make a call and then pop it back down. It is s…l…o…w…but, its through the night so time is not an issue.

    • BullIsland

      Explain? I hate having to plug my phone in, the connections fray, nothing I would love more than to be able to plug the charger into a wall and forget about it . .

    • J Wo

      Not overrated. I have the nexus 4 and the Orb for charging. It is super handy at my desk to just drop my phone on to the Orb when I get in in the morning or head out to lunch, take a phone call, etc.

  • LionStone

    I wonder if the Note 3 will have the same quality charging back as the S4? So $350. on contract, minimum +$100. ‘just’ for wireless charging kit not including any other accessories…+$500. w/ taxes!! Wow!

    Q: I have a Galaxy S4 back door and I noticed the phone will start/stop charging often at around 90% and above.

    A: We’ve noticed a small compatibility issue particularly with this door. Wireless charging technology is new and there are still bugs to work out with the spec. Although no harm is coming to your phone we understand this can be annoying.

  • Bionicman

    ahhh yeaaa i thought i was going to have to decide which to get…the wireless charging or the sview. now i can have both! #winning

  • Chippah
    • GoBlue

      Come back here when your apartment burns down due to one of these cheap knock-offs

      • Chippah

        The picture above was just a simple example, there are plenty of good quality units on the market. Its just a coil of wire with 2 connectors anyway. not a complicated or item to produce. oh ya, also Get AIDS.

        • panicswhenubered

          You leave a decent comment with information but follow it up with “Get AIDS”? You completely discredit yourself. Next time maybe you should abstain.

          • Chippah

            I guess u dont know Lyle “Chip” “Chippah” Chipperson then!

            jushhjushh jushhh jkushh (electric guitar sounds)

        • Cruise Guy

          Why would you make such a nasty comment about AIDS. I have a friend with the disease. You are rude, low class, and should not be even on this sight. So sad.

          • Chippah

            I have family who have had their house burn to the ground too, why does the other guy get a free pass?

          • Cruise Guy

            Please grow up. Don’t throw fuel on a burning fire. You are not a teenager. Free pass? Really? Did you actually say that? Do you really feel because some idiot makes a comment about a burning house that you can be a 12 year old as well and make the same prejudiced comment. Really? Please get off this sight until you stop making racist, degrading remarks. The other person is just as wrong. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Have a good day. Please don’t continue replying, but rather fix what you have done.

          • Chippah

            Get a grip. This is the internet. now im a racist too? What are you Al sharpton? Your acting like Grandma just joined facebook…

          • Chippah

            Also just for the record, I posted to help people save money and I didn’t start the issue. so go play “intervening overbearing dad getting involved” somewhere else Captain stubing.

      • noc007

        It’s just a coil with a couple of pins. The regulator is what handles the charging. If the house burns down from this, it’s either the internal charger’s fault or the battery exploded from being damaged.

      • RTC

        There are plenty of us who are happy using one of these types of wireless charging receivers on our phones (S3, S4 our Note II). Feel free to spend $50 – $100 on the official Samsung wireless charging case. It’s your money do as you wish and be happy. Others, like myself, will look into more cost effective alternatives and decide on best one for us.

        • Chippah

          noc007 & RTC – ROCK on Brothas!
          they typically work GREAT! and if you have 2 note 3’s like my wife and I will its more cost effective to buy 1 dual QI pad and 2 cheap recievers and still come out on top price wise.

          thank you guys for your great input and if you were close we would go out and get zooted together! wooo!

        • Blue Sun

          Yeah, don’t forget to mention how much Samsung overcharges for their Samsung branded NFC tags too. It’s sorta redic.

      • sk3litor

        If my house burns down itll be because of the overall hotness of the note 3. But if it did burn down why would I come back here? 😉

    • Bigwavedave25

      I have always loved DIY, the process and the savings.

  • Bigwavedave25

    What about the “Smart Dock Multimedia Hub”… hopefully that one works. I can definitely see a use for that accessory with this beast!

    • noc007

      Odd that the dock they have pictured doesn’t have a USB port on the side like last year’s model. Hoepfully it won’t cost $100 again; if it does, I’m just going to pick up a MHL cable instead for <$20; I may pay a little more for OTG as well to hook up a USB device.

      Hopefully they'll get their act together and have it natively do landscape instead of having to use an app to force orientation, then get screwed when we can't do pattern or PIN unlock.

      • Bigwavedave25

        Yeah, I assume the multimedia version dock will still work. Only thing that might make them want to release a “new” version for the GN3 would be to make use of the micro-usb 3.0 port…

  • discstu37

    Does anyone know of any other accessories for the Note 3 like a bumper case? I hate these fold over cases, and with the pleather back, it seems like the only thing necessary would be a bumper in case of face first falls.

    • Bigwavedave25

      Not much out yet…
      However, the SPIGEN Neo Hybrid case is looking pretty sweet. Cruzerlite aslo has one style already available for order.

      • discstu37

        Thanks guys, I’ve seen some of the Spigen products, but still trying to get away from a full cover. Was hoping to have a bumper to coincide with the release. I know – such first world problems over here… 🙂

    • Chippah

      spigen neo hybrid will be out around oct 10.
      Also, lots of aluminum bumpers on the way.

    • noc007

      The only actual bumpers I’ve found are the China ones and they’re pretty ugly IMHO. I went ahead and ordered one out of Hong Kong off of Ebay. $2, but I just need some protection for a trip and wasn’t willing to pay $35 for Spigen’s Neo Hybrid, which has a closed back and is not a bumper; I guess one can cut off the TPU on the back, but that’s a lot of wasted money.

      I wish Samsung, Spigen, or someone reputable had a nice, simple bumper. I’m not to hot on those aluminum ones since most of them are just straight metal and don’t have a nice rubber buffer.

      • discstu37

        I’m exactly in the same boat, so I totally get what you’re saying. Haven’t checked ebay yet, was hoping for something a tad more reputable, but for $2 it might be worth a shot.

      • sk3litor

        I was actualy going to break down and buy a really nice aluminum bumber fron sweetcases or draco but BOTH have been out of stock for months so I just gave up and went to my local mall and found a decent rubber one for $14

    • Dusty

      They have a really basic case called Samsung Protective Cover + which i use for my S3. Just a basic grooved plastic case with a rubbery feel around the edge and the edge is higher than the screen. So if you drop it on the screen it’ll hit the case first.


      • discstu37

        Thanks! I know this sounds nitpicky, but I’m looking for something even more minamalistic than even this.

    • Matt
  • Detonation

    Wireless charging should have been built in to begin with. But I guess why do that when they can make an extra $100+ off you and sell it separately.

    • Biswajit Das

      You are right buddy. This is not fair. After paying so much money for phone this could have included with hand set. Samsung should think about it.

  • j

    Awesome.. a whole line of fake leathery looking cases to cover up all that fake leathery looking back side. win win.

  • T4rd

    All for $100/piece! /s

    • flosserelli

      A bargain, ain’t it?

      I was thinking about getting this for work, but I rarely need to charge during the day. I think I’ll make do with the USB cable and save $100.

  • decidedtochangename

    OK, now thinking about getting a Note 3 again, want wireless charging.