Google’s Newest Chrome Experiment is a “Journey Through Middle Earth”

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If you have the free time this week, you will want to check out Google’s latest Chrome Experiment titled, “Journey through Middle Earth.” Built using standard web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, users can interact with a full map of Middle Earth and take a dynamic tour through Tolkien’s world. The idea is to show off the power of the browser engine, and is Google’s way of proving that their browser should be viewed as a serious tool for developers and users alike.  (more…)

Google Chrome Experiment Turns Your Favorite Site Into a Giant Marble Maze

chrome maze

Attention Chrome and Android users, stop filling out those expense reports and take the next 10 minutes to have some fun-time. This morning, a new Chrome experiment is turning any website you choose into a big marble maze game. Using your Android or iOS device as a controller, you tilt and slowly (or quickly) work your way through levels, collecting coins trying to reach the end of the level.  (more…)

Cut the Rope: Experiments Released on Android – 125 New Levels, Characters and Elements Packed In

We hope that you have not forgotten about Cut the Rope, a game we actually like writing about unlike that one with flying feathered creatures. In the latest installment called “Experiments,” you will have another 125 levels in 5 settings to conquer. There are newly introduced characters, guns, elements, rockets, story lines and social integration. It’s a fully featured Cut the Rope game that will surely take up the rest of your Sunday. It will run you about $1 in the Play Store.   (more…)