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Verizon has a Special Announcement to Make on May 22, Any Guesses?

verizon special announce

Verizon dropped a “save the date” into our inbox this afternoon, asking that we reserve some time on May 22 at CTIA for a “special announcement” from COO Marni Walden. We were actually planning on skipping CTIA this year as the wireless tech conference has become a waste of time over the last two years, but this certainly means we’ll be in attendance. The question is, “What kind of announcement are they going to make?”

Big Red has been quiet this year in terms of device announcements, even managing to remain completely silent on the Samsung Galaxy S4 since its unveiling. There have been rumors of a May 30 or even May 22 launch floating around, so the timing of this announcement works. But why host an entire event to announce that they are carrying the GS4? Samsung already told us it’s coming, they just wouldn’t give us a date. Seems unlikely, right?

Will they announce a network change? More on their LTE rollout or even VoLTE? First VoLTE phone? What about the end of contracts with smartphone plans? Could we see their oft-rumored HTC One variant codenamed DLXPLUS?

Verizon, you have grabbed our attention.

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  • Marc

    Hate to say it but what about Isis released nationwide as a guess? I know I know, I would much rather have Google Wallet.

  • WPack911

    I hope this is the Droid 5!

  • john

    Oh here comes a new way of justified robbery!

  • frankdfixer

    I actually have an educated guess based on recent industry rumblings. I bet Verizon is announcing their partnership for nationwide Wifi backed by Xfinity Comcast. There has been some recent stir in that direction from what I’ve been seeing that would point in that direction.

    On a side note, I am really excited to see that Google is making a jump into the ISP market. Once they get their backbone fibre’d out to the nationwide lattice, they will start doing their own nationwide wifi (http://bit.ly/XZjR4k) service that will beat the living sh%t out of any other wireless provider. When this happens, it will be a scramble for everyone else to vie for second place, but in the end, all the other wireless companies will basically have to partner with the remaining cable companies to make an ugly consortium of what should be called “The Runners-Up”. Cellular packet data is dead, its just a matter of time for the wave to wash upon the shores of the next generation. The high-elevation view is that in the end, we will have nationwide wifi, all phones will be VOIP devices, and there will be no more cellular packet switching.

  • ndog21

    I think its new no contract plans SGS4 with volte, volte roll out plans and possibly a new htc phone with volte.

  • yellowdgg

    i love the fact every one knows “big red” is one big giant joke !!! lol

  • snowmanjack

    You know what I would love to see? A break from their late-to-the-game phone releases (S4 anyone?). Google I/O is May 15-17, and let’s say they announce a new MotoX ready to go. And a few days later, Verizon announces it’s coming first to them and they actually provide a release date! THAT’s what I’d love to hear.

  • JP

    Lowell McAdam will come out obliterated drunk wearing nothing but a monocle and a robe, and he’ll be smoking a cuban cigar. Behind him, a team of 7-year old Vietnamese sweatshop workers will be feverishly pouring flammable liquid on a mountain of Verizon-branded HTC One’s and Nexus 4’s. Two of the children will die from the fumes alone. Lowell will then throw his lit cigar onto the pile, igniting it into a raging inferno. He will then throw open his robe, and begin frantically grabbing his junk, making sure to turn and aim the gesture at every portion of the audience. 8 more Vietnamese children will then carry him off the stage in a golden throne, at which point automatic locks will activate on all of the theater’s exits and “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley will begin blaring on a loop through the house’s PA system. Anyone who escapes will find that their car has been stolen and replaced with a maniacally laughing set of wind-up chattering teeth, emblazoned with a big red Verizon logo.

  • I believe they are planning on announcing their Tiered data plans for businesses

  • johnno

    We have found a easier way to take all your money!!!!!!!!!

  • bradT

    Verizon is going to try to get ahead the game here. Three year contracts it is!

  • Nokia Lumia 928

  • krusty46

    S4 being pushed back to January 2014 because they are having problems getting VZ Navigator to slow the device up and they have decided to double the price on their data plans, because their customers asked for it

  • MrWicket

    I think they will announce VoLTE with the first VoLTE phone. and of course announce more cities that will light up, ya know, while they’re on stage with our attention.

  • Michael swaim

    Verizon will talk about There earnings, how well the first quarter has gone, there time line for the rest of the year. Volte, their current spectrum and new upcoming phones. Exclusive New Nexus (i doubt it though)….. basically a snooze fest up till the end

  • RaptorOO7

    I have a feeling they will announce the completion of their LTE rollout and announce their plans to go LTE Only in 2014 so all new phones starting in 2014 will be sans CDMA. So that gives them what 5 years to get rid of the last hold outs on 3G.


    I think I will be leaving Verizon after my contract is up.

  • If I had to guess, I’d say Verizon is going to announce the next evolution of the Droid Razr brand.

  • Trevor

    Announcing they won’t ever carry another Nexus device again?

  • Red colored suppositories With verizon trade mark will go out with every monthly bill.

  • unlimted data and i will streak in the street WHOS IN?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    uhm, maybe pull a TMO? rip up a couple contracts. Mine first. PLEASE.

  • Xoom LTE update to Jelly Bean. C’mon May 22nd…ha ha.

  • jisaac16

    I am guessing it is some new way to take our money

  • nvitone23

    I can’t wait for the X phone to come out already so I can watch Bionic tell you all “I told you so”. Someone is spoon feeding you details on the next “super phone” and you are all ripping on him. Just you watch…

  • Normoid

    The only thing VZW has grabbed are my nuts and began to twist. This fuking hurts!

    Meanwhile, VZW keeps piling crap on top of crap, creating a sh!tty mess!
    When will this end and straight up tell us some real news?!?

  • kirk ngo

    Its not going to be good thats for sure.

  • jcampbell474

    They’ll tell us that their analysis shows that customers do not want annual contracts, are fine with upgrade fee’s and would rather be on a 3yr contract. Customers who sign up w/in the next 30-days will get double the monthly allotment of unlimited minutes that roll-over without using minutes after 5pm!

  • danofiveo

    They’re getting rid of all contracts and forgiving customers who switch. Lol

  • noc007

    They’ll be announcing their departure from contracts as well and will be mirroring T-Mobile’s payment plan. Plan prices wont change so they wont be subsidizing phones and their profits will go up.

  • “…as if you thought VZ Navigator wasn’t amazing enough, we’ve now corrected a reported issue wherein customers searching for their nearest Verizon store were inadvertently directed to the nearest cliff.”

  • Jason Brown

    no more unlimited data for grandfathered in customers

    • if this happens, i’m definitely going to tMobes

  • “Join us May 22nd as we unveil new and inventive ways to screw over our loyal customers.”

    • Trevor

      “…but make them think it’s better for them.”

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Couple days after Google IO… Hmmmmmmmmm

  • That I’m ditching them as soon as my contract expires?

  • stabone

    They’re announcing the iPhone 5s early.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Don’t bring that fruity talk round here!!!

  • a higher upgrade fee to improve the get-to-know-your-smartphone-101 classes

  • DJyoSNOW

    Who are these people that petitioned any ways…wtf ftw

  • TheKaz1969

    Hoping for no more contracts plus the HTC One (or DLXPLUS or whatever they want to call it).

  • Jeremy Martin

    Unlocking all bootloaders, allowing Google Wallet, bringing back unlimited data, and providing a contractless solution with the ability to pay for your phone over time.

    Wait its not April Fools Day still…hrm.

    • Tim242

      They already announced a solution for paying your phone out over time without a contract. It starts April 21. You just still have to pay the same plan price with subsidies included.

  • ddevito

    Come the Fall my contract’s up – buying me and the wife an unlocked Nexus phone and going back to AT&T without contracts

    • Bionic

      seriously? ATT? If you are going to leave Verizon i would highly suggest T mobile. Their network will truly rival Verizon in the near future.

      The only good thing ATT produces is its u-verse internet, everything else is a damn joke.

      • ddevito

        T-Mobile offers 2G service in my town. Umm, no thanks 🙂

        • Bionic

          But are you aware that T mobile is currently converting its 2G into HSPA+? So in other words, if you have 2g now, after conversion which is likely complete end of this year, you will have a minimum of HSPA+

          • ddevito

            I’ll take that into consideration, but their coverage is still very weak and spotty near me.

          • Bionic

            I agree with you, my point was that if you are going to leave ATT is probably the worst choice, their pricing is basically the same and coverage not near as good.

      • u’verse internet?!?! thats the slowest internet i have ever used(with the exception of 56K and DSL)

  • Brian Sargent

    Pin the tail on the donkey contest…?