Microsoft Surface Estimated to Be Selling Better Than the Nexus 10

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When the Nexus 7 launched with a combination of low price and decent specs, it was just what Google needed to give Android tablets a good name. When the Nexus 10 launched with one of the best displays in the industry and stock Jelly Bean, it made a good follow up to the Nexus 7, but sales so far haven’t done the same. 

Industry analyst Benedict Evans has done some snooping around the Google Play store and came to the conclusion that only 680,000 Nexus 10s are out in customers’ hands. When compared with the almost 7 million Nexus 7s reportedly sold, that number is disappointing. When you consider that Microsoft has pushed more Surface devices than that, the number becomes even worse.

What we’re curious to know, is what Google could have done to push Nexus 10 sales? Why is it that the N10 isn’t selling as well as the Nexus 7 or other tablets?

Via: BGR



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