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Google Chrome Experiment Turns Your Favorite Site Into a Giant Marble Maze

chrome maze

Attention Chrome and Android users, stop filling out those expense reports and take the next 10 minutes to have some fun-time. This morning, a new Chrome experiment is turning any website you choose into a big marble maze game. Using your Android or iOS device as a controller, you tilt and slowly (or quickly) work your way through levels, collecting coins trying to reach the end of the level. 

Some sites are a lot of fun to try. For example, if you do Droid Life, you take a ride along our top pink bar and have free roaming inside of our logo as well. Once you take an elevator to the next level, it’s an intense experience navigating through our articles and images. It’s a blast.

You can play it yourself by following this link.

  • Monica

    Did you already seen http://www.muzzley.com?

  • zombiewolf115

    for some strange reason i cant control it with my phone like my phone switched between landscape and wat not

  • EvanTheGamer

    Just tried this and it’s pretty awesome. Google is awesome, and so is this “experiment”!

  • Dashon Davis

    Is anyone holding down the power control? To play the game through a phone you have to hold down the power button (the game’s power button not your phone’s). That’ll allow you to tilt the screen and therefore move the ball.

  • caribean

    It’s interesting google is doing this, but this only shows the power of
    web. Everyone’s doing it and not only google. muzzley.com has been
    doing it already and giving developers the ability to integrate with
    them to do this so cool interfaces… On their website, it’s a 5 minute

  • My Nexus 7 couldn’t get the ball moving either. Worked great on Google.com, but when I tried a site I go to regularly (whatever.scalzi.com) game crashed, with the ‘pill eating’ sound effect repeating.

  • doesn’t work on linux it seems

  • Travis Shepherd

    nice troll it just locked up my chrome.

  • Eric Markson

    My Galaxy Nexus isnt working on it 🙁

    • michael arazan

      My gnex works but only with the buttons, not the accelerometer to move the ball

  • Jaron1226

    Why do I see an Apple product in the back?

  • kevron75

    No workie. Connects, shows instructions, then just black screen.

  • Wes Jordan

    Unable to get it to work with Linux. Apparently no support. I is dissapoint.

  • Manthas

    Bizarre, the page refuses to load on my PC; works just fine on my phone, but it just sits at the “This is a Chrome Experiment” page forever.

  • cant get it to work do you have to be on the same wifi?

  • MikeSaver

    This was pretty fun. I tried the site I write for but it was a maze of “page not found”

  • joejoe5709

    NIce. I’ll give it a try. But this looks like just another reason that Chrome NEEEEDS to adopt a full screen mode!

    • joejoe5709

      Whoa! Pretty neat! I have to get back to work but there are some real possibilities here!

  • Gritchu

    That’s pretty cool except that it kept disconnecting on me every couple minutes, right in the middle of a game. I have a strong wi-fi signal on my phone, and my PC is doing just as well on the same network.

  • radiohead14

    marble madness

    also, the easiest way for me to connect my phone was to use the ‘chrome to phone’ extension.

  • Chase Rogan

    It would be interesting to play this using Pornhub as the site of choice

    • S.Ober

      Or Youjizz

    • Crockett Kimberlin


    • thedonxr

      Does that mean it works in incognito mode!?!?!

  • Skyla Cowan

    this was alot of fun and i gotta say, took me a little bit b4 i mastered the controls and stopped dieing. look out high score here i come.

  • Sunday Lacrymosa

    its actually pretty fun, killed sometime on my lunch break, surpsisingly fast response time

  • Kyle Miller

    How can you not like Google?! This is great!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Agreed, agreed, agreed! Google has some really smart fellas workin’ for ’em.

  • ddevito

    Can’t get this to work.

    • Ronaldo

      What phone are you using? I bet it’s because you bought the wrong one. HEYYYYY-OOOOOOO!!!!!!

      • ddevito

        you sweat me like a hot day

    • Speedyrulz

      I can’t get it to work either. I get the “Aw, snap” error in Chrome on the PC every time. I tried it on 3 different computers with the same result.

  • Jaron1226

    It’s pretty fun actually. It’s fun to play with when you have nothing to do. I just couldn’t get the ball to move on my phone. I had to use my arrows instead of my phone to tilt it.

    • Me neither. The weird thing is, when I saw the instruction telling me to tilt the phone, I did that and I saw the lower left corner’s ball status reflected my phone’s movement. But once the game started, tilting my phone did absolutely nothing.

  • Tirionfive

    This is so freakin cool. The response time is amazing as well!

  • Sqube

    That was pretty damn cool.

  • Was messing with it this morning. Pretty fun. Good time killer.

  • wm snyder