Tuesday Poll: Do You Care About Google Glass?

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google glass

I actually can’t believe we haven’t asked this yet, but I feel as if it’s time. Google Glass has been everywhere as of late, now that it is in the hands of developers (and random media outlets who probably have no business with them). We’re seeing personal video clips of hockey games, trips to the park, go-kart races, and more, all through Glass recordings. There are venture¬†capitalists (with agendas) running around telling people that this is the future of tech, while others are quick to refer to it as the next Segway.

But does anyone¬†really care at this point? Like, if you are an average consumer or even semi-addicted tech enthusiast – and aren’t a developer or someone who was foolish enough to drop $1500 on Glass to be an “early” adopter – has any of what you’ve seen turned you into an interested party? Or are you bored to death by it? Can you not wait to get your hands on a retail unit, whenever they drop? Or will you never be caught dead wearing the Segway-for-your-head?

Do You Care About Google Glass?

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