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Spec Comparison: iPhone 5s/5c vs. Galaxy Note 3 vs. Moto X vs. Galaxy S4 vs. More

new iphone 5s 5c

The Apple announcements are in, and we have a new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c to swoosh around our brains like Drano. I think you can probably imagine how we feel about each, especially if you joined us during our live blog, so this is the technical comparison. We’ve got the specs of each pulled directly from Apple’s site, compared to the leading Android devices of the moment. A few things were missing, like RAM and battery capacity, but we’ll likely see those before long and will try to update.

Until then, jump below to take it all in. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.44.40 PM

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  • Steven James
  • Texas117

    I feel I must apologize for mucking up this comment thread. Long live Android.

  • I have been a big iPhone fan so far. But I also try to look at the better specs. So far, iPhone was very beautiful to me. With Moto X and Galaxy S4 out in the market, I now have to really think if the new iPhone is really worth buying for such a high price. I am comparing the Moto X and Galaxy S4 at the moment to see which makes a better choice. Any suggestion between those two phones – Moto X and Galaxy S4? Thanks!

    • GregSki86

      S4 spec wise I’d say. IPhone is just not worth the price tag, they should’ve priced it $100-150$

  • ash

    Have you all seen the movie called Silicon Valley with that guy from E.R. and falling skies who plays steve jobs, not the new crap movie called JOBS? Anyhow, it shows XEROX invented the first Visual OS but Apple took it from Xerox with their permission and then Bill Gates borrowed a MACINTOSH with the built in Visual OS and reversed engineered it to get Windows. He did get permission from Jobs to borrow the computer but under false pretense, he didn’t think Bill as gonna rip him off, they had teamed up to take down IBM.


  • Domdym

    They emphasized 64 bit because it’s still dual core and not much of an increase in clock speed. But they made it 64 bit for the increases in cache performance and other underlying Benefit. Without sacrificing more silicon and keeping power consumption down. It’s all due to apple not wanting to buckle and increase the phone size which would make more room for including pcb, battery, nfc and more
    Overall the device without much increase in multitasking will run likea rocket with that cpu gpu and ram. Just so darn small though!

  • tjparker
  • Bill

    No LG G2

    • Aron Tripp

      Look again! It’s listed under “LG G2”

  • jessicasullivan325

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  • viewthis66

    the USB on the Note 3 is 3.0 as well. that should be on the sheet.

  • Chippah

    NOTE 3 DOES have WIRELESS CHARGING – Fix your graphic Kelly, lol

  • Jonathan
  • Jay

    I’ve started to read the comments more than the articles more often now. More amusing than Reddit sometimes.

  • M3D1T8R

    Wait, they released two new phones and didn’t even announce how much RAM they have? Or battery size?

    Only Apple…

  • droidrazredge

    I wonder how many iPhone 5 users are holding out for the iPhone 6 instead of getting the iPhone 5S because they think it will have x128 and be twice as fast as the x64 in the iPhone 5S.

    • Texas117

      Lol. I’m holding out for the iPhone 6 because it may have a larger screen and a larger battery that makes its already energy efficient OS operate even longer on a charge. My iPhone 4S has served me pretty well so far, and with Apple mobile devices, I can use inline volume rocker controls on high end headphones. I highly doubt that 128-bit will arise for another few years, because it won’t begin paying for itself (the R&D that goes into it) nearly as soon as 64-bit will.

      All it is, is preference. I am accustomed to iOS, so it is a logical choice. But I am considering other options in the Android spectrum. My decision will all come down to, “which device serves me most effectively and efficiently. I understand yall like you’re features and customizability. But if I work best with a simple, constant interface, I will get the iPhone. And features that are of useless or unenjoyable to me, and are only included to boost the number of features, it’s only clutter. And as an engineering major, it is my job to learn to build and improve systems that are the most useful and efficient.

  • NotHatinInTexas

    Honestly DL community, you tarnish the name of Android with your nearly rageful hate of Apple and your condescending disdain for anything and anyone associated with Apple. What the £ψ€& is yall’s problem? I was seriously switching from iPhone to Android by upgrading (next fall) to a Galaxy S5 or the HTC One’s successor, but now, I may just stick with an iPhone 6, out of fear that I will become a total DΦΨ€ΗΣ like yall.

    Seriously, Apple Insider doesn’t give a $#!+ one way or the other about Android, and instead focuses on why Apple is awesome. But when Apple does anything, yall jump on it and stomp it into the mud.

    Anyway, I probably wasted my time here, but I need somewhere to vent my disgust.

    Oh, and um. Have fun with your passcodes…

    • Knlegend1

      Lol I just seen it in action and it takes about the same time literally for it to scan your finger. Oh and Motorola did the finger print scanner in 2011.

      To the rest of your comment you are correct. On the surface the iPhone 5S isn’t impressive but underneath is something that will push the industry forward.

      • Droid 1967

        what am i missing what underneath will push the industry forward?

        • Knlegend1

          You are missing a lot.

          • Droid 1967

            It was an actual question. Please tell me what it is that im missing so i can see what it is. I truley do not see anything here that is forward. what is it im missing? thanks

          • Knlegend1

            64 bit processing. For this phone its useless I agree but for the industry its important. Imagine what the next iPad will be capable of with this.

          • Droid 1967

            really 🙂 ok nevermind. Just for info. android runs in VM. and the adressing is set in the processor. all cortex A-15 can support 40-bit addressing which is about 1 terabyte so 64bit does nothing for android at this time. and android doesnt have the memory addressing issue.
            The whole 64 bit is advertising it does very little more than that at this time.
            I find it hard to believe that something is bringing anything forward when the thought and implementation of 64bit was actually started by IBM in 1961 on the processor level and os level by cray in 1985.
            low powered processors already done by samsung , moto ,s800.
            I continue to see nothing here that is important to the industry.
            and you need to watch a few more commercials and see what the ipad already cant do 🙂
            Camera-well they dont even have the best of those anymore,but it does continue to be better than most of the main stream android phones . but their new part of it using same idea as htc. Probably neither thought of this probably from sony or some real camera manufacturer. But i think apple has always been known to have a good camera.
            oh i forgot the plastic ok that is revolutionary.

            Sorry I just dont see im missing anything here.

          • Knlegend1

            We shall see. I think you are being short sighted only thinking about this phone. Apple is obviously setting up for something bigger. Marketing? To who? You want to talk about marketing how about quad-core on our mobile devices? I think 4.4 will be the first time its actually going to be used. So there hasn’t been a benefit there either but future proofing the devices. That’s all they are doing. I’m not buying one and I’m guessing you aren’t either.
            Speaking of cameras I remember when they said cameras on phones were dumb. Now they are major selling points. Just because we can’t take full advantage of it now does equate it to not being revolutionary. The HTC Evo is turning over in its grave.

          • Droid 1967

            marketing to people who dont know what 32 and 64 bit is as 64 must be better than 32 that kind of thing. I just dont see it as anything special or that wont be done by ms, android, or any other os if its needed. Just dont see adding something to the phone that has been out for over 20 years when it currently has no real use as anything that leads something forward that wouldn’t be done when needed by everyone anyways. on the 4 core front that continues to be up for debate. the kernels in android are unix based and can indeed handle the 4 cores. i am still on my gnex and love it. example moto x. seems like the set up there is working well per the people who have used it and its definitely not the latest and greatest hardware so obviously some things arent needed yet. But moto x isnt for me for other reasons nothing to do with its 8x stuff. and i think the camera on the gnex is jsut great so i guess im not a judge on the cameras from my eyes 🙂
            The biggest improvement in the new iphone is the low core processor but from what they are listing as their battery times it really seems to be a worse chip than previous. and i have several iphone users at work and they all have to plug in during the shift already.
            I see it this way. what would i think of the new nexus if it had the same increased features as the iphone a year later.
            My thoughts would not be positive and would not even get a thought of getting it even though it was a nexus it would not be worth my money.
            could the ios6 switch to 64 bit mean they are going to come out with a killer phone next year that needs this technology of course it could has apple shown me that would be the case NO.
            Apple continues on their string a new phone every 2 years. and a rehash inbetween. None of which i am impressed with. and non of which shows me anything other than takes from last years ideas from android or their phone partners.
            ok well ill end it there think overall we are on the same page:) just differing opionions on the 64 bit. i jus dont see adding 20 year old tech to a phone before its needed as evolutionary as anyone can do it at any time as each os used by he major players bigger brothers already have 64 bit. and it appears to me that android thought ahead on this and built the system to not have the limitations that 32 bit systems usually have. albeit I believe at some hit to performance.

    • Tim242

      Uh, and um I guess you missed the thousands upon thousands of Aplle pricks that acted like idiots when Android got Instagram. There is way more hate and fear from the apple cult. Don’t be blind.

      • Texas117 (fmr NotHatinInTexas)

        That’s not what I’ve seen. And the only response I’ve seen DL give to Apple in its articles has been utter contempt. DL maintains a condescending tone whenever they talk about Apple, something I haven’t seen Apple Insider do. But now Android fans are butthurt that iOS7 now has some features Android had first, so how are the two situations conceptually different? The reason Android and Apple incorporate features from each other is because those features are useful and/or enjoyable *to most people, regardless of what brands they use.*

        If you build a chair, it doesn’t make sense to hate everyone who builds a chair after you did.

        • Tim242

          That’s not what you see, because you have your apple fanboy blinders on. When Android got instagram, itrolls took to twitter by the thousands. They were mad because they wanted to feel elite…over instagram of all things. I guess you haven’t seen the iTrolls on BGR or Engadget. You came to an Android centric blog. Hell yes we hate apple. They steal from everybody, then sue everybody for what they stole. You really summed up your intelligence level when you claimed you probably wouldn’t get an Android phone, because you might become a fandroid troll. Are you so weak you let others determine how you act? I have news for you, your posts say that you are already an iTroll. I guess you are that weak.

          • Texas117

            Listen to yourself. You make negative, meritless assumptions about my intelligence and about why I have a problem with DL’s needless disrespect of Apple. Honestly, I don’t care who stole what from whom. Why can’t someone else make a tablet of their own? Samsung’s tablets came after the iPad, and they did get sued, but I don’t remember Apple suing over the Archos 5. But again, everyone who builds a chair wasn’t stealing from the inventor of the chair. Yeah, maybe the iPhone is restricted to its own ecosystem, but hey, I still use Chrome, YouTube, and such. I can make do just fine with what Apple offers. So quit prejudging me because I use Apple products and because Apple is the biggest competitor to Android. I came to DL for information on Android, and it spat me back out because I don’t hate Apple. Because I’m different. Now tell me that itself is not a form of bigotry.

          • Tim242

            You didn’t come here for Android information. Your only posts here are inflammatory posts, stereotyping Android users, while ignoring the rampant iTrolls. They are much worse, I assure you. There are strong feelings on both sides. The whole reason Android fans got up in arms to start with, was defending against the awful iPhone trolls. I’ve been around all the major blogs since 2008. Go to BGR and look at those iClowns that do nothing but type about cheap shamesung plastic toys all day. Go search twitter for #AndroidSucks #AndroidUsersAreNasty, #AndroidEwww. They all said Android users were all trailer trash that can’t afford the iPhone. They got plain nasty, because Instagram was no longer their private club. If you want to truly know about Android, you can learn a lot from us. But, you have to accept that we have dealt with too many iTrolls , and we don’t put up with them.

          • Texas117

            I’m wasting my time with you jerks. You think I am somehow inferior just because I use iPhone, when I never made any prejudice against you because you use Android, only judged what I saw. I don’t know why you think I’m something I’m not, but it doesn’t matter. I’m done here.

          • Tim242

            You got judged on your attitude. You didn’t post anything constructive, or informative. You didn’t ask any questions about Android. You came and immediately started typical trolling. There have been a lot of iPhone converts on here, that we have welcomed with open arms. You came here to troll, your attitude in your first post here proves that.

          • Texas117

            Before I go, I’d like to request a list of other Android-related sites that share the same view of Apple. Now, before you think I’m gonna troll them, listen. I won’t waste my time with them. I just want a list of sites that I can tell my google browser not to show hits from. Will you kindly oblige, sir?

          • Tim242

            You still aren’t taking responsibilityfor your part in tthis. You can’t come at people like you came at us an expect z positive outcome. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

          • Texas117

            Ok, I’m a dick sometimes too. Am I still inferior to you because I like Apple?

          • Texas117

            Ok, you’re right. I was out of line. But my point was that every Android fan who hates Apple fans for liking Apple and every Apple fan who hates Android fans for liking Android are also out of line. It just reminds me too much of how hatred among competing groups in society seems to be increasing. Maybe yall can be the first to bury the hatchet. Oh, wait. Then Apple fans would bury the hatchet, say they did it first, and sue you. Right?

          • Tim242

            I do not think you, or anybody else is inferior because you use the iPhone. I do think the iPhone is an inferior product, but I don’t judge people based on what they use. I bought an iPhone 5 on release day. I refused to give it a real try, until the screen got above 3.5″. I kept it two days. I felt so helpless. It couldn’t do half of what I needed it to do to fit my needs. Once you get used to the power that an Android flagship gives you, you feel like you’re going backwards on the iPhone, or any locked down OS. I am fortunate enough to be able to buy devices at full price, when I want to…but it still stings. In the last year, I’ve had a Note 2 and S4. I may get a Note 3, not sure yet. These devices are mostly media consumption, little phone use. I like having a device that best meets my needs as a whole. If I lived close, Is invite you out for a drink and show you reasons I prefer Android. Even if you decided it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t treat you as if you are inferior. Again, I don’t hate Apple users, I hate their attitude, like your “enjoy your password” comment. I use pattern most of the time. Face unlock works reallywell on Samsung phones, but I like pattern. A fingerprint scanner might be a neat idea, but that is the least of my concerns.
            Give me control of my own device. You can’t fully utilize
            Bluetooth on iOS, you cant share files. You have no file system, no
            ability to download files from the browser. You are limited to
            emailing photos, no other file type. You have no customization.
            You can’t run any app that you want. I love the fact that even
            though Verizon blocks Google Wallet on its phones, I can still make
            it work anyway. That is funny as hell, watching reactions to using
            your phone to pay. Android is a playground my friend. Don’t knock it til you REALLY try it. If you choose not to, that’s your loss, and that’s OK! : )

          • Texas117

            uhhhhhh…… If there is anything I can say I hate, deep down, it’s my own delusion that I can speak eloquently to the masses and change their ways like MLK. But it seems that when I do, not only do I waste my own time that I could use to study, but I come across as an @$$hole no matter how hard I try to be “respectful.” I apologize. And I apologize on behalf of NotHatinInTexas (also me). I tend to get riled up about anything that challenges the “Golden Philosophy of Peace Love and Understanding for All” a completely silly notion. I oughta swallow my pride and quit trying to be the saviour who through his words, fixes the world’s problems.

            But maybe there’s hope for me yet. My roommie gave me a tour of his GSIII, and managed to rekindle my interest. But 1) I wish there were more headphone mic options that included volume rockers for Android (yes, Apple’s keep-you-in strategy works), and 2) UT doesn’t have an Android version of their handy app. And I could like a gold HTC One.

            And “enjoy your passcodes was meant as more of a jive, poking fun at the way some people use that type of tone and rhetoric to downplay the arguments or condition of others.

    • flosserelli

      ^^ Goes to an android blog and reads some less-than-flattering comments about Apple, then labels all DL readers as being total douches. Yep, that’s the kinda troll I’d like to see here more often. /s

      • Texas117 (fmr NotHatinInTexas)

        Troll? Hardly. I didn’t come here for that. I came here to read what I had hoped was an unbiased comparison of the iOS and Android, and what I found was pure contempt for all things Apple. I have been considering switching to Android, so I read what Android users have to say about their devices and the Android OS to learn more. I was down to considering a Galaxy S5 or an HTC One successor. I made the generalization about DL readers and writers because all I saw was condescending disdain for Apple, and not the slightest bit of respect for the people who use a different type of smartphone, save for a few reasonable people. Yall ruined it for me, thanks! I just don’t want to be part of a community that makes rude jokes and condescending remarks and sarcasm whenever Apple is mentioned, because I haven’t seen much Android hate on the Apple side. Yes, there is some, but come on. “Android free” iPhone 5C was a playful jab. We don’t sit around and tell people how much Android sucks just because it’s Android and not Apple, so why do you?

        So please, let me ask you a simple question: Why, exactly, do you hate or feel such disgust for Apple and Apple users and Apple products?

        • sportingchance

          If you go to an Apple forum you will find the same thing there. Not sure why we have become so fundamentalist about our cellphones. If I were a Psych grad student I would tempted to study why people are so rabid about their technology. Methinks it is much more than iOS vs Android.

    • Droidzilla

      I guess you missed the part in the keynote where they bragged that the phone was “Android free.” Or the last keynote where they had SIRI cracking lame jokes against Android and Samsung. Or the fiscal conference calls of years past where Jobs would deride Android openly during the call.

      Stop counting, sheep. Wake up.

      • Texas117

        Those are playful jabs, although Jobs did seem kinda crazed about that, true. Those aren’t constant bashes. I just don’t like seeing people with different mobile device brands at each other’s throats all the time.

        And I see what you did there, putting that comma after “counting.”

  • JohansonM18

    Xperia Z1?

  • droidrazredge

    I would have thought that Ron would have done this comparison :), but Kellex doing it is just as good! Speaking on comparison how does x64 architecture compare to the x8 architecture in terms of speed and software optimization?

    • samari711

      x64 was a big deal in the desktop/server space because 32bit OSes had a hard limit of 4GB of ram. It also means that data has to be cut up into fewer chunks when the processor is working with it, although that’s only a big deal when you’re working on a lot of data.

      We’re at least 2 years away from seeing phones with more that 4GB of ram and I don’t see the performance increase being that much on a phone’s work load. Maybe they’re trying to be forward looking so that by the time all the devs get around to porting apps for 32 bit to 64 bit the 64 bit tech will actually be needed. It took about 7 years between when the first x86-64 chips came out and when they were common and had decent software support.

  • BrothaDave

    I’m honestly surprised they didn’t upgrade the camera at all. 8mp is enough but with the new camera features I’m surprised they didn’t improve it a little bit. iOS 7 and the video/camera feature upgrades will be enough for most iPhone users but the 5c is pointless imo other than to make more money off people looking for a cheap way to say they have an iPhone.

    Waiting on Nexus 5 info since the Note 3 specs have been released already, it’s between those two for me. My GS3 needs an upgrade, I bought a new battery for it but it’s not doing the trick…..

    • Texas117

      They actually did upgrade the cam. They didn’t add pixels, but instead made the pixels bigger, allowing more light to be captured by the sensor. HTC did the same thing with the One’s 4MP sensor. Not to mention the iP5S’s flash LED’s are different colors, to get a more natural looking flash. It’s pretty interesting.

      • Droidzilla

        I just wish more OEMs would do like Nokia and throw on some decent glass and a Xenon flash. Is that too much to ask for in an Android phone?

      • BrothaDave

        Thanks I’ll have to look into that part a little more. It seems like they were very focused on the video/photo aspect of the phone, which is one of the primary features people use on their phones. I think the iOS upgrades alone are pretty cool and I’m not a fan of Apple of the iPhone, but I’m also not a hater

  • flosserelli

    1. Suddenly Apple’s Retina Display doesn’t seem so “revolutionary”.
    2. Only 10 hours “talk time”? Of course that means different things to different people, but surely Apple knew this figure pales in comparison to the competition. I’m surprised they even posted this spec.
    3. Still no NFC? Yeah, NFC transfers are still trying to get off the ground, but what happens if NFC gains momentum in 2013/2014? (it could happen) That brand new iphone is suddenly yesterday’s technology.
    4. Still no wireless charging option? Oops, I forgot that would counter Apple’s insistence that you buy a proprietary adapter/cable every few years, so I guess iphone users will never get that luxury.

  • shamatuu

    They already lost before they began. Other people agree with me so I don’t want to see bad comments on here. Specs aren’t everything but technology in mobile is growing fast and Apple does not care about being behind and just lost in sense of a long term stand point. Apple= Done

    • NotHatinInTexas

      Details or it didn’t happen.

  • Knlegend1

    I’m no apple fan but the 64-bit has just changed the game literally.

    • Yousef

      No it hasn’t. 64-bit only means that 64-bit apps will take more ram, which the iPhone might not have enough of. And with the debut of better multitasking on the iPhone, it might run out of ram quite often. That would lead to slow-downs. We won’t see any reason to implement 64-bit for a few more years.

      Also it means within a year or two every iPhone before the 5s might be unable to use newer apps. Apple fragmented iOs more than android in a single move.

      • Knlegend1

        Its not about the iPhone 5S its a chess move. To move the mobile space forward. Eventually someone had to prepare for the future.

    • Jason B

      While the mobile space moves fast, it’s still parallelling the desktop space.

      Now, tell me, how many 64-bit Windows or Mac apps have you used? Probably not many because programmers are still coding in 32-bit, so x64 versions of Windows have a 32-bit version of the OS overlaid in emulation to provide maximum compatibility. Now, how many LAA apps have you used? The maximum addressing space for 32-bit apps is 4GB.

      Tell me when a mobile app will address 4GB without being bottlenecked by either the piss-poor I/O rates of the SoC or the very narrow width memory bandwidth rate.

      Everyone is quick to call out gimmicks, yet no one is calling this out. Why?

      • Knlegend1

        Someone has to make the jump. I think the next iPad will benefit greatly from this move more so than this phone. As far as real world performance then its null but when it comes to gaming this is where we are headed. This is no gimmick because no one, not even our precious android been innovating. Everyone has been playing it safe.

        • Jason B

          It’s not innovation if it’s not feasibly usable at this time. Sorry.

          Addressing that much memory kills battery too, so unless we have some magical leap in battery tech, the unicorns will still be prancing around in people’s heads.

          • Knlegend1

            Well let’s wait and see. I have no issues admitting when I’m wrong. I still think apple is setting up for something much larger.

          • Texas117 (fmr NotHatinInTexas)

            Utility is feasibly useful. Innovation is taking the next step. Computing is going to move towards 64-bit anyway, so it has to start somewhere.

          • Jason B

            It’s true, and I wish the 64-bit era would hurry up already. However, if we’re still struggling with battery life, innovation needs to occur with battery tech first. There’s only so much clock/power gating SoC manufacturers can do to meet TDP.

            Phones need to be standard with 5000mAh in a reasonable package, for a reasonable price. We’re not there yet. Until then we have to keep relying on die-shrinks that reduce voltage draw and make architectural improvements that do the same

            x86/x64 doesn’t dominate the mobile space because ARM was much more power efficient. Even today, Intel is still having difficulty making a viable x86 alternative to ARM. Atom was atrocious.

      • Knlegend1

        Also its x86

  • dan

    i must admit, i’m a huge apple fan, i do keep an android phone like the S4 to switch back and forth because i do like to switch it up and customize my phone. However after seeing this iPhone 5S, nothing but a disappointment and i’m sure they’ll have a bunch of people switching. The Note 3 is where i would be making my next purchase.

  • Steamer

    It’s 112 grams because there’s no innovation in it

  • n11

    So what you’re REALLY trying to say is the new iphone just isn’t there.

  • webharsh

    I see the innovation .. new iPhone 5S/5C logo .. S and C within square.

  • Demonhunter
  • Bobby

    Actually the galaxy note 3 uses USB 3.0 , not micro USB

    On a side note, which do you prefer, the note 3 or 5s?

    • zepfloyd

      actually it’s USB 3 Micro B, and it will take the traditional USB2 micro USB on the one side of the new port.

  • Jimmyjammer

    Why are my fellow android lovers so condescending?

    • Destroythanet

      Not all of them. Fanboy douches are fanboy douches, regardless of whether they support Apple or Android lol. Haha, it’s kinda comedic how the fanboys on each side fail to see what morons they are and how similar they are to each other. 😉

      • Fools

        It’s all the more ironic considering the roots of the Android community originated in the “We are not rabid fanboys” camp. Now it seems the Android community has evolved into that which they aspired not to be – a bunch of rabid fanboys.

  • AMDman

    I think that Apple did what they’ve generally done with “S” releases. They’ve bumped the processing power and camera and in this case threw in the fingerprint scanning(which am I the only person who thinks this is neat? I generally never secure my phone but I’d consider it with that). So I don’t understand people balking at todays announcements. Hell, Samsung did the exact same thing with the GS4 and made like it was a whole new revolutionary device. I understand that this is an Android site and all but the level of hate being thrown around just because it’s a product from a competing company bogles my mind. At the end of the day the iPhone is a solid device that does everything it does well and without any fuss. And I don’t think anybody can deny that that new camera is PHENOMENAL. As soon as they launch one with a larger screen I’ll jump back aboard the apple train.

    • VelvetLlama

      The fingerprint scanning is very neat. Is it paying $200 for an upgrade neat… not so much.

      • AMDman

        Well you have to remember that for the most part, people who will be interested in the 5S will be those who currently own a 4 or 4S or a similarly timed android device. Sure there will be those who own a 5 or current android device considering the 5S, but for the most part it’ll be former. And for those folks I think that the improved camera, better processing combined with the jump to 64-bit on top of the fingerprint scanning will certainly be worth the $200 upgrade.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    the iphone camera is on another level. It just shat on everything. camera game done.

    • Godzilla

      I disagree, the S4 camera is better.

      • you’re wrong, godzilla. even the hold iphone 5 camera kills samsung ones.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        did you watch the keynote? it starts 50 minutes in. the burst mode is the best i’ve seen.

        • Godzilla

          that was indeed impressive but we’ll see how “deep” the images turn out. I am a semi pro photographer and the S4 camera has impressed me greatly.

      • Shaun

        How can you say that one is better than the other when you have not even used the 5s yet? Way to be objective.

    • Droidzilla

      Apple has always had decent cameras (all Sony units up until now), but Nokia has been and, from what I see here, will continue to be the king of the phone camera heap. Too bad the OS they use is also a heap.

  • Godzilla

    Stand by for Retina Scan. Identify Kirk, James T.

  • wmsco1

    GOOD MORNIN ! Viet Apple! So here we are at the APPLE EVENT. So tell us Ron , what will be the Big Game changer of the year, here at the 2013 Keynote. And how significant these changes are? And will this put Apple in the lead in the upcoming year in Android? What do you say Ron?…Ron?….RON!

  • paradoxicat

    My Sprint contract is up at the end of the month, and with no new Nexus device as of now, I think I’ll have to swallow my pride and bite the bullet on the 5S. I plan to sell it the day that the N5 is announced, but until then… I don’t even want to know until then. Pray that these next few months go by quickly until the N5 is announced.

    • GentlemanScholar

      What do you have now? I’m going from the GNex to the Nexus 5, and if no Nexus, the Moto X or a rooted G2.

      • paradoxicat

        Sprint GNex. For some reason though it’s a piece of shit(I don’t even know why, 4.3 is much better, but it’s still garbage). I thought maybe as an alternative I could see if someone wants to trade some random gsm smartphone, or donate an old one. I’ll see how I do this

        Moto X is nice, but idk I’d prefer better specs, and the G2 will be nice once it’s rooted, but idk how I feel about LG handling my updates. I’d rather wait for a N5

        also, I’m moving to Tmo so yeah

        • Skittlez

          just wait for the N5

  • dirtgod6

    Two iphones in one year will confuse iphone owners.

    • which one do I buy?!?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! boom.

      • GentlemanScholar

        Buy both or in multiple colors for different outfits.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Did anyone notice the notifcation shade on ios7 is oddly similar to google now? Almost convenient approach to it too.