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Verizon Reminds Us That Google Voice Search Can Solve All Your Problems


Verizon’s new Father’s Day commercial that popped up over the weekend is a fine reminder that Google Voice Search is there to help you in times of need. When your child adopts a dangerous pet, baseballs are thrown through windows, a kid puts the wrong dish soap in the dishwasher, superglue is used to help someone palm a basketball, or when your daughter gets her little heart crushed by a boy, you can search for help.

I can’t tell you how many times recently that I’ve pulled out Google Voice Search to find things. If my friends and I can’t remember anything from an actor’s name to movies they were in to how many different NBA teams Dr. J played for, Google Search can get you there quicker than any other method. I forget to use it every so often, but lately it has become a part of my everyday life.

Oh, the ad was also to show off the current “Free” deal that VZW is running for the RAZR M in blue, should you be interested.

Are you using Voice Search regularly or do you forget about it?

  • dhinged

    Google Voice search would be great if I didn’t have to jump through a bunch hoops to get there. Before Jelly Bean on my Razr I used to just long-press the search key… now I have to press the microphone button as well, or put the shortcut on my desktop. Sure sounds easier to me!

  • Speedracer98

    im sure the nsa has found a way to record all voice searches and say its completely legal.

  • For some reason on my N7 and Droid Razr it seems to take FOREVER to search! I just get a white page with the little circle thingy next to the search bar going round and round for a good 2 min.

    • needa

      that only happens to me when i am ‘handshaking’ from wifi to hspa or visa versa. or in very low signal areas.

      • It seems to be persistent on both of my devices whether on 4G LTE or WiFi . But then again the N7 is just full of lag and my Droid Razr isn’t necessarily on the bleeding edge of smartphones!

        • needa

          maybe try a factory reset on one of them to see if that fixes it. you 100% should not be having this issue, and you are one of a few that does. id imagine there is something conflicting somewhere from app downloads.

  • needa

    what a crappy commercial to show what google can do.

  • T4rd

    “Google, how fast can I kill my 2GB data plan if I downloaded something on LTE right now?”
    “Google: In approximately 9 minutes and 10 seconds (at 30 Mb/s).” /facepalm

    • In my area Verizon normally tops at around 50-60mb/s

  • paul_cus

    Never use voice search. I don’t give it a thought, I just type.

  • Adam Truelove

    Wait, Verizon is advertising something that isn’t theirs? I’m surprised their not showing off VZNavigator or VZRingtones or something like that.

  • Steve Benson

    The OCD in me cringed at the :17 mark. “Google I need a wet vac.” Clearly the people behind the commercial have never used Google Voice Search.

    • T4rd

      Lol.. “Here are the results for ‘wet vag’…”

  • MKader17

    I love voice search and really cant believe its not integrated into a hot key on stock devices. The reason I want my phone to have soft keys is so I can switch the “multitasking” button into a search button with long press voice search.

    • Peter C.

      Swipe up on the Home button and there’s your shortcut.

      • Hothfox

        While that is an easy way to eventually get to voice search, it takes you to Google Now first, and then you have to tap the microphone icon. Most custom ROMs let you change what your softkeys do though.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          You don’t have to tap the Microphone icon in Google Now. Just Say Google and it will respond.

  • One Meat Ball

    I remember when people who knew things they read in books were considered smart. Now everyone with a smartphone is a f–ing genius. Welcome to the 21st Century.

    • Rakyth

      You still need to read and interpret the results.

      By the way, I wouldn’t consider knowledgeable to be ‘smart’. You still need to do useful things with that knowledge.

    • PhoenixPath

      Yeah, giving people easy access to information…what were they thinking?!? /s

  • JohnDrake6

    Interesting, wasn’t he in that AT&T commercial from a year or two ago where a couple is at a nice restaurant and he keeps sneaking peeks at a football game on his phone?

    • GreenMeansGo

      Sure dude, because dammit, we all look alike, don’t we?

      (Just kidding. Have some fun with it.)

  • And they got all that info by spying on people. {{-_-}}

  • Wyveryx

    I love using Voice, I’ve pretty much converted all my friends from the fruit, save for one, but she’s hopeless…

    Though recently it seems that it’s been getting slow to recognize and respond on my Gnex, even at LTE speed…Any clues?

    • r0lct

      Some of that is hardware too. Gnex is a good device but any flagship phone in the last year will do it better.

      • Wyveryx

        True, it has gotten a bit long in the tooth. Though it wasn’t this bad prior to 4.2.2.

      • Hothfox

        Speaking about LTE phones, I assume he’s on Verizon. I don’t personally feel there’s been that many great flagship phones in the past year. None to tug me away from the Galaxy Nexus anyway. I’m waiting to see the HTC One. I played with one briefly in the AT&T store, and I didn’t totally hate Sense 5 even.

        • r0lct

          I’m not saying any of them are better but the S3, S4, Note 2, DNA, DROID RAZR HD all perform noticeably faster.

          • T4rd

            Indeed. I went from a Gnex to a Note 2.. night/day difference, esp. with multi-tasking. 2GBs of RAM made a big difference in that.

          • Hothfox

            I know they will be faster, but I wouldn’t really consider any of them to be “flagship” devices except for their RAZR series. None of them have really received any fanfare.

          • T4rd

            Wat. Maybe from Verizon. The Note 2, DNA and S3/4 have received lots of fanfare from their users.

          • Hothfox

            S4 sales have apparently dropped off quite a bit. I think it was a pretty “meh” upgrade. It obviously received a lot of coverage from Android blogs. Even at the Verizon store in my area, it’s not displayed in any big deal kind of way.

          • Go to any Best Buy store and you will see an entire section of the store JUST for the S3/S4! It seems different stores promoted different devices and it is also heavily dependent on the market.

      • I have the same issue with both my N7 and Droid Razr. I just get a blank white page with the little circle thing going round and round by the search query for a solid 2 minutes.

        • Wyveryx

          Mine is similar, I’m just trying to decide if I want to wipe everything again…the multi-user folders make it a pain, imho, to restore apps and their data.

          • I never quite got how Android organized all the files after 4.2 and I really don’t get how Motorola organizes the files on my Droid Razr. It would seem that you would just want a general storage area for movies, music and documents but just have separate app data folders (which would be CLEARLY marked). But instead there’s separate everything!

  • Stephen

    I use it pretty often. My girlfriend thinks I’m the biggest dork when I do it, but I always get my search results faster than her typing it in…she hates that too..

  • itsgonnalast

    Usually I’m around too much background noise (air conditioner, car, etc) for me to use voice search successfully.

    If there’s complete silence it works well.

    • r0lct

      Works for me fine in car with radio on and kids talking while it’s on windshield mount. Maybe your hardware? Or your speech cadence? I find reasonably careful annunciation and consistent rate of speech make a big difference.

      • michael arazan

        I have to mute the tv or radio to do a voice search as well or it will keep picking up the other voices or try to recognize them after I speak. I use a GNex and a N7.

      • itsgonnalast

        You may be right about the hardware since I use a Galaxy Nexus that’s a little slow. I have similar experiences with voice search within desktop Chrome and the Nexus 7, however.

        All of this reflects a puzzling issue with voice search in general: when it fails, there is little or no opportunity to troubleshoot.

        Am I using bad hardware? Am I too far from the mic? Do I have a strange accent? Is it background noise? It’s hard to tell what’s causing the problem… so I end up not using it at all.

  • morpheus282

    Will it tell me if the NSA is coming to get me?

    • Cowboydroid

      I was already considering dropping Verizon before hearing about their abuse of user’s privacy. I’m actually considering suing them, now.

      Verizon is about as untrustworthy as they come. At least many other tech companies will fight for you in court. Verizon just hands it over, questions unasked.

      • droidftw

        All carriers are doing this.

        • michael arazan

          But verizon keeps your data for three months backed up on their servers, longer than any other carrier, the other carriers delete your data from 2 weeks to a month.

          I too think its time to bring a class action suit against verizon

  • faber


  • antinorm

    Google Voice Search is not Zombocom. It can’t solve all of my problems (yet).

    • Hothfox

      Aww, boo on your downvote! I love Zombo.com. 😛

  • Travis Carr

    I swear I thought he said “Google I need a wetback.”

    • Timothy McGovern
      • Eric Ramos

        Nice try, a wetback refers to someone who has crossed the border illegally. Racist douche.

        • Timothy McGovern

          How do you know I wasn’t talking about a white person illegally crossing into mexico?

        • Travis Carr

          I didn’t mean to sound racist, I seriously thought that was what he said.

          • Eric Ramos

            I was talking about timothy’s comment. Which either way its said sounds racist

          • Timothy McGovern

            Chill out man. It was just a joke.

          • Eric Ramos

            I’m chill I just don’t find that funny.

          • Timothy McGovern
          • Greg

            I found it hilarious! I tried the voice search and it censored it as W******
            If only google now was smart enough to know I wanted directions to the nearest home depot parking lot.

          • LiterofCola

            And a poor one at that.

        • shane

          Agreed. Chill out.

  • KleenDroid