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8GB Nexus 4 Now Out of Stock on Google Play

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 2.07.50 PM

Well, the $100 price drop less than a week ago certainly worked, as the 8GB Nexus 4 is now sold out through Google Play. If Google was trying to push out remaining inventory before they announce a new Nexus phone, they only have the 16GB version left to worry about. At $249, I’d imagine it won’t last long either. There is still a small chance that the 8GB version returns, since the listing does say “We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.” However, that seems unlikely at this point.

The next Nexus phone should arrive some time in October, possibly around October 31, according to sources of ours. At this point, we still aren’t sure who is making the new Nexus phone, but are sort of expecting a re-release of the Nexus 4 (though the manufacturer could change). We’ve seen the codename “hammerhead” tossed around behind the scenes attached to a new Nexus under the name “Nexus 4.” There also could be a Nexus 5, though we have yet to see any real proof of that other than speculation. LG’s new G2 seems like it could be a candidate for the base of a new Nexus under the “Nexus 5” name.

Who picked up the $199 N4 before it sold out?

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Cheers Marco and Vincent!

  • umair

    Verizon nexus 4 is it ?

  • Jason Swearingen

    Especially since Moto practically confirmed they’re doing the next Nexus, I’m pretty sure LG isn’t going to be it.

  • Derek L.

    I bought a Nexus 4 (16 GB) for myself, and I’m going to test it out on T-Mobile’s network here since they’re so cheap. I might end up going with AIO wireless if T-Mobile pans out to be a bad choice.

  • samosa king

    Nexus 5 definitely confirmed. Let’s make Half-Life 3 confirmed as well just for the heck of it.

  • Logan

    A buddy of mine and I got the 8gb! Starting with T-Mobile at the end of the month! Peace out VERIZON

  • NexxusTyrrel

    I grabbed a 16gb…arrives tomorrow. Superb phone at an incredible price.

  • i will buy once for myself

  • i like it

  • Brendan Owens

    Just ordered a 16gb one. I’m really happy about it as I won’t feel bad when the Nexus 5 comes out in the next couple months, as I got such a great deal. Even if these leaked specs are correct, we do know that Google is not afraid to raised the price from one generation to the next (i.e. Nexus 7). Whatever happens this device will serve me well for the next 2 years or so as it gets all the same features as the cutting edge devices via software updates.

  • trojoe

    Mine arrives tomorrow. Finally replacing my nexus S 4g… And at just 199 I won’t feel guilty about upgrading to the next nexus in a few months.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Uh oh, hopefully my RMA (dead pixels) goes through…

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      You might get lucky and get bumped to a 16gb.

  • Gnex

    Nexus 5 confirmed

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Yep. Sold out and not coming back. Definitely confirmed.

      • Gnex

        Okay TYLER DURDEN 🙂

        • StuckOnVerizonForever


  • Adam

    I picked up the $249 one and I am loving it! Bought it so I’d have an unlocked phone in Britain when I study abroad there.

  • Marius

    I’ve been using my nexus4 on T-Mobile unlimited everything plan for $70 a month and couldn’t be happier. Here in NYC their hspa+ network is faster than verizon lte, plus since the phone comes from google play free tethering with no caps. The only thing that needs improvement is reception outside large cities and on the road.

  • XphoneTroll

    Could this be the galaxy note 3?
    The second photos shows off the Galaxy note 3 on the left, and the Galaxy note 2 on the right.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      If it is, wow..definitely looks beautiful

      • XphoneTroll

        Definitely looks nice.

    • Steve Ballmer

      It was a concept design based on previously leaked info.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    hammerhead…doesn’t motorola do fish codenames?

    • Raj Bhatt

      The current Nexus 4 is called “Mako” and Galaxy Nexus variants were named after tuna. So a fish name for the next Nexus sounds right.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        So it’s just a nexus thing, good stuff.

        • gkinsella2

          Grouper (OG Nexus 7) and Tilapia (OG Nexus 7 3G)…agreed, probably a Nexus thing, not an OEM thing.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Not that I’m aware of.
      Here’s some recent codenames of Moto devices,

      Ultra, Ghost, Vanquish, Scorpion Mini, Spyder, Targa, Maserati, Olympus.

      The only one I can think of that would fit the “fish” deal was Stingray….but that was a Google experience device so it doesn’t really count.

      • Gnex

        Mysid (Verizon Gnex) and mantaray (Nexus 10) are both fishy names :p

        • kixofmyg0t

          Stingray was the Xoom, and it was a Nexus in everything but name.

          • Gnex

            Do you know off the top of your head if the OG Droid had a fishname? haha

          • kixofmyg0t

            No, not off the top of my head. That device is best known simply as “The OG”. It put Android on the map.

          • Gnex

            Hmm, sounds a little… fishy.

          • Raj Bhatt

            It was called Sholes.

        • Raj Bhatt

          The Verizon GNex was Toro. The best cut of a tuna.

          • Gnex

            Product name was mysid, device name was toro. Like flo/razor for the new Nexus 7.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        ahhh stingray, thats what i was thinking. Good research my man. If ur a man…

  • josh

    Left Verizon for prepay, got the wife an 8gb and myself a16gb. Great deal and way better than my gnex.

    • WickedToby741

      I’m with you. Currently enjoying my Nexus 4 on GoPhone.

      • WCM3

        How’s the service/reception with GoPhone?

      • a) youth.in.asia

        Did you get your LTE working? If not, it seems not worth it to get GoPhone over a Straight Talk AT&T SIM

    • Allnewspk
      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        So Osama Bin Laden is back from the dead?

        • Allnewspk

          What do you mean by that?

  • PolarBear

    At least productivity requires less memory than games.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Yeah, I want to see 32/64

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Sold my nexus 4 today, i’m bugging the hell out verizon stores because i can’t wait for my moto x to ship in.

    • JamesU513

      You should pick up a Diztronic case in matte black while you wait…I’m obviously very pleased with it…its very smooth on the back and is not rough as appears in the photos …the button molds are the best I’ve seen…I actually prefer pressing the buttons with the case on

      • Jon

        This sounds like a sales rep…but I gotta say, the Diztronic cases are the best! LOL!

        I’ve had them for my last 3 phones and I won’t even go near anything else anymore.

      • Farid Pirani

        Mine just shipped today, how does it look after a few months use? I ran a nail through the back matte and it left a permanent mark…

        • JamesU513

          I don’t know…I’ve only had it a few days for my new Moto X…I think I’ll still love it in a few months

  • Rammstein

    Sold mine back in January and this sale almost made me buy one again. Definitely a bargain for anyone on GSM. Too bad I’m on Verizon ಥ_ಥ

  • John Smith

    bring on the Nexus 5.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    You’re welcome Google. Got it before the sale. Got my refund in 3days after the price drop.

  • Jon

    man what a mistake to buy an 8 gig phone. That’s going to be giving “not enough space to…” errors real quick.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s $200…..

      • crazed_z06

        So its only got 8gb..

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          So what? There isn’t even a similarly specd 8 GB phone for double the price, far less for $200. Loading up on GB+ games isn’t everyone’s priority.

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            I only do GB+ games on my tablets. Would be a waste on a 720p screen.

          • chaoslimits

            What kind of argument is that? So no one should play games on their phones? SMH.

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            Not every game is 1+GB. Only the graphic intensive one. Get off your high horse.

          • chaoslimits

            You keep making these sweeping statements, which have no basis in fact, as counter points. And all your points point towards lowering your usage. It’s a legit point to worry about space limitations on an an 8GB phone today. Nothing personal.

          • Big_EZ

            Many of the GB+ games aren’t 1080p, so 720p will be fine. Also many newer phones are 1080p anyways.

          • hkklife

            On my 720p Nexus 7 and Galaxy S3, I have plenty of multi-gigabyte install games, those art assets still take up *plenty* of space.

          • Jon

            I don’t even play games and 8 gigs would not be enough. I learned the hard way from my Nexus 7 8 gig. I actually use even more apps on my phone, and just think of taking photos and video on your phone…that eats up space quick. And out of 8 gigs not even all of that usable space.

            I’m not exaggerating here, that’s asking for trouble. May as well fork over the extra $50 for the 16 gig.

            Nothing worse than gimping a decent phone with an 8 gig memory contonstraint

            The real value here is the 16 gig model.

          • Mirza

            Either way in my opinion, both the 8 gig/16 gig models are both great values, esp. since you’re getting the phone UNLOCKED+ the latest android updates from Google for only $200/$250, and even though it may not have specs like the One, S4, and the G2(keep in mind the phone came near the end of last year), the phone is still super quick and “buttery” smooth! 😉

          • Shilamar Drea Shockley

            I have no problems on my 8gb and I have tons of pictures. They go straight to the cloud, no need to have a bunch of pictures on your phone all the time. It’s a phone.

          • chaoslimits

            GB+ games aren’t the only things that eat up storage.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      That’s why its for certain people. Business users who need a business line can use it and have another personal phone. Or old people or kids who need a phone. List goes on.

    • michael bourgoin

      I’ve had the 8gb since launch (it was the only order I could get in on launch day and well I wanted it immediately) and I’ll admit it was a bit of an adjustment, but with me living increasingly in the cloud I’ve been fine. I have lots of APS and games (no huge ones, bit I don’t play those anyway) and I have like 2gigs left. With that being said the next nexus I buy will be 16, but I think the 8gb gets too much hate. I got 6 people off Verizon and to this phone within the last week. For a lot of people, especially the older people I was suggesting to buy the phone just wanted a smart phone for email and internet etc… For that type of person this phone is a steal. No questions asked.

    • michael arazan

      Not to mention how much a phone slows down when you get to under a gig of memory, found it first hand on My Gnex with 27 GB used, mostly from HD videos recorded with it before I uploaded to cloud

      • Walkop

        I had a similar experience on my GNex, although it wasn’t as full as yours and I had the 16GB model.

        Android 4.3 solved that issue with natively activated TRIM support and sped up my device dramatically.

  • I did! Hopefully it will be here this week. Glad I purchased it when I did.

  • JamesU513

    I stayed with Verizon and got my GF and I a Moto X…dropped unlimited data on 2 lines and went with the share everything plan with 6GB…works out being same price as before if not a little cheaper…we may rarely if ever ho over 6 GB… And no I’m not an idiot

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      …. If it’s the same cost for the bill why would you drop unlimited?

      • JamesU513

        Subsidized the price of the phone

        • flosserelli

          Unlimited data is pretty much the only thing keeping me on VZW. I won’t be surprised if VZW pulls the plug on all unlimited plans within the next year, and I’ll shop for a new carrier when they do. Their service is reliable, but their LTE speeds have dropped considerably, and if I am forced onto a tiered plan with lackluster data speeds, I might as well go with prepaid T-mobile and save a few bucks.

          • hkklife

            In July 2011 Verizon stopped signing up new unlimited users/contracts. 1-year contracts also went away in April 20111. In July 2012, they stopped offering the renewal of unlimited plans ( I know because I got my GS3 preorder in RIGHT before the cut-off point). So of course it stands to reason that sometime around July 2014, they are going to start cracking down hard when all of us grandfathered types come out of contract. I know there are sporadic reports of users getting a cool VZW rep and managing to renew their unlimited plan but those users are few and far between.

          • funkilla

            As a former Verizon rep, I can tell you that *sometimes* the feature change won’t be automatic during a renewals. I did a few upgrades after July 2012 that kept the unlimited data. Just a glitch, really.

    • Jon

      I don’t think your an idiot. I figured out about 2 yrs ago that the best way to give yourself options in today’s market is to limit yourself on data usage. I went from our family using 4 lines on Verizon and consuming 18-20 gigs per month all together, to getting each line down to 1-2 gigs per month.

      And it was simple, I just changed photo auto upload to WiFi only, podcast downloads to WiFi only, Google Play downloads to WiFi only, and taught my family to immediately connect to leave wifi on so it auto connects when they get home.

      We then were able to jump ship from Verizon unlimited when we figured we could very easily go with less data. Best money saving move.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      You’re smart. 6gb is plenty. Most unlimited users download torrents but that’s what a computer is for. I wouldn’t have wasted it on a Moto X but to each their own.

      • chaoslimits

        You have proof of that?
        I stream tons of music and video, download nightlies, restore apps from play store and more. What does that have to do with torrents?

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          That’s what I’ve heard from unlimited users. Music streaming doesn’t take up much, neither does downloading apps etc. The real question is; why do people not have WiFi?

          • capecodcarl

            Music streaming apparently does take a lot. My wife went from using 200MB/month to 2GB this month after I bought her a subscription to Google Play All Access. She listens to that all the time now in the car and at work (no WiFi).

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            That’s true. Reason why I went back Pandora til they fix it.

          • Tio Salamanca

            Wish I had unlimited data.

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            Then I guess your best course of action is to tread lightly, with your data.

          • JoshGroff

            I am the danger. – Tiered data

          • Walkop

            In Canada you can get it for $30 a month, with unlimited calling and text.

          • chaoslimits

            Just saying that your unlimited users aren’t “most” unlimited users. I don’t have wifi when I commute or at work. As more companies push for more cloud usage (fewer and fewer SDCards), it’s a self defeating argument to tread lightly on your data use.

          • hkklife

            Yup, I’m in a similar boat. We only have Wi-Fi in a small area of the building at work and I only get good reception in about half of that area (common areas). And when I’m out in the field or working off-site having unlimited is priceless. And you’d be amazed how often I encounter a coffee shop, restaurant, lobby or small office where no one knows the Wi-Fi password offhand.

          • Jon

            Well for your use case maybe so, but I’m tellin ya…if a data hogging power user like myself can get myself down from 6-7 gigs of usage down to 1-1.5 gigs per month, without like some major lifestyle change, there is something to be said about it.

            Anyone that can keep their data below 2 Gigs per month has maximum leverage in choice in the marketplace as to what plans to go with. For me it saved us quite a bit of money. Over the course of a year, I’ve shifted the savings over to being able to upgrade my phone more frequently.

            To each his own I guess.

          • chaoslimits

            Yeah I get what you’re saying. What happens if you go over your allocated limit?

          • Jon

            Well on T-Mobile, they give me 2.5 Gigs of high speed 4G LTE data on my plan, then if I exceed that, It’s throttled down big time. Data still works, but it’s super slow in comparison. But you can still get E-mails and messenger messages and stuff like that just fine. Browsing the web just becomes not fun at that point unless your doing very basic browsing.

            But you won’t get charged any overages.

            I have yet to go over my 2.5 Gigs at all in over a year.

          • chaoslimits

            That sounds reasonable (TMo always seems fairly reasonable). What I don’t get is people on Verizon giving up unlimited data whilst paying the same amount. I’d rather pay full price for my device (and that’s what I advice my single plan acct. friends/family to do)

          • Are you serious? The first month Google’s All Access was released that app alone used over 20GB of data on my phone just streaming while I was in the car and sitting at my desk. Of course that’s went down as the app automatically caches the music I listen to most frequently but its still averaging anywhere from 2-6GB a month. As for the WiFi argument, yes I could download all of it at home and then playback the downloaded media when out and about but thats inconvenient! Its much easier to just hit play and have a seemingly endless stream of music flow from the service. Not to mention my university’s wifi is incredibly slow when it comes to streaming content!

          • chaoslimits

            I love being able to have access to everything on All Access at any time I want. Don’t actually keep music on my device anymore. I see a bunch guys trying to justify giving up unlimited data. Ha! I won’t give it up until they make it impossible for me to keep.

          • Walkop

            Same here! Its great to have. In Canada you can get it for $30 a month, with unlimited calling and text. I personally have this plan for $25 a month.

            No way I’m trading that in.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Because not all of us are around Wifi every waking moment.

        • Eric

          I stream a lot from Spotify and other apps and my 4GB plan is plenty. I download nightlies and torrent on wifi. I restore apps with data from Titanium Backup. It’s about doing things smart.

      • JamesU513

        The GNEX’s were not cutting it anymore, mostly due to the bad radios and the freaking battery. I thought the DROIDS were ugly and bloated so Moto X it is. Love the phone so far.

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          I feel you on that. The Gnex is the devil.

          • duoexo

            It’s the devil dressed in a sexy red dress… -___-

          • Walkop

            For battery, yes.

            For performance-to-age-ratio? ESPECIALLY considering that GPU? Incredible.

            I just sold mine, full disclosure – c’mon, bring on the new Nexus 4!

      • Cody

        Actually you are right. Thats what I do, along with my Xbox, I dumped Time Warner Cable $60 bucks a month is too much when I have unlimited w/Verizon and now I use my router as a repeater to reach my whole apartment and boom superfast internet. I am at 20-25 gigs a month, So cry some where else.

      • kixofmyg0t

        6GB is plenty? Most unlimited users torrent huh? I haven’t torrented a single thing on my phone. Don’t pigeon hole all of us unlimited users.

        This is very light use for me. i used to be over 30-40GB a month.

    • John Smith

      Verizon is evil. don’t sell your soul to them – go prepaid.