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Kernel Source Code Drops For Both HTC One and International Samsung Galaxy S4, Devs Begin to Salivate

htc one2

If you are the kind of person that gets hot over the dropping of kernel source code, prepare yourself for some exciting news. Today, both HTC and Samsung released source code for their flagship devices, the One and Galaxy S4. Each versions of the code are only for the International variants of the devices, but once we get a tad deeper into the release and availability of the phone, you can expect to see the U.S. versions come out shortly. 

If you are ready to start constructing and doing your special tweaks, follow the via links down below and get to work.

Via: HTCdev | Open Source Samsung

Cheers Chris and Ben!

  • Sam

    What’s the name of the weather widget in this Pic? Love the gradient background

    • George264

      It’s one of the stock Sense 5 clocks with weather, and a Sense wallpaper.

  • lamenting

    Forgive my ignorance, but does this mean that we’ll see custom ROMs without Sense soon?

    • Sean Royce

      Yes, but don’t expect anything super stable for a while.

    • Ibrick


      Kernel source code has nothing to do with removing Sense.

  • Robert Delaney

    Finally after all this time hopefully Samsung, Motorola, and HTC will start to work with devs

    • Moonmoon

      One would hope. I wonder if the US S4 is unlocked

      • KleenDroid

        On Verizon it would be very unlikely. But if it were I would seriously consider getting it.

  • Austin Warren

    Starting to think I should pick up an Octa S4 to see what it’s like. Eh, i’ll wait for the new Nexus 10 to have it.

  • Butters619

    Hopefully HTC drops the US kernel quickly. With the One X they delayed until the last moment every time.

    • cryosx

      i think the international version is practically identical, so we really don’t need the kernel source for the AT&T variant (not so sure about the sprint version). I’ve read that some people on AT&T were able to flash ROMs built for the international version of the phone.

      • Butters619

        That’s true. Same processor. So they won’t have the same issues.

  • Nick Norman

    If only HTC dropped the semi-dead ICS TBolt kernel, so it would have a bit more life until we all switch to the One or S4. Waiting on VZW!

    • JetBlue

      Most people are already off the T-Bolt or are a month or two away.

      • Nick Norman

        I am still on the Bolt. Just waiting on epicly slow VZW to release the S4 or HTC “ONE” variant! So, any relief would be great for the next month or so.

        • Nick Klenchik

          They did, it’s the Droid DNA

          • George264

            HTC reps at the One concert actually mentioned that HTC is working hard to bring it to Verizon

          • Dylan Patel

            … You mean the Verizon version of the Butterfly. The One is so much better than that.