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Floating Touch is Like Chat Heads But With Quick Toggles, App Shortcuts, and Other Tools

floating touch

Facebook Home may be a massive bust in our eyes, but if there was one innovation that came out of that project, it’s pretty clear that it was Chat Heads. We’ve already seen an app called Floating Notifications mimic the functionality by surfacing as a way to better manage notifications without having to access the notification shade. And of course, we all know that Paranoid Android’s HALO was inspired by Facebook’s floating messenger app. Tonight though, we have a new app to share that has attempted to tackle the floating app trend – it’s called Floating Touch

Floating Touch doesn’t go the notification route. Instead, it wants to be your floating-everywhere-all-in-one-tool that can open your favorite apps, toggle off or on WiFi or Bluetooth, wipe out tasks, and even lock your screen. It floats on your desktop as an icon that can be moved on the fly, only requiring a tap to access. You can customize up to eight slots in the app for free, but if you’d like to add layers, the premium version gives you even more power.

Check out the video below to see all of its power – then give the free version a spin.

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  • Mrgwaps

    What’s funny is that these apps end up becoming standard options when new updates are pushed, I expect to see this as a feature in Key Lime Pie. I can’t wait for the Nexus 5!!

  • Noah Bundrant

    Just noticed this when updating the floating touch app .. With the new Google play if you have an app that uses the accessibility option. Instead of saying uninstall it says deactivate

  • Elliot Kotis

    I think k it is inspired by that crappy apple IOS thing as well. Have a look at the buttons!

    • Elliot Kotis

      PS guys can I be screwed unlocking my boatloads and getting back into root stuff?

  • Josep Reis

    its good for me because im on gingerbread and these work .

  • joejoe5709

    Used this for a couple hours overnight and decided to give up on it. Just out of pure habit I use PIE controls, gestures and notification shortcuts far more than this. And I don’t have a little floating circle on my screen.

    My only real complaint is that it would inexplicably disappear and only reappear with restarting the app. It was pretty random. Galaxy Nexus running Carbon ROM if the developer sees this.

  • Finally DL acknowledges the source of the Chat Heads innovation.

  • Ryan

    I feel like if either halo or pie didn’t exist, one of the two, this would be necessary. But the two of them together do everything this can do, given that you can pin things to halo. So it seems like more trouble than it’s worth, especially since it doesn’t “disappear” like halo does.

  • Cameron

    I’ve seen this little dot on iphones before and always wondered what it was. Doesn’t really seem necessary on Android phones though. We have quick access to all of these settings through the drop down menu. This was built for iphone users.

    • joejoe5709

      Funny you say that. My wife leans over to see what I’m doing and says: What’s wrong with your phone? Is it broken? I say no… Then why are you using Assistive Touch? It’s what you use when the home button stops working. She showed me what she meant on her phone and I uninstalled it a few minutes later.

  • T101

    Keeps randomly disappearing from my screen. Anyone else?

    Razr Maxx, stock, Nova Prime.

  • Jamin

    great app with an even better design and option menu but with CM10.1 Quick Settings and Pie Controls there isn’t any reason for me to use it.
    For everybody else it’s perfect.

    • JoshGroff

      Pie is just too good.

  • I’d much rather have a gesture app bring up controls than have some bubble floating on my screen all the time.

    • joejoe5709

      This is why I uninstalled it. LMT or PIE is better.

    • stang6790

      I wonder if you could use a gesture in NOVA launcher (or one of the other launchers) to activate it. I may have to install and test this out

      • Marcus Pitts

        let us know

      • bboyairwreck

        try Task Changer by Pacosal

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Looks good, but honest to God I’d use it for a bit and then uninstall it :/

    • Kiril Vatev

      That’s what I did. The little floating circle thing is way too annoying for what the app actually does.

  • Bill Hill

    Looks like Pie Controls

  • Jason Purp

    So it’s like Chat Heads, only it’s useful