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Google Music v5.2 Being Rolled Out, Brings Genre-based Radio Stations

Google Music

Google has started the slow process of rolling out an updated version of Google Music to the masses. The version number is 5.2, and it brings at least one very cool addition – genre-based radio stations. Why that wasn’t available form the beginning, don’t ask us. From looking in the app for a few minutes, there also appears to be an updated UI for your download queue, but other than that, there isn’t much to see. 

If you want to get this on your own device, hit the download link below and sideload it for your own enjoyment.

Download Link

Via: +Keyan X

  • BigJohn826

    They need to add a way to upload music from a mobile device.

  • mullerlt

    How about better filtering of the Collection and Explore tabs? I want to be able to sort by Release Date, Date Added and Alphabetical in my Collection, these are simple features to implement. Release Date and Alphabetical would also be swell for the Explore sections in the Genres and New Releases sections.

  • Brandon Golway

    I can’t believe that no one has mentioned this yet: My biggest problem with the app is that when you download songs with your all access subscription they get stored on the /data partition instead of your internal or external sdcard. So whenever you flash a ROM it all goes bye bye and you have to re-download it all again! I have a 64 GB MicroSD card which is pretty much useless now because it’s a pain to store things from GPAA on it. I’ve tried apps like FolderMount which will bind directories to your sdcard but the problem is that when you flash a new ROM and set up the link again, GPAA doesn’t recognize the tag info any of the music you downloaded so they all just show up under the Artist “Google Music” and titles of 123, 546, 345, etc…

  • ddh819

    does the Radio thing work if you don’t pay?

  • Deez

    Now if they will fix their songs tags… Some of the artist names are a joke… Big Shawn (Big Sean), Wha-Le (Wale) , Tiger (Tyga)… Maybe these were the names in the past… but lets update them now…

  • BroRob

    Has anyone else had an issue streaming “local” music to Chromecast? When I pull down music to my device for offline use (flights/hiking) and I Chromecast music it will default to the local content and not the cloud version which errors out saying “cant play local content.” I’d like to see at least an option to play from cloud vs. local when streaming to Chromecast, or have Music just default all Chromecast streams to the cloud. My current work around is to only cast from my tablet which has no local content and reserve just my phone for offline use.

    • bobukcat

      I think the workaround to this is to upload that music to the Google Play Cloud via the Music Manager and then use the Play Music App to “Pin” it to the device so it’s stored locally via the Play Music application. It is a pain and something I’d like to see them resolve but I assume this is some kind of concession they made to the music industry to control what can be streamed.

  • I’d really enjoy if the 5 stars that is used in the Music Labs on the Music desktop version were implemented into the app. Thumbs up or down are such extremes. Life is somewhere in the middle.

  • Ian Smith

    hoping they threw in a fix for the “thumbs up” bug where it doesn’t sync your thumbs up/down from your mobile device to their servers – only works from a computer. seems the issue is random – it’s been affecting me for months. there’s supposedly a fix on the way.

  • Cody Revels

    I want to delete.
    I keep getting random albums that are not even the genre I like in my library. Thinking its the “free tracks” crap. If its free and I dont like it, I dont want it. Lol.
    Is there a way to delete from mobile, or tell it not to add them to your library?

  • BobbyG

    I’ve always had Genre based radio stations…what am I missing here?

  • notatechie

    I tried it, and switched back to MOG. Both had an annoying in-car experience, but MOG is a smoother interface, with killer recommendations (better than Pandora’s, and I still subscribe — free — to Pandora. I couldn’t figure out Google’s interface; what were songs I owned, what was being recommended, what was just other stuff…cluttered and confusing.

    • Sporttster

      Google Play sure ain’t user friendly, that’s for sure. Too many menus and whatnot to jump through to get where you want to go. Too layered and confusing and trying to save or keep a song is ridiculously time consuming and confusing. Needs lots of work to be even close to intuitive….

  • Ben

    I’d love for “Listen Now” to be a swipeable pane adjacent to all the “My Library” tabs like genres, artists, albums, and songs. Having to go to a menu to navigate between the two is difficult.

  • Eyebolt

    Finally…now I can seriously consider either dropping Pandora or Spotify

  • Butt Crack

    Am I the only one that has a problem with the shuffle on this? I created a playlist…but if I go to select one song on that playlist I want to listen to in particular, shuffle just STOPS until I turn it off and back on again.

  • Map

    I really like it. I can’t wait for the kit kat leaks as apple does the their thing.

  • jadeveon da destroyer

    How bout they work on a damn official ios app, im trying to listen to my 4k + list of free music ive dl on torrents and upload to my google music account!

    • Reginald Jefferson

      I’m sure they’d love to put Google Music on ios but I doubt Apple would allow that with them already selling music and trying to get they’re own similar service up and running.

      • Steve B

        I’m not sure, could Apple block this?

        • Terrance Steiner

          I doubt it. They already have services like Rhapsody and Spodify on iOS.

          • Reginald Jefferson

            Well it would be nice if they did get it. I’ve been on the verge and there were quite a few Apple users wondering if Play Music would ever make an appearance since it’s doing what iTunes radio does + a whole lot more.

      • kmanns

        I thought when the service was first announced that they mentioned “late summer” for an iOS app. Guess that ship has sailed. I actually sold my iPhone for the Nexus 4. Strangely enough, google music access was a big part of it.

  • I really like it

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I can’t wait for the kit kat leaks as apple does the their thing.

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  • Bryan

    I want them to add better playlist management. Why can’t I click on a playlist and easily hit play so that it clears the current queue/playlist and starts playing my new one. It seems I have to manually clear the queue and then click a new playlist and say add to queue so it starts playing a fresh new playlist. Am I missing an easier way?

    • gambit07

      It’s not super intuitive I agree, but you can just open the playlist and hit shuffle without clearing the previous queue. Also, if you start playing a song in a different playlist it will start playing that list instead. I do like that it continues to shuffle music when you add multiple playlists together

      • Bryan

        What if I want to play my playlist in order without shuffling? Is there a way to do that? I don’t often do it, but I might want to.

        How does it know which playlist to start playing if you play a song that is in multiple playlists? Is it based on the playlist you were viewing that song in?

        That’s what’s confusing. Why can’t they just have the shuffle and play option as one of the options on the playlist menu when viewing the list of all of my playlists. They used to have this but took it away with the new design.

        • gambit07

          Hmm I’m not sure what you mean in the final paragraph, as for your first question yes you can, just don’t select the shuffle icon when in the now playing menu. Second, yes it is based on whichever playlist you are currently in, so if you are in your Rock playlist with Song-1, Song-2, and Song-3, if you select Song-2 your current queue will be cleared, Song-2 will start playing, and if you have not selected shuffle Song-3 will play next, then the playlist will stop. Alternatively, if you decide to add your Rock playlist then add your Pop playlist (Add to queue) as well with Popsong-1, Popsong-2, and Popsong-3, when you hit Song-2 it will play it and continue playing through Popsong-3 in chronological order (if you haven’t selected shuffle), where it will then stop. Hope that clears it up

    • miri

      Tap on the album art or shuffle when in the album/playlist view.

  • BobButtons

    PLEASE let us upload our own artist images! So many of the Google ones either suck or are completely wrong. It’s ridiculous.

    • Sporttster

      You can now but you have to use a PC to do it. This whole program needs revamped and redone, IMO. Not intuitive at all nor user friendly….

      • Artist images? I believe that’s what he meant. We can change album art images.

        • BobButtons

          Yeah, I’m talking about the pictures of the artists themselves.

    • While I agree, some images suck, try verifying your album/artist info. You can also “use the suggested info” from Google. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes. (from the desktop only)

  • shaun firtell

    Rhapsody has a free trial now and the monthly fee is half Google’s. I ran Google music for weeks until I tried rhapsody, it’s more robust than Google and already had genre based stations. It has more features, is more responsive, better streaming and more options to get your favorite music playing in seconds. It also has more of the music I listen to and my daughter. I thought Google was great until I tried rhapsody and now I’ve cancelled my subscription to Google and am enjoying a superior product.

    • d-rock

      “and the monthly fee is half Google’s” for three months, then it goes up to $10/month….just want to make sure facts are straight. I’m locked in at $8/month for google and will keep that for now as it’s just easier to deal with one marketplace. Google’s feature set will increase. Rhapsody has been doing this for 10+ years. I expect their feature set to be better, but I think Google will get there in a shorter span of time.

      • Bradley Harris

        He might be referring to Rhapsody’s $5 subscription that is available to customers of MetroPCS and other partners I think.

    • Terrance Steiner

      I was a rhapsody subscriber for years and it is a real good service. My biggest problem with Rhapsody was that the base subscription only let you use it on 1 mobile device. You have to go to their higher tier to use it on multiple devices. With Google Music subscription service I can use it on multiple devices. Great for families or just someone with a phone and a tablet. To be fair to Rhapsody you can stream it on any web browser. I might switch back but I am going to keep trying Google Music for a while (loving the Chromecast integration). The one feature of the Rhapsody App that I miss is the ability to cach music to my phone’s SD card. Google only allows you to save music to your phone’s internal memory.

      • Terrance Steiner

        One point were the Google Music app trumps Rhapsody is for purchased music. The Rhapsody app only allows you to play steamed music. Purchased MP3’s have to be played via a different app. The Google app seamlessly allows me to play streamed and purchased music via one app.

        Please don’t think I am dumping on Rhapsody. It is a really great, underrated service. A few app tweaks and future Chromcast integration and I might jump back.

        • I agree. This is my favorite feature about GMusic – it combines all music into one app/ location.

      • Bradley Harris

        I believe this has changed now. I have a Rhapsody subscription and it is installed on three different mobile devices. Once I try and add a fourth however it makes me remove one.

        • Terrance Steiner

          The $9.99/month “Premier” subscription allows 1 device. The $14.99/month “Premier Plus” allows 3-devices. That is their regular price. I know that they give out a lot of deals. When I cancelled the site automatically offered me the Premier Plus at $9.99/month. I would recommend threatening to cancel you might be able to get a deal. You don’t have to go through with it.


          If you look at the fine print you are only allowed to stream to one of those three devises at a time.

    • Brandon Golway

      The difference is that Rhapsody has been out for years, Google Music All Access has only been out for a few months. I have a Pandora subscription and I thought the same thing about them versus GPAA Radio: one is established and the other is brand new. Just give it time, I have complete faith that Google will make it awesome.

  • There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done with this app. I love it, and I will continue to use it, but I really want to see them improve the reliability of playback, as well as some other small things. For example, why does pressing the shuffle button not make the queue random? Instead, the only way I have figured out to shuffle my songs is to click shuffle on a playlist. Clicking on a song in a playlist or queue and then clicking shuffle does not shuffle. Little things like that are the only thing that make me dislike All Access Music.

    • Hoffman

      You can’t shuffle 1 song. Of course it has to be a list of at least several songs, like a playlist or a queue.

  • Lucky Armpit

    And yet I continue to wait for Google to disable that horrible, stupid, weird, scrolling zoomed-in album art thing. Since I got a Droid Maxx a few days ago, I’m stuck with the new version.

  • Smeckle

    Three things I would really like to see in the future:
    1) Not having to wait sometimes upwards of a minute for a song to play when All Access hasn’t run for a while (and having to repeatedly press play/pause until it ACTUALLY plays);
    2) Not having it crap out and tell me it can’t play the next song when it hasn’t been run for a while, requiring me to manually press play again; and
    3) Recommendations that actually change. I have had the same Alice in Chains album on my front recommendations page for the last several months, and it only cycles through like 5-6 artists in the “similar to ________” feature.

    • BobButtons

      Customization of artist images would do wonders. A fair number of my artists show compilation images or never update from the default silhouette image.

      • Smeckle

        That reminds me, Google Music also likes to make it so that albums of the same name (e.g., Greatest Hits) all have the same album artwork.

        • saint_stephen

          I noticed this for uploaded albums with the same name if you do not have an “Album Artist” tag for each different one in addition to the “Artist” tag for each song. Adding the “Album Artist” tag for the album as well as the songs it includes differentiates them in the system.

          • Smeckle

            Thanks, I will need to try this later…

    • LucasMonroe

      To point #3… I think it would be a good feature to be able to swipe away or dismiss recommendations you don’t like on the listen now page.

      • THIS +100

        • kimberly537

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  • Mrpicolas

    Give it time it will become more robust..

    • David Verba

      I don’t really think one should have to “give it time”. Especially when one pays for the service. These aren’t earth shattering desires, these are basic features in nearly all other music apps, paid or free.

      • C-Law

        It’s new. And they gave it to us for $7.99 which is cheaper than Spotify. It takes time. When rim released their first tablet wasn’t it missing a basic email app? And Windows phone is still missing features some of us consider basic. All Access is still a heck of a lot better than what Apple is offering imho. Give it time

        • David Verba

          The “It’s new” excuse is not relevant. Every time a new generation of vehicle comes out I don’t expect them to start back over at the model T. Rather, I expect them to take what is already out there and improve upon it, especially a leader like Google. However, I’m not sure how much Google actually cares what customers want anymore (Maps?!), they are taking the Apple high road these days…”this is what customers want”….

          • PhoenixPath

            Though it may actually surprise you, companies are under no obligation to “do what customers want”.

            Customers are, by and large, complete idiots. (Not to mention a tad bit on the entitled side, eh?)

            Google started by doing what *they* wanted to do. They still do. Some of it many people like. Some of it many do not.

            That’s the beauty of doing your own thing, being your own boss and running your own company. You get to do what you want.

            Don’t like it? I bet even you know what the response to that is. 🙂

          • David Verba

            In a privately held company everything you said makes sense. In a publicly traded company it’s complete rubbish.

          • PhoenixPath

            Oh. Sorry. Didn’t realize you were on the Board.

            What, you’re not? Then you can probably guess how much say you have in what they choose to offer…

            Hint: see my previous reply.

            Have a wonderful day.

          • PC_Tool

            Did you just imply that shareholders and customers were the same thing?
            No. I had to have read that wrong because we all know, especially after the last few years that whle coporations have a duty to their shareholders, it is the shareholders that are almost always responsible for the customer (or even the Country!) getting shafted.
            Yeah, you definitely meant something else. I must have mis-read the meaning of your post entirely.

  • Jpx

    Yes this is going to make this app so much better.

  • tofer

    not working for me for some reason? paid feature only?

    • Hoffman

      Yeah. It’s part of the Google Play Music All Access paid service. Should run you $9.99 a month with the first month still free as a test period (I think the test month is still what they offer).

  • I’ve been waiting for this! Often times I want a genre to listen to but have had to resort to the radio station of a certain artist where the songs that get played are not at all what I had in mine.

  • Chris

    meh. I still use slacker. i have the premium account and it does just fine for me. Plus the dark UI option does wonders at night and anytime of the day really.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    And this is why I switched BACK to Rhapsody FROM Google Play Music; All Access. Also why I still sub to Pandora!

    • C-Law

      We all knew it was coming, it was inevitable, where were you!

  • Tyrian

    Does anyone else find that album art and songs load slower on GMusic than on Spotify? Regardless of Wifi/4G connection.

  • King Lo

    Nice. Now if only they’d stop throwing songs in my radio that I down vote.

    • Brandon Golway

      One thing that I hate is there’s no way to downvote a whole artist. Sometimes I constantly plays artists that I don’t like and I’ll have to downvote tens or hundreds of their songs.

  • droidarmy

    I can’t seem to manually adjust the equalizer? Anyone else notice this?

    • Depending on what device you’re using some of them won’t let you manually adjust the bands, you have to find one of the presets that work for you.

  • fartbubbler

    also available on the web interface?

    • Not seeing the Genre option there.

      • Justin Kos

        OT: but did Google can the whole SMS in hangouts thing? I haven’t herd anything at all since it came out

      • gambit07

        I’m not sure what options you mean, but you can search for genres now and play radio based on them (In the web browser)

      • Hoffman

        Under the Radio heading, there is a button on the right of the screen that says, in my case at least, ’26 More’. Press that to get the list of various genres radios you can use.

    • Genre option now live on web interface

  • The lack of genre based stations was something I missed about Slacker. Very cool update.

    • Chris

      Slacker still beats Google music imo. at least with the upgrade accounts.

      • EarthMatters

        I was a huge fan of Slacker, and then Rdio. The feature that “got me” for GPMAA was the ability to upload my own songs to fill in those annoying gaps that most services have. That one single feature made me jump over.