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Contest: Win an LG Optimus G Pro From AT&T and DL for Mother’s Day! (Update: Winner Picked)


It’s almost Mother’s Day! This means it’s that time of year to thank mom for her hard work in managing the everyday life of a family with a bigger and clearer connection to everything important to her. See where we are going here? If she had a phone like the LG Optimus G Pro with its 5.5″ 1080p display, quad-core processor, multi-tasking capabilities, and brilliant 13MP camera, she could maintain her amazing motherly self in a much more efficient manner. Or she could simply rock out with a sweet new smartphone that’s probably better than yours. 

Either way, we have one to giveaway thanks to our friends at AT&T. Think of this as the best Mother’s Day present you could possibly give to mom this weekend, whether she’s in need of a new smartphone or not.

If she’s scared of such a big phone or its power and abundance of features, feel free to toss out a few of these device highlights when handing it off to her:

  • All in One for Mom: The LG Optimus G Pro is a phone and tablet in one with a size that easily fits into any purse. Mom can make calls, and the phone features a near-tablet size display, which is great for viewing videos, ebooks, web sites and documents.  The large display also makes using on-screen touch keys easier to use.
  •  Super Vivid Full HD Display: Mom can view her favorite Pinterest pages, read the latest New York Times Best Seller, catch up on the Real Housewives through Netflix, share movies with the kids, or chat it up with friends with larger, clearer and detailed viewing on the first 5.5” Full HD display in the U.S.
  • 13MP Camera with cool features: Mom can capture family moments, vacations and dinner parties with super clear still images thanks to features like VR Panorama, Time Catch Shot, & Cheese Shutter. Plus, video recording has never been better with Full HD videos that include features like dual recording, audio zoom and live shot.
  • Does your mom have Small Hands? No Worries: The LG Optimus G Pro includes Near-Zero  screen bezel for narrow grip, one-handed operation and “ grab-able size.

Ready to win one for mom? (Or yourself.)


Update: We have our winner. Mr. Rhodus, go check your email! Thanks everyone for entering.

Prize:  1 (one) LG Optimus G Pro from AT&T.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


1 (one) winner will be chosen at random on Friday, May 10 at 11:00AM Pacific.

  • MJBigDeal

    I plan to spend mom’s day being pampered by my kids

  • SGLP

    Plan on going out to eat once she gets off work.

  • Chad Devoley

    Best Mothers Day Ever

  • I can’t be with my mom for mother’s day, but I’m planning on bringing flowers on Monday when I visit.

  • melan26

    Cook something and eat with family.

  • Michelle

    I plan to visit my Mom, then just relax at home later.

  • deh2002

    Plan to spend the day pampering my wife, which means I’ll be taking my son fishing so she can rest 🙂

  • Cannondale

    Giving my wife a Nook HD+. Couldn’t pass up that crazy good sale price!

  • Peter Kane

    Doing everything I can to make the mother of my children happy.

  • I will be cooking dinner for my mom and playing multiple rounds of Scrabble with her (her favorite game of all time)

  • Tracy Teague

    My wife has been working round the clock taking care of our family and our newest addition – she would love a diversion.

  • Jim Davis

    Driving up to visit the folks.

  • with my wife and kids.

  • pouxonu

    Plan on just hanging with the fam, and enjoying the hopefully nice weather with a cookout!

  • I plan to spend this mother’s day with my mother of course!

  • Kory Cook

    This would be an awesome gift for my soon to be mom, wife!

  • Lawrence Chen

    Spending an outdoor afternoon with my mom and wife!

  • I am working 🙂

  • Eric Hahn


  • Im Taking My Mother To Lunch At Her Favorite Restaurant

  • epps720

    Spending it with the wifey and the mother-in-law. Going out to dinner, the in-laws are planning so no pressure on me.

  • a big barbecue with all my family

  • Kumar

    It would make a great gift for my mom and really help put a smile on her face. Right now she’s using a flip-phone, and it’s time for an upgrade.

  • taking my wife and kids out to eat.

  • M Burton

    I hope luck is on my side!

  • Hanging with the family.

  • Mom definitely needs a new phone

  • I plan to spend mothers day with amazing family and a oncogene a kind mother. Enjoy everyday we have cause tomorrow isn’t guaranteed!

  • SUH-WEET!! My mom needs a phone….she’s still got an oldschool bar phone lol.

  • Spending Mother’s Day weekend with the best people to spend it with – my mom, my mother-in-law, my family. What a great way to celebrate motherhood – with phone calls and pictures from the phone!

  • PudgyPanda

    hanging out with mom and dad

  • Taking my mom out to lunch and dinner at her favorite spots.

  • cooking for my mum

  • Watching the Cubs beat the Nats

  • pete

    All for me! My mom will love her new nexus 4, only slightly used

  • I am going to spend it with my mom. I got her an aerogarden.

  • etrikan

    i plan to spend mothers day with my mom at an all you can eat buffet

  • I’ll be doing yard work for my mother dearest.

  • Ivan92116

    lunch somewhere.

  • mojopong

    heres to my mom leaving ios

  • master94

    Still haven’t bought a gift for my mom, any ideas?

  • I plan to spend mothers day with my mom and gf at a restaurant of my moms choice.

  • kminer1

    I plan to enjoy the day riding my bike! Thanks

  • hugo arias

    Going to spend a relaxing day with the fam!

  • This is great I needed to buy my mom a new phone… she is on a old school flip phone and she wants to catch up with the world and upgrade to a smart phone.

  • Nothing special.

  • I am going to take my Mom out for dinner

  • ProfessAndObey

    We’re gonna go hang out and play games at the mother in law’s place, with my folks over too.

  • My Mom doesn’t get cell reception where she lives, so if I win I will use it to call her and send her love on Mother’s Day since I plan on calling her anyway.

  • RonCopenhaver13

    I’m spending Mother’s Day at my mom and dad’s house enjoying a homecooked meal with all of my family.