Samsung and Dana Lorenz Partner to Create Awful-Looking Accessories for Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3

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Galaxy gear

Right when you think you have seen it all, Samsung partners with a random “fashion designer” and shows off some of the most interesting accessories for the Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 we have ever seen. From what we can see in the pictures posted, there appears to be some custom-bedazzled wrist straps for the watch and a bedazzled-leather case for the Note 3. Yes, the way I view anything artsy is my own opinion, and I am sure others might like these looks, but they just don’t resonate very well with me. 

There are gold metallic studs everywhere, and even a gold chain to allow the Galaxy Note 3 to dangle ever-so carelessly from  your body. While I feel that these accessories are somewhat uninspired and play off of the long-dead gaudy punk trend, these look tacky and gross. On the other hand, if you have to put studs on a smartwatch for a girl to want to wear it, then so be it.

You can expect these accessories to launch sometime this month, alongside the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

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