EvolveSMS is the Third-Party SMS App You’ve Been Waiting For

There’s no doubt about it, the Messaging app on Android isn’t great. Though Google’s integrative vision of Hangouts may make the app’s lack of functionality a moot point, the company has a long way to go before SMS is as manipulable and beautiful as it is on some third-party applications. A great example?  EvolveSMS, the successor to Sliding Messaging.

From an interface perspective, EvolveSMS is exactly what you’d expect from the creators of Talon: nearly flawless. Using Android 4.4 KitKat’s transparent nav bar feature to great effect, the UI evokes Google apps in its tasteful use of sliding drawer, Gaussian blur, and animation.  (more…)

Sliding Messaging Updated to Incorporate Google Voice Support

Sliding Messaging

Our favorite messaging application, Sliding Messaging, received a very important update this week, beginning its complete support and integration of Google Voice. In the update, texts can now be sent directly through the app from your Google Voice number. The developer is currently working on being able to receive Voice texts through the app, but it’s not quite there yet.  (more…)

Nova Launcher and Sliding Messaging Open Up Official Beta Testing Through Google+

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 11.23.14 AM

During the Google I/O keynote last month, Google announced that official beta testing of Android apps was being introduced to developers who were interested in getting new versions of their apps out to early adopters who were willing to test them and provide feedback. We have already seen test groups start for apps like DashClock, Falcon Pro, and Fleksy. Today, two more incredibly popular apps join the trend, Nova Launcher and Sliding Messaging(more…)

Sliding Messaging Receives Update, Brings Fancy Settings Menu and More


One of my favorite applications, Sliding Messaging, received an update this morning, bringing a re-worked settings menu which it was in desperate need of. Users will now swipe (naturally) through the various pages of settings, as well as swiping through the different themes the app offers. In a previous update, a new UI was created for the app, allowing users to see a Google Hangouts-like interface for texting.  (more…)

Sliding Messaging Updated, Brings New UI and Google Now-like Card Layout

Sliding 2

Before I get started, I want to point out that I have been a major fan and supporter of Sliding Messaging since early January. It was a major step in the right direction for text messaging on Android, bringing a great mix of looks and functionality to a somewhat bland stock experience Google gives us. Last night, Sliding Messaging received a major update, bringing a completely “re-imagined” look for the entire app.  (more…)

Sliding Messaging and PushBullet Both Receive DashClock Support

dashclock pushbullet

Two of our favorite apps received updates within the last 24 hours that brings support for another favorite app of the moment, DashClock. Both PushBullet and Sliding Messaging now include extension support for the hottest lock screen widget of the year. In Sliding Messaging, you’ll see an unread message count that can be tapped to launch into the app. PushBullet’s extension shows the number of pushes you’ve made to your device along with a preview of your most recent push. When tapped, it launches into the list of recent pushes.

Other than DashClock support, Sliding Messaging brought in a new grey text color option, option to use Android Emojis, better handling of messages, speed improvements and bug fixes. PushBullet now plays your default notification sound when pushes are received and should have less bugs.

Any other new DashClock extensions that we haven’t seen?

Play Links:  PushBullet | Sliding Messaging Pro