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Nova Launcher and Sliding Messaging Open Up Official Beta Testing Through Google+

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During the Google I/O keynote last month, Google announced that official beta testing of Android apps was being introduced to developers who were interested in getting new versions of their apps out to early adopters who were willing to test them and provide feedback. We have already seen test groups start for apps like DashClock, Falcon Pro, and Fleksy. Today, two more incredibly popular apps join the trend, Nova Launcher and Sliding Messaging

Just like with the previous test groups, you have to join the Google+ Community for each app and then opt-in to testing before you can download new releases from Google Play before they roll out to the public. If you want to get the newest features of apps, beta test groups are the best ways to do it.

Keep in mind that should you decide you no longer want to be a part of the beta test group and would like to receive stable releases only, you can opt-out at any time.

Community Links:  Nova Launcher | Sliding Messaging

Cheers Brad!

  • Emre

    Can someon please tell me how to get out of Nova Launcher ( i have the free version and cant get out) HEELP !

  • Gary

    Beta Testing for Nova is closed already? 404 on the “Opt-In” link.

    • hiv0lt

      The link is inactive until the developer actually posts a beta build.

      • Mike

        Or until you join their community. Tried 5 times to go to the link didn’t work until I clicked the “Join Community” button on the page linked above.

  • Wes Jordan

    I hate this new way of doing betas. I have had to try 15 different times to get the thing to work.

  • hiv0lt

    KCCO Pro also has beta group for any Chivers in here.


  • I couldn’t find the Sliding Messaging “Become a Tester” page. Did anyone else find it?

    • John Burke

      It’s not active yet – the Dev hasn’t pushed it yet but when he does the link will work. For now it’ll 404.

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    I wonder if Nova Launcher will still allow for beta downloads through the app itself.

    • Bigsike

      I think Google stopped that.

      • JoshGroff

        They said they were going to, but I’m not sure if they implemented the change yet.

        • Bigsike

          I just checked and it looks like no beta versions are available through Nova itself.

          • Matt Upton

            I have that option, but I’m not sure if it is because I just opted in..

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          Ok I didn’t know that. It must be something coming in the next full release or next beta because the latest version (2.1.1beta2) still allows for beta updates.

        • They setup a page at http://novalauncher.com/beta/ which allows you download the beta, and it updates through the app itself.

      • Bigwavedave25

        Yup, large orange banner now that directs to the play store to sign up for betas. In app link redirects to the web for beta download.

    • Josh Blaylock

      I received a beta in app update last week