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App Data and People Details Syncing Now in Google Play Services

google play services

As we approach Google I/O’s keynote tomorrow, all sorts of changes are beginning to happen in and around the world of Android. We just saw the new Google Play store version 4.1.6 go up and become available for download. It features a tweaked section button experience from the home page, new Wishlist appearance, and spaced out buttons on app pages. Following that news, we have the new Google Play Services app version 3.1.36 that includes new toggles for “App Data” and “People Details.” 

You don’t need to download this manually, as yours has likely already updated behind the scenes. While it’s tough to tell exactly what we are looking at in terms of these two sections, it seems sort of obvious, doesn’t it? App data syncing could range from having all of your apps synced across multiple devices to being the center of the new cloud gaming service that we are expecting to see tomorrow. Rather than having to worry about manually backing up your devices, this could be Google’s way of handling it automatically.

And as far as the People Details section goes, we’re assuming this ties into Google+ and whether or not you have your contacts synced with your Google+ account. Should you be using Google+ with your contacts, I would imagine this syncing option will keep your contacts up-to-date with G+ profiles.

It doesn’t seem as if you can currently take advantage of any of this, but that could change by the early morning hours of tomorrow.

  • Hatty

    So… what exactly do App data consist off? And why can I see that it is recently synced even though sync has been set to off for ages (I’m not interested in syncing stuff to Google)?

  • neu ko vui thi thoi

  • Lena Sh

    So has anyone already tried if App Data Backup really works? Like resetting your phone, reinstalling the apps and actually getting all app data back? Can’t find any info about it online…

  • Tiago Azevedo

    Does anyone know when this is going to begin to sync? Data sync and the smartphone backup are the only reasons why I have my Galaxy Nexus rooted. This is a dream coming true!

  • ravenofdoom

    the app data backup could get tricky if it really is backing up more than just game stats – what if you currently have two devices with the same apps installed … how would it know or allow you to designate one device as having the appropriate app to sync during the initial sync?

  • you’ve got got got some real writing talent.
    Thank you.

  • kaufkin

    Hmmmm… Ingress shows up as a sync option too… have to experiment with that….

  • Jason Kahn

    Not available on My Verizon “Galaxy Nexus”

  • Steve Benson

    So is “App Data” syncing currently working? The box is checked and synced not long ago, does this mean I could switch to another device right now and sync everything over? Or is this to be implemented during/after I/O.

    I shall test this between my GNex and Nexus 7..

  • this is cool you find it useful!!

  • duke69111

    I was getting the message – sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly.

    • Tim242

      I had that as well. It corrected itself quickly though.

  • Tim242
    • jbdan


      • Tim242

        If this is true, I will be so conflicted. I had a few drinks tonight. I may have to have a few more tomorrow

        • jbdan

          Have a few for me ^_^ Seriously though this could be HuGe

        • jbdan

          I switched from vzw after 12 good years to Tmo 2 weeks ago. Best decision I’ve made in quite a while…. 😀

          • Tim242

            I tried tmobile. I wanted it to work, but it didn’t : ( I’m glad it works for you though : )

          • jbdan

            Location dependent indeed, totally understand. I switched for 1. coverage at home better 2. prices 3. tired of the big red antics

          • Tim242

            I am tired of their antics as well. I’m leaving my options open.

          • Steve Benson

            I’m with you. Completely fed up with Verizon’s crap. Best network with the crappiest phones. Very tough carrier to be with if you’re an Android enthusiast.

            My next move will be buying a GSM unlocked device and enjoy my freedom.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Oh my gawd. If true, it’ll most certainly never be on vzw, because, well you know, vzw hates us ;^)

    • Steve Benson

      Yep, this would be a dream phone, especially if they ditched the physical home, back and menu buttons in favor of on-screen keys.

      Instant purchase.

  • trophynuts

    That was one thing that was always the stupidest ever in that app data wasn’t natively backed up

  • Please stop capitalizing the N in Now, it makes the titles 20 times more confusion. Because I am not sure if it is about Google Now or not at first.

    • Josh Sleeper

      In his defense, he capitalized everything except bridging words, so it’s not like “now” was intentionally capitalized to be confusing.

  • Spider210

    just noticed this on my droid dna!

  • CapnShiner

    I imagine developers of backup apps like Helium and Titanium Backup would not be too happy about this. Personally, I prefer to keep my backups local. I don’t like the idea of all my private data being accessible by any company. For games, I don’t care, but stuff like SMS messages and my Amazon account I want to keep to myself. Maybe if the data was encrypted I’d be ok with it.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I can’t imagine private data not being encrypted. Since this is so new, I would imagine details will be coming soon.

    • fwiw, TitaniumBackup and RomToolbox can do a lot more than simply backing up apps.

      • CapnShiner

        That is correct. As a paid TitaniumBackup user, I am well aware of its capabilities and I will continue to use it regardless of Google’s sync options. However, the primary purpose of TitaniumBackup is backing up data and I think it is reasonable to assume that fewer people will download it if Google backs everything up already.

  • kellen u still using nexus 4? or htc one?

  • Detonation

    Guess I won’t need DataSync for much longer

  • Jarred Sutherland

    This was needed for such a long time. At the rate many people upgrade devices, Google needed to throw the dog a bone with this one. About time!

    • Jonbo298

      I shudder anytime I feel I have no choice but to resort to Factory Reset to resolve a problem. Thankfully that’s very rare but my stuck on 3G problem the past month is getting the best of me to that point. I just don’t want to root (personal preference) to keep all my app data.

  • Shane Redman

    So does this mean I won’t need Carbon…errrr Helium anymore?

    • CasperTFG

      Did you pay for Helium (Premium)? Are the devices you intend to sync, rooted? If yes to both, why not continue having it around as an option.

  • Shane Redman

    So will I still need Carbon…errrr…..Helium?

  • Bionic

    X phone syncing up

    • Brent Cooper

      When will it be released? I/O?

      • Bionic


        • ….as per sarge

          • Tim242

            Hahaha but, of course!

      • gregmr

        Never on Verizon since the bootloader will likely be unlocked


      THERE you are… I was waiting for your comments

  • akazerotime

    Maybe “People Details” are a friends list for games?

    • I was thinking maybe contact merge info and backup for app based contact such as Skype. Might also be a part

  • where is that in a menu? i hope that is being pushed out to everyone, because i really need that. i’ve been wondering for years why google hasnt implemented this.

    • Ray

      Settings > Accounts > Google > select your account.

      • wow JUST showed up for me there. wasnt there 17 hours ago haha

  • Tyler

    Its about time this became native!

    • hicksonjohn

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      • Bryan Eaton


  • gregmr

    Native Cloud backup solution? Yes please! Hopefully with a remote wipe and “locate my phone” integrated into Maps too!

    • remote wipe and locate please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jacob

        wow, original idea!