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Let Episode 30 of The Droid Life Show Be Your Sherpa Up the Mountain This Weekend


If you don’t happen to have any plans this weekend, then this would be an excellent time to catch up on what’s been going on in the Android world. In episode 30 of the Droid Life Show, we covered all of Motorola’s upcoming devices from the Moto X, to all of the devices bound for Verizon as DROIDs. In addition, we discussed our love for the LG G2’s design, plus touched on T-Mobile’s recent UN-carrier moves.

Make sure to catch us live as well when you can, every Wednesday night at 6PM PST.

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  • Michelle P

    This reminds me of a joke. A midget with a lisp, two fat guys and a pencil necked dork walk into a podcast….

  • KleenDroid


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