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Here are Samsung’s Other New Galaxy S4 Commercials: “Grad Photo” and “Easy Mode”


If you watched even an ounce of television this weekend, then you likely saw at least one of Samsung’s new commercials for the Galaxy S4. We already showed you the lengthy “Pool Party” ad, but in case  you missed “Grad Photo” and “Easy Mode,” we’ve included those now as well.

In “Grad Photo,” Samsung highlights their Eraser camera mode that is great for taking out unwanted (photobombs) objects in photos. In “Easy Mode,” as the name suggests, shows off Easy Mode, which is Samsung’s dumbing down of the home screen setup to be less stressful and potentially for the older crowd. 


  • LarryinTX

    Someone was asking who the girl was in the Grad commercial sitting in the front row. I have no idea, but would like to know, too. She’s also in the grad-pool commercial – same skirt, same blouse.

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  • mike s4

    Just to let you all know I have the s4 and all of the features are useful and work very well. I don’t use them all regularly but trust me you will find a reason to use them at some point and once you do it’s awesome. The phone is freaking awesome! The htc one doesn’t hold a candle to it. It’s just boring! Oh but it’s metal. Who cares when you will put a case over it anyways. And if you liked an s3 please buy an s4. It’s that much better but you will be familiar and won’t have to relearn your phone. The phone is that good!

  • FAL_Fan

    Wow…I have to say the magic eraser function could be quite useful…I hope they do send these features to the Note 2/S3…

  • I have to say though the Windows Lumia commercial making fun of Apple v. Android in the church is hilarious.

    • TylerChappell

      I agree, that is actually an excellent commercial. I at first thought it was another Sammy commercial from the beginning of it.

  • Bionic
    • EC8CH

      Obake… Ghost…. interesting!

  • Trueblue711

    I hope Samsung continues to offer their new software features to GS3 owners.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Samsung really seems to understand advertising in the U.S. now if only Motorola and HTC can get their acts together. The HTC One is a great device that deserves way more sales than it will likely receive.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Your avatar is Boss.

      • Capt. Crunch


    • Kevin McDole

      I know. I desperately want the HTC One and every time I see these commercials it makes me want to reconsider my decision for a fraction of a second. It makes me feel bad for HTC.

  • Jordan Debow

    I still want that Drama Shot feature, I think thats the only thing that is making me jealous right now. lol

  • Bionic

    X phone easy mode

    • michael arazan

      What’s with the hate?

      I would love the rumors of the X to be true, but I’m taking it with a grain of salt……….and lime and tequilla

  • The majority of the features Samsung shows off in their commercials, most people never use. Still like the phone though. http://thetechblock.com/samsung-galaxy-s4-gimmicks

    • They are what I like to call “brochure features”. Features that look cool in marketing material and are fun to show off and play with for the first week of owning your new device but are mostly useless after that.

      • Still bonus features on top of what you already get with Android.

    • Drama shot is awesome. So is dual cam. Hover is cool if you’re out eating and need to read an email or text. Using it as a tv remote is really useful if you lose your remote or don’t feel like getting up to use it. Eraser is cool also so you don’t get some little punk kid or slow grandma getting in the way of your family photo. While some may not use it. It’s highly useful.

      • Jordan Debow

        Yes somebody needs to make that drama shot app fast or at least pull the camera apk.

        • That would be awesome, but idk if it’s that simple. Tried doing that with the TW camera and CM10.1

    • TheDrizzle

      That article had no substance. He basically says they won’t use the features because they won’t use them. On the finger hover feature he says, “If my finger is 1-inch away from the screen, why wouldn’t I just touch it?” Has the man never had dirty hands and wanted to see a notification on his phone? It could be argued that most of the features won’t get used, but I didn’t find his article all that enlightening. Samsung is still innovating and successfully marketing it’s product.