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Facebook Home Passes 500,000 Downloads Mark in a Week

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Facebook Home made headlines over the weekend thanks to its total number of downloads crossing the 500,000 mark in 5 days time. Seems like a big deal, right? Unless of course you compare it to the success of Instagram, which grabbed over 1 million downloads in a single day back when it launched on Android last year. But then again, Facebook Home is only available on four devices (six shortly), two of which aren’t necessarily the most popular on the planet (HTC One X and One X+). For the most part, you have to imagine that the majority of Facebook Home downloads are coming from the top two Android devices on the planet, the Note 2 and Galaxy S3. 

No matter what, it’s probably some sort of a big deal for Facebook. With limited availability, those numbers aren’t necessarily something to mock or laugh at. Assuming they roll out their 3rd party launcher to more phones in the coming weeks or months, the number of downloads could skyrocket. It’s not a bad start, that’s for sure.

Now, skyrocketing downloads doesn’t necessarily mean Facebook Home is a success in terms of users or experience, though. I’ve already shared my thoughts on why the app has more than a long way to go before it becomes usable, but you also have to keep in mind that downloads do not mean active users. 500K downloads could mean 100K active users for all we know. Speaking of experience, the current Google Play store rating of 2-stars is…well, I think it speaks for itself.

Has anyone made Facebook Home a major part of their smartphone experience?


Via:  Google Play | TechCrunch

  • Only peoples download the Facebook home for checking otherwise this is not good

  • Fastest. Uninstall. Rate. EVER.

  • duke69111

    I feel bad for the 500,000 suckers that go duped into trying this.

  • Didn’t know there was a population of 500,000 sheep out there…..

  • RaptorOO7

    500k installs is not a big number given that FB has what 1 Billion users so .5% of their install base tried this out, whoopie.

    As noted I am sure the uninstall number will only rise and I am sure they are counting total downloads so even if someone installs it and removes it and installs it again give a device reset, ROM update and install of apps they count that numerous times.

    No FB on my Droid phone EVER.

  • Not precise, but this is still pretty sad. Graph of installs from the Google Play post.

  • Austin Warren

    Somebody who stole somebody else’s idea and is a complete dick, I wouldn’t try anything of his even if it’s free.

  • Derek Traini

    Lol I think Mark Zuckerberg just went through and down-voted all of us..

    • Austin Warren

      His name is “Ian”.

      • Ian

        Interesting theory. Seeing as how this is my first reading of the article and everyone (except Austin) already has down votes I find it more likely that Zuckerberg or Austin Warren is the culprit.

        • Austin Warren

          Funny how I have down vote now. Not like anybody gives a shiit about them anyways.

          • Ian

            It is funny, I can toss mine in too if you’d like.

            fyi, each time you talk about down votes and claim no one cares, its obvious you do in some capacity.

            Its a community moderation construct, in the end it promotes good behavior and discourages the bad. Lots o science behind it. Give ‘er a google if you’d care to learn more.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    All the people that bought this phone have either returned it, or uninstalled it for a pure vanilla Android experience

  • FAL_Fan

    The commercials for this alone sicken me! Why would anyone want this?!

  • coolsilver

    Why on earth would you want facebook as your phone launcher/home screen. Oh wait it is so you can feed your cows while on the toilet.

  • Loc-Nar

    Lemmings all …

  • With the fact that they’ve also sunk money into TV spots and the money spent getting it known through the press brief etc., I don’t see any success at all.

    Then as also stated, what’s the uninstall rate?

  • MichaelFranz

    While 500,000 is impressive by any means….

    Look at the rating, 2 out of 5 stars of 11,000+ reviews. Which means, how many uninstalled right after downloading and trying. don’t get me wrong, i’ll download and try it too once its available for me to, but that’s it, only to try it. I do not see this becoming a replacement launcher

  • 500k downloads and installs, sure. And 499, 998 uninstalls after

  • r0lct

    My wife likes the chat heads in the updated messenger. But when I told her Home would take over the whole screen she was uninterested in trying it.

  • Derek Traini

    And 400,000 uninstalls shortly after using it..

    • mustbepbs

      That’s why I hate download count news. They aren’t telling people how many people are USING it, just how many TRIED it.

      Let us know what your active numbers are, Facebook.

    • normmcgarry

      +1. Man, I was going to say this exact same thing. Except 499,999. You clever son of a bitch.

      • michael arazan

        Too bad the only people that can see the uninstalls is the dev of the app, if users could see the uninstall too people would think twice before downloading, because no one actually reads more than 20-30 lines down on the comment and rating section. Also you can’t always trust just the rounded star amount because people will rate apps negatively over any little thing, sometimes

    • PhoenixPath

      Pretty sure you nailed it. What a mess…

      Had to do a complete wipe/titanium restore after uninstalling it because it left so much crap behind as well. What a mess…

  • Are they also keeping track of how long it takes people to uninstall?

    • PhoenixPath

      Rating: Two stars.

      Pretty much tells the whole story right there…

      • Truth

      • spunker88

        Wow thats pretty bad. Even useless Verizon bloatware manages to get better ratings on Google Play.