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Here is the New Nexus 7 Official Press Render

nexus 7 press

And that right there, would be your official new Nexus 7 press render, courtesy of @evleaks. The device was first leaked last week, along with most of its specs and potential launch dates through retailers, but this is the cleanest look yet at Google’s new 7-inch tablet. 

As you can see – and would expect – it runs stock Android, has front and rear cameras, vertically placed Nexus logo on the back, lower-chin notification light, top and bottom speakers, plus a headphone jack up top. In terms of display and bezel, I wouldn’t say that this new version has any less bezel than last year’s model, but the screen resolution is expected to be bumped up significantly.

You’ll notice that the time on the clock reads 4:30, which used to be a dead giveaway for the version of Android that the device was running. But over the last few weeks, as Android 4.3 launch dates have slipped and devices carrying the 4:30 time in their press render clocks are still running 4.2.2, that’s no longer a given. Then again, we are expecting to see this new tablet and Android 4.3 at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday, so this one could be accurate.

Specs will likely go as follows:  1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 7-inch FHD display (1920×1200), 5MP rear camera, 1.2MP front camera, 16GB or 32GB of storage, no microSD slot, wireless charging, a SlimPort, WiFi and LTE radios (notice the SIM slot, lower-left), and whatever the newest version of Android is, which will be 4.3.

The 16GB model is rumored to priced at $229, with the 32GB model dropping in at $269.

Via:  @evleaks

  • Taglogical

    Hooray look at all of that glorious bezel; something to grab w/o fingers getting on-screen/in the way.

  • trophynuts

    Evleaks has been working hard lately

  • [email protected]


  • chris420o

    well…talk about bezel…thats more bezel then the og n7….why?

  • David Parrella

    I’d honestly rather that be an SD card slot than a SIM slot…

  • Mark Roan

    I’m praying that this will work with Verizon. Still have my unlimited data plan. Finger crossed!

    • ddh819

      so you’re just gonna put your phone sim in there?

      • Mark Roan

        Yep. Verizon GNex as my daily driver. Will use N7 when I travel.

        • ddh819

          good idea

  • SewWhat

    Excuse the ignorance… but any indications on how much RAM to expect?

    • Tojen1981

      I think it has been verified as 2 GB ram.

  • Octotron

    A nice update… probably not necessary to upgrade from the OG Nexus 7, though. Maybe if mine “breaks” accidentally….

  • Zach Davis

    Now I just need to sell the Nexus 7 I already have..

  • To upgrade from my 8GB OG Nexus 7 or not…

    • ddh819

      id say yes, 8gb is pretty small, but i like downloading video podcasts for commuting

  • sourabh

    why is the front camera offset o the right? just asking

  • LionStone

    Nice! Two speakers and FHD, very happy about that. Oh…and the Snapdragon!

  • spickle

    holy bezel!! pass.

    • Trevor

      I am le disappoint by the bezel a little bit, but it’s certainly not enough to make me pass up on this.

  • sonicemerald

    my current nexus 7 is fine… except that it has become soo slooow. I think it may just be the rom i’m using (CarbonRom), but it takes about 10 seconds to open anything…. anybody have any ideas as to what i could do?

    • Trevor

      Mine’s slow as butt and it’s stock. No weird apps installed either.

      • LionStone

        Same… ie. The keyboard in portrait is really good and pretty fast…but when typing in landscape in can lag at times.

    • Tojen1981

      I’m running sentinelrom on mine and its running fairly well now. I had tegrazone on it which was causing all kinds of lag on stock ROM. Something else was slowing it down, but I can’t remember atm.

    • Steve Benson

      This is the current state of the Nexus 7 after one year. 1gb of RAM will do this. Sell it and buy the new N7. It’s a MASSIVE upgrade in both performance and screen.

      • chris420o

        i think massive is a lil stretch

        • Steve Benson

          Let’s see…

          – 1080p hd will be a massive upgrade. The current N7 looks decent at 720, but the screen will absolutely pop at 1080p.
          – 2gb of RAM. The original had 1gb and it shows. Terrible performance under load, the entire system bogs down at times. 2gb will solve this issue.
          – Do I even need to mention the processor? The new N7 will have a quad Snapdragon S4 Pro. The current N7 has the turd known as the nvidia tegra 3 (a quad that performs like a single core).

          Those three bullets alone make this a massive upgrade. Build quality looks to be on par. Design may or may not be better in some people’s eyes. Rear camera is always a plus for those who need it for video chat. Wireless charging is included out of the box. Slim port is a good upgrade over MHL. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but the point is, the first gen N7 was good, but the second gen is massively better, one year later.

    • rslh

      Live Wallpaper almost always makes everything lag like heck. Try a factory reset. I have done it once and my unit is still running fine. I bought mine since it first launched. I’ll be passing up on this iteration. Nice to have, but not a necessity.

  • naveen_kvk

    I miss the rugged back though.

  • S2556

    This will be my first tablet purchase.

  • Geoffrey Gunter

    Nobody on Amazon wants to buy my gen1 Nexus 7 🙁

    • Steve Benson

      Sell it on Swappa.

  • droidrazredge

    Should I get this or wait for the Nexus 10? I’m looking for something for my mom as she wants a tablet similar to the iPad.

    • ddh819

      if she has actually used an ipad a lot, i think the 7 will seem pretty small.

    • ddh819

      if she has actually used an ipad a lot, i think the 7 will seem pretty small.

  • Joel Vasallo

    Top and bottom bezel are a must. When you flip it over, it allows you to grip the device without miss tapping. The sides could have been a bit slimmer but I mean for 229 can anyone really complain? Don’t like the camera on the side and the half ass notification light, (im used to my booming galaxy nexus light :p)

  • TylerCameron

    Why is the front camera off-center…

    • Kenton Douglas


      • TylerCameron

        I see no speaker. And why would there be a speaker dead center there? Why not put the camera just below it then?

        • Kenton Douglas

          If you look at the shot of the rear you can see the placement of the speakers (and the space they’ll take up internally). That’s why neither the front or rear cameras are centre aligned. The space to accommodate the module height is occupied by the speakers. On the bottom the notification LED only only occupies a z-height of about 2mm (at most) so it’s not a problem to have that centre aligned.

        • Prince Campbell III

          There are speakers on the top and bottom, look at the picture of the back of the device.

    • Nasko Hristov

      Pronanly, because the back NEXUS is horizontal so if you are holding it horizontally your finger not to cover the camera.

    • Geoffrey Gunter

      I took it as placement so that if you hold it in landscape you can get a better grip without covering it up.

  • Juancho_21

    recently i enter to google´s account of youtube and i see this…. can this be a sign of google to start selling the new nexus 7?

    • Steve Benson


  • Asset Mobile LLC

    Still want it! That price tag is definitely appealing too.

  • Adam Truelove
    • DainLaguna

      lol. overused, but the sense of humor here for gif’s is sad. def not the verge in that sense.

  • Tojen1981

    Glad they put the headphone jack back on top where its supposed to be. Hopefully a cellular version will get here by Xmas.

  • iwantmynexus

    are those extended drink coasters on the top and bottom? AWESOME! Always wanted to keep my beer off the table while watching a movie on my tablet…

  • tech247

    With that much bezel, is this really a 7′ tablet? Looks more like a 9’….

    • Kenton Douglas

      possibly the same size as the last one top and bottom, but narrower on the sides?

    • Steve Benson

      You guys and your silly bezel gripes.

  • Jonathan Ly

    Only thing I don’t like is the bezel and speaker placement. Granted you want some bezel to hold the device, but the thing that made the Nexus 10 good is the speaker placement. Hopefully it sounds better than the N7 original speaker.

    • Prince Campbell III

      You have to remember that Samsung made the Nexus 10. If Asus was going to put speakers on the front, I am guessing they would have to come up with their own design of it so they would have issues with Samsung.

    • Steve Benson

      At least it has stereo speakers this time around. That should make it much better than the original.

  • Jonathan Lamonte

    I was debating getting this versus the iPad Mini but I think this narrower profile will suit my needs perfectly. 1080p movies will look gorgeous on this thing!

  • JimmyHACK

    Curious why everyone is so shocked by bezel… did they not like it on the N7 1st gen?

  • j boner

    the freak is a “SlimPort”

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    More bezel for landscape use? thumb space i’m guessing.
    I wonder why they are pushing that… I hope it can be held with 1 hand vertically.

  • Michael Contreras

    I dunno. I think this is a step down in terms of design compared to the last Nexus 7.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    that thing is like an ugly chick with a hot body. just turn her around and enjoy the view.

  • TheRealKingOfAllMedia

    fugly man, but for $199 it’s good enough

  • anon

    Any chance I’d this having the always on mic like the moto x? I am looking forward to giving commands and not having to touch a thing. Fingers crossed!

  • Looks pretty, hope to see the bezel in real life isnt too large. Selling old Nexus 7 now.

  • HappyInfidel

    Is it me, or is there a speaker on the top, and the bottom?

    • Yes, there is.

    • mrbirdman

      looks like it, right in the perfect spot for your hands to cover it as you caress that massive bezel.

    • HappyInfidel

      Yeah, it helps when I actually read the article before commenting on it. Sorry.

  • Ryan Ellingson

    I don’t get the whole bezel thing it needs a big one for you to hold while playing games! Especially with driving games like real racing.

  • Zain Ahmed

    OMG! 4:30!! wait never mind thats old news

  • Bionic

    Cant go wrong with a Nexus Tablet

    • Doo Doo King

      actually you can. the firs series was made with super junky parts. and full OF JANK!!! also you eat doo doo

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Love the notification light at the bottom too.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    DAMN SHE’s GORGEOUS. . . . . . . . Love that backside baby.

  • Qbancelli

    Wow! What a letdown!

    That looks like a cheap, old amazon kindle.
    And that HUGE bezel? Come on Google!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I’d argue it looks more premium than my current N7. Especially …that backside baby.

    • Gnex

      Having a decent-sized bezel on a tablet is kinda nice. I mean, you do need to hold the damn thing.

      • Qbancelli

        I hate Apple and their products as much as the next man, but that iPad Mini is pleasure to hold.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          It’s really not comfortable to hold with one hand like my N7

          • Qbancelli

            Only because it is narrower.

            I’m talking about overall build and feel.

            Wouldn’t you want a Nexus 7 in a not so wide iPad Mini?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            iPad Mini is a Larger overall tablet.

          • DainLaguna

            true, but dont kid yourself into thinking that the ipad mini doesnt ‘compete’ with the nexus7. it most certainly does. they spent half their time talking about the nexus7 during the keynote when they presented it.

            honestly, if a nexus7 came out with the mini’s build quality, id be all over it and i’d pay a premium price for it. but that would have half the people here in an uproar.

  • Paul

    Holy bezel.

  • mrbirdman

    dat bezel tho.

    • Definitely not small.

      • mode3nut

        One of the reasons I’m looking forward to the retina iPad Mini….


        • valapsp

          DL is not your kind of place though.

      • Corey Foltman

        whoa…it got…bigger…

        • Turd Fergason

          I’ll take what is Bionic’s vagina for 500$ Alex

      • Grizzly Atoms

        Bezels help us not touch the edges of our screens, which helps us not register unwanted touches on the screen. Bezels serve a purpose, so don’t completely discount them.

      • hoosiercub88

        Definitely the same size as the previous N7

    • Moeyknight

      Yeah. Not digging that.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      yup. its like they put a 7 inch screen in a 10′ tablet shell.

    • Tommy Thompson

      The bezels on the top and bottom are larger for easy holding. Something Mathias mentioned last year when he talked about the Nexus 7.

    • In_4_1

      The top and bottom bezel are basically the same size as the current N7. The side bezels are thinner than the current N7 so the top and bottom just look optically huge.

      • In_4_1

        Ergonomically it looks like they did a good job. Slimmer in portrait view for easier one-handed palming while maintaining a bezel at the top and bottom for your thumbs while in landscape view.

    • Ben Freund

      The new bezel is perfect. Narrowing the side bezel is great as it is useless. When holding the original N7 in portrait, I hold it either with one hand across the back like a giant phone, or on the bottom like a paperback. If holding in landscape for gaming, then you’ve got lots to hold on to. It really is a good design.

    • Adam Truelove

      If it was smaller, it would cost more. You can’t have a slim sexy device made of aluminum with an impulse buy pricetag.

    • Patrick Jewell

      i hope they stuffed those bezels with batteries…

    • j

      The bezel shrank compared to the old N7.