Sony Announces Xperia ZL U.S. Pricing and Availability, Will Come Unlocked

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After being shown off at CES this past January, we have been patiently awaiting details on when the Xperia ZL (hands-on video here) from Sony would make its way to the States. It has finally been announced that the ZL will come to the U.S. unlocked, in both an HSPA+ and 4G LTE versions. Since it is not being launched through a carrier, you will be looking to spend quite a bit, with the LTE variant costing you $760. If you are only needing HSPA, then take off $40 from that.  (more…)

Xperia ZL Confirmed By Sony for US Launch, Elusive Red Version Coming Soon

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Add another good looking Sony device to the list of phones that Verizon will never see according to a new listing on Sony’s web store. The Xperia ZL has been confirmed by Sony to be hitting our shores sometime in the near future, the only problem is that it will be SIM-unlocked. This means that AT&T and T-Mobile customers can pick up this 5″ full-HD device and swap out their SIM cards if they wish.  (more…)

PlayStation Mobile Hosting Six Weeks of Free Games, Kicks It Off With Samurai Beatdown

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Yes, this will only be relevant to the handful of people with Sony PlayStation certified devices, but hey, we figured we should spread the love. Starting today and for the following six weeks, PlayStation Mobile is handing out a free game every seven days for anyone rocking a certified device.

This week’s game is Samurai Beatdown, so I will continue to feel justified in not owning one of these devices. On the other hand, I really wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the Xperia ZL. I want it now.

If you want your free game, go here.

Via: Sony Mobile