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The Droid Life Show: Episode 25

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The Droid Life Show returns tonight for episode 25! As far as topics go, Google I/O was last week, Verizon’s hilariously awkward CTIA event was this week, the Galaxy S4 is finally here on all carriers, and we need to have a heated debate over the word GIF. Clearly we have plenty to talk about as usual, so be sure to join us live.

The show kicks off around 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). A live video broadcast and chat are embedded below. 

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  • Michael Persico

    Straight Talk NOT Smart Talk

  • Tony G.

    where is tim?

    • derek connolly

      still in CTIA I would assume. ?

    • They said at the very beginning that Tim was still in Vegas, at CTIA

    • They said at the very beginning that Tim was still in Vegas, at CTIA

  • Pengwn

    Dave, I was having issues with their music service on the computer as well. I think I was even getting the same error as you. After disabling adblock on their site, all streaming issues were resolved.

    Hope this helps!

  • Bionic

    I just sharted

    • Thomas

      Must have been the X tacos

  • Trevor

    Only choosy moms pronounce gif the way the creator does.

  • Hangouts will be beast when SMS comes in!

    • jovyxafeseda

      мy rooмαтe’ѕ ѕтep-ѕιѕтer мαĸeѕ $79/нoυr oɴ тнe coмpυтer. ѕнe нαѕ вeeɴ oυт oғ α joв ғor ѕιх мoɴтнѕ вυт lαѕт мoɴтн нer pαycнecĸ wαѕ $12974 jυѕт worĸιɴɢ oɴ тнe coмpυтer ғor α ғew нoυrѕ. reαd мore oɴ тнιѕ ѕιтe Zap2­2­.c­o&shym&shy

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Does anyone know how to import Spotify Playlists to google music?

  • Stupid_Verizon

    No Ron, This is America… Speak English or GTFO!

  • nick

    not live yet?

  • tomn1ce

    come out, come out where ever you are -_-

    • Hoffman

      Wrong DeNiro film.

  • Stupid_Verizon

    Mobile LIVE!!!!