Flyperlink Brings Floating Web Browsing to Your Android Device

Flyperlink, an app available for download on Google Play, brings Chat Head-like web browsing straight to your phone. When skimming through links on your device, whether it be on Twitter or through Google Now, Flyperlink can pop up these webpages in individual bubbles, viewable and moveable for your convenience.

After initial setup, Flyperlink runs in the background until you click on a web link. At that point, you will decide which app you want to open a link with – Chrome, Flyperlink, or any other browser you may have installed. If Flyperlink is selected, you can then choose to open the link with Flyperlink just once, or always. When Flyperlink chosen, a bubble will appear that you can expand and minimize, and the bubble can be moved to wherever you would like, in case it is getting in your way. When you are done with a website, simply drag the bubble to the trash icon at the bottom of your screen. (more…)

Floating Touch is Like Chat Heads But With Quick Toggles, App Shortcuts, and Other Tools

floating touch

Facebook Home may be a massive bust in our eyes, but if there was one innovation that came out of that project, it’s pretty clear that it was Chat Heads. We’ve already seen an app called Floating Notifications mimic the functionality by surfacing as a way to better manage notifications without having to access the notification shade. And of course, we all know that Paranoid Android’s HALO was inspired by Facebook’s floating messenger app. Tonight though, we have a new app to share that has attempted to tackle the floating app trend – it’s called Floating Touch(more…)

Paranoid Android to Introduce New Multi-Windowing Chat Head-like Feature in Upcoming Alpha Build

Paranoid Android

Details are still scarce as to what exactly is going on, but there are plenty of teasers on Google+ and YouTube taking place, showing proof of concept for a new “multi-window” feature that is to be baked into the Paranoid Android ROM. Please allow me to try and explain. Imagine a Chat Heads-like function for every application on your device. That is what they are working on.  (more…)

Facebook Pages Manager Receives Update, Adds External Link Support and More

facebook pages 1

Managers of a Facebook Page take note, because today, the Pages Manager app for Android has been updated. If you are someone who loves to keep their pages updated on the go, today’s update will certainly be welcome with its new features. You can now share photos from other applications, promote your posts at the same time you post them, and turn links from outside the app into posts for your page.  (more…)

Facebook Messenger App Updated, Chat Heads Available For All

Chat Heads

Initially, since Facebook Home is said to only be compatible with about five devices, we figured it would be the same for the Chat Head feature as well. As most know, Chat Heads is the only part of the Home experience we are really excited about, so to see that after an update to Messenger, that Chat Heads works just fine on any device is pretty great.  (more…)

Ninja SMS, Brings Chat Head-like Texting Feature to All Android Phones


When I walked away from Facebook’s press event last week, there was one thing I was truly excited for – Chat Heads. They allow for users to chat with friends over any application that is currently in use on your device. It removes the need to choose between a conversation with your friends and a game/movie/app you are using. In short, it’s genius.  (more…)