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New Nexus 7 Now Available for Purchase From Google Play

n7 available

The Nexus 7, which technically doesn’t launch until July 30, is now available for purchase through Google Play. If ordered, the device won’t ship until the 30th, but you will get free shipping (3-5 days). Assuming you aren’t interested in ordering from Amazon or Best Buy (both of which have it available now), this is your next best option.

Update:  Staples is running a $30 off promo on tablets until July 28. May want to shop there first.

 Play Links:  Nexus 7 16GB | Nexus 7 32GB

  • Nick Gomez

    I have they (sellers) are going to have trouble with the accessories, how are people supposed to differentiate items designed for the new nexus 7 vs the old nexus 7, after all, there are named the same. By the way, is the Nexus 7 available in physical locations as well? Has anybody had luck buying one directly from a physical store?

    • Sean Bello

      I bought one from Best Buy today. Could’ve bought the 16gb from Staples too, they didn’t have the 32 in stock. there was confusion as to whether they could sell it or not at both locations. Staples was going to have a manager override the price to honor the coupon code. Best Buy refused to price match.

      • Nick Gomez

        Same here. I asked one of the tech guys at Staples if they were still honoring the promotion (this was sunday morning), he said yes but with exception to the new nexus 7. I assumed they had changed policy overnight so I didn’t really feel like arguing. I ended up buying at BestBuy, and like you, they did not honor the price match. Their excuse was that it was a coupon, not a fixed sale on the item. The manager didn’t even give it thought and dismissed the modest girl who asked him, I didn’t really get a good feel from him. Anyways, I baught the 16 GB version and I love it. The memory hasn’t really given me problems, I put over 50 ebooks on it, over 70 apps that include around 15 games (some being 3D and everything), and 200 songs as well as a “Guest” profile (which takes up 1.6 GB!??). I still have over 5GB left, so I don’t really think I’ll run out of space for a while. I don’t really take videos with my phone and I don’t download movies, so 16GB works great for me. As for performance, its perfect. I’ve had a couple apps crash and freeze my screen, but I’m pretty sure it was the app software, some warned that 7″ support was still alpha. Is it me or is the 5mpx camera VERY pixelated. I don’t think it takes great pictures at all (I use my phone anyway, but I just wanted to try it out)

    • shonangreg

      I think anything new should say “Nexus 7 (2013)”. This is the format google has chosen, renaming the 1st generation as “Nexus 7 (2012)”. Old stuff from other retailers might not mention the year.

  • Paul Hansen

    Picked mine up at work today. Can I just say that having a notification light is a giant sack of win?

    • Sean Bello

      I forgot it had it. I was so excited when I saw it going off lol

  • JBartcaps

    I love this tablet. The screen is awesome to say the least.

  • feztheforeigner

    I know this is kind of off topic but has anyone rooted theirs yet? Will the toolkits from the old Nexus 7 still work? If possible I would like to do this manually with cmd.

    If anyone wants to know how to unlock it, it’s the same as all Nexus devices…

    1) download a fastboot.exe and the android sdk

    2) put fastboot inside the platform-toools folder where adb is

    3) open a cmd from platform-tools and type adb reboot bootloader

    4) type fastboot oem unlock

    5) say yes and you’re done!

    • Paul Hansen

      Mine actually came out of the box unlocked already which was interesting. The build # is also newer than the other nexus images available JSS15J rather than JWR66V that the rest of the nexus family is running.

      • feztheforeigner

        It’s weird that yours was rooted out of the box. As for the build number that’s what mine is running too (after it updated twice).

        • Paul Hansen

          It’s not rooted. Just unlocked. I didn’t have to “fastboot oem unlock”. I haven’t bothered to push the root files yet.

  • JRomeo

    Kellex, please post an article that will shed light on the Nexus7 having capabilities with Miracast, thanks.

    • MrSteve920

      No article needed, it has Miracast support just like the Nexux 4.

      • JRomeo

        Why hasn’t anyone posted a demo video on youtube comparing this to chromecast….. I’m guessing the first person to do this will probably get a million views in my opinion.

  • Luxferro

    I’m not buying anything at release from the Play store anymore. I should have learned my lesson by now after botched, 1st gen Nexus 7 order, then Nexus 4 order, and now my chromecast order (which was placed within 30 minutes of launch, but yet hasn’t shipped yet).

    Google Play should be the last place people look to buy at release times.

    • FknTwizted

      it said on the site it doesn’t ship till august 2nd… so fault you, not google.

      • Luxferro

        People had theirs ship before than. And yes, I blamed myself for making the poor choice of making my purchase at the play store. Had I known at the time of my order, that other places would ship day 1, I wouldn’t have used the play store. I like google a lot, but their shopping experience sucks compared to the big boys

        • FknTwizted

          They aren’t really a retail. I think the only reason they sell is cause they can, just like apple. Oh an “big boys” you refer to wish they had the capital and gains Google had.

          • Luxferro

            Stop being so defensive of criticism towards google for their lack of salemanship, or whatever you want to call it. I’m a pretty big fan of pretty much all things google. I own the OG Droid, Nexus s, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Vizio Co-Star GTV, and not one Apple product in my life… This is the one area they need work at. If you can’t admit that you have issues.

            The big boys I was referring to are the best at selling stuff, and customer service. We aren’t talking about revenue, profits, or design of products. Seems you’re arguing for the sake of it.

    • msamson2

      Another new Android tablet to launch this week thats worth checking out is the Pipo M7 Pro ($255) that for about the same price as the new Nexus 7, features a much larger 8.9 inch display with 1900×1200 screen resolution, a Quad core processor, along with built-in GPS navigation… and is packed with the latest technology that compares to the new Nexus — this new model is available through T ab l e t S p r i n t– which also adds in some useful Apps, including an MS Office Suite and several premium Games, including the popular 3D game Shadowgun…

    • ruthefisher325

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  • Luxferro

    I’m not buying anything at release from the Play store anymore. I should have learned my lesson by now after botched, 1st gen Nexus 7 order, then Nexus 4 order, and now my chromecast order (which was placed within 30 minutes of launch, but yet hasn’t shipped yet).

    Google Play should be the last place people look to buy at release times.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    The Staples near me have it in stock according to the website, but are denying that have it available to sell. I guess you are going to be loosing a lot of sales on this device.

  • BrianLipp

    Got one and unlocked bootloader! now to wait for root methods…

  • Wes Jordan

    Picked 2 up this morning from BB.

  • Greg Morgan

    Yay got my Nexus 7 ordered!

  • monkey082506

    Sold out in 3….2….1

  • FarmerTechno

    Buy from Staples online. Using coupon 41178, you can knock $30 off the final price.

    • gokusimpson

      Thanks man! Got it

    • Greg Morgan

      Thanks for the tip! Used it with no problem!

  • Verizon

    Already ordered and picked up from Best Buy!

  • Jack Hoffman


    • Tether to your phone, why pay more for another device?

      • TeeJay1100


      • Jack Hoffman

        Because my work pays for it and I don’t want to drain my phone battery just for data when I’m travelling.

        There’s a reason providers sell LTE dongles and LTE versions of tablets…people actually buy them. Some of those people might actually even find those features desirable and convenient.