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Sony Announces Xperia ZL U.S. Pricing and Availability, Will Come Unlocked

xperia zl

After being shown off at CES this past January, we have been patiently awaiting details on when the Xperia ZL (hands-on video here) from Sony would make its way to the States. It has finally been announced that the ZL will come to the U.S. unlocked, in both an HSPA+ and 4G LTE versions. Since it is not being launched through a carrier, you will be looking to spend quite a bit, with the LTE variant costing you $760. If you are only needing HSPA, then take off $40 from that. 

Both the Xperia Z and ZL have been the first two smartphones from Sony that both Kellen and myself have been actually impressed with, at least in terms of design, custom OEM skin, and specifications. While that price tag is something to possibly lose sleep over, we have discussed before the benefits of leaving carrier subsidies in the dust.

Thinking about picking one up?

Via: Sony

  • R

    This was to be my next phone… But since Sony has been hitting the glue, I will probably just stick with my SGS3. Apparently, they don’t plan on selling any of these in the U.S..

  • Hatyrei

    What a joke…that’s why Sony is losing the smartphone battle. I guess.?

    • michael arazan

      Sony is in the battle? I thought they were just sitting back in the reserves

  • itznfb

    Am I missing something? Is this just an announcement that it will be available on their site for a much higher price? http://www.tekshop.us/Sony-L35h-Xperia-ZL-Unlocked-C6502-p/sne-l35h-blk.htm TekShop has had them for ~$580 for a couple weeks now.

  • Trevor

    Waaaay too expensive. Just wait for the next Nexus phone (and hope it has LTE of some sort….huge bonus if it actually uses Verizon’s LTE).

  • JBartcaps

    That thing is one beautiful looking phone

  • ChrisI

    I want the Z. Not some dumded-down bastard child. Eff you American telecom co’s.

  • jmasterj

    Maybe for $400.

  • Really, no verizon is really disappointing. Literally every other carrier can’t even be in the same room as verizon where I live, I have 4glte coverage where ATT doesnt even have 3g… and dont even mention Sprint or T-mobile, they dont have towers here at all!

  • nobody72

    The biggest problem with non-carrier devices is that you can not play with one locally before purchase. And yea 760 is about $100 too much esp since the carrier does not get a cut.

  • Is Sony on crack? $720/760? They clearly need some new market analysis consultants because I don’t even know if the most diehard Sony fanboys would buy it at that price.

  • lol only $40 off for non LTE? You high Sony?

  • Dain Laguna

    makes me appreciate the nexus4 so much more.

    hell, makes me appreciate several phones out of contract so much more.

    to be honest, screen woes aside, the hardware on sony’s handsets is darn sexy

    • Tim242

      The Nexus 4 has its own screen woes.

    • R

      I would love that Nexus 4 if it had two things…1. Removable Battery 2. Micro SD slot

  • Rbq

    Not Verizon, not interested.

    • Austin Warren

      Get off Verizon. That fixes any phone buying issue.

      • Rbq

        Not interested.

        • Austin Warren

          Whatever floats your boat.

          • Better coverage always

          • T4rd

            I choose both by selling my phone every 6-12 months and paying maybe the $200-$300 difference for each upgrade.

          • Kerry Davies

            coverage always coverage, no matter how awesome the phone is. If it doest have signal thats worth a damn, it wont matter how fast it is.

      • Tim242

        And breaks quality network and coverage. Is it worth fixing a minor issue to cause two major issues?

        • Austin Warren

          With T mobile launching their LTE its hard not to stay at Verizon. Where I’m at my friend gets perfect “4G”. So looks like theu are heading in the right direction.

          • Joey

            You do realize that you just said “even though T-Mobile is launching their LTE network it is hard to leave Verizon” which contradicts your earlier post. #grammar

          • Austin Warren

            Don’t know what you’re talking about

          • Joey

            Here’s your pre-edit masterpiece:
            “With T mobile launching their LTE its not hard to stay at Verizon.”

            Should jog the memory

          • A faster network does not resolve the coverage issue he was referring to. Leave the freeway, or metro area and you’re back down to edge, or worse.

          • sdny8

            You obviously don’t live in upstate NY. Its annoyingti hear all the Tmo fans who live in big city’s. Good for you not for me. Tx

          • Same here living in upstate NY, T mobile maybe cheaper than verizon. But no service at all unless you live in either bigger cities like Rochester or Syracuse. Live in the smaller cities like ithaca, Or Auburn it’s a no go even sprint as better services in those areas than T mobile

          • Austin Warren

            I dont live in a big city. Glad I don’t because id much rather not have a 6000 dollar house payment.

          • Amen, upstate NY if you wander even a little outside of Rochester buffalo or Syracuse and you don’t have Verizon its getting pretty dire for you. Not to mention att lies about the coverage on top of it, my wife was allowed out of her contract because they say all of Wayne co is 4g when she couldn’t get better than edge most anywhere.

          • j

            HAHAahah.. do you REALLY think Tmo will have anywhere near the LTE footprint as verizon? People stick with verizon for COVERAGE because no one can compete.

          • Austin Warren

            Never said they would. But cheaper is always better. And having unlimited data. I’m not going to buy a phone outright and pay $200 plus a month

      • rodney11ride

        Im with Tim… get off verizon and lose alot more than phone buying issues…

        • Austin Warren

          T mobile doesn’t steal ones soul.

        • aQuickBit

          If you live close to a city you have options. If you are like a lot of people including myself who live out in East Bumf*ck then Verizon is usually the best option in terms of coverage. T-Mobile is nonexistant, AT&T is swing or miss and Sprint is just shotty.

      • HTC1

        haha, but it doesn’t fix being able to use a phone. I’d rather have NO service issues than being able to buy a phone (that is unusable). Verizon or go home !!!!

  • Mario

    Can someone remind me again, whats the difference between the Z and the ZL? thanks in advance..

  • Austin Warren

    And that’s not even the Z.

    • paul_cus

      Exactly what I was thinking. Good luck to Sony selling many of these at that price. I’ll be waiting on the Xperia L, myself. Better design at a much cheaper price.

  • Sporttster

    $760?!?!! That’s totally absurd pricing for a frigging phone!

    • Warwick

      Thats about how much I spent on a laptop with 3rd gen i7 and a nVidia 640m.

      • T4rd

        Yeah, but that thing doesn’t weight less than 150 grams and fit in your pocket/hand. Miniaturization drives up costs exponentially. Though if Google can sell the Nexus 4 at <= $350, then there's no rational reason why Sony should think they can sell this phone solely unlocked for well over twice as much even with the spec bump. I can almost guarantee you that Google isn't selling the Nexus 4 at a loss either.

    • aQuickBit

      But it would be subsidized right?

  • After reading the Android Police review on it…I wouldn’t touch it if it was 300 dollars. http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/03/25/sony-announces-xperia-zl-availability-and-pricing-in-the-u-s/