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Video: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One Comparison

htc one vs galaxy s4

With our Samsung Galaxy S4 (review) and HTC One (review) reviews now out in the open, we’re assuming you are all ready for a comparison between the two, right? Well, we’ve certainly got one for you. In this 15-minute clip, we talk all things, including build, feel, materials, custom skins, storage, displays, batteries, and more. Since both phones are the hottest smartphones on the planet for 2013, we hope this helps in the difficult buying decision that awaits. 


  • Rebecca Rush

    OP: Go through your review and write down the adjectives and tone you use to describe the varying features of both devices. Overwhelmingly you were positive on the HTC One and negative on the G S4, despite feature differences being subjective to the user. For instance, on the G S4, you described the back as a “plastic glossy smooth back” which “finger marks will be a problem” and on the HTC One you also described as “metal smooth” with scuffs, which you explicitly describe as “not negative”. Subjectively, some people may be more miffed by scuffing after a few weeks than finger smudges which are far from uncommon on touch phone devices. Overall good review but your bias was staggering!

  • Y8

    I have ne’er seen such spectacular concepts given in writing.

  • Geonerd

    very incomplete review. What about all the sensors on the s4? Thermometer, barometer, higrometer, etc??

  • wintercold74

    htc one all the way

  • wintercold74

    The HTC one is all around better phone, better screen, way better built, better speakers and sense 5 better than bulky and gimmicky touch wiz. And better low light camera shooter.

  • C-Law

    Did anyone else notice the little light blinking like mad to the right of the Samsung speaker grill. It’s probably only noticeable on video. I wonder if that’s the eye tracking feature?

  • sonAvich

    14:43 he said the HTC was broken?? already?? I’m trying to decide and doesn’t make me feel great to hear that

  • Kimiko Ramirez

    I picked up the HTC One and am in love with it. Coming from an S3 and previously an S2 I found the ONE a nice change. It’s very responsive and looks very clean. Someone commented about how the speakers make the screen look small, I agreed at first but once you get a chance to sit with Youtube or other media for a bit and you hear how nice the sound is, you forget about the contracting color. My main reason for not going with the S4 was the large screen. Some may prefer the larger screen but for me it was too big.

    I do miss the option to stick a micro SD card in the phone but since the phone syncs your pictures with DropBox by default I cannot see myself running out of room. As for the battery, I have had the phone since the 19th but have really put it through it’s paces since Monday at work. I have 3 email accounts set for push and am listening to streaming music most of the day with the occasional phone call. To date I seem to have about 70% left on the battery when I leave work at 5 and have yet to need charging the phone till I get to bed.

    The Ultra Pixel or what ever HTC calls the camera is actually nice. I have never been a fan of choosing a phone for the camera and actually carry a little Casio in my purse but the pictures with the HTC are coming out very clear and with vibrant colors. I have not had a chance to play with Zoe yet so I cannot comment on that.

    Anyways, those are my 2 cents.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Did anyone else notice the blinking at the top of GS4? Driving me crazy, or am I just crazy?

    • LionStone

      Yea huh? Nice little battery drain 😉

  • Daniel Cabrera
  • Yall sound like a bunch of cry babies..

  • Tyler Casilio

    The One or some version of it should come out on Verizon.

  • Last year the One X was the best thing ever on all of the tech websites, And yet it failed to sell well. I see that happening again this year. I will admit that i prefer the design and feel of the One X (and i’m just assuming i would with the One), namely the beautiful screen and build materials. But samsung caters to a wider audience and has made a big name for itself. The Galaxy S4 will still sell better, regardless of what we think.

    So there. I said it. There’s no reason to hate on the S4 or the One. Both great, but the S4 has a broader feature set. The One excels in only a few areas. And as much as we hate it, design doesn’t matter out there as much as it does in here.

    • Detonation

      Features and design aside, Samsung wins just based on marketing. The One X had minimal advertising (I can only remember that Goat commericial) whereas the GS3 had a ton of different commercials that were constantly airing.

  • dean2359

    In my opinion HTC has let me down again by not completing a well designed device by not having removable storage and battery. I had the DNA which was great with the exception of those short comings which is why I choose the S3 . And they wonder why they are not doing so well financially.

  • Rodeojones000

    Seeing both phones side-by-side, my feeling is a definite “meh.” Not a single thing about either one that screams must-have. I’d still rather have the Nexus 4.

  • htowngtr

    This is what I love about Android phones. All about choice…

    Do you like design or do you want removable media/battery?
    Do you like SAMOLED or do you prefer LCD?
    Do you like Sense or do you prefer Touchwiz?
    Do you like speakerphone/overall speaker use or do you not care?

  • saif

    The only reason you dislike the HTC One is because its not available with Verizon. I’m just saying …

    • I’ll second that. This site has a Major Biased boner for Verizon and nobody else… quite disappointing really since I like these guys… smh

      • Ian

        When this site was created, it exclusively followed Verizon. They have since diverged from that and now offer all Android news. Old habits die hard.

  • SITH77

    NO VERIZON , HTC ONE FAIL …………………….

  • All I learned from this 15 min review was the same old HTC aluminum metal body premium feel vs Sammy’s glossy plastic .. mentioned it 5 times.. We got it !! Learned that when they were released. review more software and camera features !! Thanx

  • DanWazz

    S4 has a speaker on the front. All phones do.

    • jzwerlz43

      would you like to show us where the speaker is on the front of the s4? id love to know. also the s3 does not have a speaker on the front either i own one so i know…so clearly not all phones do

      • DanWazz

        Then how do we hear the voices when we make a call? Does it come from a magical transmitter implanted in our brains? Also, don’t take all posts on the internet so seriously.

  • Seriously, with all the launchers out there who cares about the touchwiz vs sense crap? How can you do a comparison like this without putting identical images on the display to compare and contrast? Battery life, display performances, and real functionality differences (sd card etc..) are the things we want to see compared. Seems like this review is 1 for 3 at best, as far as I can see.

  • davidlongfellow

    The only people who care about the metal body versus Samsung’s plastic one are reviewers, Apple fanatics and people who have never dropped a metal-bodied phone on a hard surface.

  • Bionic

    And then the X phone showed up……..

    • Tim242

      This time neXt year…maybe.

    • JoshGroff

      …And then there was X

    • two years later…. lol

  • I cant wait to get the samsung galaxy s4,its so cute…visit http://www.unn.edu.ng/ for more articles like this.

  • Both the devices are great but my choice will be galaxy s4. As HTC one has the best camera facility but s4 looks good. Preorder has been started of samsung galaxy s4 so the buyers can go-through this site : http://www.prepaymania.co.uk/mobile-phones/samsung-galaxy-s4.html

  • Tim242

    The band around it is polycarbonate, not metal. I am glad it passes for metal though. There is no reason to think this device is cheap. The entire front is Gorilla Glass 3, the band around it is polycarbonate. The only thing that is regular plastic is the removable back. It has to be flexible to be removed without breaking it. If you want a removable battery, stop complaining

    • Bionic

      They finally used materials I can respect, for once.

    • LionStone

      “There is no reason to think this device is cheap.”
      Sorry mate, just ‘looking’ at it, it looks cheap, let alone when you feel the lightness and plastic in hand…which you will feel every single day. Unless of course, you put a case on it, but many people don’t, like me and you.

  • Hatyrei

    how does the back of the htc ONE compared to GS4? In terms of scratchablity . thanks. 🙂

    • Tim242

      Aluminum scratches VERY easily. My naked Note 2 that I’ve had since launch has none.

      • Honestly Samsung’s Polycarbonate scratches quite easily, even with people who take extreme good care of their devices like me. Just the nature of devices that get used so often I suppose.

  • very good

  • jeff3yan

    For your information some people prefer the cheap plasticky feel.

    • Bionic

      Yeah…….people who like blow up dolls

    • r0lct

      You mean you don’t mind the plastic feel? I don’t mind it on my Note 2, especially since I have a case on it. But I can’t say I prefer it.

  • socalrailroader

    Bottoms and nipples, where is your mind bro? 😀 LOL

  • Jack

    i saw the Samsung s4 in store and the htc one and i didn’t like the

    Samsung screen from the side when seeing a video its not good and the

    Samsung s4 UI freezing few times while the htc one UI was always smooth

    and it had the best screen in the store and i love the sound on the htc

    one never seen anything like this kind of sound in my life. i went with

    the htc one. if Samsung step up there game with the note 3 i will get it

    • Tim242

      HTC phones make up 99% of warranty issues brought into our store.

  • renebruhh

    Dont know which to choose hate that HTC one has no external drive port

    • socalrailroader

      It does do OTG though, you can hook up a USB Drive to it with an OTG Cable.

  • dannyWHITE

    Although I have an upgrade available I think I’m going to hold off for something towards the end of the year. I’m currently using a Nexus 4 that i’m very happy with. I’m over plastic on smartphones and really dislike TouchWiz.

  • Akashshr

    HTC One most beautiful phone ever made till date!
    Anyone who think otherwise, doesn’t hold beauty in the eyes! Lol, Catch my drift!

    • Tim242

      I think it is ugly. That aside, looks can be deceiving, especially when HTC is conceiving.

      • Bionic

        it would be much better in black, for sure

    • Rodeojones000

      Funny, I think it might be the ugliest smartphone I’ve ever seen. Eye of the beholder I guess.

  • two super phones with great stats but one serious difference: the S4 will have a HUGE dev following. that makes it a winner

    • htowngtr

      HTC already has a gigantic dev following in a much smaller sample size. People have the bootloaders unlocked and custom roms are rolling. Heck, even devs like CM bought the One and said they wouldn’t by the S4.

  • I like Sense 5, it looks more cleaner and elegant than the older versions, I’m not completely sold on the blink feed. The boom sound is great, specially to make you jump out of the bed if you setup the alarm with full volume.

    • JoshGroff

      Blink feed would be great if it would pull changes in real time, whenever I refresh it on my DNA, it’s a few hours behind. (even after the refresh)

      • That’s strange, I just refreshed mine and it looks updated to almost to match Facebook feed, I’ll do some more testing later today with other feeds.

        • JoshGroff

          Maybe it’s an issue just with twitter, it’s been working fairly well when it comes to facebook, and the article feeds I guess are fairly on time, wish droid-life was available though. >.>

  • FluffyWuffyy

    After seeing this, the HTC one totally reminds me of my Zune HD

  • Daniel Russell

    I think my Bionic will be fine until the XPHONE. (If Bionic isn’t around, someone should do it.)

    • Tim242

      Shhhhh…you’ll wake the troll

      • Bionic

        *wakes up* huh? what?

        • Tim242

          Nothing honey. Go back to sleep : )

    • Laki S.

      My Bionic was gasping on its last breath for weeks, and I was trying so hard to hold on till the x phone. I finally bought a Razr Maxx HD off eBay to tide me over. I LOVE my Razr, but I can’t wait for that x phone!!

      • Aaron McKnight

        ICS has helped, but my Bionic is still on Life Support. It no longer gets hot as hell when I use it, but it burns through battery like crazy and will not last a day. It will not keep up with the latest apps, but 4G is finally stable. June 20th can’t get here fast enough, so I can get an upgrade!

        • Laki S.

          My Bionic’s battery wouldn’t last through a work day, and that was with turning data off. It was ridiculous. It would only recognize it was plugged in if it was in a dock; I couldn’t charge it via USB anymore. It was sluggish as all hell and would take forever to recognize when I hit a button. It died on me a long time ago but I dragged it along until last week. My update is 8 May, but I’m saving that for whatever Moto comes out with later this year.

          • Aaron McKnight

            I had a lot of sluggishness before ICS. ICS finally stripped most of the moto apps out of the device, which seemed to help immensely. I swear these manuf mods are making the phones so much worse than just stock Android.

    • htowngtr

      You will be waiting a really long time.

  • Kevin

    Big downfall of the HTC ONE and Apple’s iPhones…No expandable storage, no removable battery. And that aluminum casing on the HTC ONE, yeah, let me know what it looks like after a month and a drop or 2….

    • I just got the HTC one and you get 25GB dropbox account free for 2 years plus a have a box account with 50GB free for life as per the aluminum case no worries here I got an otterbox defender before I got the phone. The battery life is like 3 times better then my HTC evo 3d. I got 7 hours today with heavy usage. My EVO would only lasted 2-3 hours with the same usage,

      • wait a sec kumar, you put an otterbox on your One…. ok so what’s the difference between it and S4 with an otterbox? if you are going to use a case anyway, then the whole “look and feel” argument goes out the window. The point of the aluminum body is sleek design – no bulk – and high durability. you negated both! S4 wins.

        • Tim242


          • htowngtr

            I hate otterbox no matter what phone and especially on these bigger “phablets” because now you have a giant box in your hands.

            I’ve always been a fan of a small TPU case or a rigid, clear “air” backing (like the one Spigen is designing). You can still show the design but no one is going to cry over breaking it.

          • Agreed on the whole case thing! I have a TPU case on BOTH my N7 and Droid Razr and both device take a daily beating! The N7 stays in my backpack between a laptop and a textbook and the Droid Razr gets dropped probably 20 times a day (I’m VERY clumsy! LOL)!!! Even tho these cases are small they can really protect!

        • cns2007

          This has always been my comment to iPhone owners as well. They rave about how beautiful it is, then slap a case around it. I’d say at least 80% of the iPhones I’ve seen are in a case. It’s nearly the complete opposite with other phones.

        • You got me wrong I don’t have anything against the the S4 and the plastic build, I like the front stereo speakers and the silver color ( a change from white and black colors) and on top all Sense looks clean and elegant. I’m not taking noting away from the S4 I like it and until a few ago I was on the Samsung bandwagon and I still have 10 days to return my One and go with the S4.

    • New_Guy

      Apparently the speaker grills pop off very easily after a drop as they are only held on by glue.

      • yes thats true n fixing it gona be difficult coz of htc’s retail structure which is frankly not at par with samsung n apple

      • JohnGaspardo

        Haven’t they heard of super glue ? One line around I guarantee its only coming off in pieces

      • htowngtr

        Yea, that’s why I put a clear, plastic bumper on mine. It’s very minimal but protects the corners and I can still see the phone’s design.

        • New_Guy

          To me, the massive speaker grills makes the screen look small. Does the bumper add to this effect?

          • htowngtr

            No, not really at all. Since it is clear it seems to be a lot better at masking the added bulk.

          • New_Guy

            Okay, I can dig it. Good move.

    • Well, I’ve had an HTC One V with an aluminum casing for as long as it’s been available, and have dropped it plenty, as well as accidentally throwing it into a wall when I lost my grip on it trying to toss it on my bed. It still looks like new, so I think the HTC One will be fine.

    • Rodeojones000

      I guess I don’t see the big deal about expandable storage. What are you guys storing on your phones that require you to have more than 32GB? I’ve owned my 32GB Galaxy Nexus since launch day and even with a few music playlists saved to the device (in the event a run or bike ride take me to an area with a poor signal) I’ve still got 19GB available.

      • Dillon Brown

        same here, I store most my music in the cloud and have whatever I want to listen too in the moment is downloaded for weak signal times. on top of that I have many documents and large games, but I still have 15GB left on my 32GB Gnex. SD card is for niche and I don’t understand the up and arms over it.

        • jzwerlz43

          plus you cant even store apps on an sd card anymore either. the only reason for me that it comes in handy on my galaxy s3 is to store pictures but even now with dropbox installed it directly uploads pictures onto dropbox on my laptop where i can then move it into the internal storage of my computer…so rly the sd card doesnt do much other than add an extra storage unit incase my computer crashes…oh and it also ulpoads to google + instant upload too.

  • EC8CH

    Start watching at 11:40 to appreciate stock android.

    • LionStone

      What? The clock? Hard to appreciate it on TW though, especially at 12:53 and the horrid Notification and Settings clusterfvck.

  • EC8CH

    Where’s Bionic to tell me how long we have to wait for the Moto X?

    Need me some premium stock Android on Verizon pleeze.

    • XphoneTroll

      Keep dreaming about that buddy.. There ain’t not moto X phone..

      • Guest

        I did read that there wasn’t going to be an xphone shown at Google I/O

        • EC8CH

          I always thought it would be weird for them to release a non Nexus Moto phone at I/O. Would kinda of break that whole separation illusion between Google and Motorola. I expect there to be a separate announcement some time shortly after I/O.

  • Skyskioc

    I just wish Samsung would just get the speakers right. They just flat out suck for sound

    • agree. it’s the only real negative factor. shame someone can’t make a case that channels the sound forward or some such

    • Just out of interest, how often do you ACTUALLY use the phone speaker? The only time I ever use it is for calls on speaker phone. Otherwise I listen to stuff through headphones, or a stereo.

      • theineffablebob

        Every morning when I shower.

        Also I sometimes like to listen to music while I cook dinner.

        • jamie stevens

          you can get a good bluetooth stereo for the bathroom for less than $50

    • ya i agree ive used d previous galaxy s devices n ive never used em for music always stuck to my ipod n bose headphones

    • juscozimme

      The Speakers on the Note 2 are great, the s3 speaker aren’t bad either.

  • John Ippolito

    I’m on Verizon and I DESPERATELY need a new phone (I have the thunderbolt). So it looks like I’m going to have to get the GS4 and even if the One was on Verizon, I dunno if I could give them my money again after what I went through with this phone.

    • I’m in the same boat

    • Bob G

      Switch carriers. Super win.

      • Tim242

        Bad coverage would not be a super win.

        • LiterofCola


        • John Ippolito

          yup. I live in chicago, the LTE is incredible and I often travel to rural areas and I pretty much always have LTE

    • New_Guy

      Just switched from a thunderbolt to the g note 2 and I couldn’t be happier. And…I may be the only one in world who actually thinks the HTC One is ugly, but I honestly do.

      • You’re not alone, good sir. I also find it ugly.

        • New_Guy

          Thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy. The look just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

      • Tim242

        I think so too. The huge speakers make the screen look small. The back is ugly as well.

        • Chris White

          The huge speakers are fantastic. The sound quality is amazing, and no other smartphone out there compares to it. It’s a pretty major difference between the S4 and the One.

          • aar0nsky

            You are correct the S4 is clearly superior.

          • i thought the speakers wer bs untill i heard them OMG

        • htowngtr

          If you’ve ever used a speakerphone or can’t hear your ringer go off then you need the HTC One. I can hear that thing across the house. However, I can mute my S3 by simply placing a finger over that tiny, little, POS speaker.

        • New_Guy

          Thank you. Seriously, I really don’t enjoy the design of the One. Again, I applaud them for using metallic materials, but I am about as much of a fan of the phone’s design as I am Blink Feed (which I’m not).

      • Randy B

        Ur not the only one…. I don’t see the big fuss as well

        • New_Guy

          It looks like an unfinished prototype to me. And the rubberized bands on the backside break up the clean look it’s supposed to have. Just not my cup of tea.

      • htowngtr

        How on earth is it ugly? I guess if you dislike industrial metal design and would rather go for standard glossy plastic?

        • New_Guy

          I hear your disdain, but it’s my opinion, and I’m honestly not trying to troll. It really looks like an unfinished prototype to me. Like a concept that could be good one day but needs a bit of work. I actually love aluminium phones. I’ve been begging for one since the OG Droid changed my electronic life. But this is not the appealing to me.

          Just because it’s metal doesn’t mean I have to enjoy the design…

          • htowngtr

            No disdain and I didn’t think you were a troll. I’m just saying if you prefer the typical phone look then S4 is your scene. Nothing wrong with that.

          • New_Guy

            Thanks for understanding. in all honestly, I really like the look of the Galaxy S line. But…I am still a fan of aluminum. Just not this One.

          • dogulas

            I see what you did there.

          • New_Guy

            Hehe 🙂

          • the one s is still the best looking phone ever

          • New_Guy


          • jzwerlz43

            i agree on the looks not a huge fan of the design, love the materials just not the look like you said. i just bought my galaxy s3 though in november and im still in love with it, and once it gets the same software update the galaxy s4 has there will be no reason for me to upgrade for awhile

          • New_Guy

            That update should make you a happy camper :). Looking forward to that on my Galaxy Note 2.

          • jzwerlz43

            oh yeah it will haha i cannot wait

          • Christopher Riner

            Have you seen the black one? It is siiiick

          • LionStone

            Yep, that’s the ONE I would like 🙂

      • shmigga

        Yeah the speakers and black bezel on the one make it look nasty.

    • LiterofCola

      The One isn’t an ugly phone, but no expandable storage and no Verizon? It’s not even an option.

    • JohnGaspardo

      Buying the thunderbolt is like smoking crack:you had to know it would get you addicted to 4g data but never quite delivering the better high you were looking for day after day and in the process it cost a whole lot of money. Was it a fun ride ?

      • hashtagtroll


      • The Thunderbolt actually used to be one of the better phones of its day! Definetly much better than the iPhone 4 that was released around the same time!!!!

    • Roshan John

      I think the One is the gold standard in terms of design right now. But I have the GNote2 and couldn’t be happier.
      Might be worth considering the Note2 over the GS4 for some who are worried about battery life. I cant express the peace of mind of never ever having to worry about having to charge the phone during the day. And I used to carry around extra batteries for my G-Nexus, but honestly… what a hassle. As for performance, I’m rooted and running Beans build 14 and, I haven’t experience one reboot or rarely any stutter.

      Best of luck with your decision good sir.

      • A huge issue I see with the Notes and “phablets” or what have you is the sheer size. Might I ask how you feel about your phone with respect to that?

        • Roshan John

          There’s no denying that the Note is most comfortably a 2 handed device. SwiftKey Flow and swype help for texting on the go. But overall it did take some getting used to. It’s not for some, but many will find the advantages very worth it. The added real estate especially for multi Window is a welcomed utility.
          I knocked the Note (one) when it came out (like most) and I got the note 2 on a whim off a good deal on Swappa when I broke my Gnex. Haven’t looked back since. Nothing on the market I consider a worthy upgrade. (maybe the HTC one deserves consideration but just because of design)

      • John Ippolito

        Thanks! I was super close to getting a Note but my problem is, I’m a paramedic and I’m worried having a phone that big in my pocket while I’m pulling someone out of a car might be risky. Hell I’m worried about the gs4 being to be. I’m afraid it will break in my pocket.

        • Aaron McKnight

          I am a firefighter-Paramedic as well. Everyone I know that has kept a phone in a pocket has had a broken phone at some point in time. Phones for this line of work go in rugged cases and then into holsters. I have dropped my Bionic from me sitting in a ladder truck, where it has fallen onto concrete, and the phone was fine. If I have to dress into gear, then the phone goes into my station boots along with my pager. Seems to be the safest place for it. I used Otterbox for years, until they went crazy with their warranty. Now its Seidio. Works great!

    • I have the dna, but I say you should go with the s4 or the note 2,we know that samung will support their phone better than HTC and plus a lot more dev support.

      • Kyle Miller

        I desperately want VZW and or HTC to update the DNA with Sense 5 and 4.2.2. Has anyone heard any news on this?

        • Only thing I have read around the net are nothing but rumours

    • John Ippolito

      Also, I’m not knocking the One at all. It’s obviously a FANTASTIC phone. In fact I’m kind of glad that Verizon is carrying it because I wouldn’t want to have to make that decision between the one and GS4, but I don’t want to reward HTC with my money when last time I got completely shafted.

  • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

    HTC ONE looks way better.

    • New_Guy

      Sorry, I know I may be the only one on this but I truly think the HTC One is ugly. I think it’s nice that it’s made of aluminum, but ugly none the less.

      • XphoneTroll

        Ok bud we get it..stop posting the same thing about you being th only one who thinks the HTC one is ugly….

        • New_Guy

          Why should I… Because you said so? It needs to be said that not everyone loves the look.

          • Chris White

            But does it need to be said over and over? And really, if you’ve actually used the One, you would know that the speakers are incredible – a massive improvement over every other smartphone. For people who use speakers for calls, YouTube, other video and music, it’s a major point in favor of the One.

          • New_Guy

            You’re really missing the point. I am not downing the speaker themselves. I would argue that no one does sound on mobile devices like HTC. That said, the LOOK of the phone is what’s ugly to me. The speaker GRILLS look unfinished and prototypish. The back looks broken up and a bit confused. It’s just not a good looking phone to me.

            And when people want to rip me for having an opinion, then yes, it will be said over and over again. Initially I had only said it twice until you and the Xphonetroll decided to make it wrong for others to have opinions.

          • LionStone

            They aren’t saying it’s wrong to have an opinion…they’re basically saying you sound like a whiner.

          • New_Guy

            Haha, alright, at least I can respect their comments more than whatever that was…

          • LionStone

            That was my opinion… carry on 🙂

          • New_Guy

            Seriously?…How old are you? I’m guessing there’s still a 1 in front of your age.

          • LionStone

            Yea seriously…

            “And when people want to rip me for having an opinion, then yes, it will be said over and over again.” And how old are you? Have a nice weekend 🙂

          • New_Guy

            Apparently, I’m old enough to be quoted by you. You should follow my profile, you’d get more material…

      • Rodeojones000

        You’re not the only one who thinks the HTC One is ugly. The white covers of the front speakers stick out like a sore thumb on the all black screen. Love the idea of an aluminum body, hate how they designed it. Add in the UGLY Sense UI and very Gingerbread-like look of the statusbar and I want nothing to do with the HTC One.

        • New_Guy

          100% agree. Couldn’t have said it better. I love the aluminum, I hate the design. I’m not blaming people who love it, I just don’t love it myself.

    • Austin Warren

      Yeah because looks make a phone better /s

    • Jaron1226

      Well looks can be deceiving.

    • Bionic

      im not a big fan of white

      • SpaceJIMM

        RASCIST! j/k :p

      • Hey now, what did I ever do to you

  • jaybar

    it’s got a little nipple there