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Samsung Calls Galaxy S4 Design Just an “Evolution” and “Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen Before”


This morning, Samsung released a 4-minute clip describing the design and inspiration of their new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, from the viewpoint of the phone’s designers. While the design has received mostly mixed reviews over the last week, they managed to call it more of an “evolution” in design and then “like nothing you have ever seen before” seconds later (Which is it?). There is also talk of this device being less nature-esque than the Galaxy S3 and more elemental, since after all, it is the “life companion.” Mostly, the video focus on the idea that your phone is no longer solely used for information, but as a tool for every day lives.

The video itself is an interesting look into the minds of Samsung’s designers. So whether you like the design of the Galaxy S4 or not, you can at least enjoy soothing piano music see the phone through their eyes.

If you haven’t read our Galaxy S4 review yet, be sure to.

  • Nice video.

  • Steve Benson

    What flavor of Koolaid is this?

  • “People say there is nothing more you can design in smartphones, but in Samsung Design, despite this challenge, we believe we can create something new” … by making it look exactly like our other phones.


  • I_shower_naked

    This corporate propaganda gave me a chuckle, very much like North Korean propaganda gives people a laugh.

  • ddevito

    This is Android’s problem. Samsung makes a compelling phone (two in fact) – yet the hardware and design disappoint (TouchWiz disappoints greatly too).

    HTC makes a beautiful piece of hardware with the One, but drops the ball with Sense.

    Here’s to hopin for a Moto comeback :-/

    • what the heck r u talking about Touchwiz is the best launcher for samsung devices, no other launcher feels as smooth as good as touchwiz. nova holo, next whatever you name is not comparable to touchwiz. dont hate something you have never used. just like ppl bashing wp8 when they havent even used it. grow up and be open minded.

      • ddevito

        I have used Touchwiz on a Droid Charge. It’s ugly, slow, and cartoonish in colors. Its extra software is gimmicky and useless. Windows Phone 8 is pretty nice, no apps, slow hardware but different.

        The best Android launcher is stock.

        • no the best android launcher for non touchwiz phones are Nova, Smart luncher, Xperia launcher. Stock launcher is useless crap. show it to anyone they will hate it.

        • use touchwiz on Galaxy S3 and S4 then you will love it.

          • djdsf

            I hate touchwiz on my GS3, I seriously envy people with the Nexus 4 some times. It’s beyond me how there is ether no manufacturer that makes the UI better w/o having to screw with everything or just android itself pulling in some of the best features out of the UIs of the manufacturers. Native android + finger/stylus hover over the screen (touchwiz) + info display like Sense + Moto Blur clock and menu style all made by Asus. If I could get that in 5.0 then I could die happy.

      • griddark

        The first thing I did with touchwiz, was root my phone and put the stock android experience on using cyanogen, it’s easy to hate touchwiz, if you’ve used other devices.

        • keep rooting, use cm, paranoid, oxygen, aokp and keep loosing privacy anyways. ppl make me feel sick when they talk about stock android experience. first of all stock android is useless and featureless. second it is ugly. if you want stock android then why the heck you buy a samsung device. why you dont buy nexus phones. in my nexus 4 which i hate it for its browser and useless lock screen and launcher, i use either smart launcher or Nova (i use Nova cuz i like to have clean phone only one home screen with 5 icons in dock and 4 icons in homescreen. i will never buy nexus device again. my next phone i will wait for a 4.3″ highend phone or i will change to wp8 or bb

  • Knlegend1

    The child of an iPhone 4 and a Gs3.

    • bogy25

      Ummm no………remember, my young little buck…we lead you follow.

      • Knlegend1


  • provocal

    This is equally meaningful with the captions on and off.

  • plastikman

    never go full apple.

  • callumshell1

    Yeah but the GSIII was a bad design to begin with.

    • Tim242

      The S4 is beautiful.

      • lurch

        I agree, saw and touched one today. Can’t wait till t mobile gets it!

  • I enjoyed the music. I didn’t enjoy reading subtitles

  • Adam Medina

    I read they said looking at the plastic “is like look at a million sparkling stars in the night sky” so I went out and bought ten S4’s.

    • cb2000a

      Now you can glue them to your ceiling and have ten million stars to look at.

  • Dee Mann

    Like nothing weve seen before not including last years model ?

    • Tim242

      You apparently havent seen them side by side…night and day.

      • lol

      • Night and day huh? More like dawn and dusk. They’re pretty damn similar, and yes I have held my S3 next to an S4.

        • griddark

          FACT: The samsung s4 is NOTHING like the s3, only a blind person would think they were similar.

          • Butthurt fanboy to the rescue! Get real, just look at the image above. There are clear similarities, that’s what happens when you use the same design language! Now stop being a fool.

  • teevirus

    It is true. I have never seen a Galaxy S3 before.

    • Tim242

      You must not have seen one. The S4 looks like the Note 2, not the S3.

      • griddark

        Don’t listen to this nutter, the Note 2 looks like the S3, not the s4.

        • Tim242

          Have you owned any of them? Used any of them? You are incorrect. Pics below for proof.

          • michael arazan

            I give Samsung Props for recycling. They said this too at last years SG3 Release