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NVIDIA SHIELD Hits the FCC, Still Penciled in to Ship Before End of June


NVIDIA’s upcoming Tegra 4-powered SHIELD device still needed to make one pit stop before being shipped out to customers and that’s the required stop by the good ol’ FCC. Now that the device has been approved for all of its WiFi operation, we can still plan on the device being shipped out before the end of June, at least according to NVIDIA’s pre-order page. 

The price still sits at $350, an amount that many potential customers are still trying to wrap their minds around. While many people argue that they would not meet the SHIELD’s use case on a daily basis, the device does bring an entirely new dimension to PC/mobile gaming. For those that want to play their popular PC games from the comfort of the couch and with a full gaming controller, it is pretty revolutionary stuff. Plus, being able to say goodbye to on-screen controls will be a huge plus for SHIELD adopters.

According to our poll there probably isn’t many of you, but let’s see a show of hands of who pre-ordered SHIELD and maybe a brief summary of why you did.

Via: PocketNow | FCC

  • Gonna be a Tegra 3 vs. Snapdragon 800 vs. Intel Haswell showdown this summer.

  • mustbepbs


  • chris420o

    $200 this thing would do great…$350? to play android games and stream comp games when your only home? i mean int eh bathroom this would be great but but for $350? i mean if im playing a comp game gimme a mouse and keyboard n high quality monitor anyday…meh not gonna do good n im a big nvidia fan


    I actually preordered this thing – as a gamer and developer I’m excited to see what the tegra 4 + hardware controller can do! I don’t really care about the PC streaming aspect of it, and I think Nvidia is wise to release SHIELD with it only in Beta rather than waiting longer for it to be more polished. If all SHIELD ever gets is its 25 launch titles, that’ll be enough – but with OUYA scheduled to go to the public in the next few months as well, my guess is that we’ll be seeing an increase in controller-enabled android gaming that will provide a slow but steady stream of content to the SHIELD. For a gamer – this little device is pretty dang cool. Also – just because I bought the SHIELD doesn’t mean I won’t buy a next-gen console when they’re released later this year. (of course, if they both release with used game restrictions, well – then that might be a different story out of principal, but for now Sony hasn’t announced any plans – let’s hope they keep it that way!)

  • Joeygueez

    I preordered it, super excited to play metro and skyrim on my couch. Also excited for games coming out for t4. I can’t believe people on here don’t see the value.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      They don’t see the value for the price and battery life. And if you’re going to be playing games at home there are high powered consoles for a lot less

      • wuzelwazel

        The battery life on this should be better than any other portable device you own.

        Also, it’s a full android device. Granted that may be redundant for a majority of potential users who already own a tablet and phone, but the price is fair for what you’re getting.

    • mustbepbs

      The value? The value of what? Playing your games AT HOME on a much smaller screen? And you’re willing to pay $350 for that “convenience”?

      I want to say “more power to you”, but all that comes to mind is “you poor fool.”

      • jonen

        the value of the most powerful Android device on the market. the price/power ratio on that thing is amazing. great battery life as well

  • SHIELD, and I think it’s good for the price $ 350 is nothing more than for us to complain.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Not sure why there is even excitement over this. This thing is years late. Nobody is looking forward to PSPs and DSs that segment has been dying…. For a long time.

  • Mark2134

    Just can’t see this taking off. I mean dat price…… If numbers aren’t there, support for this thing drops and you’ve got a 350 dollar dust collector. I’m gonna say it, Tegra does not have the name value anymore. The N7 left a lot to be desired and a Snapdragon is simply where it’s at now. Intro the Tegra 4 on a more affordable device first to show off if it’s even any good then hit us with gotta have it thing.

    • michael arazan

      This device had a Cameo on Modern Family a couple weeks ago on the Winnebago episode, the young boy of the 2 sisters was playing it during the scenes in the Winnebago, I had to rewind and pause when I saw it, was wondering if it was product placement or if it was the kids device.

    • wuzelwazel

      Developer support helps add to the bells and whistles of the device, but to some extent I don’t follow your logic. It’s running stock android. It is not a console. It doesn’t need support in the classic sense that a console would. Granted it still needs some help from developers who are interested in incorporating controller support but that’s happening regardless of whether SHIELD is in the market or not.

  • yep

    S – Stupid

    H – Heavy

    I – Idiotic

    E – Expensive

    L – Lame

    D – Device

  • I would may have considered getting one if it were in the $200-$250 range, but since there aren’t enough compelling android games out there anyway, I can’t see how this thing could ever sell.

    By the way I could totally imagine game devs selling their games for this in stores by using Micro SD cards like the cartridges used for the gameboys.

    • Matthew Peel

      If you are buying this just to play android games you are a fool. The selling point is that you can use it to play Steam games while laying in bed. or in another room of the house if you have a supported GTX graphics card.. You can also play Tegrazone games with it.

      • jonen

        the selling point in my eyes is the tegra 4 and the look. the last one is a bit subjective, but the fact that you get nearly 3 times as much processing power for the money than the S4 is hard to ignore

  • Good thing nobody is going to buy this. Cant wait to spend the same amount of money and get a powerful gaming machine with blu ray capabilities.

    • lol blu ray? why would you buy plastic disks anymore.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


      • Tyler Durden

        Yeah who buys plastic phones, plastic TV’s. plastic cars. so over rated. /s

        • I mean, you don’t have netflix/redbox instant/hulu plus/google play store/etc? sort of old fashioned, tyler.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            3 of those services don’t have new up to date movies and one overcharges for renting a much lower quality than BluRay

          • mustbepbs

            Hulu Plus? More like Hulu Minus. Why the **** would I pay to watch more ads than I would on paid TV? It’s absurd. At least TV mixes the ads around. Hulu plays the same ones over and over every 5 minutes.

          • WAldenIV

            The ads on Hulu Plus occur during the commercial breaks and I’ve never had one last more than 75 seconds. Television commercial breaks last at least two minutes and the networks spam you with their other shows. You couldn’t possibly be further off base.

      • XvierX

        PS4 will be mine. Almost time to move my PS3 to the bedroom.

  • j__h

    Case does not seem necessary as the screen folds down and protects any sensitive bits.

    • Eh, you may be right. I guess I was speaking more subjectively for myself and my wife who are both prone to drop things. 🙂