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Google Continues Internal Shake Ups, Mapping and Commerce Division Split Up

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After yesterday’s big news that Andy Rubin was stepping down from the Android team, it seemed that things were changing internally at Google. Today, more switches have been made by Larry Page, who announced that the Mapping and Commerce divisions are no longer working together under one person. Senior VP Jeff Huber is stepping down from his position overseeing the two divisions, which will then merge with other Google entities.

Maps is going to work with the Search division, while commerce is heading for a union with the marketing people. The moves make sense, considering search and maps go well together and what is advertising for other than making money? Jeff Huber’s new position will be moving over to work at Google X, Google’s top-secret lab division.

Big stuff going down in Mountain View this week.

Via: BGR

  • Mei

    I think the changes Larry Page is making recently are good moves. Yes, this is even if he moves Andy Rubin out of the Android team and have the executive, that is head of Chrome team, take over. Android has become more cumbersome for developers to program for (where Android team do not do what they preach, do not follow standards coding). Chrome OS is more developer friendly and will eventually replace Android.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Is any of this going to bring Navigation out of Beta? lol. I want waypoints dammit!

  • Austin Warren

    Google X reminds me of Area 51.

    • r0lct

      Not sure which one I would be more interested in seeing. Futuristic stuff to blow things up for futuristic stuff to blow virtual things up.

      • Austin Warren

        I’d have to say Area 51. Too many good conspiracies that I have to see what they actually do. lol

    • Who said they’re not the same entity???

    • dannyWHITE

      They did release an Android!

  • Google X has got some incredible talent moving into it recently. Which begs the question: with self-driving cars and Google Glass already in the public view, what unthinkably incredible and life-altering tech is Google working on the requires them to be so secretive and is so viable they’re willing to put some of their greatest assets behind it?