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Contest: Win an LG Optimus G Pro From AT&T and DL for Mother’s Day! (Update: Winner Picked)


It’s almost Mother’s Day! This means it’s that time of year to thank mom for her hard work in managing the everyday life of a family with a bigger and clearer connection to everything important to her. See where we are going here? If she had a phone like the LG Optimus G Pro with its 5.5″ 1080p display, quad-core processor, multi-tasking capabilities, and brilliant 13MP camera, she could maintain her amazing motherly self in a much more efficient manner. Or she could simply rock out with a sweet new smartphone that’s probably better than yours. 

Either way, we have one to giveaway thanks to our friends at AT&T. Think of this as the best Mother’s Day present you could possibly give to mom this weekend, whether she’s in need of a new smartphone or not.

If she’s scared of such a big phone or its power and abundance of features, feel free to toss out a few of these device highlights when handing it off to her:

  • All in One for Mom: The LG Optimus G Pro is a phone and tablet in one with a size that easily fits into any purse. Mom can make calls, and the phone features a near-tablet size display, which is great for viewing videos, ebooks, web sites and documents.  The large display also makes using on-screen touch keys easier to use.
  •  Super Vivid Full HD Display: Mom can view her favorite Pinterest pages, read the latest New York Times Best Seller, catch up on the Real Housewives through Netflix, share movies with the kids, or chat it up with friends with larger, clearer and detailed viewing on the first 5.5” Full HD display in the U.S.
  • 13MP Camera with cool features: Mom can capture family moments, vacations and dinner parties with super clear still images thanks to features like VR Panorama, Time Catch Shot, & Cheese Shutter. Plus, video recording has never been better with Full HD videos that include features like dual recording, audio zoom and live shot.
  • Does your mom have Small Hands? No Worries: The LG Optimus G Pro includes Near-Zero  screen bezel for narrow grip, one-handed operation and “ grab-able size.

Ready to win one for mom? (Or yourself.)


Update: We have our winner. Mr. Rhodus, go check your email! Thanks everyone for entering.

Prize:  1 (one) LG Optimus G Pro from AT&T.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


1 (one) winner will be chosen at random on Friday, May 10 at 11:00AM Pacific.

  • tlspatt

    pretty please with sugar on top, whipped cream, and a cherry 🙂


  • this would be the most incredible gift i could ever give my mom. she would finally forgive me. i’m praying.

  • Sergio

    I plan to spend Mother’s Day taking a final exam and writing a paper. Sorry mom. 🙁

  • We plan to stay home and barbecue.

  • This will be the ultimate mother’s day gift!

  • Mark Menning

    I plan to spend my mother’s day playing with a new LG Optimus G Pro?

  • Guest


  • Streaming TV/Film.

  • MJBigDeal

    I plan to spend mom’s day being pampered by my kids

  • SGLP

    Plan on going out to eat once she gets off work.

  • Chad Devoley

    Best Mothers Day Ever

  • I can’t be with my mom for mother’s day, but I’m planning on bringing flowers on Monday when I visit.

  • melan26

    Cook something and eat with family.

  • Michelle

    I plan to visit my Mom, then just relax at home later.

  • deh2002

    Plan to spend the day pampering my wife, which means I’ll be taking my son fishing so she can rest 🙂

  • Cannondale

    Giving my wife a Nook HD+. Couldn’t pass up that crazy good sale price!

  • Peter Kane

    Doing everything I can to make the mother of my children happy.

  • I will be cooking dinner for my mom and playing multiple rounds of Scrabble with her (her favorite game of all time)

  • Tracy Teague

    My wife has been working round the clock taking care of our family and our newest addition – she would love a diversion.

  • Jim Davis

    Driving up to visit the folks.

  • with my wife and kids.

  • pouxonu

    Plan on just hanging with the fam, and enjoying the hopefully nice weather with a cookout!

  • I plan to spend this mother’s day with my mother of course!

  • Kory Cook

    This would be an awesome gift for my soon to be mom, wife!

  • Lawrence Chen

    Spending an outdoor afternoon with my mom and wife!

  • I am working 🙂

  • Eric Hahn


  • Im Taking My Mother To Lunch At Her Favorite Restaurant

  • epps720

    Spending it with the wifey and the mother-in-law. Going out to dinner, the in-laws are planning so no pressure on me.

  • a big barbecue with all my family

  • Kumar

    It would make a great gift for my mom and really help put a smile on her face. Right now she’s using a flip-phone, and it’s time for an upgrade.

  • taking my wife and kids out to eat.

  • M Burton

    I hope luck is on my side!

  • Hanging with the family.

  • Mom definitely needs a new phone

  • I plan to spend mothers day with amazing family and a oncogene a kind mother. Enjoy everyday we have cause tomorrow isn’t guaranteed!

  • SUH-WEET!! My mom needs a phone….she’s still got an oldschool bar phone lol.

  • Spending Mother’s Day weekend with the best people to spend it with – my mom, my mother-in-law, my family. What a great way to celebrate motherhood – with phone calls and pictures from the phone!

  • PudgyPanda

    hanging out with mom and dad

  • Taking my mom out to lunch and dinner at her favorite spots.

  • cooking for my mum

  • Watching the Cubs beat the Nats

  • pete

    All for me! My mom will love her new nexus 4, only slightly used

  • I am going to spend it with my mom. I got her an aerogarden.

  • etrikan

    i plan to spend mothers day with my mom at an all you can eat buffet

  • I’ll be doing yard work for my mother dearest.

  • Ivan92116

    lunch somewhere.

  • mojopong

    heres to my mom leaving ios

  • master94

    Still haven’t bought a gift for my mom, any ideas?

  • I plan to spend mothers day with my mom and gf at a restaurant of my moms choice.

  • kminer1

    I plan to enjoy the day riding my bike! Thanks

  • hugo arias

    Going to spend a relaxing day with the fam!

  • This is great I needed to buy my mom a new phone… she is on a old school flip phone and she wants to catch up with the world and upgrade to a smart phone.

  • Nothing special.

  • I am going to take my Mom out for dinner

  • ProfessAndObey

    We’re gonna go hang out and play games at the mother in law’s place, with my folks over too.

  • My Mom doesn’t get cell reception where she lives, so if I win I will use it to call her and send her love on Mother’s Day since I plan on calling her anyway.

  • RonCopenhaver13

    I’m spending Mother’s Day at my mom and dad’s house enjoying a homecooked meal with all of my family.

  • Marcus

    Since my mom is in Minnesota and I’m in Texas, I’m sending her a special package full of goodies and flowers!!!

  • Jason Brown

    relaxing day with the family

  • My mother would be pleased

  • I will be heading over to visit and have a BBQ, if weather permits. If not, dinner out with mom.

  • matt

    hanging with the family!

  • Brittany N

    I plan on spending the day with my whole family and having a family dinner

  • with my mother

  • I’m hoping to spend it telling my wife that she’s got a replacement for her crappy candy-bar texting phone with a brand new LG Optimus G! But barring that, 2 Mother’s day brunches 3 hours of commute between them!

  • Fattie McDoogles

    This is such a sexy phone. I love what LG is starting to do with their new phone lines. Hail Optimus G. Hail Moms everywhere!

  • Hollin Hoffman

    I can’t complain. Everyone like’s things.

  • I’ll spend it with my family.

  • ewilliams1009

    Having brunch with mom

  • Chris Perkins

    Unfortunately, I’ll be working, but a phone call telling Mom how I won her a phone will be a great distraction.

  • Make Breakfast, go to Church with her, make a celebration Dinner then give her the tablet she’s been wanting

  • Fine dinning restaurant.

  • I’m trying to get my mother a new phone and take her to dinner.

  • Jeff Skilling

    We’ll be celebrating next weekend with a nice dinner and hopefully a new phone! She’s sick of her iPhone 4!

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Nothing, i mean, we dont usualy “celebrate” this kind of day, i say to her “hayppy day”, maybe eat outside, and leave her with no work in the house (dishes, clothes, etc). Why would be the only one to keep her happy?

  • My mom once had an Android phone and loved it. It was the original galaxy. Then, she accidentally smashed it when closing a safe in a hotel trying to keep it safe. Pretty ironic right? Anyway, after that, she went iOS. I want to bring her back to Android. A free phone might do the trick

  • buddyruff777

    Spend it with family.

  • Spend the day with my mother.

  • Warren Carlson

    I’m gonna show my Mom around the city I’m going to school in. She’s coming to see me graduate on Friday.

  • Stri Ratna

    sending flowers to Moms:D

  • DerpSandwich

    I’m planning to take my mom out for a nice dinner 🙂

  • Paul

    My mom is a busy person, so I’ll be helping her out so she can take the day off.

  • I will be spending Mother’s Day playing Mr. Mom while my wife takes the weekend off.

  • I will be camping with my sons boy scout troop, so my wife is sol.

  • Jeffrey Hewitt

    I plan to spend it with my wife who is my son’s mother

  • im going to spend it knitting my mom a wool sweater

  • bedwa

    plan to spend the day before with my mom and grandma.

  • FaizVisram

    I’m letting my girlfriend plan Mother’s Day 😛

  • Bob G

    Hanging out with mom at home, relaxing, watching TV shows.

  • sdny8

    Ohoh pick me

  • twenteries

    Making brunch for my parents and in-laws

  • Daniel Ogilvie

    Brunch with da moms.

  • I have to work but after I get off Im gonna bring my mom her flowers for her flower beds and plant them and her garden,then we will go out to a nice dinner! 🙂

  • froader

    Mom will be stoked.

  • Charles Eger

    Since I can’t be home for Mother’s Day, I’ll be sending her flowers.

  • jafunk

    taking my mom out to dinner on saturday and then going to visit my mother in law on sunday.

  • big007hed

    My mom needs a new phone, still using a Blackberry. Its painful to look at

  • tagrzadz

    I plan to spend the day papmpering my amazing wife and mother of our 2 great kids!

  • Dan

    Mothers Day at the cabin. no phone so can’t call mom, she’ll appreciate it 🙂

  • Rhino

    bbq with mom on sunday w/ the family. 🙂

  • We are planning on a long family bike ride and brunch.

  • Jason Downs

    My mom doesn’t even want to spend time with me on mother’s day… I’m not sure she would deserve this thing

  • Nikhil Rathi

    It will b a great gift for my mom

  • PAJ

    I’ll spend Mother’s Day the same way I spend Father’s Day, watching the kids to give Mom a break, though on Father’s Day I watch the kids to bond, not to give Mom a break. Sure…

  • spending the day walking around town getting my pregnant wife some exercise… while playing ingress. 😉

  • Jeremy B.

    Plan on spending time with the family and my mother.

  • On Mother’s Day I’m going to spend all day telling my mom about the wonder that is Droid Life! All. Day.

  • With my wife and child

  • zmberven

    Going to surprise my mother at home!

  • I want to take my wife to Hawaii for Mother’s Day but she’ll have to settle for IHOP… #newphonesavesmybutt

  • My MOM deserves it and much more but not quite sure wants it!!!
    Love you MOM

  • My mom would love this as a gift

  • Will be spending Mother’s Day with my wife, and talking to my mother on the phone

  • gswan


  • Kenny Larson

    I’m going to call my mom and pamper my wife all day.

  • meowwwww

  • My mom would love this!

  • juancubo

    Nice Photos of the phone

  • I would like to attend a MOMPRENEUR event online and a Online Predictive analysis IBM event with my Son entrepreneur (who is co founder of my company)

  • BamaStang

    Awesome giveaway! Will be out of town with the mother of my child and my child. Will have to call my mom for the first time ever on mothers day and not see her.

  • Jeff

    Planning on giving my mom a call.

  • This Would be great for my mom she currently has an iPad and iPhone (no home or laptop computer) and is constantly calling me because she can’t edit the docs she needs for resumes etc…(I’m sure theres a way to do it on the iPad but, isn’t it just so much easier on an Android?)

  • hollerwt


  • Russell Freesland

    Plan on spending it with my sister remembering our mother, who passed away 2 years ago.

  • Need this phone so I can give my current phone to my mom for Mother’s Day


    Taking my mom out for a nice steak filet dinner!

  • Taking my mom out to eat with the fam bam

  • taking the misses to a 3 day getaway

  • Jesse Mentzer

    My mom lives in another state but I’ll give her a call and tell her about the new phone I won for her on DL!

  • Treating my mom to dinner!

  • Alex Mette

    Hopefully spend it getting lots of sleep.

  • jamie stevens

    my mom is always commenting on my phone and that she can see the screen…she is older and eyes are very bad…but she stays internet social and would love this!

  • icantremember

    Yay, another big phone!

  • MJ

    I am not sure what will be doing on Mother’s Day… Hanging with my Mom the day before to avoid the crowds when get dinner.

  • Robert Piatak

    I plan on bringing flowers to my moms grave with my sister.

  • Joshua A.

    My mother has had it rough with my jealously, violent step father. She’s had 2 dinky flip phones in her life, but my step-father had destroyed them both. It’s been hard to keep in touch with her and this would be quite the amazing gift to give her as I can easily put her on my plan. A beautiful, amazing smartphone, for a beautiful, amazing and well deserving mother.
    P.S. Now my step-father wouldn’t be able to destroy her phone, without large repercussions from myself.

  • BikerBob1789

    Helping my kids make the day special for my wife.

  • (For my Wife… Mother of my Son) I plan to make her breakfast to start, then later in the day take her to see a play she as been dying to see

  • moelsen8

    with mom

  • Howard L

    I’m taking my mom out to dinner and have some quality family time with her and my kid

  • Howard L

    I would love to use this phone

  • DanWazz

    Maybe this phone will get my Mom to leave her iPhone.

  • Hopefully peacefully while my wife enjoys here new phone haha

  • Gabriel Hart

    This would be a nice step up from her crappy $50 straighttalk phone!

  • EricFrank

    I would love to win this phone for my mom, she desperately needs an upgrade

  • supra_2nr

    I want one of these!!

  • Terrance Thompson

    Just read about this awesome phone yesterday, looks like a keeper.

  • Ryan McFadden

    I celebrated last weekend with her since I live out of town now.

  • BIG CAT #7

    Plan to take the Grandkids to my Mom’s and then to a nice dinner for Mother’s day. She loves her some grand babies!!!!!

  • William Wells

    My mom wouldn’t know what to do with this phone, but I’d give it to her anyway…

  • brett hadley

    My wife will wake up to some breakfast in bed made by myself and the kids. She will then get to read out of her mother’s day book. It is a book that we write in every year on Mother’s Day for her. She really loves it. But hey she still has a Razzle as her phone. seriously a RAZZLE! so she needs a new phone at the least on Mother’s day and why not make it a LG Optimus G Pro for her first smart phone?

  • Charles Braswell

    I’ll spend Mother’s day with my wife and daughters trying to let my wife take it easy while I wrangle the girls.

  • cashclay

    Show Moms the appreciation they deserve, no matter what the activity.

  • kndarlow413

    I’m going to take my mom out to breakfast. Her early mother’s day present is me graduating from law school 🙂

  • With my family!

  • Elise Hines

    I’m planning on getting this phone for myself anyway, but if you’re giving one away I’d be glad to take it off your hands and play with it on Mother’s day. 🙂

  • Perfect! My mom was just talking about being ready to upgrade from her Droid 2. We’ll celebrate with a fancy dinner a few days early to avoid the crowds.

  • Travis Keany

    I’ll spend the day with the wife and kids.

  • robertlwalters

    Just plan to go visit my mother let her know she is loved.

  • I want one!

  • Mothers day will be spent treating grandma to a tour of the droid life website!

  • Vlad

    Picnic with my family

  • Lawrence Milford

    Lost internet while I was commenting, hanging out with family!!!

  • Randy Sloan

    I’ll be helping the kids make their mother breakfast in bed.

  • I would be helping my son treat his mom!

  • ayham

    I plan to spend mothers day with my beautiful wife and kids.

  • Mike

    Taking my mom to a fancy brunch downtown!

  • subiedude85

    sweet contest

  • Sweet!

  • Nimrod

    I will give her the LG OPTIMUS G if i will win!! 🙂

  • Frank Urbanski

    She wants a smart phone (first one) so it would be nice if it were free 😀

  • Joseph Remy

    I’ll of course be calling my mom, but will also be taking my wife (soon to be mom) out for a treat.

  • Unfortunately I’ll be out of town on Mother’s day and won’t be able to spend it with her. However I will be leaving a brand new hard drive loaded with older movies she likes hooked up to her smart TV (that I pushed her and Da to get) so she won’t lack for entertainment!

  • Wanna give something awesome like this smartphone for my lovely Mom…

  • It sucks this year. I have to spend mother’s day working but I will celebrate the day before for a well deserved mom.

  • Old fashioned carne asada!

  • Matt Blackledge

    My mom would love this. She still has a flip phone! Lol 🙂

  • erikiksaz

    Taking my mumsies out for lunch.

  • My mom totally deserves this phone for mothers day!! She has glaucoma and she can never read her iPhone so this bigger screen would be perfect for her

  • michael arazan

    My Mother returned the Motorola Razr M I got for her, I think this would be better fit for her than the LG chocolate she still is using. I have no clue yet what I’m doing for Mother’s day, Mother’s are the hardest to please

  • Johnna Rhodus

    I’d love the opportunity to win this for my mom for Mother’s Day!!!

  • farah

    i plannning a spa visit for my mother

  • satsmine2k4

    Wanna present her a surprise gift…

  • EdsonDJ

    I’m gonna go visit my mom.

  • palomosan

    My mom would flip if she get this phone for mother’s day, literately she has a flip phone.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I think I would be willing to give the phone up based on the LG UI… Or not!

  • shane

    Flying my mom home to come visit me

  • We are planning on taking out our mom on a relaxing trip to the place where my brother is going to be having his wedding. If i get her this, it will be perfect for her since she loves taking photos, and this phone is perfect fro her. 🙂

  • Jesse McCall


  • jmsbwmn

    Make breakfast. Give a backrub. Take the kids somewhere. 🙂

  • Vernisha Carter

    I don’t have any money to take my mom out so i’m going to cook her a wonderful dinner and me and the family are going to sit at the table and go around telling my mother how much we appreciate her and what what are our favorite moments with her from our child hood. I love my mom so much and I’m so grateful for her because she is the most selflessness person I know. She’s my hero.

  • knightracer

    BBQ for her

  • Josh Karwoski

    Taking my mom out to dinner and spending the day with her!

  • We will be having lunch with my mom on Mother’s day.

  • Fredy Nativi

    i wish i could go see my mom. She lives 4.5 hours away and can”t afford the trip

  • I have commented on this news page. yay me?

  • For my mom and my mother in law i am sketching a portrait of each of them with their moms who have passed away.

  • Sim Floyd, Jr.

    I don’t really have plans for the “actual” day. I work that day. Of course, I will call my mom and speak with her. I’ll probably take her a gift on Monday when I’m off and can do it. As for my wife, she’ll get a gift on Friday at work probably. ^_^

  • Linda Mitchell

    This is a great Mother’s Day gift.

  • John Rey Gamotin

    Though my Moms not with me coz shes working abroad, I plan to have a Google Talk/ Skype session with her and greet her a Happy Mothers Day. Sounds too simple but I think she would appreciate that. I love you Mom! 🙂

  • My mom really needs to change her LG Clamshell phone with this 😀

  • I’ll be working mothers day, but am taking the family to the beach the next day

  • My wife needs a new phone, perfect mothers day gift

  • SMP


  • I’ll spend the day making them dinner!

  • Todd Van Laningham

    Church, lunch, relax.

  • mpfriar84

    I plan to spend mother’s day watching the first season of LOST with my mom, because it’s her favorite show

  • nwd1911

    I’ll spend Mother’s Day with my Mom, my wife and my kids and a bunch of aunts and cousins. Traditional salmon dinner, here we come.

  • Sushi, sake, and smartphones!

  • Marty Elder

    Will make me a winner in mom’s eyes

  • Richard

    Breakfast in bed, then anything Mom wants to do!

  • Yeah, if I get this maybe I can convince my wife to give up her keyboard phone.

  • James

    I will spend mother’s day teaching her how to use Google Hang out so I can show off Google Glass to her 😉

  • My wife will hopefully be getting a new Optimus G Pro and enjoying the spa package from the kids.

  • Take my mom’s out to dinner

  • carluverdrm2004

    Me and my two older sisters (I’m 21, they are 34 and 32) are going to either cook for mom or take her out to dinner, and spend the day with her.

  • ralphwiggum1

    Trying to make my mom’s life easier with technology.

  • Tell mom happy mothers day then playing golf

  • Seth Schorr

    I am taking my mother out to Tavern on the Green (or TGI Friday’s, whichever I can get a reservation at first).

  • mcdonsco


  • Sam

    I’ll be working. Sorry mom!

  • I saw my mom last weekend and just bought her a gift online. I will be calling her to say hi on Sunday, fo sho!

  • AntiJeff

    I’m going to eat lobster and drink piña coladas –

  • Themanhere10

    I will be working, but I will be sure to call mom.

  • Chris Behnke-Nead

    Spending the day with my wife and kids. Doing whatever she has planned out on “the list.”

  • Ill be delivering your mother or wife flowers. I work for Fedex 😉

  • Bubba Joe

    Plan on spending the day with my Mom as it will the first time in 30 years I’ve been home for Mother’s Day. Can’t wait!

  • snobrdr2324

    Just switched to ATT after leaving Verizon’s terrible selection of phones, this would be a great one to have.

  • Oh we need to switch carriers. Giving this to Wifey would sweeten the deal!!!

  • gabe1989

    camping on the beach.

  • Mommy needs a smart phone so she can Facebook stalk me.

  • forrealzimserial

    eating that p*$$y

  • Stop by my mother’s grave site like the last ten year’s

  • Joshua Patrick

    I plan to spend it with my wife who is mother to my children!

  • Adam92Wilkins

    this might stop my mother from being a hardcore apple fan

  • Hopefully giving her a phone.

  • R EO

    Eating a bunch!

  • T4rd

    Celebrating my birthday on mothers day!

  • Wilson410

    Having my mom stare at Dat glittery back!

  • Bryan Green

    Kids and I are going to treat mother to a good breakfast, hopefully some outdoor grilling, and some relaxation.

  • I’m out of state so I’ll just give her a call

  • Daniel Cirincione

    Going out to lunch with the whole family!

  • jm

    I’d love to give this phone to the special MOM in my life! <3

  • I plan on studying for my exams, praying to my mother for help

  • violator702

    Barbecuing lots and lots of meat!

  • My mom has a cracked Lumia 920, and wants android so much! This would be so amazing for mother’s day!

  • rogue05

    I actually have Mother’s day off this year, so i can actually take her to brunch besides just buying her a gift.

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    I plan to phone my mom and send her some money to buy a GPS that’s she’s been wanting!

  • chris125

    This would be a great device for my mom. Larger screen would be easier on her eyes. Plus would get her off her old feature phone

  • Cooking and cleaning as she has done for me so many times over the years

  • Ben Leggett

    Hopefully spending time with my mother.

  • Salvatore

    Helping Mom buy a tablet.

  • anoninja118

    Plain and simple what I’ll be doing on Mothers Day, what I do every year! I’ll be waiting hand and foot on my mom to make her feel super extra special!

  • poor away mother

    I will be away from my boys for Mother’s day 🙁
    isn’t that a shame of work commitment ?
    but if I had a
    LG Optimus G Pro From AT&T
    I could speak and chat and video chat with them
    please heeelp meee

  • Rob

    I plan to spend mothers day making it the best day for my wife by showing my son how top take care of his mom.

  • corgimas

    very cool!

  • Tommy Thompson

    Will most likely spend Mothers Day working. My mom lives a few states away so I won’t be seeing her in person, but I will be calling her.

  • kittykittybangbang

    Cooking for my mom!

  • I play to spend it with my mother doing whatever she wants to do!

  • shdowman

    Mothers day will be recovering from the epic 40th birthday party for my wife the day before.

  • JonathonFlores

    probably take my mom and gma out to eat. flowers and all that 🙂

  • Thomas Tubergen

    Oompa loompa

  • JoeTi

    Vegas Bachelor Party…. Sorry Mom, reschedule?

  • I gonna massage her feet and make her breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

  • Quiet night at home, per her wishes

  • Ryan J

    I plan to spend mothers day about 1,378.1 miles away from my mother but I’ll send flowers…

  • Andrew

    I haven’t figured out yet how I’ll spend Mother’s Day.

  • evltwn

    I will call my mother. She lives in a different state. I’ve sent her a card and a gift. Hopefully I can win this, and just add to her happiness.

  • Pretty simple, me and my sis are gonna take her out to eat and hang out. My mom likes “time spent,” over gifts.

  • Willie Hicks

    I will be spending Mother’s Day with my wife..at the beach

  • Unfortunately I plan on spending this Mother’s Day at work. I’ll be making money to get her something awesome!!

  • M Burton

    I’ll be with my mother and sister, walking along the beach 🙂

  • Francis Scardino

    This would be pretty epic. My mother would be downright scared with a phone of this magnitude. (especially coming from her iPhone) I’m all in. She would probably love it over time….just like me, ha. Happy Mother’s Day geeks.

  • tek1231


  • tikrat

    Try not to let my mom drive me crazy.

  • My mom definitely needs a new phone. She’s back on a flip phone.

  • Mom needs a new phone. She has one but won’t turn it on – ever – in case she ever needs to dial 911. So no one can reach her and we have to be her secretary for the rest of the family. Please send us some relief.

  • strikeir13

    Grilling on the patio! With mom, of course.

  • Michael Webb

    A great gift that my step mom really needs.

  • Scott Willenborg

    I will spend Mother’s Day pampering my wife. she does it the other 364 days a year it’s only fair.

  • Aceplanet

    Would love to win this!

  • Knlegend1

    I plan on spending time with my newly wed wife, mother and family. Hopefully the weather is nice.

  • William Reeves

    i pan to spend mothers day by making my mom breakfast. then give her the present i bought. BTW im 15!

  • I’m going to do all the duties that my mom dose daily for the day, going to give her the day off. She deserves it.

  • I plan on spending mothers day with my other half and daughter going to the movies and lunch then having dinner with my family at my mothers house as well =D

  • jeff laird

    I’m gonna not spend it with my baby momma… .. And i will be showing my mom how to negative her first Android smart phone

  • Rocco

    I plan to spend mothers day with my mom and grandmother.

  • Jason Hansen

    Visiting my mom

  • Away from my mom since I’m across the country 🙁

  • Unfortunately I will be working, but i plan on taking my mom out to dinner the following night.

  • sean.yesmunt

    my mom needs a new phone. bad

  • Binny Mathews

    The is one beautiful gift for my wife….

  • Noah Bloom


  • Church, lunch, swim, skate, wine, movie.

  • Unfortunately, Im working mothers day (I am the mama!) nursing everyones sick pets at the hospital 🙂 <3 I wouldnt have it any other way though

  • Gonna spend the day with the wife and Mother

  • Visual360

    I only cook once a year, and that’s Mother’s day. I cook for my mom, and now that I’m married also for my wife. 🙂

  • Most likely relaxing with her since she got most of her gifts already

  • Bibek Pachhai

    I want this!!!

  • samfitting

    My wife is the world’s best mom. She has dedicated her life to her son and my stepson. She deserves a cool phone like this

  • xix19

    Get together with all the moms in the family

  • n900mixalot

    Boy does she ever need it!

  • I eat breakfast with mom 😀

  • Jay Barnes

    I plan on spending it with my grandmother and mother cooking bbq

  • nsnsmj

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • NJD

    Take my mother out for lunch or dinner… then relax the rest of the day.

  • Green

    Can I win this for myself? I’m a good Mom. 🙂

  • I’m going to spend Mother’s Day with the best mother in the world: my wife 🙂

  • ScottyByrd

    I am going to spend mothers day treating my wife like the goddess she is 🙂

  • with my mom of course

  • Spending it with my mom and gf who has a son

  • i am going to spend mothers day pampering my wife.. because of all the hard work she does …

  • BloodiedWraith

    I got my mom and dad a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they can have a nice night to themselves since I can’t spend the day with her since she’s a thousand miles away and I don’t have any time off at work.

  • I plan to spend my Mother’s Day by doing all the stuff my wife does daily and letting her and my daughter spend a mother/daughter day together

  • Wiil Cyclone Sanchez

    I’ll be spending Mothers day in Yosemite national park..dreaming about my Mothers awesome Sunday dinners..

  • Christopher Quan

    Family gathering with my newborn niece and the 3 generations of moms.

  • Jared Pannell

    I’m going to spend it with my mom and my stepmom.

  • Rodeojones000

    Seeing as how I had no idea Mother’s Day was coming up, I’m ill prepared. This would make things easier for me.

  • Derek Lockovich

    I’ll spend it with my girlfriend and her family since my mom doesn’t live here anymore.

  • Stephen Zimmerman

    I am taking my mom,aunt,cousin and wife to Oahu for a week its my moms life long dream to go to Hawaii.

  • Aaron

    This would be great!

  • Bigwavedave25

    Sadly I will not be with my mom for mother’s day, but I do plan to try and sneak some time with the kids to make something special for their mom. 🙂

  • Returning the favor and slaving away for Mom. She deserves it 🙂

  • Love me mom!

  • at gradmanas house

  • Dominick_7

    Relaxing with the family

  • Henry de Masi


  • I’ll spend it remembering that I forgot to send my mom a card.

  • Dain Laguna

    gonna spend it like any other mothers day

  • Bluehen75

    Taking mom to dinner

  • im gonna spend mothers day all alone (my own fault) just kidding probably gonna give mom a card or something

  • With my mom all day!

  • sweet

  • tomn1ce

    I’ll be spending mother’s day with my mom and the rest of the family. A big mother get together 🙂

  • Mike6770

    I’m spending mothers day with my wife and kids.

  • mikefromson

    Takin the madre to some bomb ass Italian

  • The Post didn’t say who was eligable, so i’m entering. I’ll spend Mother’s Day with my mother as usual, it’s what the day is for.

    • KleenDroid

      I’m pretty sure you are not eligible.

  • Jibin

    I plan to spend mother’s day by taking my mom out to lunch and catch up.

  • Chicken Dinner! Thats what I’m going to make for her. Winner Winner!

  • Brian Walker

    Mother’s day is also my daughter’s 2nd birthday, so we’re having a birthday brunch and then a quiet night at home after the kids go to bed. Normally I work Sunday nights, so being home with my wife will be a great perk.

  • RadicalPie

    I’m going to spend mothers day with my girlfriends mother and grandmother and take them out to lunch

  • beng8686

    I Would love to upgrade my wifes nexus s with this phone!

  • I’m spending it together with my daughters and hopefully my grandbabies will be dropping by too 🙂

  • bkosh84

    I’m making a photobook of my wedding of a little over a year ago and giving it to both my mom and my wifes mom for mothers day because they basically paid for everything and we didn’t pay for anything.

  • Korey Page

    Hopefully my mom will put up with me for the day. Not too big about it. I’m her constant mother’s day gift. I was born on mother’s day weekend.

  • Going to my mom’s place and then I’ll give her my old phone if I don’t win this one for her.


    Got to make my wife feel special! Dinner and dancing with no kids!

  • Tom Purple

    We will be working.

  • I am going to grill for my wife

  • Masterminded

    I’ll call my mom and wish her a happy mother’s day

  • Daniel Russell

    My mom could use a phone that is not an iPhone.

  • Sweet sign me up please.

  • Sean Malcolm

    Mom could use a new phone

  • mjb5432

    I’m gonna take my mom out to a nice brunch!

  • I plan to spend mothers day kayaking on Seneca Lake because my mom is on vacation, so I can’t spend it with her.

  • Tyler

    With my mom, no real plans as of yet.

  • xzombiex66

    miss my MOM!!

  • I plan on brunching it up then slaving all day for the queen.

  • mike Chambos

    I plan on taking my wife and mom out to dinner and get them flowers

  • djsuddenstop

    Good luck, everyone!

  • I want it, I need it!

  • Steve Douglas

    Momma neeeds a new phone

  • dieringer scott

    By taking my mother to a local resturant followed by a spa

  • reggie1225

    I will be placing calls/texts to friends that are mothers now and spending time with my own mom and grandma

  • Roughriduz

    im taking my mother out for a boss nasty breakfast and shopping spree

  • Austin Mutschler

    I plan to take my mother out to dinner.

  • Justin Howard

    Plan on spending the day at home but will give my mother a call to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

  • Nelia Lara

    I plan on spending Mothers Day with my beautiful mom and hopefully giving her the surprise that she will get a new phone. 🙂

  • I plan on taking my mother out to this nice little place called “The Bookstore Speakeasy” Its as amazing as it sounds :]

  • Annduhroo

    I plan to spend it with my mother, and her mother, and make a day of it in The Bay Area

  • Victor Chan

    Work then a nice dinner with my parents.

  • Jeff Francisco

    I’ll be visiting thee family, as Mom has passed on.

  • Breakfast in bed, and cooking her dinner!

  • I plan to spend mother’s day playing a lot of dota for the Mrs has to work all day. No sense in the holiday going to waste for both of us.

  • fiendishfork

    heading back to my hometown to take my mom to dinner

  • Roguevette

    My mom passed away 2 years ago so I will be remembering all the good times we had.

  • Not a damn thing.

  • camthacard

    I plan spending the entire day with the mom. This would the optimal gift though.

  • Tex

    Driving my mother to my brothers’ house in Shreveport so we can all spend the day together,

  • Ray H.

    Cooking dinner

  • i plan to hike up mission peak with my mother ^_^

  • pd240

    Relaxing with the family.

  • many giveaways for mothers day!

  • abhisahara

    I live too far from my mom. So planning to be with her on video call and make her feel special by already booked gift that will be delivered at noon when m on video with her. Wanna see her jump with joy 🙂

  • Eric Nordyke

    I plan to take my mother out for dinner.

  • Lester Washington

    Make the lady of the day breakfast in bed.

  • VicMatson

    I think I’ll teach her a thing or two, it’s about time, she taught me all I think I know!

  • Adrian C.

    Im spwnding mommys day by missing my mom. I reside on the East coast and she’s o. The Wwest coast 🙁

  • PhillipNorris

    I will be spending mothers day with my wife and her parents and my mother, we will be taking them out to lunch.

  • Stud Muffler

    Just relax

  • SubMatrix

    Great present! Gonna call my mom and hopefully wish her a happy mothers day with this phone as a present 🙂

  • jus10m

    Hopefully I can show my mom my new phone, or at least the proof that its on its way

  • My mom passed last year, but I will spend the day with the mother of my children, my wife, and give her all the honor that a hard working mom is due.

  • I plan to call my mother (she doesn’t live close) and wish her a happy Mother’s day and then make sure I greet every mother I can and make them smile 🙂

  • Droidzilla

    I plan to spend Mother’s Day visiting family with my wife’s and my firstborn.

  • Ruvim

    with mi madre

  • I plan on spending mother’s day laughing at her jokes. Mom is Cray 😛

  • Brian Trust

    I’m be purchasing my Mom Edible Arrangements and cooking dinner!

  • Jonathan Bunch

    I will undoubtedly be working but I will send my thoughts and best wishes to mother regardless.

  • feztheforeigner

    Watching Iron Man 3 with my family! That’s all my mom wants lol

  • Winning dis 4 my momma, I’ll take her out 4 dinner with her new phone.

  • Keyan X

    I’m spending Mother’s day by finally coming home from college and probably taking my mother out to eat and a movie

  • Going to Disney World…

  • clumsyninja21

    I plan to spend mother’s day drunk.

  • duke69111

    Sent Mom’s gift the other day, now I just need to send a card. She would flip if she received a smartphone.

  • I plan on spending Mother’s Day by helping my daughter give my wife a relaxing day and visiting my Mother’s resting place.

  • Michelle Boro

    Probably goin out for lunch on mothers day

  • Nick Norman

    Get up early. Prep the chickens (3) for the smoker. Hanging in the backyard with mom & family. Smoke the chickens. Keep hanging with mom & family.Play some bags & cards. Eat the BBQued birds. Eat dessert with mom. Have a few drinks. Say good night to mom & family wishing Mom had an awesome moms’s day!

  • I plan to spend mothers day morning with my soon to be mother in law and that evening with my actual mother. I also hope to be able to present my mother with a new phone that evening 🙂

  • Sam

    take my mom out for dinner

  • W. Paul Schenck

    Taking the mother of my children out to dinner.

  • Superdroid

    I plan to spend mother’s day with my wife of 24 years and my daughter in law mother of my grand daughter.

  • Josh Sleeper

    50% homework, 50% Skype call with Mum!

  • I plan to spend it taking care of my mom

  • I am hoping my husband will bring me breakfast in bed (pecan waffles with strawberries and Nutella on top). I am hoping to also go to my favorite local restaurant. 🙂 a little spoilage is nice 🙂

  • I plan to spend Mother’s Day at the casino… My mom is in a different state

  • Justin Gable

    BBQ and cleaning up afterwards…

  • pharmdy

    Planning to get flowers and dinner for the madre!

  • I will be taking the wife on a long walk to try to induce labor.. Hopefully a new mother on mothers day..

  • Eric Ramos

    Gonna take my mom and gfs mom out to dinner this weekend when I visit.

  • Family bbq, celebrating all the mothers in my extended family.

  • TacoLord187

    I am going snowboarding with my family in Colorado!

  • Michael Persico

    Cooking For Mom

  • A nice lunch with Mom & hopefully giving Mom a LG Optimus G Pro!!!

  • antwonw

    While I can’t be with my mother this mother’s day. I do plan on Hanging out with her on Google+ and sending her a lovely card.

  • phenotype

    Dinner with mom

  • Scottyb112

    I hope I win so my mom can finally think I’m a good son!

  • Note2rules

    I plan on spending lots of money on my wife for her new phone

  • David Gray

    I’m trying my best to give my mom and wife a special mother’s day this year!!!

  • My mom just graduated after suspending her education for 25+ years to raise us rugrats. Its the least I could do to thanks her for putting up with us three while working two jobs! We plan to share a video chat since she’s in Va and I’m in NV so that she can see her new grandbaby!

  • I plan to spend Mother’s Day being a motherlover!

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Just pick me

  • Robert

    I plan to spend mothers day with my mother, taking her out to dinner with my brother. then tell her she will have to get used to a new phone after I win the LG optimus G pro for her!

  • happy mother’s day

  • Trevor

    Giving my mom a phone for Mother’s Day has become a bi-annual (as in every other) event. This is a phone year!

    We’ll be spending part of the day at a pancake breakfast the city puts together with a lot of volunteers from the community. It’s delicious!

  • Mucho Cake.

  • I plan on taking my mother and grandmother to brunch and getting my mother a new phone because she’s up for renewal 🙂

  • SJ Prettyman

    I plan to spend Mother’s Day with my mom, preparing HER a home-cooked meal.

  • JohnZ

    At home with my wife

  • Sparktweek

    I plan to spend Mother’s Day at home with my wife, doing what ever she wants…which will hopefully entail eating junk food and playing video games.

  • My mother, brother and I are planning on hitting up the golf course on Mother’s Day. I hope I have a sweet new LG Optimus G Pro to help me out! 😉

  • This is the perfect gift for my mom! 🙂

  • Ben

    I’m going to treat my wife to the best Mother’s Day ever with help from our 3 year old and new 1 month old. 🙂

  • Colton

    Spend mother’s day at church and a family lunch! Just a classic 🙂

  • Josh Huber

    Celebrating my mom!!

  • This will be the first year I’ve been with my mom on Mother’s day in 10 years!

  • Cole

    i hate twitter

  • Unfortunately I have to work a 12 hour shift from 1am to 1pm at a NOC.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    took my mom shopping this weekend

  • Week of presents .. brunch, dranks & being merry !!

  • Radgatt

    I plan to spend mother’s day relaxing while my mom relaxes as well.

  • Sapko82


  • S2556

    Thanks DL!

  • I plan to spend Mother’s Day with my mom!!

  • Tim

    My mom barely knows how to use a flip phone, so I’d love to see her face when she sees all the crazy awesome smartphone features she’s been missing out on.

  • I planned to take my mom and grandmother out to eat and to smoke some hookah 🙂

  • Shane McKeever

    By having birthday cake. Every so often my birthday falls on Mother’s Day.

  • Jigga_Z

    We’ll probably go out for brunch and have a relaxing Sunday watching baseball!

  • stretch44

    Plan on hanging out the Mom and Mom-in-Law

  • JoshGroff

    Having brunch with my mom, cooked by my sister and I, and maybe I’ll even go to church with her. (I’m sure it’ll make her happy even though she knows I’m an agnostic.) Not much exciting, but she just likes spending time as a family, so that’s what we do.

  • Sadly I’ll be working, but I plan to pick up something special for my mom and grandma

  • Breakfast in bed for my mommy!

  • I, uh… don’t know. Rent an elephant, I guess.

  • With my mother of course!

  • Frank

    I’ll be spending mother’s day with all of the family, enjoying great stories and food

  • Ruvim

    mom will enjoy this

  • Calling my mom.

  • Would be a nice gift. Otherwise, calling ask the moms in my life.

  • Trenton Wilson

    Happy early mothers day

  • aznphella

    I plan on calling my mother and wishing her a happy day.

  • Richard Abramas

    I plan on eating some BBQ chicken with the family.

  • Dillon Brown

    I’m going to a music festival with my mom

  • dannyWHITE

    I plan on taking my mother out to eat at her favorite place.

  • Kernschatten

    I am going to bring my Mother flowers and wash her car.

  • SmrtphnAddict

    Hope I can win this. Mom is still stuck with a HTC Incredible (og) and the back is cracked.

  • Spending the day with my children’s mother. Doing whatever she wants, although that’s what we always do anyways.

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    I’ll be asking random women if they want to be my mom for a day.

  • Justin Winker

    I’ll probably not be doing anything. My mother works that day and she lives a few hours away, and this would be a great gift for her 🙂

  • Tom Nichols

    Mom might enjoy this, i know I would.

  • daJudge805

    My mother is going on vacation starting Saturday. But, I’d still love to give her this when she gets back!

  • Mark Williams

    I’d give my Mom the Galaxy Nexus and use this instead!

  • go to my mom’s place 🙂

  • Gonna eat a dinner with my fam.

  • zachjen

    Brunch with mom

  • Relaxing at the parent’s house.

  • JMonkeYJ

    dim sum with the gf’s fam

  • With my mom, duh!

  • dylan84

    Plan to spend it just hanging out with my mom.

  • will bartlett

    i am actually going to go to a whitechapel show on mother’s day…sorry mom!

  • Spending mothers day with my mum and my girlfriend’s mum – mum all around me!

  • Warwick


  • I plan to spend Mother’s Day with my Wife.

  • Jason Inofuentes

    As a stay at home dad with a doctor wife who will be postcall, I’m going to be scarce so she can get some sleep, then take her to dinner.

  • Matthew Hochheiser

    planting some flowers with the kids if it doesn’t rain

  • Louis Parrilla

    I plan spending the day with my mother and family.

  • Ryan Hayden

    Shopping with my mom!

  • marcus russell

    On Mothers day i plan to take my mother out to eat and let her do some shopping

  • triangle8

    I’m going to make breakfast for my wife with my daughter.

  • marcus russell

    A nice present for my mom just started her own business

  • Ashish Raj

    I have planned a nice surprise for my mom… basically, tell her that she’s gonna be a GRANDmom soon!! 😀

    • Fattie McDoogles

      You win.

      • Ashish Raj

        Thanks.. the baby is definitely our prize! 😀

  • middlehead

    I won’t be doing anything at all for mother’s day.

  • Jonathan

    I’m going to spend it with my daughter and I taking her mom to lunch and then visit the our moms and grandmas.

  • Plan on spending mother’s day with my mom and my mother-n-law. It is always a interesting day as my mom works the weekend and not know her schedule until Thursday always makes for an interesting day.

  • Schoops

    I plan to spend mother’s day conducting commencement band and playing with my phone as inconspicuously on stage as possible.

  • elemeno

    On an airplane.

  • Alex

    cooking cooking cooking

  • ki11ak3nn

    I’m going to spend Mother’s Day with my beautiful wife and son. And also enjoy the day off from work!!

  • Alex

    cooking cooking cooking….

  • Eric Soriano

    My 4 year old son and 3 year old daughter are going to make breakfast for their mom.

  • alex morgan

    Im going to take my mom to lunch or dinner to her favorite restaurant and would live to be able to get her a new phone as well

  • Fan

    bomb bomb.

  • Going out with the family and eating dinner.

  • I will probably make my mom cupcake like I did last year 😛

  • Let’s see if I win this and able to replace my mom’s galaxy y with a real android phone.

  • CGull

    Studying for finals, unfortunately!

  • Spending Mother’s Day with the family at the park.

  • JohnF

    We’re going to the garden store.

  • Im gonna spend mothers day with my Mother of course, for a little while at least

  • Jared Stamper

    I’d hook my mom up with this!

  • JohnF

    This would be a great gift.

  • I’m gonna get up early in the morning and wrap a present for my wife. then during the day, whatever she wants, I do.

  • muffnman

    In for mom!

  • Peter Stover

    going to Mackinac Island with the fam!

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    I’m going to spend Mother’s Day relaxing with the wife as she gets pampered by our teenager. I’ll probably that evening cleaning up the mess from said teenager’s activities.

  • thomwithah

    Callin my mom in Idaho form Switzerland… Letting her know flight numbers for turkey day ….

  • boardindude

    Plan spending Mothers Day with a bunch of family.

  • Christopher Mann

    i work but i’ll call up mom and wish her a happy mother’s day

  • Jacob Mustin

    My mamma rules!

  • breadable

    In honor of mother’s day I will begin saying Mom backwards and do so forever.. moM

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I bought my mom a pair of hard to find jeans on line and she wants lottery tickets. She has the iPhone 5, but I know she likes my Nexus 4 and wants an Android phone ^_^ she just does not know it yet.

  • irtechneo

    Having mom over for a cook out with wife and daughter.

  • aom336

    I’m going to call my mom, wish her a wonderful day, and ask her if she liked her flowers! 🙂

  • Nice give away!

  • Cookout with the fam while the dogs play!

  • will

    dinner with family

  • Evan Knofsky

    I plan to spend mothers day with my mother, she’s always wanted ceiling fans in her bedroom and the family room so I am going to install those + buy her new carpeting for the family room.

  • DrewNusser

    I’ll probably spend it planting flowers with the wife and kids. Yay!

  • Oooh baby, hook it up!

  • John

    Get together with the family…drink a bit…the usual.

  • Henry Parker

    Going to be honest. This would be for me.

  • Jeff Badger

    I’m taking mom to brunch on Sunday.

  • B J Books

    Low key…just good quality time with my mom and family

  • mercado79

    Action packed family weekend (graduation, birthday, and mothers day). Somewhere in there, we’ll have mother’s day brunch. Looking forward to it.

  • I plan to spend Mother’s Day with my mom serving her breakfast in bed, then treating her to a spa, take her to lunch and then catch a show and final treat her to dinner

  • Aaron Esham

    I live away from my mom, so I’ll be on the phone a lot with her.

  • Colin Tracy

    My mom’s about 1500 miles away, but I plan on talking with here through G+ and sending about a million flowers for being the best mom in the world!

  • fromo

    Spending it at moms house, of course.

  • I’m not quite sure what I’m doing for mothers day..

  • derek connolly

    Mom is flying in from across country to stay with us for the weekend. So excited

  • Aaron

    Enjoying dinner with the family and my son’s mom

  • ckruppy

    I’m up for trying something other then sammy!

  • snark

    cooking dinner

  • I’m going to take mom’s out to her favorite restaurant.

    She always wants to take photos with her old flip phone. I think she needs a device like this.

  • Captain_Doug

    I sure do love my…

  • Zachary F

    Not entirely sure yet.

  • zakry obrien

    im going skydiving with my mom!

  • My daughter has a soccer game in a city an hour away. From there we’ll head to my in-laws and then on to see my mother.

  • do something nice for the wifey!

  • Enjoying the day with my wife, hoping all mothers have a wonderful day

  • Mom’s present is still in the works

  • KleenDroid

    I as usual plan to do whatever my mother tells me to do.

  • JoshuaNewsome

    Given my wife’s advanced pregnant state, most likely a nice night at home with me handling all the cooking while she relaxes and then a quiet night after our son goes to sleep…followed by gifts of course! 😉

  • justin

    Mom needs an upgrade from her dumb phone. this would be a good addition to the family

  • Josh Shaw

    I plan to spend mothers day with my HTC One

  • Chris Hannan

    I wonder if she’d give up her iPhone for this.

  • Javikid

    Take my wife out

  • nvitone23

    Eating out with the whole family.

  • I plan on spending mothers day with the mother of my beautiful children.

  • The LG Optimus G is the greatest phone ever! My Mom will be proud to have this phone!

  • Planning on spending time with my mom in the Poconos.

  • Cooking my mother dinner

  • I know that if my mom won this, she would call me more often, for I am the family techie. I will spend most of it at work, than stop by my mom’s house with a dozen roses. Then, home with roses for my gf.

  • Josh Ingram

    Meeting up with my mom for lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day, her birthday, and my birthday all at once.

  • Austin

    Im gonna spend my mothers day with my mom and just eat lunch with her. Happy Mother’s Day mom! ^.^

  • Damian

    Celebrate with dinner

  • Nicketmaster

    The G Pro is a great phone.; I’d love to win it for my mom.

  • I’ll call her up to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and she’ll respond with a Happy Birthday…

  • I plan to honor my wife and mother on Mother’s Day while nursing a hangover and being tired from the largest one day music festival in the United States on Saturday

  • Jeremy Case

    Gonna spend the day with the family. Celebrating mothers day and my daughters birthday.

  • Jack D

    I lost my Father a few years ago. Every mothersday I take my mom, daughter and wife to visit her and we have a little picnic and talk about the good ole’ days. It has become something I very much look forward to every year.

  • therealjbriggs

    Gonna spend mother’s day barbecuing up some sweet burgers for an even sweeter mother!

  • Tron_67

    Mom will receive a necklace with her children’s birthstones.

  • Hopefully I am going to give my mom what she has always wanted on mother’s day. Peace and quiet with me playing in my room all day on xbox. 😛

  • Hesedguy

    If my mom already has a better phone, can I have hers?

  • Give back to Mom in anyway I can for all that she’s given me throughout my life

  • Greg Morgan

    Mom will be visiting me for weekend. Taking her to Steak night!

  • Hoping to pull out the big win for mom. All of our moms deserve so much for their care and compassion.

  • MichaelFranz

    Flowers and Gardening stuff for Mom followed by some good home cookin!

  • yellowsnow

    I r noob

  • Guest


  • sam_evans7


  • Futbolrunner

    Spending Mother’s Day (weekend) in Charlotte, NC for a graduation.

  • bodotdot

    I’ll be having dinner with my Mother, and lunch with my Mother-in-law!

  • Bobby Cornwell

    Taking mom and the girlfriend horse back riding!!
    Hope I win! 😀

  • TomStieger

    Playing on my phone trying to ignore my wife and children! Maybe, I’ll call my mother! 🙂

  • Graham Oxborrow

    Eating some good food and spending time with family.

  • BBQ

  • Geo

    I will take my mom out to eat, and then tell her I won her this phone yea?

  • Dc

    Gonna bring my mom some flowers and take her out to lunch.

  • billy

    you know what the droid life show needs? a theme song. it’s the mark of a legit podcast. for realz.

  • Brunch: Bacon, bacon, and more bacon

  • Taking mom to olive garden and a movie ;]

  • George Rudgers

    I’m going to spend mothers day with my wife and son as we prepare to welcome our 2nd child to the world in the next few weeks.

  • My mom would love this over her 8x

  • Kyleen Blanchard

    I plan to spend Mother’s Day with my feet up, perhaps romming my phone while my servants, I mean children, wait on me hand and foot.

    • KleenDroid

      Good for you!

      • ImmaDroid

        lol, hmmm. Is that you or your mom? Kyleen = Kleen

        • KleenDroid

          My mom is MommaKleenDroid

      • MommaKleenDroid

        It will be fun seeing this in action

  • hangin’ with mom

  • DiegoKokomo

    I <3 Mom.