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Nexus 4 16GB Now Sold Out Through Google Play as Well

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 4.52.57 PM

Space has officially been cleared for the arrival of the next Nexus. Both 16GB and 8GB variants of the Nexus 4 are now sold out through Google Play, neither of which is likely to return. After a price drop of $100 for each phone, it took less than a week for the 8GB model to sell out. Here we are two weeks later and the 16GB version has joined the party.

We still don’t know the official name of the next Nexus, but we do know that it will be made by LG and look a heck of a lot like this. And this. Oh, and this.

Hopefully you had a chance to pick up an N4 before they sold out this afternoon. Even after being on the market for a year, it was still one of the best smartphone deals on the planet.

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  • Zach Armstrong

    New Nexus incoming

  • Mark

    Does anyone know if you get the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile, is that the same unlocked version that you would by from the play store? Or is it different?

    • Mondo

      It’s the same, except that you pay a total of about $500+ for it. I had it before I switched to the HTC One.

  • Cut back on a few things related to the brand is good, you can see that is so.

  • Ray

    Still available on the Aus Play Store.

  • akhnaten

    Is anyone else disappointed that the Nexus 5 appears to be another LG phone, and one that is not even as cool looking as the N4?

    • Tim242

      I’m disappointed it’s LG again. As far as design, glad to see they ditched the glass back.

      • Gato Mafioso

        Yeah the glass is no bueno. Just hoping the camera isn’t a typical subpar Nexus camera.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          With a camera module that large, it had better be amazing. Otherwise, it is a major waste of space better used for more battery.

          • Cory_S

            The sensor its self looks pretty small…it just has a big old metal ring around it. I’m wondering if it is just trying to look bigger/badder than it really is…or if the ring is just showing how big the actual module is.

            Either way…if it is the same camera as in the G2 it should be pretty dang good on the hardware side. However, if Google hasn’t done some major software overhaul then it doesn’t matter what camera they put in it.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            True enough on the software part. AOSP camera is nicely minimal, but its processing is absolutely dreadful.

            From the FCC shots, that whole massive ring extends down to the board, so I’m cautiously optimistic that the camera module is that large. Even OIS doesn’t take up nearly that much space, so even though the lens seems rather small, the sensor may be quite large indeed.

            Or, considering the fact that there are no speaker grills on any edge, the big ring could be an integrated speaker. Doesn’t make much sense, but anything is possible. That said, there is a small speaker-like something attached to the back plate, so things are really up in the air right now.

            However, I know that the new Nexus will be my next if it comes in at around the previous Nexus’ price. That will finally be enough of a savings to warrant me dropping Verizon and moving to T-Mobile.

    • NexusPhan69

      I actually love everything I’ve seen so far. It’s utilitarian. All screen front. Nice looking soft touch rubber back for extreme durability. Simple. Elegant. Exactly what I wanted. That front speaker hole is bad but I assume that’s prototype only thing.

    • KleenDroid

      I checked out the G2 and think it’s a great phone. Of course the Nexus software will destroy the camera.

      Siting fingerprints on a back of a phone as a reason to not like it is so silly. Or cheap plastic… lol We are going to have to get more original around here.

  • Chris

    So goodbye glitter back phone
    Where you were aimed at females
    I’m glad I stuck with my EVO LTE…
    Beyond the glitter back phone

    • Joseph Pojunis

      You’ve obviously never seen the phone in person.

  • hfoster52

    Hypebeast engage!!

  • Elwhen


  • Gnex


  • ManBearPig618

    If they’d only give us some sort of an indication for a release date

  • Steve Ballmer

    Totally off-topic but seeing as how popular the Moto X is here, I thought I’d link you guys to this CNET post. I’m sure Kellen’s feedly feed already picked it up :p


    Here I was thinking CNET was iPhone central…

    • hfoster52

      CNET usually is but they are a tech site and if tech is moving past what Apple is doing. Even the investors are moving on. For a stock to drop 75 points in a month is saying people are realizing they don’t have a hold on that niche anymore.

      • Steve Ballmer

        Yup. Too bad a small amount of overall consumers actually read tech blogs so they continue to believe whatever Apple ads they see. If a greater amount of people were to be educated on smartphones then I’m sure more would realize the benefits Android (and Windows Phone…ok maybe not WP) offers over iOS. Android isn’t for everyone but if iOS users were to give it a chance then I’m sure a lot more would make the switch. In the meantime though, people will still buy Apple products either cause they’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem or because they don’t know any better.

  • TeeJay1100

    Google please drop a 32gb Nexus 5. Phase out all 8gb and I will be happy. My nexus 4 16gb is enough for me because I use alot of cloud storage but for my smartphones lovers the more the storage the better..

    • michael arazan

      Google really doesn’t have to charge $50 more for 16gb of memory for $7 cost wholesale. Even though pricing is their “excuse”

      I have no problem using the cloud, I personally pay $20 for 400 gb of drive and I have a 32 gb nexus. I think it is wrong to tell people what they should use or force it upon them when you call yourself innovative and not evil.

  • Eric

    Days like this make me sad to be on a CDMA network…but will I leave Verizon? No, cause I’m spoiled by their coverage.

    • Jordan Pfingsten

      Then you don’t know enough about LTE with HSPA+ as a fallback vs LTE with CDMA as fallback.

      • Eric

        Drawing conclusions about someone you don’t even know. Nice one. I do know the benefits of HSPA+. I used Tmo as a second line back when I initially had the Nexus 4 late last year. Speeds on HSPA+ were consistently high even in the peak hours. However, I’m talking about overall network coverage that Tmo and AT&T can’t compete with. I regularly go out to rural areas here in Arizona and Verizon dominates.

        • Jordan Pfingsten

          I’ve had the exact opposite experience. Up here when VZW will drop me down to 1x I still have 2 bars of HSPA+ and can still get 4-6 down.

          I realize we’re talking about different places, but I prefer HSPA+ so much more now that I’m used to it!

          • Eric

            Yeah two totally different situations. We just need to go with the network that best serves our area.

        • mustbepbs

          Exactly. I’d love to switch to another carrier in my area, but there is literally nothing around me besides Verizon. I’m in rural NH, and AT&T/TMo have spotty coverage AT BEST. It’s really depressing.

    • J Dub

      I think that will change in years to come. 2G networks will get phased out to free up bandwidth for new networks. Eventually (I hope) they will all use the same technology making it easier to hop around.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Nexus Hardware is one thing just really looking forward to the changes in KitKatt. Hopefully some new UI/UX tricks.

    • Kyle Cordiano

      Some new widgets, and features too.

    • Chris

      here you go

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • moelsen8

    Hopefully we never see 8gb anything again on Google play. Hell, or 16.

    • Carlos Lopez

      I’ll be so happy if we get a 64gb nexus

      • moelsen8

        I’d settle for 32. But yeah totally.

        • Nick Klenchik

          Shhhh, they’re listening

    • starnovsky

      What’s wrong with having a choice? Ideally Nexus should be coming in all varieties, from 8 to 128 Gb.

      • moelsen8

        bah. i’ll go with you on choice of sizes ranging from 8 to at least 32 (if not 128, sure), but then you gotta give me white. and it’s gotta be at the same time black is released otherwise don’t bother (same goes for all sizes).

      • Chris

        8GB in 2013? maybe in developing countires but storage prices should be low enough now for a 32Gb or even 64GB.

        • starnovsky

          Android is all about choice, remember? 🙂
          I don’t like to be told what memory size fits me,

          • Chris

            Only a moron would choose 8Gb….

          • Michael Contreras

            No need to name call anyone who chooses 8GB. They have every right to choose the same way you have the right to choose 32GB or 64GB. I wouldn’t call you a moron for wanting more, that’s just a matter of peference and needs.

        • michael arazan

          In the next 5 years we’ll probably have Games that are 8 GB on our Mobile devices

      • Cory_S

        It’s so sad my 4 year old iPhone 3GS is 32GB yet my new Nexus 4 is 16 and it was the largest option. Everything else has gotten bigger and faster, why the hell not storage?

        • J Dub

          They want you to use cloud services.

        • starnovsky

          I agree. But I still think that’s it’s good to have a cheap 8Gb option. Just to keep a price down. Having 32/64/128 options is also great. Should not be that hard to make all these storage varieties.

      • Jesus

        I have a dream…

  • Qbancelli

    Now watch it come back in stock tomorrow or soon after.

  • Jared Sutton

    I got mine last week! Whew…

  • Sqube

    If there was any doubt before, there shouldn’t be any now.

    I’m crossing my fingers for a 32GB version, even though Google doesn’t seem at all interested. I find that weird, since it seems like just about every major phone out right now comes with a 32GB variant.

    Does Google know something we don’t, or does Google just not care?

    • Ryan

      They probably want to push their cloud service like Apple and their icloud?

      • Justin W

        Definitely this. I would have no problem using solely the cloud if we had unlimited data and were able to stream 10’s of GB’s per month without overage/throttling, but since we aren’t able to, I want at least my music available locally (I use GMusic, so it’s both in the cloud and local).

        • KleenDroid

          We do have unlimited data.

          The only ones that dont are the ones that thought that saving 300 by subsidizing their phone was a good idea.

          When my son and I use 40 gig per month we save far more money by paying for our phones.

          I always thought it was funny when they tricked most people by saying they didnt use much data anyway. Because I didn’t used to either.

          • Justin W

            I didn’t subsidize my phone btw, I left for StraightTalk. I was on Vzw with unlimited (and if I knew what was best, I would have stayed with them for a while, but $90 vs. $45 makes a big difference). I get “unlimited” data as it stands, but I’m throttled after around 2Gb each month. I want truly unlimited (no worry about fair use policies, throttling caps, etc.), just completely asterisk free unlimited data on LTE. Is that too much to ask?

          • KleenDroid

            You wouldn’t think it would be. But the carriers are sure making us think it’s a problem.

          • J Dub

            I just saw where NET10 has removed their 1.5 GB cap. It’s the same price as ST and runs on AT&T. No other info was available at the time of research. Still on 3G speed though.

          • Cory_S

            I’m about to drop my two unlimited lines. Speeds in the Houston city limit has dropped down to little better than 3G speeds. I have been carrying around a phone with me on T-Mobile (Nexus 4/HSDPA+) and it hasn’t lost to the GS3 on verizon yet.The T-Mobile phone rarely hits those stupid high speeds over 15Mbits…but it is also consistently not slow either, which is what really matters to me.

          • KleenDroid

            If you are going to get rid of it for sure you should sell it.

            You have something that many will pay for. You will easily sell it.

          • Cory_S

            Is it possible to sell only one line? The other is still under contract ’till December. I’ve also heard rumors saying unlimited cant be retained if you transfer an account…and then the opposite…so it all seems really cloudy.

          • J Dub

            Doing the same as you, but my data speeds are stupid slow. So slow there has to be something going on. Even the T-Mo support says anything under 1000 kbps is a problem. I get about 300 kbps. Hoping to get it sorted out via new SIM or something on the T-Mo end.

          • Cory_S

            Yeh, work through it. So far the only places I’ve had some issue son T-mo (besides outside of urban areas) is in large warehouse stores like Home Depot, or Costco.

        • Cory_S

          I dont care how much data there is..until cloud storage acts as if it is native storage it wont work for me. It is frustrating now being able to interact with your cloud storage through other apps. If i want to attach a picture to a MMS, or watch a video in another player it is a lot more trouble than it needs to be.

          • Justin W

            I love how Dropbox acts when you have the program on your desktop. I think that is the best way to do cloud storage, and I’m glad someone got it right, but everywhere else needs to do it in a similar way or better.

      • Sqube

        Apple pushes their cloud service… but they also offer 32/64 versions. That’s why I don’t put a lot of stock in that reason. You can push your cloud services and still give storage to people who actually want it.

        • Chris

          Even their media players offer 64GB and the ipad now has 128GB. Can’t say that for the nexus tablets

        • hkklife

          The ONLY reason is that Google is in cahoots with the telcos and they want to see people burn up as much of their tiered data as possible.

          • KleenDroid

            Won’t be long before people start wishing they had listened and payed full price for their phones to keep unlimited.

            Heck it’s even worth the difference to never have to think about data.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    This is REALLY happening!

  • TheWenger

    It’s happening. My body is ready.

  • moto x

    New Nexus incoming. On a related note, if you really still want one, you can grab one from tmobile, for now.

    • zurginator

      Wonder if this means the new Nexus is coming earlier than normal. It’s always at the start of November isn’t it? Seems awfully early to kill off stock.