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[Deal] Get 50% Off the Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad With This Coupon, Perfect for Your New Nexus 7

nexus 7 wireless charging

Samsung finally released their Qi wireless charging back for the Galaxy S4 back in June, which we took a brief look at. Wireless charging has always been a nice add-on to phones, assuming you are willing to pay the price for the setup that typically includes a $50 charging pad along with a $40 wireless charging-ready back plate. Well, unless your phone has wireless charging built-in, then all you need is the pad. Either way, it’s not necessarily thought to be a reasonably priced charging alternative, but more of a luxury item. But what if you could get yourself into the pad for 50% off or $25? You can.Β 

Using coupon codeΒ RV18623 during checkout in Samsung’s online store, you can pickup the wireless charging pad for the Galaxy S4 for $24.99. Keep in mind that this wireless charging pad is built to the Qi standard, so it’s not specific to the GS4, Samsung has simply branded it that way. You know that brand new 2013 Nexus 7 that you just picked up? It works on the pad. I’m using them together right now.

This charging pad should work with other devices that have wireless charging built-in like the DROID DNA.

For $25, I don’t think you’ll find a better time to get into wireless charging.

samsung wireless deal

Via: Β Samsung

Cheers Jonathan and Scott!

  • Samira Mathev

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  • Rithvik Rao

    It looks like they completely killed the product…placed one on backorder when they went out of stock, now the only Wireless Charging Pad I see is the $59.99 (retail) GS4 one (which this one should have been)…but comes with a 2A charger.

    I got a backorder update via email which told me the product was now available for purchase, no link to buy and nowhere to place my backorder number on Samsung’s site. I think I’ll contact Samsung directly and somehow get them to give me the $49.99, allow me to use the coupon, and maybe even let me use the coupon code I got for voting for the next S4 S View color. If I get really lucky, maybe even free shipping?

    That would feel reeeeeel good for my Nexus. πŸ˜›

    • Eric Callahan

      Same exact thing, I got the email and there’s no link. Not the best customer service experience I can remember…

  • TrevorKai

    *UPDATE* It is currently sold out. . . Go figure.

  • Eric Johnson
  • Eric Johnson

    Seems as good as CHOE wireless charging pad i bought from amazon.

  • Prasanth Karan
  • Prasanth Karan

    I bought a qi wireless charging pad from Bitmore.co.uk. They have a wide range of Qi wireless charging devices compatible for S3, S4, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, Xbox, PS3 etc. The one I bought is universal, so I can charge any qi enabled devices on this pad.

  • pbolton70

    Looks lke they are sold out and wont let you purchase now to use the coupon.

  • James Hill

    Sold out already?

  • jaredgreenwald

    OOS πŸ™ Anyone know when the coupon is good till? Hoping it’ll still be in effect when they come back in stock…

  • Mike Hilal

    Sold out anyway….

  • Tyler

    While this is a great deal I’m going to wait to make sure the moto x had the qi charging like the DROID maxx. And if moto releases a charger for it as well. Hoping if moto does its like the nexus 4 orb.

  • RYAN

    will you be able to use this for the brand new DROID MAXX by Motorola being released 8/20?

    • jay

      No, I have the maxx and it does not work.

  • tyguy829

    Debating getting this for my new N7. Never used wireless charging before. Is it actually worth it?

    • Yes! My first was the Palm Pre + Touchstone. Was a great alternative to everyday wear and tear with micro usb plugs. Nothing beats simply laying your device down.

      • tyguy829

        Alright then. I’ll take your word for it. In for one. Thanks

  • SW2

    Out of Stock

  • Brandon Golway

    Even though this is only $25 I’m still debating on whether or not I want it, because I’d still have to get the back cover for it. Also I tend to use my phone while it’s charging, so this doesn’t make that too easy. I think I’m just going to get the external charger with an additional battery so I can swap one out and use the full one.

  • Jeff Messer

    I’m getting this now when I tried to submit an order for two:

    “One or more products you have selected does not have requested quantity, please try again later”

  • Brandon Golway

    It said the code was invalid when I tried to use it. “You have tried to apply invalid coupon” edit: nevermind it just worked for some reason.

    I just tried to use my code that I got for registering my phone with Samsung along with this and apparently you can only use one at a time πŸ™

  • Qbancelli

    Ordered one 1 hour ago and I just got the shipping confirmation email.
    Too bad I had to read the comments to find out about needing a 2A charger, after I had bought it. Luckly I still have the Tab 10.1 charger.

  • n900mixalot

    Got one for my Note II!!!

  • Jeff Helget

    awesome, picked up a couple… one for my desk at work, one for the bedside table!

  • middlehead

    Hopefully this lasts til I get home to see if the charger that came with my last phone is 2A, cause I’m not buying it if I have to buy a power brick too.

  • droidxethan

    Thanks guys i should be getting my N7 today

  • Jeff C

    i ended up ordering this then canceling it. would rather wait to see if google puts anything out.

    • Yeah, but if they do, you’ll have an “extra” charging pad that was only $25 that you can take to work, or put in your kitchen, or your living room…or wherever and never have to use cords πŸ™‚

      • Jeff C

        lol truee. but i have an andru charger at work work my phone. always try to stay charged/show off my inner geek. tablet charges while at work. i like where your head is at tho

  • Jake

    Is this pad flat or slightly concave? Its appearance varies from picture to picture.

  • fauxshizzl

    I bought the Nokia wireless charging pad for my DNA and new N7. Seems like the DNA gets pretty hot while the N7 doesn’t. To the point where I wouldn’t want to leave it on there overnight. Can anyone else chime in that might own both this charger and a DNA as to whether it gets really hot on that one too?

    • LionStone

      I don’t have this wireless charger I have an LG plate and I charge my DNA regularly overnight and it does not overheat.

      • fauxshizzl

        I wonder if I put it in a case if the separation of the two would be enough to keep it cooler. Even though I am not sure it is the direct contact that makes it heat up. It hasn’t ever over heated, but was warmer than I would like and enough to make me hesitant to leave it overnight.

  • Manamanaa

    Anyone know if the Moto X will be Qi capable?

    • Charlie R.

      The new Droids are, so I would assume the X will be as well.

  • Tod Cox

    ***FYI*** This code works on many (but not all) items. I got 50% off on the wireless back cover and some NFC tags. Unfortunately it does not work on the multimedia dock.

  • Steve B

    Picked up mine to use with my GS3 and soon to be new N7.

  • Norm

    I have a Nexus 4 & 7. Have found that the Nexus 4 Orb also does a great job on charging the 7. The width is just right that is sits in landscape mode on the orb.

    Any word on if Google will have a Nexus 7 Orb / Dock / Pad for wireless charging ?

  • Detonation

    Bought mine yesterday morning and it shipped in the afternoon, estimated delivery August 5th. They shipped it UPS Mail Innovations which is super slow.

  • Is that pad flat on the top? Or is it built to sort of cradle the S4? It kind of looks like it has slightly raised sided in some pictures, but looks flat in others. I think it would be a little annoying if my N7 didn’t lay flat on it.

    • Jeff C

      looks like it lies flat. hope the sides dont get in the way. opening the box very carefully when i get it just in case it needs to go back

  • jnt

    It doesn’t look like the 2013 N7 is 2a? (pic attached)

    • htowngtr

      Double fail, but it should be. The original was 2A.

      Regardless, you can buy one from Anker for like $9 on amazon.

      • Greyhame

        But using a charger not supplied by Samsung might burn down your house, your Mercedes and kill your cat!!!

      • Mike

        Link? Anker one looks to be $45 used from amazon…

        • htowngtr

          No, I meant the Anker 2A charger.

    • htowngtr

      Yea, it’s not after all and that blows. The original N7 had a 2A charger (I am using that one instead), but as I mentioned below you’ll just have to buy one off Amazon to get the 2A necessary.

  • jnt

    I don’t believe the 2013 N7 is 2amp? (pic attached)

  • prestone1

    why cant all wireless chargers be like the nexus 4 orb

    • Jorge Leal

      Because not everyone can handle that level of awesomeness

  • Timothy Reider

    I do like my Nexus 4 charger, but the Nexus 7 looks a bit goofy on it. Maybe I should snag one….

  • Already had one for my DNA. Plopped the N7 down on it when I got it last Friday. Lights up like a lucky charm πŸ˜›

  • Wolfpack93

    When this deal sells out, you can look to the 1,000 mA Qi charger on Amazon for $26.50 (http://tinyurl.com/oxkym6v)

  • Tim Austin

    Will this work with an extended battery as well? or just the stock samsung battery?

    • James_75

      It will work as long as you have a Qi receiver pad between the battery and case. Just know it will take longer to charge than with a wall plug/musb.

  • litobirdy

    im assuming this doesn’t work if you have a case on the new nexus 7 right?

    • The answer to this always is: It depends on the case. I’ve had my N4 work w/ Qi Charging with most but not all cases on it.

    • James_75

      It should work but it really depends on how thick the case is.

  • paulmike3

    How much is shipping?

    • Jeff C

      4 doll hairs. shows up in 10 business days. unless you want $20 next day

    • htowngtr

      It’s $4 for them to ship “UPS” but it’s that snail mail bullcrap. It blows but nothing you can really do about it.

    • GoBlue

      Sorry, they don’t ship to the worst state ever.

      • Nex__

        LOL Ahh Rivalries

      • DanSan

        dont worry, new york is the biggest sinkhole. trust me, i live here.

      • paulmike3

        Wow, sorry to hear – maybe you know someone in a surrounding state?

      • Sox05

        No, Florida is.

  • FarmerTechno

    “Requires 2Amp charger to function, sold separately.”

    Shouldn’t be an issue for most, just a heads up.

    • TSY87

      Seems kinda ridiculous that they wouldnt include it, but i guess they assume you would just use the one that came with your phone. Thanks for the heads up!

      • htowngtr

        Yea, they assume since you bought a GS4 that you’ll have the 2A charger. I’m sure that the one that comes with the new N7 will be 2A just like the original N7 charger was, regardless.

        • Guest

          i hope so. im at work wondering if i need to shell out more cash as i just ordered and then read this. here’s to hoping

        • Detonation

          Unfortunately the new one is not 2A…

      • duke69111

        So there selling you a charger with out the charger. πŸ™‚ /s

    • cheezer88

      N7 Comes with a 2 amp.

      • Actually, the new one doesn’t. The new one’s only 1.35A

        • Jeff C

          So then it will charge at about .675 the rate of a 2A charger if we use the new N7 charger?

          • Lucki

            No, most chargers never go anywhere near the amperage rating they have. If you actually measure it, most of the time your phone is charging with less than an amp of current unless the battery is really discharged; but that usually lasts a couple of minutes. As the battery voltage increases, the charging current decreases.

          • Guest

            Actually, I misread what was going on. What I said applies to charging phones directly. I have no idea what the power demands for the pad are, and whether they are static or dynamic.